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Dec 21, #8 Bonds of Justice #9 Play of Passion #10 Kiss of Snow #11 Tangle of Need # 12 Heart of Obsidian #13 Shield of Winter #14 Shards of Hope. Timeline: This story slots in before Bonds of Justice, and is part of my informal series that explores the everyday lives of the characters, away from politics and. Kiss of Snow (Psy-Changeling 10) - Nalini Singh - dokument [*.epub] Table of TO PLEASURE BRANDED BY FIRE BLAZE OF MEMORY BONDS OF JUSTICE.

Bonds Of Justice Epub

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Bonds of Justice (Psy-Changeling Novel, A series) by Nalini Singh. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Nalini Singh lives and works in beautiful New Zealand, and is passionate about writing. She also loves. Archangel's Blade. Guild Hunter (Series). Book 4. Nalini Singh Author Justine Eyre Narrator (). cover image of Bonds of Justice.

A regularly updated list of online shops that sell e-books without DRM. I prefer to buy my e-books in a DRM-free format. It means I can read them on any device I choose, and they're not locked to a single vendor or company. I own them. Here is a list I've compiled of online bookshops that sell DRM-free e-books and comics, usually in multiple formats. DRM Digital Rights Management is a technology used by many publishers and bookshops to limit how consumers are able to read their e-books. The reasoning is that it limits piracy, but in fact it mainly gets in the way of legitimate customers and their enjoyment of e-books.

More recently we have published extensively in the fields of mental health, counselling, palliative care, practical theology and gender diversity.

We have a range of graphic novels across these subject areas, and books for children, on issues including bereavement, depression and anger. In a new imprint, Singing Dragon , was born, publishing authoritative professional books on Chinese Medicine, nutrition, yoga therapy and allied fields. E-books are not reasonably discounted from their paper counterparts. Visit Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Visit Green Ronin Publishing. Digital books are available in PDF format and are reasonably discounted from their print counterparts..

Visit Kobold Press. Brain Mill Press publishes titles by underrepresented authors and applies strong guiding principles to their production and marketing plans with the goal of the widest possible readership and recognition for every book. Our readership archetype is a reader who is voracious, looking for books that provide a mirror and a window, and who reads widely across genres.

All three formats are provided with each purchase. Visit Brain Mill Press. It's not academic, but it's not stupid. It's not what you already know, but it's not a know-it-all. Maybe you've played Dark Souls, but did you know about the weird games its developer made for the Xbox in Japan? What do you know about the companies Artdink or Warp?

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Sadly, Shimmer is closing its doors in - ending with number But they will hopefully keep their beautiful back issues available for sale. Visit Shimmer Magazine. They also sell crime-fiction related magazines. As well as providing excellent games and scenarios in each issue, the magazine also contains articles and cartoons, along with beautiful full-colour artwork.

Every year, WWM runs the Epimas deal, where as well as getting a discount on their products, you can ensure that someone else gets a copy too. A great idea to help share the RPG love. Worlds Without Master is also mentioned in a Guardian article on The joy of reading role-playing games.

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E-books are available in ePub or Mobi formats and are fairly priced compared to the paper editions. Visit Oldcastle Books Group. Visit Argyll Productions. Titles are organised by school grade and by categories, including Culture , such as: Visit Cromen.

Sponge is an online journal for science fiction and speculative fiction, based in the post-apocalpytic city of Christchurch, New Zealand.

They publish short stories and poetry from NZ, Australian, and Pacific writers, with a particular focus on new and emerging writers. Visit Sponge. Owned and operated by C. Spike Trotman, it was founded in the spring of to publish strange and amazing comics, amplifying unheard and unique voices, and giving creators a fair deal. Visit Iron Circus Comics. Founded in , Rosarium Publishing is a fledgling publisher specializing in speculative fiction, comics, and a touch of crime fiction—all with a multicultural flair.

Visit Rosarium Publishing. Launched in , eBooks. It is the only independent ebook retailer that sells into every country in the world, and the International Space Station. Not all of their books are DRM-free. Like Kobo , eBooks.

DRM-free books will be marked as: There's also a special listing showing only DRM-free e-books. Visit eBooks. Diversity among our authors is extremely important to us, and we are constantly working on making sure that you will find lesbian, bisexual, and queer authors of all skin colors, cultures, and nationalities.

Lesbian fiction books shattering boundaries! Follow our strong female characters into space, join them in sword fights, or fly with our queer superheroes. From lesbian romance and lesbian erotica to queer dystopian tales and mysteries that make your blood run cold — we have it all.

Visit Ylva Publishing. Grimdark Magazine is run by people who love the grimdark direction that science fiction and fantasy seems to be taking. Things like the Horus Heresy and the First Law series are what get our hearts hammering with excitement.

There is such a wealth of talent in the sub-genre and a genuine need for an ezine that deals specifically in the grittier nature of people in futuristic or fantasy settings that we felt compelled to get this ezine up and running. Visit Grimdark Magazine. Project Runeberg is a volunteer effort to create free electronic editions of classic Nordic Scandinavian literature and make them openly available over the Internet.

Founded in , the project concentrates on old books from Sweden and the Nordic countries, and is an equivalent to Project Gutenberg. The catalogue seems to contain books first published in Since it seems to be primarily a conservation project, there is a technical process involved in recontructing the books to read.

See the site for more information. Visit Project Runeberg. Founded in , Dragonwell Publishing is based in the US Northeast and publishes books a year, focusing mostly on science fiction and fantasy. Visit Dragonwell Publishing. Faded Page is an archive of eBooks that are provided completely free to everyone.

