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The Battle begins! Hot off the #1 selling Uncanny X-Men, Joe Madureira, one of the most influential artists of the decade, creates one of the most ambitious. Battle Chasers. Game · Media · Community · TEAM · Hall of Backers · Wiki · Login . Battle. Explore. Craft. Survive. This is the Battle Chasers Anthology. pages. A hardcover that comes with a slipcase and a poster. The art is by Joe Madueira — I think his.

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Battle Chasers #1 – 9 + Anthology HC: Battle Chasers is an American fantasy comic book series by Joe Madureira, launched in April Battle Chasers () . April 14, → · Battle Chasers () . April 14 Battle Chasers () . In april of , a fantasy comic book hit the market: Battle Chasers. The 90's was a wild time for comic books. Independent creators were rising.

In april of , a fantasy comic book hit the market: Battle Chasers. Not even Battle Chasers escaped this. Inkers are varied, with Joe Madureira only working as one in one issue of the original Battle Chasers run. Click to expand. Battle Chase:

The series was so heavily influenced by anime and Japanese RPGs I was playing at that time, so when it came time to think about what this RPG was going to be, it seemed like a natural fit. For the full Gaming Tend interview, check it out here. Are you concerned that the property might not resonate as well it did in ?

To the point that I was resistant at first to the idea of making Nightwar a Battle Chasers game vs. Our amazing support from Kickstarter backers, and positive word of mouth from people that have tried the beta helped me get over it though. Fingers crossed!!! What has changed the most from the comic to the game? Partially to make them animation friendly, make sure they read well on screen when the camera is zoomed out, etc.

The most notable changes were made for gameplay reasons. The redesign of the characters was done to reflect their different context, animation and game sense was put forth as more important that follow the original comic book design, while still trying to bring out that feeling.

The Art of “Battle Chasers: Nightwar”

Explore the hard work on this redesign on the gallery below click to expand for more information:. Love battle chasers?

The google wearing super hero know as "Wasp Eye Lad" has a secret identity: Your email address will not be published.

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Digital ArtLords. Volume Three collects the postwar years of —, continuing five-year-old Barnaby Baxter and his Fairy Godfather J. Bumbling but endearing, Mr. Play of the Gods: Volume 1. Sergio Aragones. The Eisner-award winning bumbling barbarian returns for a hilarious adventure full of mistakes, misunderstandings, and cheese dip. We had the Fray of the Gods.

Battle Chasers #7

Now we have the Play of the Gods--a tale of lust for gold, lust for power, and lust for cheese dip. The Gods themselves watch this story from the above so it must be good enough for you. This handsome paperback volume collects all four issues of the series: Just what you wanted!

Spirou in Berlin: Spirou and Fantasio are caught up in another amazing adventure, set in a real historical context. It's summer , a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the evil Zantafio is trying to take over East Germany.

When he kidnaps the Count of Champignac, our two heroes find out and try to rescue him. But to do that, they have to cross Europe's most heavily guarded border.

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East Germany's notorious Secret Police, the Stasi, are soon hot on their trail, and Fantasio is arrested. So Spirou now has to free his friend as well as foil Zantafio's diabolical scheme. Similar ebooks. Battle Chasers.

Issue 1. Hot off the 1 selling Uncanny X-Men, Joe Madureira, one of the most influential artists of the decade, creates one of the most ambitious books in years and sets his sights on redefining the fantasy genre! Four brave heroes -- a stoic swordsman, a cantankerous summoner, a nine-year-old juggernaut, and an outlawed war machine -- join forces to rise against a madman whose dark reign threatens the very fabric that holds their world together.

But before they have any hope of accomplishing their mission, they must overcome an even more rigorous obstacle It's one epic adventure after another as our heroes do battle with some of the most outrageous villains ever created!!

The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins. Clint McElroy. Welcome to the Adventure Zone! The illustrated exploits of three lovable dummies set loose in a classic fantasy adventure! Their journey from small-time bodyguards to world-class artifact hunters! Redhand - Twilight of the Gods. Issue 2.


A powerful and enthralling sci-fi epic about a perfect warrior unleashed in an age of barbarism and sorcery, and fated to one day destroy the gods. Set free in a foreign world and without memory of his origins, all Redhand wants is a peaceful life.

But destiny wants it otherwise. Touched by a prophecy, imbued with incredible fighting skills and immune to magic, he is preordained to bring about great change to a land burdened by strict worship practices and warring factions. Darksiders II: Death's Door: Issues

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