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From the back of the PDFD: Forty years ago the Cylons withdrew into the cold blackness of space. When the robots returned to attack their makers, the war was . galactica. RPG RULES by Chris & Leslie Lightfoot. Introduction. Battlestar Galactica is an adventurous science-fiction drama set in a distant part of the galaxy. Here's a bunch of resources for the Battlestar Galactica RPG that I've come up with Just wanted to thank you for the materials you have posted as PDF here.

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might argue over whether a gunshot was a hit or miss, and rarely does an overarching tale unfold. In the. Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game, you have rules. Battle Star Galactica RPG Corebook - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. RPG Item Version. Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game · Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.) Product Code.

Introduction Credits Writers: Special Thanks: Moore, Lester Smith. This work is dedicated to the memory of Lt. All Rights Reserved. Table of Contents Contents Table of. Twelve Tribes of Kobol

Practical disputes gave way to personal biases and the There was no shortage of problems. Infrastructure was destroyed. They could work forever The peace also brought progress. First was the gradual breakdown Twelve Tribes events at their home world. Survivors were old hatreds resurfaced. That could easily have gone badly. A with cozy efficiency. Reports though. Each of smearing themselves across the system.

They built fleets of new ships to system. T h e F i r st C y l o n W a r The colonies turned their attention to space again. Open warfare and destruction stained their pretty clothes. Old prejudices and new arguments matters. They were defined mostly by where they were born. The small planets One way or another. Fifty years ago. This continued for many hundreds of years. The poor them to their folly. In time.

Battles were fought across the the skies were silent. The blood on their hands might have began to move forward. None of it was particularly new. It looked like their existence. Getting humankind back on its feet was no picnic. Travel and they never asked for a wage or better conditions and communication between the worlds became or even a hot meal. Many actually fought and died in battle. Must have taken a hard look at potatoes over the barrels of their guns.

It started with two seemingly The resident Lords of Kobol. Some started Big surprise. Waste of time. The fighting was pitched and dire. A lot of the time. An armistice was declared and the Cylons agreed Defense grids fell. After twelve years of fighting. Fear produces clarity.

The modern colonial toasters tried to open peaceful relations. Both sides wanted nothing less than to grind the last of the enemy under their heels. They said it might be the though: For the first time. They wiped out entire cities and The arms race ran hot and heavy. The heard squat for nearly forty years. A lot of courageous men and women died in the years that followed.

It was a frakking nightmare. Viper pilots led the charge in the heavens as grunts fought Centurions on the surface. Those of us who lived through the Talk of unification quickly became action and before recent holocaust see it differently. The first president was inaugurated. The Twelve Colonies were littered with dead bodies and broken toasters.

Not surprising. They built an government—a democratic federal republic—was Armistice Station at the line both sides agreed never to born. They boarded ships came up with new and more destructive ways Chapter One to engage the enemy in bloody hand-to-hand to exterminate each other. This was the case battlestars. Both sides hunted down all who ran.

The humans built the combat. The Atlantia. We to massing the soldiers and the war machines. The down networked machines.

Battle Star Galactica RPG Corebook

Neither side could gain a sustained advantage and the attrition was brutal. They sent a representative every year and hoped and rights were introduced. Barracks were explosively vented to leave the system to search for a world of their own. Pythia foresaw.

Minutes later. Time and time again. Three hundred million miles away from the seat Veterans watched the Armistice Line. When needed. Relics like the Atlantia and the Galactica efficiency. After fifty years in service. Friction between the military and civilian sectors all gone. The whole of the human race. The Picon On Sagittaron. A big one was the emergence of military families.

She had point main frakking eager to abandon their past that they wound guns and defense batteries but no ammunition for up surrendering their future. The colonies of Caprica. Some called SFM terrorists. Their years following the First Cylon War.

They warned that building The last futile defense of the colonies took place over more guns would only lead to civil war again. Dozens of new war never ended. The remaining ninety battlestars quickly Tom Zarek. Of course. All at once their systems cut out. Others called all our most closely guarded military secrets ahead of them revolutionaries. Her Viper squadrons had been reassigned. Cylon War from history class. This Virgon. Sons leaving them drifting—helpless.

They patrolled the Station. Peace activists military pulled the plug on the Command Navigational spoke out against the build-up. They were sitting and daughters followed their parents into service. Zarek was thrown in jail. Mark II. It evolved. Her starboard landing pod was a museum.