The Canadian equivalent of Project Gutenberg. The books are produced by volunteers all over the world, and we believe they are amongst the highest quality eBooks anywhere. Every one has been scanned, run through OCR software, proofed, formatted and assembled extremely carefully, using hundreds of volunteer hours. These books are public domain in Canada because we follow the Canadian copyright laws , but if you are in another country, you should satisfy yourself that you are not breaking the copyright laws of your own country by downloading them.

You are free to do whatever you like with these books, but we hope that mainly Visit Faded Page. Digita Publications is Violet Blue's store where readers can find her self-published works and buy them direct: All authors are paid directly. Established in upon the iPhone's June release, Blue endeavored to be first to bring erotic books to the device and worked with an Apple employee to publish the first Digita book in September Digita Publications also strives for a world in which audiobooks are DRM free and unrestricted by corporate monopolies.

Books are sometimes available in multiple formats, but not always and not consistently. Please scroll to the bottom of each book page to check the format information. Visit Digita Publications. We have been the recipient of five World Fantasy Awards as recently as , and in received a Stoker from the Horror Writers Association.

Visit Tartarus Press. Books where the woman always wins and the story lingers in our minds long after the last words. Bella Books is the premiere publisher of vibrant and irresistible fiction for and about women-loving-women.

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PMMP publishes dark fiction that branches out into many genres, such as horror, science fiction, and crime. Visit Perpetual Motion Machine. Spineless Wonders is a multi-platform publishing company devoted to short, quality fiction produced by Australian writers. E-books are usually available as both ePub and Mobi , but check the listings carefully. Visit Spineless Wonders. Founded in , Soho publishes 90 books a year across its Soho Press, Soho Crime and Soho Teen lists, and is known for introducing bold literary voices, award-winning international crime fiction, and groundbreaking young adult fiction.

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This is an invanuable collection of scientific and educational work for anyone with an interest in science, space travel or NASA itself. Oh, and NASA spell e-book with a hyphen too Anathema seeks to provide a home for marginalised writers and to fight back against the structural and institutional racism in publishing.

Issues are available to buy individually or as a subscription and are sold in ePub , Mobi and PDF formats. Visit Anathema Magazine. Not inept purple prose, of course, but controlled and well-crafted wordsmithery that reflects the story, setting, theme, atmosphere, or philosophy it seeks to describe.

Issue's are free to read online, but buying e-book copies ensures that contributors are paid and the magazine continues. Visit Lackington's Magazine.

It is a space for Kenyans, and Africans in general, to tell the story as they please. A space with none of the rules for what Africans are supposed to write about. A space for our stories, as diverse and sometimes as ordinary as they may be. An essential addition to the speculative fiction scene, and an important part of decolonising the genre.

Their range includes both novels and collections by authors Emily L. Byrne, Alex Acks, and Catherine Lundoff. E-book prices are very competitive and titles are available in ePub and Mobi formats. Visit Queen of Swords Press. Josh Ellis is a writer, editor, former newspaper columnist, full stack web designer and developer and musician. Visit Josh Ellis Author's Site. In , they launched the free Dimension6 magazine, which. Visit Coeur de Lion Publishing.

Pen and Sword specialises in all areas of military history, naval and maritime, aviation, local history, genealogy, social history, transport, discovery and exploration, archaeology, nostalgia and true crime. The publisher's establishment is closely tied to the local paper, the Barnsley Chronicle. The first books published by the company were in response to public demand following of a series of articles published in the newspaper: Pen and Sword's e-books are resonable discounted from their physical counterparts and are available in both ePub and PRC for Kindle formats.

Visit Pen and Sword Books. Only recently starting to sell e-books direct from their own shop, Linen Press has been publishing "fine writing for women, by women" for about ten years. Their two for now e-books are reasonably discounted from their paper counterparts and are sold as a Zip file containing both ePub and Mobi formats. Visit Linen Press. Issues are published approximately four times a year and are available to download for free in ePub and Mobi formats.

Visit The Future Fire. The Italian comic creation and shop site, Comics Fu, is currently in its pilot stage, but looks very promising for both comic readers and creators. Creators set the price for their work, and get their own shop page. The site automaticaly generates multiple formats from uploaded files to suit every reader, and takes a fee from each transaction. While it's currently in Italian, the founders have expressed their desire to support more languages.

Keep an eye on the full launch of Comics Fu for some great deals. Visit Comics Fu. Dynamite have a massive selection of comics. From Battlestar Galactica: Zarek to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time , there's a range and depth to their collection.

I'm going to dive into the Pathfinder titles and maybe some Bob's Burgers. Visit Dynamite Digital. Their comic shop is another place where the comic-hungry fan can discover titles from their favourite publishers. Visit DriveThru Comics. Top Shelf have followed the other great comic book publishers and retailers by starting to convert to a DRM-free model. They'll be making many more books available DRM-free in the future. Visit Top Shelf Comics. The webcomics are different from the usual static panels, though.

They've been designed to seem dynamic when viewed online, but still work as PDFs when bought and downloaded. A very interesting direction, that I hope takes off. And, of course, there's plenty of Cthulhu-related content. Visit Thrillbent. A great alternative to online comic services that don't let you download what you've bought. Along with the Rebellion bookshop they have your Dredd covered. Visit AD. They only sell one series in digital format for now, Rok of the Reds , but they'll hopefully expand.

