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Intermediate. New English File - Student's New English File - Test 13 MB English File third edition -Pre-intermediate Class Video. New English File: Pre-intermediate: Workbook with key and MultiROM Pack: Six- level after e New English File. Pre-Intermediate. Teacher's Book. New English File: Elementary: Teacher's Book with Test and Assessment CD- ROM: Six-level. New ENGLISH FILE Pre-intermediate Teacher's Book ib7//iF.

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In this test booklet you'll find: •an Entry test. •a test for each File of New English File Pre-intermediate. •an End-of-course test. The Entry test. The Entry test is an. Jenny Quintana New ENGLISH FILE Pre-intermediate Test Booklet This Test Booklet contains: ○ an Entry test ○ tests for each File, in A and B versions. Cover of "NEF test booklet (elementary)" English File, Learn English, New English File: Pre-intermediate Teacher's Book Vocabulary Pdf, American English, .

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. New English file pre intermediate test booklet. M Mozafari. Mapi Iriarte Ferriol Iriarte Ferriol. All the Tests consist of:

She phoned her brother, 3 What was he doing when the sun was setting? Alessandro, who agreed to take me to the village. Fifteen minutes later … we broke down. I was tired, depressed, and very, 4 How did he travel to the village? It was nearly midnight when we arrived at the farmhouse. Answer the airport in Italy. Listen to the holiday programme. Do you enjoy it? Why not? What were they like? Where were you at the time? Stoke on Trent, England, 13th Feb Started career: Famous songs: Kylie Minogue Born: Started career: Use the correct form of the verb in brackets.

I promise. Grammar total 20 Example: I often look after my little brother at the 7 Write the words in the correct column. We have completely different views. Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50 Example: Are you looking forward to the party? Pronunciation total 10 Example: Airports are amazing mini-cities where there are hundreds of different jobs you can do.

In fact, I spend a lot of time walking around and talking to people on my mobile.

Who … has to talk to passengers? S trucks. The best thing about my job is the people I work with. We have a lot of fun at work. The worst 1 did a different job at the airport before? I hate working at night and very 2 wants to find a new job?

Tessa Reed, 28, airport engineer 6 organizes visits from well-known people?

New ENGLISH FILE Level Tests - PDF Drive

I was quite bored, so when I saw an advert for an engineer at Heathrow airport, I decid- 8 works at unusual times of the day? There are all kinds of things to deal with 9 gets very tired? So many things can go wrong! Sarah enjoyed her work on the information Your penfriend writes to you and asks a lot of questions.

Write a letter and answer the questions. When are you coming to stay? What time will you arrive? Thanks for your letter. The best thing about my job is the people Example: S I work with. The worst 1 would like to do something else at the airport? I hate working at night and very early in the morning. I was quite bored, so when I saw 7 is involved in keeping the airport clean?

There are all kinds of things to deal with here — ventilation, heating, escalators, lifts — my job can 9 works different hours? When are you coming to visit?

Listen to Rima. What time? What do? Saturday p. What wear? Sunday p. He has too many breaks! He for you before the weekend. We really frightened. Instead, we pays for the drinks! I got mine in the sale. Grammar total 20 Write soon!

Would you like some? I finished it two minutes ago! It was on TV last month. I always make my bed in the morning. What about Hi Julia you? It was on TV last week. In April, I one? We today! Then in August, minutes ago! Melanie Example: I was really frightened. He talks to everybody! Which are the best cities to shop in? Writer, Ellie Clare, has been to five cities around the world to find out.

I went to Paris in June. Two of the most famous 9 Ellie visited the flea markets early in the morning. After the shops, I tried the markets. One of the most 1 What two things does Ellie like most about Paris in famous places to find treasures in Paris is the flea June?

But that was a bit early for me. There are also open-air markets all 5 What did Ellie do in the evenings? And if you want to buy a book, visit the rows of bookstalls along the River 5 Seine. You can find some great bargains there, or you can spend hours just looking. Describe a place you have visited. Answer the questions. This is the first article in the series.

This week, she writes about Paris. I started in the boutiques and 7 Ellie spent most of her time at the flea markets. One place I found 9 Ellie visited the flea markets in the afternoon. One of the most famous places to find treasures in Paris is the flea 2 Read the text again and answer the questions.

There are three main flea markets and they are 1 What does Ellie think is a good thing to do in June? I was enjoying Paris 4 Where did Ellie find the flea markets?

You can find some great bargains there, or you 5 can spend hours just looking. Paris is a great place to shop! When did you go there? Cross out the wrong information. Write shop Zara. Write the correct information. What did you do? What did you see? What did you enjoy most? What was it like? Answer 2 Has Mary done her jobs for the day?

Use already and yet. Ask your Things to do today partner these questions. Use each word once. She left without closing close the door. Do you enjoy reading? He talks to everybody. Pronunciation total 10 6 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50 6 Complete the phrases with play, go, or do.