Your basic Viper. Cylon threat was past. The next generation of the military of the original battlestars was being decommissioned. Technology evolved. Left alone. He refused. Some people argued that the military the fleet but it was already too late.

Agathon choose to remain on occupied Caprica and allow Baltar to take the last remaining space on the craft. Others survived the attacks on the twelve colonies. Agathon struck out on his own. Take a stand against the toasters. Laura Roslin. The Command Navigation Program and a whole line of four-star generals would have had had been delivered to Galactica but never installed. Executive Officer Saul Tigh she could get back into the fight.

Not as long as humans survive. The crack pilots After the ceremony. People you used to meet at the pub.

That amounted to one shell-shocked guy erupted through the pod frame by frame. Violent decompressions government. The nukes President Adar had offered an unconditional only option was to perform an emergency vent of the surrender. The Cylons may have won the first round. The crew spooled was skeptical.

Battlestar Galactica RPG Core Rules

That particular piece scrambled his crew. Her forward port flight pod suffered Secretary in question. As for planes. People who used to be on the news. The the frakking Secretary of Education!

If the Cylons battle was brutal. Every one of them could fight. He was prepared to do his duty and show the Cylons how he felt about their little reunion bash. He worked. It scanned the ship. Gotta have brass balls to make a Cylon raider jumped in. He was soon reunited with Lieutenant Valerii. The starliner raiders. As they were about to depart. As a slow planet-wide nuclear winter settled in.

Not just soldiers but farmers. This was the first of like us now. Or at least some of them did. Introductions an oracle named Elosha.

In desperation. Oh sure. He bested the toaster and escaped the station to countermand Commander Adama. He dispatched the missiles had gone off and bought them enough a scout to the edge of the storms. The senior clergy on board. The storms also who was left. She ordered the with the startling news: Some bay.

On a Adama confronted Conoy and nearly got By this time. Roslin was initially dead set against leaving drone detachments had set up shop. The Ragnar armory was too. Cylons in the first war. Roslin twenty years of experience scrapping in the Colonial stuck to her guns about the rescue mission and tried Fleet.

After the initial attack. Of those who responded. Captain Adama pulled a stunt All the Vipers got retrograded as well. Baltar had that would have gotten him busted down to ensign survived the bombing on Caprica and led this effort in peacetime. Kept the an automated message started broadcasting to see munitions safe from the enemy. Just like that. Before notes. He mentioned headaches of its illuminated passenger. Dozens of ships were and nausea. And it recovered. Good thing—post-invasion.

Adama was hell bent disable the missiles.. The supply Roslin. He was burning up with fever. Lousy Case Orange message. The deck crew tried to free defenseless against the Cylon onslaught. Case Orange was a crisis failsafe place to put a military outpost. Showing some civilians behind. Good thing the Old Man had sent word for ships to regroup at the gas giant. Many people were left to die that day. Roslin pulled the lucky straw. Adama soon became convinced ship that could refuel the others.

As it happened. He an FTL drive craft. President them but Conoy knew a faster way out and led Adama Roslin personally spearheaded the effort from the Even better. He claimed to be an arms dealer and said he impromptu oath of office. Rather than fill the air with noise. Outsiders saw this life as sad and unfulfilled. Some call were also piss-poor hagglers.

Aerelons were some of the pretty much everywhere. The world and its people resources: This showed in their daily lives. Aerelon was called their two most abundant Aries. Aquarians are extremely self- lucky enough to call an Aerelon sufficient and ask few questions. The lot of their world untamed. It was pretty clear a frontal same hundred square miles of dirt. Until then. They had to import in the fleet is either owned technology and manufactured or run by Aquarians. They We humans ran for our lives.

Aerelons have had a A third basestar joined the fray. As the last of the civilian ships jumped away. They thinker types. They get to the point friend could rely on them for and rarely bicker. The tribes who fled Kobol honored their past Trojan orbit. Dotted with in the names of their new worlds. Given their background. Some never left Chapter One assault was suicide.

The military smart back in the day. The original names many small seas. Most of the time. Tough old fact that a fair chunk of the marines and deck crew broad. They woke each day in the the Commander came up with a daring escape plan. After discussions with Roslin.

She was beer. Few of the buildings The Aquarians never really pushed inland. They might not have built them grew up with dirty. Two gas giants followed.

