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Conquest (Mine to Take 2) - Jacquelyn Warlord (Mine to Take 1) - Jacquelyn .. Lynsay Sands - An English Bride In From New York Times bestselling author of The Husband Hunt, The Heiress, and other beloved historical romances, comes Lynsay Sands's An English Bride in. Home>; FICTION>; Romance>; An English Bride in Scotland - EPUB . comes Lynsay Sands's An English Bride in Scotland, the first book in a new series set in .

With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Annabel had planned to become a nun. But when her mother arrives at the Abbey to bring her home to marry a Scottish laird—her runaway sister's intended husband—her life takes a decidedly different turn. And though Annabel isn't the wife he'd planned for, strong, sexy Ross McKay is taken with his shy, sweet bride.

The main characters start off nice and pleasant and silly. They end up nice and pleasant and silly.

An English Bride in Scotland

There is no growth along the way. They start off liking each other. They end up loving each other, although the journey from like to love isn't shown at all.

Ross is a charming, hardworking, amiable man. He is a responsible person, altogether likeable, he treats Annabel well, he respects her, he finds her cute. Annabel is silly and fluffy and completely innocent of the world.

She is initially scared of her marriage, but then again, she was absolutely miserable at the convent where she disobeyed everyone and did everything wrong anyway, so it's not like marriage to a really nice guy is a worse fate. They like each other.

They try their best with each other. Annabel fails at everything very often. Ross finds her adorable. There's not much else to be said.

Oh, her boobs are a huge problem. No pun intended. It would just draw more attention to them. They just bounced back up. She's incompetent at everything regarding running a household because she's had zero experience at it. Annabel moans out "I am a failure" every other chapter in the book.

She is out of character, surprisingly comfortable around men, considering the fact that she has been locked up in a convent for the past fifteen years with a gaggle of fellow nuns and oblates, with the priest as the sole male. Yet she's friendly to every man, charms them all effortlessly despite her obvious stupidity and silliness.

Even Ross' band of battle-hardened warrior falls into insta-love with her. Annabel had chattered away like a magpie for the majority of the journey, asking what this or that was, and telling this or that tale Ross shook his head as he recalled it, and how every tale had held his men enthralled.

For not having much experience, she's surprisingly competent when it comes to treating injured men. Where the hell did she glean that knowledge? Wouldn't a nun-to-be have blushed and run away when confronted with a sick man rather than gritting her teeth and tying him down and cutting off his clothes and stitching him up?

She's surprisingly competent at some things despite her supposed lack of knowledge and innocence of the world. Did I mention she's silly and stupid? Let me reiterate. He said he saw you first. A sideplot is Annabel trying to find clothes that won't push her tits up to her neck because she's so well-endowed. The villain I had my hunch who it was, I was right is so ridiculously black and white. All the bad guys in this book are black and white. Zero hidden characteristics. Zero sympathetic characters.

Pure evil, pure bitchiness, no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Whatever complexity was lacking in the main characters is multiplied a thousandfold when it comes to the bad guys in this book. Read this for brain candy when you don't want to think. It's a stereotypical bodice ripper, no more than that. View all 23 comments.

Sexy, funny, exciting This story delivers all the things we Highlander historical romance fans want in our reading; humor, excitement, passion, love, and hot, hunky, men in kilts. And out of kilts. Especially out of kilts. The Story - Annabel's life was decided for her when, at seven years old, her mother left her at Elstow Abbey where it was expected s Sexy, funny, exciting The Story - Annabel's life was decided for her when, at seven years old, her mother left her at Elstow Abbey where it was expected she would grow to an age then take the veil to become a nun.

Things didn't progress as planned, however, because Annabel had problems following the rules. She wanted to be good, she really did, but she just never quite measured up. Then one day, out of the blue, her mother arrived to take her home, as it turns out, to marry the Scottish Laird her older, runaway sister was betrothed to. Annabel had been raised to be obedient in all things, so she didn't really question this or put up a fuss, but that didn't mean she wasn't concerned.

She had no idea how to run a keep or be a wife, but knew she'd have to learn. And in the Abbey she'd heard frightful stories about how painful and distasteful the whole marriage bed bit was, but she decided that'd be something she'd just have to endure.

Laird Ross MacKay wasn't thrilled to be saddled with an English bride, but one look at the shy, lush, Annabel, and all Ross could think about was getting her into bed - even though he knew she wasn't the woman he'd been betrothed to since childhood. Why the Withrams were swapping daughters on him, he couldn't say, but all he wanted to do was claim his sweet, curvy bride and return home to his clan and life with Annabel at his side.

