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Behind Closed Doors book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. EVERY MOVE YOU MAKESurveillance expert Seth Mackey. Editorial Reviews. Review. "I was impressed that all of the characters had a distinct character voice." Audio Gals. About the Author. Shannon McKenna is the. Behind Closed Doors. Book One in The McCloud Series. EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE Surveillance expert Seth Mackey knows everything.

Surveillance expert Seth Mackey knows everything about the women that his millionaire boss toys with—and tosses aside. Raine Cameron is something different. Night after night, Seth watches her on a dozen different video screens. Her vulnerable beauty haunts him and her fresh innocence stirs a white-hot passion that he can barely control. Raine is pure temptation, but Seth has something more important to take care of first. She has reasons of her own to seek revenge on Victor Lazar, and she will, despite her fear—and the distracting presence of Seth Mackey. Offering her body to him, surrendering totally to his ruthless desire might well push her beyond all emotional limits—and beyond fear itself.

He turned the keys in the ignition and gave her an inquisitive look as the motor purred to life. I think it was Frida Kahlo, last time I checked. And the Pike Street Market, of course.

The Space Needle is always a favorite. Raine eyed him, suspicious hint of dark laughter in his voice. Heat swept up over her chest and face.

Her heart began to gallop. The silence between them stretched out. He was going to torture her.

Watch her twist in the flames with that knowing, piratical smile on his face. He was going to wait. And he knew that she would. Those searching dark eyes saw right through her, all the way down to the sweet, restless ache that pulsed inside her, where the wild woman waited, naked and willful and wanton. He knew perfectly well how much she wanted him. She opened her mouth, praying that something coherent would come out. He seized a wisp of her hair that had escaped from her knot, and twined it around his finger.

It was so pale it seemed to glow against his hand. She was committed, and hurtling forward into the unknown. Her heart hammered in her chest. He was so brutally handsome. She wanted to stroke the harsh, elegant planes of his face, to soothe the pulsations of red-tinged, angry energy that she felt emanating from him. Splashes of red, anger and blood flashed across her dazzled inner vision, like dream images.

A prickle of unease mixed into the shimmering, giddy alchemy of her excitement. It had to be a side effect of sexual arousal, she told herself. She would not let herself panic and run. She wanted this so badly. She was glad for something to do with her trembling hands. She plucked the hair-sticks out of the low chignon, slipped them into her pocket and let the coil of hair spring loose over her shoulders.

Seth gathered it into his hand and buried his face against the rippling mass. She let out a startled squeak as he seized her, hauling her up and over the plastic console that divided the seats, and onto his lap. His arms tightened around her trembling body, and he stared up into her eyes. As fierce and intent as if he could read her mind.

Maybe he could. She could hardly feel any more naked to him than she did now.

She stared back into his eyes and wiggled against him, her legs dangling over the console. Loving the hard solidity of his body beneath her. She touched his chest tentatively with her fingertips, breath fluttering. His muscles were firm and springy.

His heat scorched her. He had to be running a fever. His breath was as rapid and jerky as her own as she looped her arm behind his neck and delicately touched her lips to his. He made a harsh sound deep in his throat, and his arms tightened around her with steely strength. That little butterfly kiss she had bestowed upon him was permission for the real kiss to begin; a hot, devouring kiss unlike any she had ever known or imagined.

She fell into it headlong, intoxicated by his voracious energy, the taste and feel of him. He smelled so good; soap and leather and wool and a unique smell all his own, warm and slightly lemony. His jaw was scratchy and rough, his sensual mouth coaxed hers open.

Eager, bold and delicious. She wanted to writhe against him, crawl inside his skin, touch everything, taste everything. He was so strong, bursting with fierce energy, and she ached with hunger for it.

His thick shaft pressed against her bottom, rock hard, radiating heat.

Shannon McKenna

The calluses on his hands caught and snagged against her nylon stockings as he slid it slowly under the hem of her skirt. He eased her legs gently apart and his hand slid still higher, his fingertips brushing across the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. She pressed her face against his neck, acutely aware of every feather-light stroke against her thighs. The path of his gentle, questing fingers was traced with light and heat.

A sudden burst of emotion made her clench her legs tightly, trapping his hand between them. He wound his hand through her tangled hair again, tilting her face back and staring into her eyes. She gave him a tiny nod, as much as her trapped hair would allow. He unwound her hair from his fingers, and his hand slid higher.