I expect the files are available as PDF , but there is no information available at this time. Visit BHP Comics. While not all their titles are available at the moment they're starting with new books before hitting the back catalogue , there's enough to get you started. I can't wait for a DRM-free version of Nonplayer to go with my paper copy. Visit Image Comics.

Image Comics has either closed down or is no longer selling DRM-free e-books.

He is known for his acclaimed Powder Mage Universe and essays on the life and business of being a writer. It's always better to buy as direct as possible, so if that's what you're looking for then Brian's site is certainly the place to get them. Tincture Journal is a quarterly e-book literary journal, featuring fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction from Australia and the world. There is no thematic focus. Our aim is to provide a space for both new and experienced writers to publish their work.

Visit Tincture Journal. Author Kara Dennison and illustrator Ginger Hoesly co-created the Owl's Flower book series and sell direct from their own website. Their series of light novels explore the relationship between a human and an immortal, and what happens when they both actually want it to work.

The first book is available for free. It's great to see authors and illustrators working together, and directly with their audience, to produce great new books. Visit Owl's Flower Author's Site. Started in as a Kickstarter-funded short-story magazine, Fireside Fiction now also sell their own e-books, direct from their online shop.

There are only a few titles for now, but alongside their magazine back issues, there's plenty of reading material to choose from. Visit Fireside Fiction. Founded by publishing veteran Chris McVeigh, Fahrenheit Press publishes crime fiction from the noir, hard-boiled to the experimental. They've only recently started selling direct from their website, but when asked if their e-books are DRM-free, they responded with: Cause we're not twats Fahrenheit certainly do things differently, so are definitely a publisher, and now retailer, to watch out for.

Visit Fahrenheit Press. The bundles are usually chock-full of material, with an emphasis on rulebooks and supplements.

If you're looking to make savings on the usually expensive rules, codices or bestiaries from both popular and obscure role playing games, this is for you. Visit Bundle of Holding. Not to be confused with the now closed 'pay what you want' bookshop, this Open Books have a more traditional model and some very interesting quirks. Their bookshop is hidden away amongst the links on the website, but is referred to as Open Books Direct.

While the site may give the initial impression of being amateurish, the books seem to be of a very professional standard. The covers are especially nice and varied.

E-books are available in ePub , Mobi and PDF formats, and are very reasonably priced compared to their paper counterparts. Visit Open Books Direct. Predominantly a romance publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books also publish a wide selection of other genres.

The only reference to format I could find mentioned ePub , but Mobi format books may very well be available.

DRM-free Bookshops

Visit Riverdale Avenue Books. Their goal is to "publish books that contribute to struggles for social and economic justice". And they certainly do that.

Visit Haymarket Books. As you can imagine, genres vary greatly. E-books are usually in both ePub and Mobi formats, but the author can select whether to apply DRM, so take care when pledging or buying a book.

Visit Unbound. Visit Riptide Publishing. Pluto cover topics ranging from Anthropology to Geography to Sociology, and the quality of their titles are fantastic - their Awards page says it all. Their e-books are available as ePubs , but are currently priced the same as the paperback edition. You do receive the e-book version free if you purchase the paperback, but this is a counter-intuitive pricing model.

Visit Pluto Press. A spin-off from the web design, standards and strategy blog, A List Apart , the quality of the content and guidance is top-notch. Whether you're looking for web business advice or need some help with the technicalities of CSS, A Book Apart's titles are second-to-none.

Visit A Book Apart. With authors like Ben Bova, Karen Haber and Severna Park on board, ReAnimus offers a huge range of titles, mainly from the science fiction and fantasy genres. Visit ReAnimus Press. Books by the late US author Jack Vance range from science fiction to mystery, and from a variety of pen names. A lot of work has gone in to producing these digital titles, but they are only available to buy from the US.

However, if you're located in the US and want to get hold of this legendary author's work, this site is for you. Many of the books also have new cover art.

Visit Jack Vance. EmEmEss is the best place to buy your copies of the must-have, and very creepy, Straw Men series of novels. The books are available as either Mobi or ePub formats and proceeds go direct to the author. Buying direct from the author means they get a much larger cut of the price, making it a great way to support your favourite writer.

Ranging in genre, from magical fantasy, science-fiction and more, titles are available in ePub and Mobi formats to suit all devices. Visit Ebooks Direct. A place to buy books by Lynn Abbey, C. Cherryh and Jane Fancher, Closed Circle is an interesting find.

Although in need of a visual update, I get the impression the site 'just works', which is all you need. The last news update is from November, , so the site looks to still be up and running. Well worth a look. Visit Closed Circle. Snackreads is an interesting approach, experimenting with selling digital short fiction. The catalogue only contains six titles for now, but it's worth keeping an eye on them for their writing resources and forum. Visit Snackreads. Each book has a 'Heat' and 'Sexometer' rating.

I wonder if that's a metadata standard. It's nice to see an UK company just getting on and doing its thing. Visit Totally Bound. As well as e-books, Extasy also sell audiobooks and bundles.

There are also free books to give you a taster. Visit Extasy Books. We want to play around with the big ideas and the little ones. We want writers to tell us stories to inspire us, give us hope, provide some laughs. Or to scare the stuffing out of us. We want good stories: With contributors from all over the world, and chock full of fantastic fiction, articles and poetry, SoI is an amazing read.

Visit Shoreline of Infinity Magazine. Visit Nightmare Magazine. In its pages, you will find science fiction: No subject is off-limits, and we encourage our writers to take chances with their fiction and push the envelope. Visit Lightspeed Magazine. Based in Cambridge, Windhorse publish titles by a huge range of authors that cover wide aspects of Buddhism. Windhorse Publications is a Buddhist charitable company based in the UK.