My Thoughts - Lynsay Sands is the author of the insanely popular Argeneau Vampire series, but she's also penned some historical romance novels. I've only read two of them, this one included, and I have thoroughly enjoyed them both. Sands writes heroes and heroines who feel so real, it's easy to forget that they're just characters in a book.

They laugh, they cry, they learn, they love, and they often make me do the same. One of my pet peeves in Highlander HR is when the authors fail to give me enough of that sexy Scottish brogue I love so much! That's not a problem in this book, though, as the dialogs are full of ayes, nays, no', ha'e Well, you get the idea. I love that! And there's also enough talk of daily life in a Highland castle to keep my feet firmly panted in the past - which is exactly where I want to be while reading.

The Bottom Line - Lynsay Sands is one very talented writer, and if you're like me and want great characters and entertaining stories, you should definitely give her a try. Whether you're in the mood for hot, hunky vampires, or sexy men of the past, you won't want to miss her stories!

I'm very much looking forward to the next in this series! My thanks to Avon Books for providing me with a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review! View all 35 comments. Jul 05, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: I decided to dive into a historical romance as it has been quite awhile since I have read one.

This one is written by Lyndsey Sands who is well known for her PNR series that feature the Argeneu family of vampires. Her historical romances include her signature humour that she writes in all her stories! Actually, that is a big factor in why I love reading her stories!

She not only is able to make me laugh out loud, but also makes me swoon with her sweet heroes, and squirm with the passion between I decided to dive into a historical romance as it has been quite awhile since I have read one. She not only is able to make me laugh out loud, but also makes me swoon with her sweet heroes, and squirm with the passion between the couples!

If you are looking for something that will give you a wide variety of emotions, then you must give these books a try! In this particular story we are transported back in time to the highlands, and the hero is a sexy Scotsman in a kilt!

This is one of my weaknesses!!! If I could ever go back in time, it would be to find my own Scottish hero!!! There are six more books to go in this series but I do believe they are all stand alone! The only complaint I have is the lack of an epilogue.

It would have been nice to have one to see a glimpse of their future. Other than that, I was satisfied with this read!!! View all 3 comments. With one exception - which I will discuss later. The hero Ross was actually pretty calm, patient and caring.

Not the typical Highlander I have read about, but not bad either. His character was a little flat, but not bad. He never really went uber alpha or over the top, but he was certainly used to being in charge as the Laird. But he was faithful and totally head over heals for his wife!

She knows nothing about men, interpersonal relationships, flirting, sex, running a keep, or just about anything else. While at times she almost crossed into TSTL territory - she never actually did. Partially because her actions were usually forgiven because she truly was ignorant of almost all things in the world.

And she was just such a sweet, hard working and determined lady. She did not complain, whine, pout, cry or blame others - ever. But she was not too saintly either. Overall, I really liked Anabelle. My exception to the low angst has to do with Anabelle's sister Kate. I wanted to kill her after the first 5 minutes and that feeling only grew.

Anabelle was too patient, too much of a pushover and allowed herself and others to be bullied too much for my liking. She did stand up to Kate a bit, but I just hoped it would have been quicker and more vicious. Kate got hers in the end, but honestly, I think she should have been flogged and beheaded. Yes she was that bad These interactions and the drama you could see coming as clear as day cause some angst - although anxiety may have been a better word for it.

I expected to lay down before bed and finish this book without any issues. But as I read Kate's scenes, heart rate went up, cursing ensued and I was way too worked up to go to sleep. Therefore, I decreased the score by a half point. Safety Gang Safe - notes follow view spoiler [ Heroine is a virgin - obviously! Hero is not. Has a few thoughts about liking the company of women, liking to pleasure them, etc.

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But nothing too detailed or gross. Also not many and did not give the impression of him being a manwhore. View all 14 comments. May 20, Daniella rated it liked it. Upgraded rating from 2 stars to 3 after re-read. I received an audiobook version of this for Christmas, and because it was narrated by the amazing Mary Jane Wells, I was convinced to give this one another go. I'm not sure to what extent Ms. Wells' impressive performance affected my newfound appreciation for the story, but I ended up really enjoying it.

I was also able to appreciate Ross' character more, now that I've read Books 2 and 3 and have found the heroes there absolutely incorrigible. Any Upgraded rating from 2 stars to 3 after re-read. I usually love books of that kind, but this just didn't do it for me. It had way too many flaws and issues that prevented it from being more than a 3 star story: First, Annabel's character was inconsistent and generally unlikeable.

At the beginning, she was characterised as being too outspoken and out of control for the church, and that was why she was often getting punished by the head nun. But unlike this description of hers, Annabel acted like a weak, simpering miss most of the time in the novel.

