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A funny, erudite, and provocative exploration of puns, the people who make them , and this derided The Pun Also Rises by John Pollack. Buy Buy the Ebook. Some people may dismiss puns as the lowest form of humor. But this attitude is a relatively recent development in the sweep of history. In The Pun Also Rises. Read Online By John Pollack The Pun Also Rises: How the Humb pdf Made Wordplay M (Reprint) Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read, good.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "A compelling exegesis on what puns are and why they matter." How the Humble Pun Revolutionized Language, Changed History , and Made Wordplay M ore Than Some Antics eBook: John Pollack: Kindle Store . A funny, erudite, and provocative exploration of puns, the people who make them , and this In The Pun Also Rises, John Pollack-a former World Pun Champion and and Made Wordplay More Than Some Antics. by John Pollack. ebook. Online PDF The Pun Also Rises: How the Humble Pun Revolutionized Language , Changed History, and Made Wordplay More Than Some Antics, Read PDF.

Look Inside. Apr 03, Pages Buy. Apr 14, Pages Buy. Apr 03, Pages. Apr 14, Pages. They revolutionized language and played a pivotal role in making the modern world possible. Skillfully weaving together stories and evidence from history, brain science, pop culture, literature, anthropology, and humor, The Pun Also Rises is an authoritative yet playful exploration of puns.

Just what is a pun, and why do people make them?

How did punning impact the development of human language, and how did that drive creativity and progress? And why, after centuries of decline, does the pun still matter?

The Pun Also Rises

In The Pun Also Rises, John Pollack argues, "Undoubtedly, the most stubborn critics of the pun will probably never concede its catalytic, creative importance But those who declaim puns categorically It reads like an overlong essay justifying punning as an activity.

After a while it got boring, to be honest. There is a bit of linguistic history that I might have found interesting, had I been The Pun Also Rises: John Pollack.

After reviewing the rules, the judge asked McClughan to reach into a galvanized bucket and pull out a slip of paper, which featured one of the hundred or so topics on a list that my thirty-one fellow competitors and I had been given just minutes earlier. There had been too many to actually study, but enough to make my mouth go dry with fear.

What if I froze, and couldn't come up with a single pun? He looked so relaxed just standing there at the microphone, his shirt untucked, smiling at the crowd. And why not? He was a seasoned champion, and I was just some no-name walk-on from Michigan.

He was going to flatten me. My mind flashed to all the aircraft hanging from the rafters back at The Henry Ford museum.


I struggled to come up with a response, but saved myself at the last second with a crude pun on Fokker, the defunct Dutch aircraft maker.

McClughan didn't flinch. In its economy and perfect congruence of sound and meaning, a pun couldn't get any purer.

The Pun Also Rises by John Pollack | Books

I could pun for an entire lifetime and never make a better one, ever. It was a knockout punch, and the crowd roared.

But that rangy Texan refused to fall. And so it went, pun after pun, as we pummeled each other-and the English language-without mercy.

From aircraft parts to the space program to the Battle of Britain, McClughan always had a good riposte ready. He was, in a word, unflappable. From the storm clouds of my subconscious, a Japanese warplane zoomed down to counterattack.

The crowd was still cheering when the bell rang. Our seven-minute round was over.

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