We seek to produce accessible and relevant books of high quality for all those interested in Buddhism at whatever level. Visit Windhorse Publications. Founded in and based in the US, Guilford Press publish books in mental health, education, geography, and research methods.

Guilford publish around 90 titles a year and seem to get how useful e-books are for many of their customers in education and research.

Visit Guilford Press. A publisher of many genres, Alliteration Ink has been busy in fiction, non-fiction, anthologies, periodicals and more. They have also ran a number of Kickstarters for their anthologies. They do not provide format information, so take care when buying. Visit Alliteration Ink. Visit Bold Strokes Books. Closing end of December, Faced with threats concerning the overwhelming volume of books purchased on a daily basis, Ana Grilo and Thea James resorted to "smuggling" books home in huge handbags to avoid scrutiny.

Book Smugglers Publishing is the digital-first, book creation arm of the glorious review, discussion and news site for genre fiction. They publish anthologies as well as novels, and the prices are always very reasonable. Books are available as both ePub and Mobi formats and the covers are absolutely fantastic. Visit Book Smugglers Publishing. The Standard Ebooks project is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit effort to produce a collection of high quality, carefully formatted, accessible, open source, and free public domain ebooks that meet or exceed the quality of commercially produced ebooks.

The text and cover art in our ebooks is already believed to be in the public domain, and Standard Ebook dedicates its own work to the public domain, thus releasing whole ebooks files themselves into the public domain. Visit Standard Ebooks.

Visit Galley Beggar Press. The Black Library is the bookshop for the tabletop gaming company, Games Wokshop's, many titles. The catalogue includes fiction set in their popular Warhammer and Warhammer 40, settings along with many of their other properties.

Visit Black Library. You may recognise their An Unreliable Guide to London short story anthology. E-books are available as either ePub or Mobi files and are sensibly discounted compared to the paper versions.

Visit Influx Press. The publisher, Tor, regularly giveaway free e-books from their website, Tor. Visit Tor. The majority of their books seem to be available as e-books, and are sold in ePub format. Visit Salt Publishing. Palgrave publish research from the fields of humanities, social sciences and business for academics, professionals and librarians.

With books across a huge range of topics, Palgrave is a great resource for those looking for specific research titles. Visit Palgrave Macmillan. Wisdom Publications is a non-profit publisher of Buddhism, mindfulness, and meditation titles and courses, based in the USA.

With a huge selection of titles, Wisdom is a great place to start when looking for books on and related to Buddhism. The Dharma of Star Wars might take your fancy. Visit Wisdom Publications. Talk about finally understanding your audience.

With books from every series and one I've never heard of, there's something for every Trek fan. But there's definitely no need for this Captain Proton novel. There is no information about the book formats available, but I would guess it's ePub only. Visit Star Trek Books.

Carina Press publish adult fiction and are the digital-first imprint of the publisher, Harlequin. These guys obviously know and respond to their audience. But I'm worried they don't pay their male cover models enough. Most seem unable to afford much more than a vest, let alone a shirt. Visit Carina Press. A small selection of very interesting titles make Mythic Delirium a great publisher to keep an eye on. Visit Mythic Delirium. We are committed to spreading knowledge of best practices in PHP.

Also a great spot for some PHP-related Swag. Their e-books come in ePub , Mobi and PDF formats and have a healthy discount knocked off the digital price compared to the print version.

Visit PHP[architect]. They're already promoting their catalogue. I get the impression they've really got their audience sussed. One day, a long time after he first began, the training mission became a real one. Mac was sent up into the vast night that surrounded the Earth, to the space station where it had all begun.

The touch of the Keepers was everywhere—in the clean air, in the trees that grew in zero gravity, in the blue skies that mimicked those of Earth—but there were none of the ancient race to be seen. Mac felt the blow as if it was a physical hit. Too long, it was too long…because Mac was human, with a human lifespan.

Not in this lifetime. That night, he dreamed. Cass was sitting on the edge of a white marble balcony, her legs crossed at the ankles, her eyes sparkling bright. She was older, even more beautiful. And her pretty soft hair had grown until it curled under her ears.

He knew she was a Keeper but he reached forward to cup her cheek in his hand. His love had been true, his devotion endless. Tanner men made up their minds early and never faltered. He laughed as she stood and ran her fingers through it. Getting older every day. She was so soft, so beautifully female under his hands. But if he stole a shuttle and headed out into the unknown, Cass might gray herself trying to bring him home to her.

Even a Keeper could hurt and graying was the worst kind of pain. Not his vibrant, laughing Cass. Before he left the space station that time, he threw petals into space, blown by the whisper of his kiss.

There were five more missions. On the fifth, Mac watched the rose petals float out into space, and knew this was his last trip. His hands were getting tired, his eyes less acute. But when he closed those eyes and dreamed, he saw in perfect clarity. Cass, so beautiful, still a woman of barely twenty. She could only Dream to him when he was in space. Surrounded by the endless starlight of the cosmos, the kiss became a touch, the touch so much more.

She was getting stronger, learning to hold on longer to the dreams. But she was only a baby Keeper. Thousands of years would have to pass before she gained the strength to Dream him home. For the last time, he considered stealing a ship and heading out into space. If she grayed, her pain would last eons. Better that he turn to dust and become a memory. As she grew ever more beautiful, his Keeper would remember Mac Tanner, the human who had loved her a long time ago on a blue-green world called Earth.