She would keep her mouth shut and just go along with what was asked of her to do. It drove me nuts how she was such a push-over. Yeah, sure, there were times when she lost her temper, but even then she was far too nice and controlled to be the outrageous miss she was established to be in the first chapter.

Yes, that is definitely my idea of smart. Day 1 Annabel: Boy, that river looks dangerous. Oh well, I think I'll go for a dip! Annabel takes a dip, and comes out of the river. Oh, dear. I'm tangled up with my dress. Oh, why are the leaves rustling? Oh, I think that man is coming after me. Annabel runs around like a chicken, her dress still tangled up on her head, and slams herself on a tree. Day 2 Annabel: Ross told me to be careful, but I'll just ignore that and get some flowers out there in the fields.

I need them to de-stink the stinky great hall. Of course that takes precedence over my welfare! Man attacks her. Second, there was absolutely no character development. Third, Annabel losing her clothes every damn chapter was fucking annoying.

Her dress either got ripped off, sullied, soaked, or insert another stupid reason here. Please, just stop. And I swear there was too much focus given on her boobs that I had the urge to flip the table. Fourth, the mystery plot was absolutely bullshit. When the mastermind was revealed, I rolled my eyes so hard that I was afraid they'd be stuck at the back of my head.

Ugh, seriously? But despite these flaws, I ended up liking the book because of Ross. He cherished Annabel, and it was refreshing to see a relationship between the H and h that was grounded on respect. Overall, this was okay. I'd recommend it if you're in the mood for a lighthearted read. View all 4 comments. Oct 19, Mary - Buried Under Romance rated it really liked it. Posted on: It is a fantastic mix of tender romance, sizzling passion, and dangerous intrigue, all smashed up in one entertaining story.

I'm happy to report that Sands has not lost her humorous touch with historicals, nor her trademark originality when it comes to characterization. Annabel, about to take her vows as a nun, is issued home by her mother to marry her elder sister Kate's betrothed, laird Ross Ma Posted on: Annabel, about to take her vows as a nun, is issued home by her mother to marry her elder sister Kate's betrothed, laird Ross MacKay, as Kate had previously eloped with the stable master's son.

Full of trepidation, Annabel is surprised at the gentleness her rugged new husband displays towards her, and all the pleasure found in Ross's arms. Their happiness is, however, constantly tested by a mysterious adversary who seemed bent on harming Annabel, but whose presence had the ironic or perhaps not effect of bringing the two closer together. There is a lot to love in this book, from the wonderful hero and heroine to the intense plot that twists and turns unexpectedly, never creating a single dull moment.

Annabel is such am adorable person, who managed to be sweet and charming despite having a mother who sent her off to a nunnery at the age of fourteen, complaining constantly of her failures and lack of beauty; it's a miracle Annabel could think about her family without contempt!

It is equally wonderful when Ross recognizes all the gold in Annabel, and instantly takes a liking to her. He was always fair and kind to Annabel, providing a strong support from which she can draw strength and become her own person.

Underneath all those rough manners, Ross's kind-hearted soul drew his clansmen and Annabel like a beacon, and his obvious love for Annabel throughout the book is agonizingly sweet. It was a delight to see, by the end of the book, how much Annabel had grown in confidence and courage, and how much Ross's love had aided her growth. I must also applaud the author for her excellent crafting of the villain, whom I had least expected and I had contrived quite a few theories and found its prescience altogether conducive to Annabel and Ross's relationship, albeit with less patience.

The action was fast-paced and intense at times, and I absolutely loved all the humor interspersed in the more languid scenes "Thank god it's Thursday! All in all, I found this to be a wonderful, delightful read, and highly recommend it to all fans of Lynsay Sands; for those who have not read one of her books, you are missing out and this one does not disappoint! View all 20 comments. Jan 03, Vanna rated it really liked it Shelves: Audio by Mary Jean Wells was good.. My recommendation is to read every book in this series in order.

View all 6 comments. Jan 25, Duchess Nicole rated it really liked it Shelves: My first Lynsay Sands book, and I loved it! Just the right touch of humor, sexuality, struggle, and romance. It was outside goings-on and the fallout from other people's choices that moved this story forward. I loved how kind the heroine was. And I while I love the strong willed heroine popular in today's novels, I still get a bit dreamy reading about a woman who's naive, soft hearted, and just needs a big tough Scot to come and save the d My first Lynsay Sands book, and I loved it!

And I while I love the strong willed heroine popular in today's novels, I still get a bit dreamy reading about a woman who's naive, soft hearted, and just needs a big tough Scot to come and save the day.