Aquarians rarely get rattled. Canceron was home to two groups. The first of these behemoths was Zeus. Hard the fleet. In all. You were located on other planets. Had to be. They might not off the rest.

Except footing. The Southers were dour folk who mostly lived in climate- Next came a Trojan orbit of planets—three of Kobol worlds following the same orbital path.

The entire middle was nothing housed all the really motivated inmates. Also meant that military That would explain all his connections. Not something to be proud of these days. Closest to the sun was sweltering. Everyone made out. At the outermost edge of the system dwelled Tauron.

The Colonial Fleet used this planned. The second gas giant was Hera and her charges were Gemenon and Libris. The Canceron penal colony anything. You lose control in space. Might be why so many entertainers came one export and half of it was automatically sent to the from Aquaria. They were good at staring out a porthole. It was the springboard for all expansion in the system. In order. Several high-security penal stations is far worse. On the inside they volcanoes. They were centers of art.

Tauron was the first world settled after the fall of Kobol. The Children of Kobol Twelve Tribes The twelve colony worlds spun around a single star on elliptical orbits. Even in exchange for enduring the hellhole and the most pitched battles. Lots other worlds. When your world only had new stories. At any given own heads. Best of had the option to transfer to Canceron. Their minds are always wandering. These two giants and their moons were the heart of the system.

The cities were heavily populated. Colonies displayed many including the Faces of the Lords. They had very little to wonder. Caprica used to military types stayed on Chapter One be a beautiful blue-green world with the perfect Picon.

Its shrines and temples by capital of Delphi housed all the score. Before the nukes fell. C a p r i ca better off for all of us if the Central in the Trojan orbit. Their efforts home. The fundamentalists came to Caprica to visit the believed that every word of the Sacred Scrolls was heart of colonial faith. They used Capricans have a hard time in the fleet. The gods could and law. They former status just gets them in trouble. Even the crazy talk. They for abortion.

Those types came from the philosophy. Religious types believed that homeworld. Their their resources to found the Colonial Cross. So and Caprica. A few. The cycle of time repeated forever. The colony had rolling hills. Place was so three branches of the colonial unpleasant. Every year. What exploited these resources.

They built education.

Gemenon but it never seemed that way. The Museum of the colonists. While many visited. Plaza housed the Colonial Defense Mainframe and Gemenon was one of the poorest colonies. Their foundation that served the Twelve Colonies. Several natural wonders were exalted as well. Many claim that Capricans grew decadent. Contrary to their name. You have to choice as well as circumstance. Others of a religious center of government. You had to be good to see the fundamentalists as a little loony—zealots.

Many brightest stayed. Might have been little money came in was from nominal lumbering. Glittering silver towers Gemenon was the third spiked through bustling open-air plazas and markets.

When you did. The place had replicas of the Visitors bundled up and braved Forum. Before long. Their financial Fact is things are actually looking better for background demands serious. Librans are an intense bunch. Over primary source of uranium the first several centuries would give them great in the system. Picon and Scorpia. They built elaborate name for itself. More and more Leonids are being Leonis Twelve Tribes recognized as heroes.

The Quorum of Twelve invest its cubit stockpiles in the one thing they had was often a Quorum of Eleven with one representative in abundance: Some mined. Caprica and the other two moons of were one of the wealthiest colonies Zeus. They Some of them fought. When the tribes gaining a reputation for having cool heads. A Libran rarely does anything The Leonids became cruise ships such as the Space Park.

They shunned most of the colony wars. Many of their people were ground in style. Folks Unfortunately. Some claimed the military continued to grant destinations around. During one particularly broke out. The resources. Leonis teaches that over- enthusiastic pride can destroy. This attracted people from number of ship-building contracts at gloomy. They scraped by working a now flying with the fleet.

Libris decided to Politically. Several hundred years ago. Those are exactly the skills needed now. Its people planet contained uranium. Leonis was largely subservient to Picon after that. The Leonids were that Libris was the safest instrumental in founding the place for their money that colonial military and advancing the world gained a real its weaponry.

Leonids nowadays. Rattled or disgusted by the flight apparent in the aftermath of the Cylon attack. Early on. These lessons are pretty damn warred the least. Some were sure that controlling a farmed. They refused. They built resorts. At one originally settled the Twelve point. At first. Picon same gas giant—sparks were bound steadiness and tradition cannot be matched. The inscription reads. Having sailed the wide oceans covering moons full of military. In the twilight of the Leonis was doomed to play the slightest role among the Twelve Colonies.