Mac turned, looked into ageless eyes set in a face with skin the color of beaten gold. The Keeper laughed. She was a fledgling Keeper, born for greater things.

You were a mortal, would forget her in a heartbeat. So, mortal, are you ready to be touched by a Keeper? I have to get something. The Keeper was curious enough to give him the time. When he saw what it was, he laughed. It was an indescribable sensation. Death and rebirth, everything in flux. But when Mac opened his eyes, he found that he was following the Keeper home through the darkness of space. He was only a fledgling himself, so the older one was doing the work, feeding him the strength to continue.

All Mac had to do was keep his gift safe. Who knows how long it took? Keepers live eons, years are their seconds. She was standing on her white marble balcony when he found her, a beautiful woman with a waist-length mane of curling black hair.

Her back stiffened and she turned. There were tears in her eyes, but when her gaze fell to what he held, she smiled. Lush velvet and moonlight, eternity and forever, that was Cass. Will you marry me now, Mac? This scene was originally written as part of Play of Passion , but I think it works quite well as a fun short story. I hope you enjoy! A few hours after her discussion with Hawke, Indigo glanced around the clearing and felt her heart warm with pride.

The young soldiers lounging in a rough semi-circle, their legs stretched out and backs against the trees, were all strong, smart and honorable. It sounded like a child—and this area was off-limits to children unless they were with an adult. Glancing at Tai, she nodded at him to begin the discussion while she went to check out the noise. The young male did so with a confidence that made it clear he was almost ready to be promoted to full soldier status.

Charlie was right on the edge, but the girl had a temper problem. Then again, so had Jem once upon a time—channeled right, that temper could become strength. Ben, she realized at once. The look of embarrassment on his face threatened to make Indigo smile but she caught it. Yes, he was a baby male, but he was still a male. Pride was something that seemed to come hardwired in the Y chromosome.

But understanding that this was a lesson, it agreed with her silence. The howl that came out was cut off summarily as the pup stopped with a yip, having apparently startled himself. Drew began to laugh even as packmates responded again, a concerned question in their tones this time.

As she watched, Drew replied, telling them all was well. She bent down to stroke back his ears. Butting up under her hand, he lifted his head and showed her his throat. It was a gesture of active submission, a sign that he wanted to play. Leaning down, she touched noses with him in open affection.

Drew picked the pup up as she rose to her feet. That was when Drew streaked out a hand, pulled her close and kissed her with such heated thoroughness that steam came out her ears. Brenna hid a smile at the question she knew Judd had asked only because he was trying to be a good mate. He hated eating in restaurants.

Regardless of the fact that he was a master of subtle disguise, he spent the whole time tensed up, on alert for threats. Pulling out the pizzas and setting them on the counter, she shook her head. Fun was still a new concept for Judd. Now, not saying a word, he went to the comm panel and pulled up a list of recent releases. He was so serious, she wanted to reach out and kiss him stupid. Which would get her naked very quickly.

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Because in one arena, Judd definitely had the idea of fun down to an art—though he still refused to divulge his research sources.

Walking over, she put her hands on her hips. You want to watch a tearjerker romance set in the time of the Territorial Wars? He was digging his heels in. She knew him in this mood. If she pushed him wrong, he would flat-out refuse to change his mind—that was the thing with Judd. He was sexy, strong, loved her until she felt the power of it in every cell of her body, but the man had a core of intractable stubborn.

As you are a boy, choose one you think looks interesting. The promotional image was of a guy in a rainforest, with a machete, and a snake coiled around his arm like some kind of macho armband.

The movie was terrible. She had a stitch in her side by the time the movie was over. A slight raising of eyebrows from the man who sprawled on the sofa next to her—a sofa that had somehow survived his Tk. She knew that look, too. It said: Her mate, eyes laughing, though his lips were only faintly curved, patted her gently on the back until she could breathe again.

Pointing at him, she said,. Reaching for the remote, he tugged her to his side so she could snuggle close, and began to go through the menu again. She shamelessly arched her neck for another kiss. Hawke walked down the corridor, well aware he was being followed by stealthy little wolf paws—or paws that were trying to be stealthy in any case.

Inside him, the wild predator who was his other half opened its mouth in a wolfish grin. They hesitated when he turned toward his own office and he could almost feel the keen disappointment that colored the air.

Popping in quickly, he grabbed his sleek black sat phone and walked out again, careful to keep his back to the tracker on his trail. The little paws scampered to keep up with him, stopping only when he ran into Riaz. As they talked Pack business, Hawke was very aware of sharp little wolf ears listening in. Once he and Riaz were done, he carried on down the corridor and to one of the exits into the White Zone, the safe play area directly outside the den.

Heading to the trees, he stashed his phone in his jeans, stripped, and shifted into his wolf form. The paws behind him ran to follow as he shook his body to settle his new skin, the silver-gold of his fur rippling, then loped deeper into the forest.

Stopping at the edge of the waterfall nearest the den, he looked down at the froth of water, and after a moment, the owner of the stealthy paws padded up to stand beside him. When he turned away from the crashing fall after several minutes, the pup fell in with him as they ran the short distance back to the den. Shifting to human form, Hawke pulled on his jeans and watched the pup change in a show of light and color.

A little boy stood in front of him seconds later. In point of fact, he was better than many older children. Hawke bit back a laugh. I have to head out of the White Zone. This story slots in before Bonds of Justice , and is part of my informal series that explores the everyday lives of the characters, away from politics and turmoil and tension.

These are the stories of the hidden moments, glimpses through the window of their continuing lives. I love writing these, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading them.

