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View NAPOLCOM Reviewer eBook pdf from CJE at Saint Paul University Surigao. Salient Features of RA or The Philippine Mining Act of Napolcom or National Police Commission is the agency mandated by the Constitution and the Major Police Reform Laws, Republic Act. REVIEW MATERIAL FOR NAPOLCOM PROMOTIONAL of the Quality Service Lane Project? a Protocol and Social Usage Test Questions 1.

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napolcom reviewer - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. napolcom reviewer. NAPOLCOM PNP Entrance Examination Announcement. Free Napolcom / PNP Entrance Exam Reviewer # Posted by on. Have a free download and extract the files using winrar or winzip.. 28 Oct. See more of NAPOLCOM Examinations Reviewer Edition on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or CIVIL Service Reviewer PDF. Library. Philippine.

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There are three modes of Mineral Agreements namely Mineral Production Sharing Agreement MPSA - an agreement wherein the Government grants to the contractor the exclusive right to conduct m1n1ng operations within, but not title over, the contract area and shares 1n the production whether 1n kind or 1n value as the owner of the minerals therein The Contractor shall provide the necessary f1nanc1ng technology, management and personnel; Co-Production Agreement CA - an agreement between the Government and the Contractor wherein the Government shall provide Inputs to the m1n1ng operations other than the mineral resources, and Joint Venture Agreement JVA - an agreement where the Government and the Contractor organize a joint venture company with both parties having equity shares Aside from earnings 1n equity, the Government shall be entitled to a share in the gross output The PNP Mission "Imploring the aid of the Almighty, by , we shall be a highly capable, effective and credible police service, working in partnership with a responsive community towards the attainment of a.

The following are the sequentia!

NAPOLCOM Reviewer eBook 2015.pdf - Salient Features of RA...

Jndergo Operational Review of Dashboard to be undertaken every rJ! Baccalaureate degree c High School Diploma b at least second year college or d Tesda Certification equivalent of 72 collegiate units 7 The PNP is under what department a.

JUO pcr:. Boaid, a. Cn"c is pun C each fro1n the PNP. G FOR Tiii: ND SE.

napolcom reviewer

Hn1al bai: OiJl C1. J1-l I C: JLic, nnpr-: ES,1 -: Officer Clean Air Act of P l. Under Section 10, RA , the LGUs shall be pnmanly responsible for the imolementat1on and enforcement of the orov1s1on of this Act w1th1n their respective JUnsd1ctrons 8. The Agency prlmanly responsible for t! Any party in interest including the government and juridical entities authorized by law e Only the Government XII Under Section 8, Rule 2 of the Rules of Procedure for Environmental Cases, 1f it appears from the verified complalnant that the atter 1s of extreme urgency and the applicant will suffer grave and irreparable 1n1ury, the executive judge of the mult1ple-sala court before raffle, or the pres1d1ng judge of a s1ngle-sala court as the case may be.

All of the choices b. Police Service by c. In order to properly execute the PNP P. Vision barrier limited understanding of the strategy among the personnel d. People [3;: What are the four strategic objectives of the PNP P 1' Resource Management, Learning and Growth, Process l?

The following are the two main tasks or responsibilities of the PNP?

Intelligence and Crime Solution b. Operations and Investigation c. Crime Prevention and Police Community Re! The PNP has the regular contact with the people h. All of the choices c. It was already pursuing its own transformation prog1am d It was deemed re;: L Plan 1s an acronym wh1cfl stands for: Ten 10 Point Agendo Initiation, Prof1c1ency, Compliance, lnstitutional1zat1on Ll.

Problem Tree i'nalys1s c. Case Study d. Balance Scoreca1d To ensure that the PfJP vision attained, 1t is necessary that the strategy should be rntegrated into the following key management process: Performance Appraisal b. Budgeting and Planning c. J All of the choices d Rewards and Punishment Organ1zat1onal Dysfunction b.