He pushed her legs just wide enough so that the tip of his finger brushed against her most sensitive spot. The hot sunburst of sensation made her gasp and jerk in his arms. He laughed at her shocked expression, trailing his fingertip tenderly in teasing little circles.

His eyes were bright with challenge. Touching her where no-one had ever caressed her, not even during that terrible, botched episode with Frederick. His hand was slow and sure and wickedly clever, and his tongue thrust into her mouth as he stroked the pad of his thumb around her clitoris, tracing delicate, lazy little circles through the fabric of her panties and nylons.

She jerked and trembled in his arms, dazzled and lost. A loud burst of male laughter rudely broke the spell, and they both jerked apart, startled. She stiffened, pulling away, and Seth cursed beneath his breath. A group of men were walking towards the gate, smirking and catcalling. One of them made a thumbs-up sign at the car. She looked down at herself, appalled.

Her hair was a tangled halo, her skirt bunched up around her waist, her face damp and hot, and probably cherry red. Legs wantonly spread, and his hand—touching her. Dear God, what was he thinking? I for one highly recommend this book and the second in the series is just as enjoyable. View all 4 comments.

Aug 04, Cyndi marked it as did-not-finish. DNF chapter 9. Ok, I tried. But if I had to read any more of this book I was going to look for some kind of magical spell so I could enter it and do some damage. The two love interest were the worst kind of tropes. She is your token semi virgin who is too stupid. She starts working for the bad guy because she thinks he killed her father years ago.

He justifies it because the apartment used to belong to the bad guys ex mistress. He thinks she is the new mistress even though the bad guy never visits her. Its awkward, she oscillates a lot between yes, no, and since you insist, ok.

He insists a lot. Then he discovers she is not the mistress. He hunts her down after viewing her breakdown on his cameras and begs for forgiveness. More of almost rapes while she loses more and more brain cells as a character. I have lots more books waiting for me. View all 5 comments. Apr 25, Miss Kim rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I struggled with the hero in Behind Closed Doors , however, I really liked the book overall.

He becomes obsessed with her, watching her constantly. The murderer he is watching also killed her father too, when she was young girl. She wants to try to find more answers as to wh I struggled with the hero in Behind Closed Doors , however, I really liked the book overall. She wants to try to find more answers as to what happened. An interesting tidbit—the murderer is her uncle and she is not a mistress. She changed a lot by the end of the book.

The two become involved. He comes from an awful childhood, and really never learned how to love or communicate with anyone. I was able to overlook this because the author lets us into his head to know what he is thinking. In the sex scenes, a few times I felt he was almost raping her. He does this by pinning her down and using his strength against her and pretty much forcing sex. I have to add that I thought there was There I said it. After awhile, I'm like come on!

Get on with it! It wasn't like it varied much--it was more of the same sex over and over. The book could have been cut down by 50 pages by shortening up the later scenes. The suspense is very good and I felt the story was really well written.

We meet the McCloud brothers, and I am anxious to read their stories. View all 17 comments. May 23, Elizabeth Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: May not be everyone's cup of tea, but I loved the hero in this book.

It's why I read, so I can fantasize about guys like this without having to put up with them in real lifebecause I never would. So why do I enjoy reading about edgy, dark, Alpha men who walk a very fine line??

I don't know. Who knows? But if you like that type of hero in your books, even occasionally, and you like a spicy hot read, you can't go wrong with this one! Mar 20, Vishous rated it it was ok Recommended to Vishous by: I have so many issues with this book.

So many. I have no idea where to start. The only thing that made me finish this book is Victor. Seriously, I loved that guy!!! And I hoped for his book, but knew view spoiler [he will get killed hide spoiler ] and it made me dislike this book even more! Victor is the only reason I am giving this book 2 starts! When it comes to the story I did like it in the beginning. I thought of Seth's behavior as creepy and sleazy, worse than stalkerish, that he needs to I have so many issues with this book.

I thought of Seth's behavior as creepy and sleazy, worse than stalkerish, that he needs to be hospitalized in psychiatric ward ASAP. It was disturbing and a bit compelling, but soon enough it became way too much. In one second, normal, and the other, hitting with his fist anything that is in his way if something pisses him off. No escalation, it's just how he rolls apparently.

Lied to her from the very beginning, and yet accuses her of lying to him and how he dislikes it, because she did not report her every move to him after one day of knowing him. And the sex It goes on, and on, and on, and on This book is like sex disguised in the suspense genre.

I mean, almost every page is them having sex!!!! Constantly having sex!!!! It's so much sex I think it killed my mood or will for sex for an entire year!