So find a comfortable spot and settle in. For those of you unfamiliar with the Psy-Changeling series , this story features several members of the DarkRiver leopard pack, including two sentinels the most senior members of the pack aside from the alpha. Dorian was a highly trained architect with a magical ability on computers, and a license to fly. He was also a sniper who could shoot with cold-blooded accuracy, had a former Psy assassin as his sparring partner, and had been called an overachiever by more than one person.

Wiping away the water and shoving the white-blond of his hair out of his eyes at the same time, Dorian twisted the wrench again. It knew only that this cub was its own to protect and to nurture. Ashaya looked up from where she was icing said cookies at the counter opposite the sink, the lush brown of her skin luminous in the early afternoon light. Sometimes when he was in leopard form and she was lying beside him in front of the laz fire, he batted at it, just to see it bounce.

I made sure to use vitamin enriched flour and vegetable protein. Taking a bite, he verified that was true. It calms me, makes me happy. Funny how often that happened. Both he and Keenan waited curiously as she slid up the cover of the storage space on one end of the counter, and pulled out a tray holding a multi-hued array of cupcakes. Picking up two, she gave them one each, along with a kiss on the cheek for Keenan and the same for Dorian. Dorian was about to tug her into a much more adult kiss when a familiar face appeared in the rectangle of light that was the open back door.

Ashaya pointed a finger at the muscled young male, halting him in his tracks. Hitching himself up on the counter attached to the sink, Kit finished off the cupcake in two bites. Not that long ago, Dorian had literally thrown the novice soldier out of a bar, Kit had been so drunk. Before that, Dorian and another sentinel had busted up a fight in which Kit had bloodied a packmate. But the youth had grown in many ways in the intervening time and was now one of the steadiest young soldiers in the pack, his strength not just in his body, but in his will and his loyalty.

I know all about sneaky charm. This one will taste different. That it was good to see the children, extraordinary and unique, act exactly like the babies they were. Kit gave him a smug smile, just as Talin and Clay appeared behind the boy. As Ashaya turned to look at Jon, Clay stole two cupcakes with feline stealth and threw one over to the teenager. Pretending innocence when Ashaya turned back, the dark-skinned sentinel stared at the cupcake sitting in front of him as if he had no idea how it had appeared.

Dorian stifled a laugh. Noor and Keenan, having been chatting to each other in their own language, which was all but incomprehensible to adults, clapped at the idea, and pretty soon, the kitchen was filled with laughter and color and sugar.

As Ashaya and Talin continued to talk, Dorian grabbed some coffee for himself and Clay, and walked around the counter to slide onto the stool next to the other sentinel.

And Keenan—how could he have ever known what it would mean to him to be a father, to hold the trust of an innocent in his hand? Dorian grinned. As Clay shook his head in affectionate amusement, Dorian nodded subtly at Jon. He even sits through tea parties with her dolls in the miniature tree house I built for her, even though he has to squeeze inside. Dorian chuckled, as proud of the boy as Clay was.

She had this rag doll and she used to be so strict about my not sipping my tea until the doll had hers. It made Dorian laugh, the thought of big, often silent Clay waiting patiently for a doll to have her tea. Like all adult leopard females who were dominant, she was more apt to challenge a suitor than to pet him. Clay nodded. Give him a few more years and age difference or not, I bet you he goes after her. Dorian versus Clay. Kit and Jon, having turned to listen, gave the thumbs up. Looking at one another, they started to laugh, the sound carrying through the air to where the children played and their mates sat talking.

I think Shaya and Talin are still in mourning. That sat them off again, until they ended up sitting on the ground, beers hanging from their fingertips. When Ashaya turned to smile at him over her shoulder, the mating bond a wild brilliance inside him, Dorian knew that while baking and plumbing might not be on his resume, in one thing he was and would always be an expert: Loving Shaya.

This story is an entry in my ongoing series of vignettes exploring the everyday lives of the Psy-Changeling characters — glimpses through the windows of their day to day world. Clean and Dirty features Vaughn and Faith. This story happens around the same time as Play of Passion , but it stands totally on its own. Vaughn, the amber-gold of his hair dulled by the same dust, gave her a smile that was pure cat. Absolutely not.

It still stunned her, the beauty he created from hunks of cold marble and stone. It says civets eat the coffee berries, then the coffee makers collect their droppings and pick out the beans. Trying again when he put down the datapad and resumed his stalking, she pointed a finger.

Faith NightStar.

Bonds of Justice by Nalini Singh (ebook)

At a dead end, she used a minor psychic ability to create a solid illusion of tall sunflowers between them. It was meant to surprise him enough to give her time to get over the bed and down the other side, but she found herself watching delightedly as he tried to touch the leaves with a wondering hand. Her escape attempts foiled by laughter, she gave in and grabbing his dusty face in her hands, kissed him, both of them laughing the entire time.

It melted her each and every time he got like this. He nipped at her lower lip. She giggled, and it was a silly, girlish sound. Never, she thought, would she get enough of her mate. His touch, his scent, the sound of his voice, his laughter, his teasing, the untamed jaguar at the heart of his nature, each and every part was forever intertwined into the fabric of her life.

Stepping out, he turned off the shower and crooked a finger. Datapad in hand, he sat down on the sofa with her curled up on his lap. Still suspicious, Faith began to scan the article…and felt her eyes widen. A woman, she thought with an inward smile, was permitted a sinful secret or two when it came to a man as rawly sexy as Vaughn. Instead of shying, Faith wrapped her arms around him. Now, she was the woman who loved and was loved by a jaguar…and who knew how to take bites of her own.