Strengthen La'vv Enforcement Capabilities c. File an appropriate complaint before the Ombudsmnn J Organization;: Compelenc1; c. Profcss1onziJ1sm Tapat c. Totoo d.

napolcom reviewer

Makatotohanan " Excellence b Effectiveness c. Efficiency d Enforcement 18, Unrler Strategic Focus l: Competence, the following objectives shall be observed except: Enhance operational procedures and practices d lnrensify Policy Reform It is the upgrading and enhancing all the knowledge, skills, and attitude of the police from the basic to mandatory and specialized courses which shall be continuous process before they pursue their own field of expertise a.

Excellence b. Competence c. Professionalism d. Organ1zat1on Plan b Guide c. Blueprint d. Roadmap A Police Officer should think before starting to speak c.

A glib talker can be as boring as a man of silence d. A Police Officer should be calm. Police Lifestyle d. Social Decorum 2. Christmas Call c. New Year's Call 3. Which is not a part of the Police Officer's Pledge?

I will love and serve God, my country and people c. I will uphold the Constitution and obey legal orders of the duly constituted authorities d. I will oblige myself to maintain a high standard of morality and professionalism Improvement of fac1l1t1es and equipment b Human Resource Development c.

Only power is true b. Only 2nd is true d. Both are false 2. The Presir:: Jent b. The Chief Justice c. The Commission on Appointments d. The Speaker of the House of Representatives Protocol and Social Usage Test Questions 1. It is primarily a guide of accepted rules governing the conduct of government officials, police officers, military officers, and even diplomats.

Generally it refers to the good breeding of an individual or even a nation, the rules includes courtesies, niceties, attendance in different functions, even to the rules of behavior of an ordinary people. Police Operational Procedures b. Memorandum of Agreement f.

Rules of Engagement 2. Considered to be a firmly established and generally accepted practice or procedure which personnel must put into practice on how to conduct themselves properly in dealing with people during occasions or affairs. Social Graces d Protocol and Standards b. Beliefs and Culture e.

Social Usage f. Cocktails is are tendered to introduce a Military Officer or Police Attache, retiring or passing officials, Sometimes held for a get- together, fellowship, or reciprocation of previous cocktail invitation; cocktails are normally given on what particular time of the day: OOpm to 3: OOam 4 Being the host you must always know and remember the general rule in giving respect and courtesy to your guest, be it in a practice of Customs of the Service and giving due value to the privileges of an officer.

As a rule of thumb where you will position yourself being the host. The general rule of giving respect and honor to the guest is knowing what you call as "the place of honor", as a rule of thumb regardless of where the guest is facing, regardless of the location of the audience what you should bear in mind is: Star Rank Police Officers b.

Cabinet members d. Senate President 7 In paying homage and deportment to the National Flag and during Singing of the National Anthem indoors or 1n a covered area. The statement is true should salute at all times everywhere, anywhere, upon seeing the Philippine Flag. The statement is false PNP uniformed personnel must place their right hand over their left breast pocket. The statement is true PNP uniformed personnel in prescribed uniforms must salute. The statement is correct PNP uniformed personnel in prescribed uniforms must salute.

What should precede Invocation or National Anthem? Select the correct and best statement from the choices below. However, during religious activities, the invocation may come first, but preferably anthem before invocation because it is the State that guarantees the free practice of any religion. A Police Officer shows breeding, and therefore considered a gentleman and officer by his conduct in all his dealings. He knows what 1s appropriate, select the best answer: Introduce a guest who just arrive to a person who is about to leave, it is important you will be running out of time; 2.

Police Officer is expected to behave and conduct himself with dignity and restraint. Smoking is a form of discourtesy.

Napolcom / PNP Entrance & Promotional Examination Coverage

Older person is always introduced to a younger person. With the Online Application Scheduling system, you apply for it.

The said system had already been activated. Applicants shall utilize the on-line system to request the Regional Office for their schedule on the filing of examination application.

Applicants will personally appear at the NAPOLCOM Regional Office on the date assigned to them, with their printed on-line confirmation letter and other required documents, for further evaluation. Special PNP Examination: Examination Date: November 24, - December 3, The online registration form can be accessed at Here, Napolcom announced its newest online scheduling system that will erase burden among applicants.

The online scheduling system started July 29, Just expect for slight browsing problem with the website. For it caters more visitors in that range period of time. Featured Offers: Earn money with Coins. No limits to surf and earn! Recent Posts. Napolcom Exam Reviewer For

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