Lovely read! Sep 11, Mimi marked it as dnf. Feb 15, Lover of Romance rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was given a copy of this book, through Avon and Edelweiss I haven't had a whole lot of luck with her Historical's, I tend to like her Paranormal ones way more.

I was shocked when I enjoyed this one so much. It surprised me when I least expected it. It is set in Scotland, so that portion of the story really appealed to this reader. There was quite a bit I was given a copy of this book, through Avon and Edelweiss There was quite a bit I loved about this one, but I would have to say this story would top my list of favorites.

Annabel from the age of seven, has lived in the nunnery, and has been in training to take her vows, Only she is eighteen now, and has yet to take them.

The Abbess is cruel at times, but Annabel keeps getting punished for small things, and she wonders if she could ever make a good life here. Then her mother comes to the Abby to take her home. Annabel learns that she is to take her sisters place to marry Ross MacKay. Her sister has run away with the stable boy, and now Annabel will have to marry a man she knows nothing about, and is the least prepared to handle running his household.

When Ross learns that it will be Annabel to be his wife, he has no idea what to expect.

When he sees her beautiful eyes, he is charmed and desires a good marriage with her. Annabel and Ross start to discover a powerful desire that turns into a tender love. However someone is after Annabel, and it will take Annabel and Ross trusting in their love to defeat that which is threatening to destroy them both.

Annabel is a favorite character of mine. She is smarter than she seems, creative at times, and even though she has no idea to run a household, she has many other positive qualities that make her into a stellar heroine. She is feisty, and challenges Ross at every turn which was very funny to watch. I just love a smart heroine who can turn the tide against the hero. Ross is very stubborn and a bit narrow minded at times, and too over protective but he has good reason.

He is very patient and understanding with Annabel, I loved how sweet and caring he was toward her, and other times domineering at times. But in a very delightful way. There was such a playfulness to this couple's relationship, even though Annabel can be too serious, Ross is anything but. An English Bride In Scotland is one of my favorite books of hers, and tops her historical's in my opinion.

I really enjoyed how this author put these two characters together. There was a bit of a mystery involved, and some suspense as well that added a certain dramatic flair to the story that only increased my enjoyment of it even more.

I expected to be bored or just an average enjoyment to come from reading this, but it turns out that I FELL in love with this author once again. I really had a fun time seeing how this story turned out, and boy was I shocked to learn who the true villain of the story was. I don't want to reveal too much, and ruin it for those that haven't read it yet.

But let me tell you, you are in for a surprise to say the least. A well written story with a full enthralling plot and sexy characters that is much better than any desert. Full of spice and romance and action View 2 comments. Jun 04, Kari Kaz rated it liked it Shelves: Ross was initially engaged to marry Annabel's sister Kate.

When Kate runs off with a stable boy, Annabel is brought home by her parents from the convent where she was raised. She is immediately wed to Ross and both travel to his home in Scotland. Annabel is basically clueless about running a household, but she is immediately taken by her new, handsome husband. Ross is the laird of his clan, a strong leader and also very sweet to her. Once they are installed in Scotland, a mysterious man seems to be after Annabel.

Strange accidents occur and a small mystery ensues as Ross tries to protect Annabel and find out what is going on. I love Lynsay Sands and her writing is wonderful. This book was good but there were some things that did not feel completely right. Even the mystery at one point seemed to drag a bit. Besides these personal taste quibbles, I found this to be an entertaining story for highland book lovers with sweet characters, a light mystery and sprinkles of humour.

View all 8 comments. Jun 25, Mei rated it liked it Shelves: I has such a big expectations for this book It is similar, but much much blander Annabel could have been such an interesting character, but unfortunately she came out like a brainless, big breasted an overweighted ex-nun.

Which she is. I couldn't understand why being oveweighted was such a big issue for her I tought that in that period, a big of flesh on the bo I has such a big expectations for this book I tought that in that period, a big of flesh on the bones was a big plus and that being slender and skinny was a proof of poverty and malnutrition. But here, even if everybody around her is telling her she's beautiful and great looking, she still doesn't believe them and continues with her fixations!

Ross was a big disappontment too. He just was a cardboard character. I felt he was there just because this was a romance novel and Annabel needed a man. I didn't feel any interest in him. Still the writing is good and there're some fun moments thus the 3 stars. If that too would have been missing this book wouldn't have been worth 1 star. Annabel has lived at the nunnery since the age of seven, The Abbess is very cruel at times, and poor Annabel keeps getting punished for small things, and she wonders if she will ever make a good nun.