Vaughn jerked up his head when her teeth sank into his shoulder. Then he grinned, and tumbled her on top of him and she knew they were going to be very, very, very late for dinner. Spoiler Alert: This is part of my series of shorts focusing on the everyday lives of the characters, away from politics and danger. I hope you enjoy. Now, she loved him for the father he had become, a predatory changeling alpha who made no bones about adoring his child.

Lucas nuzzled a kiss against her ear and allowed her to turn to face the crib—located in the bedroom because neither one of them could bear to be parted from Naya. She belongs to Rome and Jules. They were very clear on that. They bent identical heads toward her, all hair of dark brown and eyes of midnight blue. Tamsyn appeared in the doorway a second later, Nate beside her. The twins beamed, neat little angels in their checked shirts—red for Roman and yellow for Julian—paired with jeans.

Rising, she held out her hands and the boys took one each. Once in the bedroom, she had them sit on the bed. Then, reaching inside the crib, she lifted Naya and came to sit between the two, conscious of Lucas returning to the bedroom after greeting Tammy and Nate. She glanced at Lucas for help. Her panther came over to grab a laughing Roman in a growling hug before setting him down on the bed again.

Will you still play with her? They scrambled off the bed together. A tin sat on the counter, likely something delicious Tamsyn had baked that morning. The package was closed up with so much tape and sparkly paper that Lucas had to slice out his claws to cut it open. Lucas upended the open package and into his palm dropped a surprisingly pretty necklace made of multihued beads. Reaching down, Nate ruffled his hair. Sascha settled down into a large cozy armchair with Naya, the twins snuggling in on either side of her.

Then Roman took the beads. Roman gave a satisfied nod. By the time they were done, Sascha was utterly undone. I think my monsters want a hug from you. Her lap was immediately filled with little boy. Smiling, she cuddled them close.

The moment lasted half a minute before they scrambled off to run outside to play in the trees. Tamsyn kissed their furry faces, while Nate shook his head, amused affection in his eyes.

Bonds of Justice

Sascha grinned at Lucas. Having had a play-fight with their father in the interim, the twins ran over to jump up on the arms of the chair where Lucas sat. Perching carefully, they sniffed at Naya, patted her with their paws—claws carefully sheathed—then jumped back down to curl up beside their parents.

Cuddled up against Tamsyn, Julian looked at his brother. Roman made a small growling sound. Julian growled back, then turned to Sascha, conversation apparently completed. But before he could tell her what had been decided, Naya opened her mouth on what sounded like a tiny, tiny baby growl.

Instantly on alert, Rome ran over to jump on the chair arm while Julian shifted before joining his brother. Where two pairs of green-gold leopard eyes looked into one pair of bright green, the moment frozen in time. The baby reached out, clutched at him. Naya sneezed, making Julian laugh so hard he fell off the chair arm, while his brother jerked back…then touched her with his paw.

This time, the baby got a bit of his fur in her tiny grip. Linked as she was to their child on the mental plane, Sascha could feel her contentment, her sense of safety. Naya knew she was with Pack. Tamsyn shook her head. Nate squeezed her. Luc pulled some pretty spectacular stunts of his own as a kid. Lucas scowled. And it was a very nice mud pool. The others realized it at the same time. Tammy poked Nate in the ribs. The twins heads went from one to the other, eyes bright.

And Sascha wanted to pounce on everyone, enclosing them in a huge hug. Lara rose to an empty space in the bed beside her and the smell of something delicious wafting in the air. Walking out, she found she was the last one up, the children digging into pancakes. Her mate was at the stove, wearing only those sexy pajama bottoms she liked to tease him about, tied with a string tie low on his hips.

Twisting to look over his shoulder, her mate smiled slow and gorgeous. Lara rose on tiptoe, stole a kiss before letting him concentrate on the pancakes. Pouring coffee from the fresh pot, she sat down at the table, talking about nothing in particular with the children, her wolf utterly content. Chocolate sauce around her mouth, Marlee ate the last bite on her plate. Poor Toby. Right now though, he was all bones and tangled limbs.

And stomach. Toby was the same. Regardless of the fact that Lara had never heard Walker use so much as a pet name, much less an endearment for either child. No matter the storm, that flame would never flicker. Laughing, Lara reached over and tapped his nose.

And the box of crackers. Licking up a bit of maple syrup that had gotten onto her finger, Lara glanced at Marlee. Blinking, Lara glanced at Walker, raised an eyebrow. He shook his head, his gaze intent. Toby shrugged. Still glaring at her cousin, Marlee took a bite of her pancake. And refused to say another word on the topic to anyone, no matter how gently Lara asked. This is set around the same time as the start of Heart of Obsidian but contains no spoilers for that book.

Seated at the breakfast counter, Mercy chopped a carrot, eating half in the process. Riley grinned from where he stood on the opposite side of the counter, and passed her another. Laughing at the word he insisted on using for their unborn children, she began to chop again, while Riley sliced the sweet green peppers she loved.

Mercy scowled and got up, walking around to his side of the counter. Lifting up her T-shirt, she patted the slight curve of her abdomen. Kneeling down, Riley closed his hands over her hips and pressed a kiss to her stomach. She pulled playfully at his hair, tugging him to her when he rose.

Solid and strong and gorgeous, that was her Riley. Turning, he smiled that slow Riley smile that was just for her. We bought dessert. You have bacon? Sage gave Bastien the finger for using that hated nickname, but got to work. Looking over at Mercy, her middle brother jerked up his chin.

