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Help Adelantado discover new lands and save the survivors! Make friends with Indians and help them!. Get the full version of Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two for $! Get the full version with more features, full-screen graphics and more! Activate Coupon. GENRE. Release your tension with Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two, a Time Management game given by Realore Studios. Become the discoverer of South America and.

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Play free Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two game online at Big Fish. The story of Have you tried the full version of Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two? Try before you. Help Adelantado discover new lands and save the survivors! Download and play for free!. Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two free PC game to download. Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two is a strategy game where your decision making and strategy skills All free full version games provided at this web-site were licensed, sublicensed for.

The sequel starts where the previous part left off. Don Diego has found a new path and now he continues his mission. There are still survivors from the previous expedition to save, glory to achieve and gold for the Spanish Crown to find. His crew, however, is tired. Some people start to rebel and abandon Don Diego.

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Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two

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New Games. Through Abandoned Stormhill Mystery: Return to the Buried Kingdom Haunted Legends: The Call of Despair. Adelantado Trilogy: Through Abandoned. Some speed improvement is definitely needed for this game and I hope the third book will be much faster than this one.

On the positive side, the graphics are first class, the characters very cute and scenery captivating. I enjoyed the first game in the series, but I'm happier with this one. The gameplay tweaks include a faster moving main character who also not only breaks pots but automatically picks up the item in the pot without needing another click.

The whole game moves a little faster, which improves its interest. April 7, What a time saver!!! I must admit that had me upset on book one.

But I highly recommend this one as well. Good things about this version: Also, there are 4 modes of gameplay from relaxed to hard, so you can pick what you want. Not so good things: And you still have to click every blasted bush, tree, etc to pick up gold, secrets, helpful hints and the like; it takes a lot of time.

The game map is still fantasticaly huge - which wouldn't really matter except that you forget what's on what level and there are actions such as buildings becoming inefficent, needing upgrades and the like on nearly every level. Also, some required actions like destroying some of the totems and building watchtowers have you moving all over the place just to find where they are.

Which means they really, really need to include a full map for each level so you can move around quickly and see the whole level. Since there are so many levels within levels, it would have to be a like a small click item to bring it up.

It's not clear what the time frame is for each level to get expert or whatever.

Adelantado Trilogy: Book Two Game Download for PC and Mac

I got expert on some levels that I was sure I'd missed since it took so long, and then couldn't get expert for anything. It's also not very clear how many buildings such as water or gardens and the like you need to have enough food or wood or whatever. And it is still a chore to fit in buildings into the very odd shaped areas they give you. Some simply will not go in, even when it looks like there's more than enough room for them.

The game is a lot less controlling than the first version thank goodness! One reason I can see for that is that given the sheer size of each level, you just don't really know what the overall strategy is - again, the addition of a map would be a big help. My biggest problem with the game and the part that does get boring is the clickiness. It wouldn't be so bad if some of the workers were able to collect the items being clicked on on, but unfortunately Don has to pick them all up, which takes a whole lot of time.

One level had no workers at all; just Don having to pick everything up. For the next version, I hope they include a map and let someone else do the actual picking up of the food, gold or whatever.

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A good game, but could be better. And one really great wish - a sandlot map to put buildings where I want just for fun - now that would be really great. April 21, I'm really enjoying this game! My main criticism is that the levels are extremely long.

July 18, A great challenge.

When many games are click-click and done, this one requires thinking and some planning. Took a long time to make expert on all levels but, that's what makes it interesting.

I want more of the same! April 19, September 2, I really like this game as it is good to play a little bit at a time.

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