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Download the Nuclear War Survival Skills eBook (PDF) by Cresson H. Kearny Info on nuclear vs dirty bomb radiation decontamination for skin and surfaces. Nuclear War Survival Skills is a guide to getting through the inevitable forthcoming nuclear devastation of America and the radioactive. I appreciate the way the book teaches the realities of nuclear war. Some interesting things I picked up from the myth/fact section: Food & water.

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Nuclear War. Survival. Skills. Updated and Expanded. Edition. Cresson H. Kearny. With Foreword by Dr. Edward Teller. Original Edition Published. Order NWSS Online Click here for the PDF Version of NWSS. Nuclear War Survival Skills. Updated and Expanded. Edition. Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson H. Kearny Offical Home Page, Download the book FREE, Buy the Book from us, overnight shipping and more. Download.

Nuclear War Survival Skills is a guide to getting through the inevitable forthcoming nuclear devastation of America and the radioactive immolation of the last and greatest of human dreams. Written in by Cresson Kearny, it'll take you through everything from gathering food to the proper ventilation of backyard bunkers. This updated and expanded edition of Nuclear War Survival Skills gives instructions that have enabled untrained Americans to make high-protection-factor expedient shelters, efficient air pumps to ventilate and cool shelters, the only homemakable fallout radiation meter that is accurate and dependable, and other life-support equipment. There instructions have been developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory civil defense researchers and others over the past 14 years. Do enjoy establishment-friendly debunkings hilarious in their optimism! For example, contrary to myth, the great powers do not have enough nuclear firepower to wipe out humanity in one fell swoop, and also the nuclear winter will be no big deal.

Nuclear War Survival Skills eBook PDF Free Download

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Nuclear War Survival Skills eBook PDF Free Download

Kearny Cresson H. Click on the graphic above to see the Hebrew Kearny Fallout Meter plans. Now available: NWSS Contents. Free online book. Edition Notes. Table of Contents. About the Author. NWSS Chapters.


The Dangers from Nuclear Weapons: Myths and Facts. Warnings and Communications. Psychological Preparations. Shelter, the Greatest Need. Ventilation and Cooling of Shelters.

Protection Against Fires and Carbon Monoxide. Fallout Radiation Meters.

Shelter Sanitation and Preventive Medicine. This chapter provides information on the immediate effects of thermonuclear explosions, and peoples' likely reactions to them, in an attempt to lessen the terror and confusion that would be prevalent after an unexpected nuclear attack.

Illustrates the limitations of the National Warning System NAWAS and the Attack Warning Signal sirens, concluding that "In an all-out attack, the early explosions would give sufficient warning for most people to reach nearby shelter in time. Due to the replacement of large warheads on inaccurate missiles with smaller warheads on more accurate missiles, "you may logically conclude that unless your home is closer than 10 miles from the nearest probable target, you need not evacuate to avoid blast and fire dangers.

Provides information on fallout protection and basic structures; complete designs for "6 types of earth-covered expedient shelters " are provided in Appendix A. Fire is considered the third most dangerous hazard, after direct blast effects and fallout radiation.

Nuclear War Survival Skills (PDF)

It is noted that during the Bombing of Dresden , "Most casualties were caused by the inhalation of hot gases and carbon monoxide" [9]. The importance of water to basic survival is discussed, with the recommendation that "four or five quarts of drinking water per day are essential. A basic diet, vegetarian and consisting only of bulk staples , is presented, along with basic nutrition facts and special advice for the very young, very old, and sick.

Reviews the best dose-rate meters and dosimeters available in and details the Kearny fallout meter , a "Homemakeable dose-rate meter", which can be built from a correctly scaled copy of the plans, such as those provided in hardcopies of the book; photocopies and printouts of digital copies may not be to scale. Topics covered include: Where There Is No Doctor is recommended to supplement to this chapter.

Excerpts are provided, along with additional information specific to the health effects of radiation and the use of potassium iodide. Improvised furniture is discussed, including a hammock made from bedsheets, and a hanging chair made from the hammock. The basic principles of thermal insulation are explained; ideas for expedient cold- and wet-weather clothing are provided. A list of recommended preparations are given for: Considerations for permanent fallout shelters are given, with emphasis on maximizing habitability and minimizing cost.

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