My sister does not have sex. Glancing at Sage, Mercy waited. He grinned and took his revenge on Bas. Bastien gave her the death glare. Mercy just smiled. Her brothers might be demons, but they were wonderful demons who deserved to be loved. I want it hot. Her mate shot her a narrow-eyed look. Having pity on him, Mercy walked around to hug him from the side and press a kiss to his unshaven cheek, the bristles rough against her lips.

Bastien wrapped an arm around her waist and snorted. Mercy elbowed him to get away, reaching up to pull at his own dark red hair. Her brother might not be a lieutenant, but he had a steel core. They called him a shark in the financial world; he was the reason DarkRiver had such a good investment portfolio.

Grey, who despite his wicked eyes was the sweetest of her brothers, smiled and pecked her on the cheek. She knew Emmett was pushing Grey, and she knew why.

Her gorgeous little brother was a very strong dominant with aggressive tendencies that made him perfect soldier material. But it had become crystal clear to every one of the senior people in the pack that Grey was built to protect, built to be one of the cornerstones of the pack.

The hooligans protested as Riley grinned and drew her in for a kiss. When he released her, her heart was threatening to thud out of her ribcage, her claws pricking at the warm wall of his chest as her leopard rubbed against the insides of her skin.

Eyes telling her he was reading her mind, Riley ran a finger down her nose and to her lips. She nipped at it, made his smile deepen. Bas could be a Sphinx when he wanted to be. As Riley walked outside with her, their fingers tangled, she drew in a deep breath of the crisp air. Forgoing shoes, they strolled lazily to a spot that overlooked a meadow bursting with wildflowers, and stood with their arms around one another, watching the sun set. It was a beautiful, romantic moment, but for Mercy, the greatest romance was in the way Riley unconsciously angled his body to protect her from a light wind.

That was her wolf, protective to the core. Asking him not to take care of her in such a way would be akin to asking him to change the very core of his being. And she wanted to change nothing about Riley. A startled look, pleasure in eyes gone wolf. When he told her his plan, she threw back her head and laughed in delight.

And when he nibbled on her ear, curling her toes, she hauled him in for a kiss as hot as her blood. The last rays of the setting sun hit the wild amber of his eyes as their lips parted, the beauty in them haunting.

Backing away, she gave him a teasing little wave… then she ran, joy in her every step. God, but she loved her amber-eyed wolf. It features Sophia and Max from Bonds of Justice.

Sunday—you and me. No cell phones, no messages, no world-altering events. If anyone needs either one of us, they can damn well come to the apartment. No alas about it. Dropping a loudly complaining Morpheus to the floor, she laughed and knelt down to scratch the temperamental cat under his chin, the tails of the large white shirt she wore brushing the backs of her thighs.

The lean dimple in his left cheek a playful temptation, he stroked his hand to close over her nape, touched his mouth to her own. Teasing, coaxing, loving. They could be free here, the corridor stripped of surveillance, the two other couples who shared their floor both human.

Neither would see anything wrong in a husband kissing his wife on the doorstep while their cat wove between their legs. Releasing her after a soft suckle of her lower lip, Max nudged her back into the apartment, Morpheus bounding off to jump onto the window seat and curl up in the sun, his head turned pointedly away.

Leaning back, one arm wrapped around her, he groaned when she found the spot on his throat that always made him shudder. Sophie loved how possessive he was, the directness with which he made it clear what he felt for her.

Never had Max played those games with her, the ones that confused and made her feel lost. No, the only games Max and Sophia played were ones that delighted them both. Buttoning the shirt with that firm statement, he opened the box to expose a delightful array of pastries.

Best way to work out your favorites for next time. Once, touch had meant pain, meant violation. Sienna was nineteen going on twenty, a ranked novice-letting her actions slide wasn't even an option. A few small cuts on that creamy skin kissed gold by the sun, but no gouges that would've spoken of claws. Losing control of your temper was one thing; losing control of your wolf was far more dangerous.

Sienna's hands fisted as she dropped them to her sides. Looking up, he met those eyes of absolute, unbroken black. It was clear she was fighting the elemental impulse to go at him, but she continued to hold her position.

But then, nothing about Sienna Lauren had ever been easy. One of those conditions had been a prohibition against using Psy abilities on packmates. A significant number of things had changed since that time, and the Laurens were now an integral and accepted part of the pack.

Sienna's uncle, Judd, was one of Hawke's lieutenants, and often used his telepathic and telekinetic abilities in defense of SnowDancer. Hawke had also never tied the hands of the two youngest Laurens, knowing Marlee and Toby would need their mental claws to defend themselves against their rambunctious wolf playmates. But that freedom didn't extend to Sienna, because Hawke knew exactly what she could do. The instant Judd accepted the lieutenant blood bond, keeping secrets from his alpha had become a question of loyalty and trust.

That angered Hawke more than anything else. Nice try. Not now. Not ever. It was his own damn fault it was coming back to bite him in the ass. No duty rotations until you can be trusted to stick to your task.

It lunged for her scent. Sucking in a harsh breath, Hawke fought the primal urge to go after her. He'd been battling the instinct for months, ever since the wolf decided that she was now an adult and, therefore, fair prey.

The human half of him wasn't having much success in changing the wolf's mind, not when he had to fight the hunger to claim the most intimate of skin privileges every time she was in his presence. Lucas answered on the second ring. But-"I can't let it go. Not this time. Hawke sat on the edge of his desk, shoving a hand through his hair.

They're not having regular meetings anymore, so that's not an issue.

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