The scenes are good, but they are so long and there are so many of them, you kinda lose interest in them quickly. Rubbing on her, smelling her WTF is wrong with you dude?! This is example of surveillance gone in some voyeuristic stalking obsession. I get that he starts to "love" her, but she They have known each other for 4 days and she tells him she loves him.

And no, you cannot forget that fact, because she reminds you of that!!!!! And she says: I always have. From the very start. You have known him for 4 days and have spread for him on the very first day, when you were proposed by your "boss" to sleep with him. But no, you didn't do it for the job Then she tells him she doesn't sleep with strangers, "one night stand is not how she rolls".

This has no sense at all, because: And he is a complete stranger!!!! And this woman constantly cries Especially during sex I mean WTF?!?! And she has no backbone! Every time I thought "oh finally", she caves in an instant Irritating as fu k!! And when she finds out, that he was watching her through cameras all the time, every normal person would be at least slightly freaked, but not her She is just worried did other guys watch them having sex.

And the convo about boyfriend thing Again, WTF!?!?!?!? I can't, I can't even express how both of them pissed me off View all 9 comments. Nov 02, Duchess Nicole rated it it was ok Shelves: Putting this one on hold for awhile.

I was underwhelmed with it initially and there are just too many other fabulous books to force myself to keep reading something I don't like. I will try to come back later and finish.

View all 15 comments. Aug 07, K. This is the second five-star review for my second Shannon McKenna read. The result is a pure balance of story and love scenes for the reader.

Raine Cameron has always been a bit scared of her own shadow in life. Of course it never worked out that way; she simply grew up to feel powerless, scared and lonely. See-through lace in awesome lurid colors. Black, hot pink, purple, lime green, lipstick red. He flung them on the counter: He leered at her.

McKenna would quite effectively bring me back around with my own affection toward both Raine and Seth, not to mention cheering them on to their HEA. The worst part of this book was that. Oct 30, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I loved reading this book! Loved it.

It was funny, incredibly sexy and the hero was absolutely adorable! It starts with our hero, Seth Mackey spying on Lorraine Cameron, who he thinks is Victor Lazar's who for some reason sounds like a villain from a soap opera newest mistress. He's been watching her a few weeks now and has her routine down pat. When I mean spying, I mean he's got cameras and motion sensors all over her house, in her car, and at her work. I'll admit, there was a moment when I I loved reading this book!

I'll admit, there was a moment when I was, well, disturbed. It was touch and go there for a second where I thought, "okay, this guy is a little too far gone into the crazy department. He's got a reason for his paranoia. Seth believes her boss, Victor, is the man who had his half brother killed. He was living only for revenge until Raine Cameron walked onto the security monitors.

She brought him back to life with a jolt and now he can't stop staring at her. Victor Lazar also notices his distraction with Raine and arranges for the two of them to They fall for each other immediately, and then we learn these two people are both working towards the same goal, to bring Victor Lazar down. Our hero and heroine must learn trust and acceptance while playing a twisted game of cat and mouse with the villains, never knowing exactly who said villains are.

Shannon McKenna has written such a tight, suspenseful novel and I enjoyed it immensely. Her talent at building sexual tension is delicious. Seth has intimacy issues and tries to hold Raine off by playing the cool, dominant, need-no-one male, but inside he's as uncertain as a little boy. He's desperately trying to find a way to keep her, terrified that he's going to ruin what's probably the best thing that has ever happened to him. It's known that he doesn't have a great track record with the ladies.

It's one of the funniest things about Seth, his penchant for saying whatever is on his mind. Be it thoughtful or thoughtless, I loved Seth. I loved that almost obsessed need to take and protect Raine that he has.

That alpha male quality gets me every time. He's got severe trust issues and it rears it's ugly head a few times, but nothing truly unforgivable and she sees past each and every incident. I liked Raine too. I liked her helpless Barbie act that turned into a much stronger willed woman, able to take on things she normally would run away from.

Well, I can't believe I'm saying this, but there was too much sex. I still can't believe I'm saying this. The first few sex scenes, in the hotel and the car and in Raine's home were hot.

After awhile they got a little monotonous. He went down on her, they had sex. He was either hard and fast or gentle and slow. She could have condensed some of the later sex scenes and made them a little more interesting. Instead she went for quantity over quality I thought, and it suffered. I found myself starting to flip through the later sex scenes to return to the story. Another thing, if I had had that much sex in such a short period of time, I think it would have done either semi permanent damage, or at least some pretty serious bowleggedness that would have disallowed for all that running and jumping Raine does.