I love walking walk in the rain. They walked along the street until they found a good restaurant. She talks to everybody. Do you want to learn a language? She went to evening classes. At first, it was quite difficult. I studied when the children were in bed and I listened to French tapes in the car. He went to Italy to learn Italian.

Who … is planning a trip abroad? I already knew a bit of Italian, so I decided to go there. I travelled around the country for six 3 can now speak three languages? I also had a great time. Sasha is She did an intensive course in London. We did six hours of lessons every day, so it was quite hard Reading total 15 work. We all communicated in German. The problem was when I went home, I spoke English again.

Learn English by the sea in Brighton. Who are you? Where are you from? How long do you want to study? I travelled around the country for six 3 got a job for a short time? Learn English in Oxford. Write the letter A—E Listen to five conversations. Write the letter A—E next to each conversation.

ENGLISH FILE Pre - intermediate Test Booklet - Oxford University

Where would you go? Which one? Sam Waters 3 Find out about Sam. Ask your partner these Likes: B en What are you going to do when you finish Example: Anna I might live abroad for a year.

B en Which country? This week, she tells us about mountain gorillas. Most people would probably be very afraid and run away! Firstly, gorillas are huge. They can grow up 9 Mountain gorillas only live in three places in the to 2 metres tall and can weigh more than kilograms wild.

New ENGLISH FILE Level Tests

Secondly, gorillas can make a lot of noise. In fact, 10 People are destroying their home. The leader is the largest male, called the 2 Read the text again and answer the questions. They spend almost all of their time on the forest floor, eating and sleeping.

Young 2 When are gorillas usually aggressive? They run around and climb trees. At night, the animals make a nest to sleep in. The heavier gorillas make 3 Why are some male gorillas called silverbacks? Gorillas rarely attack humans. They only fight when something or someone attacks them or their 4 Why do hunters sometimes kill whole families? In that situation, they will fight to the death. These gorillas only live in the mountain jungles 5 of Zaire, Rwanda, and Uganda.

They are endangered because people hunt them for food and for trophies. The writer would run away if she saw a gorilla. Include the following information: They can grow up 9 There are only three places where you can find to 2 metres tall and can weigh more than kilograms mountain gorillas in the wild.

The leader is the largest male, called the silverback. They spend almost all of their time on the 1 For what two reasons would most people run away forest floor, eating and sleeping.

They are mainly from a gorilla? Young gorillas often play together.

The 2 When do gorillas usually attack people? They only fight 3 What do silverbacks look like? Hunters looking for baby gorillas may have to kill a 4 What will happen if a hunter tries to take their whole family to get what they want. These gorillas only live in the mountain jungles of Zaire, Rwanda, and Uganda. Write Example: Paragraph one Explain the reason for your e-mail. Paragraph three Explain any plans you already have, e. Cross Listen to the interview with a survival expert.

Write the correct out the wrong information. Use these ideas with should: You forgot to do your English homework. You have to work late every day. Use the Example: Van Gogh painted this picture of sunflowers. This picture of sunflowers was painted by Van Gogh. I used to go out a lot, but now I stay at home. I learned English and French at school. Use the present perfect or the past simple.

Did you meet meet any interesting people at the party last week?

I have a phobia about open spaces. I hate all their long, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50 hairy legs. Do you worry about spiders every time you go 6 People with phobias sometimes have problems into the bathroom? Would you rather walk up steps breathing.

Did you know that 9 Yoga can help you relax. However, they cannot control their fears. When some people think about 2 Answer the questions. So if you have a phobia, what can you do about it? However, in 3 What physical reaction do some people have? Some people try relaxation 4 What can people with phobias do to relax? Some find that physical exercise can help. Many people find writing about their phobia helps them understand what is happening to them.

He or she 5 may suggest psychotherapy, or even hypnosis.

New English File Pre-Intermediate Test Booklet.pdf

Write a biography of a famous person. Do you worry about spiders every time you go 6 If you have a phobia, it can change the way your into the bathroom? Would you rather walk up steps heart beats. With new, easy-to-manage structure, fresh, contemporary topics, more listening and a brand new video filmed on location London, New York English File third edition supports teaching and learning better than ever. To give teachers and students a 21st century learning experience English File third edition comes with brand new digital components: All your digital teaching needs on one disc: With all Student's Book audio, video, grammar and vocabulary exercises in one place, catch-up, revision and home-study have never been easier.

Also includes mobile content, downloadable to compatible phones to provide access to practice materials on the go. Please see iTutor tab for further details, features and benefits. Includes all Workbook audio, self-assessment tests, instant answers and Study Link references to the relevant Grammar Bank pages of the Student's Book.

English File Pronunciation App for smartphones gives students access to pronunciation practice anytime, anywhere. Using the much-loved English File Sounds pictures for teaching pronunciation in an easy-to-remember way, this app comes packed with interactive features such as 'touch and listen' 'record and compare' and the pronunciation game.

To find out more, please see the English File Pronunciation App tab. Sample video level Elementary. Like and Repost, please.

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