Then out of the blue her mother shows up and rushes her home to marry her older sister's betrothed, laird Ross MacKay, because her sister Kate has eloped with the stable master's son. I have to say, Annabel is quite feisty, she's very funny and Ross' amusement of his wife is very sweet. A 3 Stars!! Annabel is very unsure of herself but Ross makes it clear that she can be who she is and she blossomed. I loved how sweet and caring he was to her, but he can also be domineering in a sweet way.

The Highlander’s Welsh Bride by Cathy MacRae - online free at Epub

Annabel is pleasantly surprised at the gentleness her new husband displays towards her, and all the pleasure she finds in Ross's arms. However; there is a mysterious enemy who seems intent on harming Annabel, which actually helps bring them closer together.

All-in-all an enjoyable read but the passion was a bit tame. Jun 25, DemetraP rated it did not like it. The plot seemed to consist of the heroine thinking she was fat and ugly and constantly comparing herself to her sister. She made really dumb decisions and kept getting herself into trouble.

The other sister, Kate, was annoying and I found myself skimming the pages where she was mentioned. She acted like a spoiled brat and there really weren't an The plot seemed to consist of the heroine thinking she was fat and ugly and constantly comparing herself to her sister.

The Highlander’s Welsh Bride by Cathy MacRae

She acted like a spoiled brat and there really weren't any consequences until the end of the book. She grabs her sister's husband's "privates" and then claims she did it to test his faithfulness.

And yet, neither the heroine nor the hero kicks her out of the castle. Come on. I just didn't like it. If you like men in kilts and silly English girls. Recommended to Tandie by: Jen The Starry-Eyed Revue. Listened to the audio, the narrator was wonderful. I liked the Scottish accents. Felt a little meh about Annabelle's OTT evil family. The Laird, Ross, was actually very kind and generous - not an alpha jerk like I was expecting. He was a dang good bargain as a husband in a contracted marriage!

The attacks and the kidnapping plot didn't make the best story. The villains were just plain lame. Annabell was likable but a hardcore Mary Sue.

Jan 06, Ana M. Book Title: An English Bride in Scotland Author: Lynsay Sands Narration: Mary Jean Wells Series: Highlanders 1 Genre: Historical Romance, Scotland Source: Zedd --It's hard to find a song for a historical book…so I picked a modern one that has the right feel to how I picture Annabel to be, she i Book Title: Zedd --It's hard to find a song for a historical book…so I picked a modern one that has the right feel to how I picture Annabel to be, she is just so darn sweet.

She was going to be a nun after all, before she met and married Ross. Not at all Will I continue this series? Mayhap, not…I actually read this to fulfill a square in a reading challenge, Romance Bingo.

One day I was bored and picked up the book my mom had been reading, and proceeded to read it one day. Then the next day I read it again. I was hooked. This particular book was sweet and funny…but I felt like something was missing still. I didn't get caught up in the feelings like I should have. I think Ross and Annabelle just needed more interaction between the two of them, that didn't include sex.

They also mentioned her heaving bosom one too many times, or 12 or 20 too many. Sep 10, J. Okay read I am a character driven reader and I felt the story was okay and could have been better had the characters had more depth. It was written well but this may be one of those books that was just not for me.

Jan 18, MG rated it it was amazing Shelves: An English Bride in Scotland begins with Annabel being summoned by her parents from the English abbey where she has lived for 14 years as her older sister has eloped with a the stable boy and left them in the lurch on a marriage contract. The arrangement was forged many years ago wherein their first born daughter would marry Ross McKay, the clan laird residing in the highlands.

Annabel has been trained to take the veil, and she has no idea how to run a household, especially one as large as the MacKay's, but her parents insist that she take her sister's place so that they do not have to forfeit the gains they received as a result of the match.

Ross MacKay has known he was betrothed to the eldest daughter of an Englishman, but he never knew her name. He reluctantly agrees to make good on the arrangement, and he marries Annabel virtually sight unseen, though he does discover the truth of her birth order before he says his vows.

Though her parents encourage Annabel to be deceitful, she decides to be as truthful as possible with her new husband, and thus earns her new husband's trust quickly.

They seem to be a good match, though Annabel lacks self-confidence as she was sent away and always told that her sister was much more beautiful than she, but Ross works diligently to show her that he finds her more attractive and enticing than any woman he has ever known.

But as the newlyweds grow closer, they are unaware that there are forces at play against them threatening to rip them apart. What I liked: Annabel Waverly is being visited by her mother for the first time in 14 years since her parents sent her to the abbey where she lives right now. Her mother surprises her by saying that she must step into her older sister's shoes for arranged marriage.

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