LOL I highly recommend this book. Seth's internal monologues are so funny, you have to read them. I loved this book and can't wait to read the next in the McCloud Brothers series. View 1 comment. I couldn't sludge more than chap I never met a more useless, cringe worthy excuse of a human being.

Shannon McKenna PDF ( Free | 10 Books )

The set up is beyond stupid, she dreams of her dead father, therefore someone must have murdered him. Armed of this knowledge she decide to get revenge with no plan, no skills, no ideas actually. Naive is difficult enough, naive, totally stupid and a martyr is beyond acceptable. I facepalmed so many ti I couldn't sludge more than chap I facepalmed so many times I must have hurt myself.

Jul 15, Juliana Philippa rated it liked it Shelves: You've got the You get the picture. They're enjoyable though, and when the heroes are sweet they're definitely swoon-worthy. Seth is the standard alpha who had a rough childhood and puts everyone off by being gruff but actually has a heart of gold underneath and is just lonely and grieving and needs the heroine to realize life can be amazing and he wants a home, a white picket fence, and children.

Hmmm, did that sound too snarky? Quote 1 below is a perfect example of how Seth is utterly clueless but also hysterical. I enjoyed the subplot in this one a lot more and I really liked that aside from the super-evil villain, other characters are murkier and you're not sure whether they're good or bad and kind of see they're a mix of both. In both books McKenna brings in some secondary characters' POVs and while in Extreme Danger I found it somewhat annoying and was a little bored by them, I liked it here and found Victor very interesting.

Raine was I didn't dislike her, but never really got into rooting for her. It also completely bugged the hell out of me that she finds out Seth has been spying on her in the privacy of her own home for three weeks without her having any clue and her reaction is: Well I hope no one saw us have sex.

I think I probably would have given this book 4 stars and might still change the rating if it hadn't been for the fact that it felt so similar to the book I had just read in this series.

I'm interested in reading other McCloud books, but will be spacing them out from now on. They rent videos, they ride Ferris wheels, they go out for pizza, they play Scrabble. I've never had such talkative sex. Every single time!

She glowed like a star. He hated it. It made his jaw clench [ It made him want to wreck something, punch walls, hurl plates. He wanted to drag her into a corner and rip off her glittering veil of illusions. Remind her that she was his beautiful wild animal, not this remote, perfect being.

She was earth and sweat and blood and bone, she was hunger and need and howling at the moon. Just like him. Part of him. View 2 comments. Aug 09, Shannon C. Where I knock back some stars is because some parts of the story I just couldn't buy.

The hero was a real jerk to the heroine over and over again, but yet she seems to still want to be with him? The heroine thinks her uncle is the murderer who killed her dad, so with no investigative or fighting ski 3 stars: The heroine thinks her uncle is the murderer who killed her dad, so with no investigative or fighting skills she decides it's a good idea to go undercover in his business with no backup?

Overall, still an entertaining read. I plan on reading the next book in the series. Great read. Shannon McKenna is one of my favorite authors. She writes romantic thrillers which keep me on the edge of my seat.

Behind Closed Doors

Some reviewers claim Seth was abusive to Raine. That never even occurred to me as I read the book. I didn't see Raine being hurt either emotionally or physically. Sure people fight and get angry, but I didn't take it as abuse. I'm intrigued with how readers react so differently. To me you need a strong alpha good guy to fight a vicious bad guy.

Seth was great for that. I Great read. I like plot, action and interesting characters in a romance novel and Shannon McKenna does it well. Oct 22, Roksana rated it liked it Shelves: I kind of liked this book with all the alphaness of the Hero that went bonkers on the heroine!

Literally, his obsession was so OTT It made me uncomfortable at times when he was watching her through his cameras, whilst she was completely unaware. To his defences, he thought her working for the bad guy who was responsible for the death of his brother, so his surveillance was a justified party, still, it was not something I was enjoying reading.

On the positive side, I must say the way Seth was be I kind of liked this book with all the alphaness of the Hero that went bonkers on the heroine! On the positive side, I must say the way Seth was besotted with Raine was very addictive to read!

His obsession, jealousy, protectiveness and raw vulnerability made for a very exciting and sexy ride I felt his feelings were genuine and there was no doubt in my mind that this man would ever betray her with OW However, thee were a few references to his sex life that I did not appreciate I don;t think he was a manwhore, but he did like sex and slept with women in the past, but never had any relationships..

Feb 12, Zeek rated it really liked it Shelves: To catch the murderer of his brother, Seth Mackey sets up surveillance on billionaire Victor Lazar's love nest where his new lover is safely ensconced. To his annoyance, Seth becomes helplessly obsessed with the beautiful blond, watching her far beyond the realm of decency.

Raine Cameron doesn't know her every move is being observed, but she knows something about her new employer's apt makes her uneasy. Still, she's determined to stay put as she has an ulterior motive of her own- to catch the man To catch the murderer of his brother, Seth Mackey sets up surveillance on billionaire Victor Lazar's love nest where his new lover is safely ensconced.

Still, she's determined to stay put as she has an ulterior motive of her own- to catch the man who killed her father. Danger and intrigue collide with sizzling obsession when Seth and Raine are forced together by the enigmatic Lazar, but they soon find the lies they've told to catch a killer to be the biggest obstacle for their passion and they will have to go beyond their fears to trust the love that's burning just before their eyes.

An erotic thriller, this book will push the reader to their limits as much as Seth and Raine push each others' limits. Seth is over the top alpha and I have to agree with some of the other comments I've seen about this novel- there was an edge to him that smacks of abusive.

However he never crosses the line, and eventually the heroine gets hip to what's going on. The author does a fine job of showing Raine's inner strength when she stops Seth's behavior in his tracks. And, his very real love for Raine is what ultimately teaches him to let go of his control so he can learn to trust.

If you've ever wondered about the appeal of the romance novel, Behind Closed Doors is an excellent object example. Let's face it, no intelligent woman of today would put up with behavior like that from a lover- no matter how much a thrill of a strong, challenging, personality may give.

However, we don't read romance for reality, we read it to escape for awhile and this book delivers. Srsly, if you like a strong alpha hero, it doesn't get much better than Seth.

View all 3 comments. Apr 24, maricar rated it it was amazing Shelves: Okay, so I'm thinking that maybe half this book is filled with nothing but sex--wild, tender, drawn-out, quick, no-nonsense sex. And yes, I'd admit that I grew a little tired of it after a while. Without a doubt it teteers perilously towards erotica. In the risk of being stoned by feminists, I confess that I found Seth Mackey's near-obsession with Raine thrilling.

I mean, really It didn't hurt that he's also intelligent, drily out Okay, so I'm thinking that maybe half this book is filled with nothing but sex--wild, tender, drawn-out, quick, no-nonsense sex.

It didn't hurt that he's also intelligent, drily outrageous, and possessed of a rusty kind of heroism he didn't know he possessed.

And Raine is that indecently gorgeous woman you SO want to hate out of envy but just can't 'cause she's actually very likeable damn her! Chock-full of suspense and riddled with drama and wrenching human turmoil all around, Behind Closed Doors is one of the few contemporary risque reads I've really enjoyed. May 27, Baba rated it it was ok Shelves: I struggled with this book from time to time.

I think that Sean will hold a special place in my heart for a very long time. Seth was way too crude, too harsh. And he was really lacking in social skills. Sometimes, I actually got this feeling that the sex wasn't even consensual. He was like a freight train - what he wanted he got and no matter what. And Raine couldn't stop him to take what he wanted. This I struggled with this book from time to time.

The next book in this series will be released in September It's the story about Bruno Blood and Fire. Ugh, get real - NO hero should be called Bruno. It reminds me of my school fellow. And he was the opposite of a hero! I know that Shannon is living and loving in Italy and of course Bruno is an Italian first name View all 6 comments. I cant really pinpoint the reason for my rating but one things for sure , the lossnof the stars definitely had domthing to do with tht crazy stalker P Honestly..

I just gound these two yo be personally annoying I swear. The only saving grace of thid story was.. Not too keen on this one. Which is a shame because it looked interesting, and was recommended by an author that I do like. Carolyn Crane - However, she was recommending it as a reader, not an author. I can't see my comments that I made while reading this one they aren't showing up which is odd. But egads. Just no. Honestly, when I realized I still had pages left to read, I groaned out loud and debated just stopping it.

He admittedly had 'bad social skills' but no, what was going on with him was sociopathic. There was really nothing redeemable about him at all. Honestly he's the first alpha male jerk type character that I didn't even partially still like even though he was a big alpha male jerk. For someone so smart, she pretty much just spent the bulk of her time crying and not eating. Not a single time did we see this supposed intelligence.

It really didn't seem right. The entire reason you moved to Seattle was to avenge the man you thought was your father, against the man who you thought was your uncle, who you thought killed your father. All it took was him saying that you were his child and suddenly it was 'OMG daddy!

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