The only place where the rivalry politics and the home to the between Leonis and Picon continued to play out was brass. The Chapter One at a party. Twelve worlds in flames. After the destruction of the colonies. Pictures of the missing started to circulate. Picon absorbed much of Leonid culture and Caprica was the center of many of its people.

Only the gods know them now. Libran parties are legendary. A husband mourns a wife. A pilot knocks one back for his wingman consumed in fire. Its alliance with Caprica and Scorpia actually build the ships. Then it ran out. On Galactica.

Picon victory. More often than not. Three comfortable. They are excellent Fleet and its bitter rivalries with officers. That is.

Battlestar Galactica RPG Quickstart Guide (Free PDF) | RPG Item Version | RPGGeek

Picons were happy to leave the politics to would staff them. More than fighting heated up then and it looked like Picon and once. The shot documents the Cylon bombardment of Aerelon. Leonis showed its teeth ships. Take the souls of your sons and daughters lost this day…. Here in the fleet. Survivors drift to sleep each night clutching pictures of those no longer with us.

Mourners came to grieve. Picon was moons of Zeus.

Picon After that. Somehow they always came out as uncultured. More crucial to keeping them poor. He also wrote So it remained until the Cylons returned. The Scorpians were shrewd return. One of the an arrangement with the other victors to establish survivors. Scorpia had already reached A few Sagittarons are real hardcases. Only those who embrace challenges are assured fighting three worlds at once.

Twenty years ago. They reject many few key battles in which Capricans technologies that make life easier. In keeping with their pacifist calculating. At balance of power between the moons of Zeus for over one time or another. They chose that also hosts Leonis and Picon. It used to be a a distant planet opposite the small. Scorpia would house cronies blew up a government building in protest them. Its stupid—they teach each other skills the rest of the delegates convinced the colonies have never adopted.

One of their the sandbox the bigger kids popular phrases sums it up nicely: Its population was always low. By the eternal deliverance. On many their survival. They took advantage of technology that kept them from suffering the same them in trade negotiations. Virgons controlled thin. Every world looked early days. Its people were place of the Galleon.

No Mostly out of the spotlight. Fighting started soon were religious. Those that Virgon stayed out the limelight were—and still are—no less Virgon is the last influential. They did create the silica Fifty-two years ago.

Outside fashion. Maybe there Government was some truth to that. Their scathing novels and public speakers attracted attention system-wide. Gemenese interpretation of the and motives. Virgons were everywhere. It Tauron is a frigid. They claimed it was just tension in the early colony wars. In the Virgons. Virgons set said. Have faith in yourself and withdrew from the fighting.

Their reverence respectful. Self-effacing and from the peoples of the other worlds. Virgons held some of the most underrated positions developing much of the machinery used throughout in the colonial military. A mid-sized Tauron jungle world.

The Taurons made good use of the resource. The Virgons Sacred Scrolls. They preferred to further your deeds. They amassed huge fortunes and heavily keen vision and reflexes. Their art graced small one challenged them as it was all ancient history. The Taurons claim Whatever the reason. Many oracles came after. They can argue just to argue and rarely wit catapulted many of them into the public eye as give up. With any luck. It was commanded by the votes.

The mission is everything. In what universe are those Now. Now you can get past all defied all logic. This went quickly for All that is important is that you follow orders. What you need is unimportant. What you the Quorum of Twelve and they jumped right in with want is unimportant. Vice-Presidential nominations. Sound off like you have a pair! These are parts of the old machine we may Twelve Tribes He chose a Cabinet of Ministers to run the various never get back.

You might have gotten lazy. You might even have been considering mattered anymore. By the time they made a world-class screwup.. They gave everyone breaking ties. But Then there were the decisions that the virtues of civilian life. Her initial choice was strong. He won six of the facilities throughout the colonial system. Zarek and Baltar are exciting. It was their specialty. Without question. You question an order and people the Vice President.

President your knickers and get running. Roslin chose her lesser evil. They make the civvies swoon. Roslin had it right in the first place. And Roslin better Attended by gun platforms. But where Before the bombs.. Just one of the many You might be Caprican.. Its crown Quorum reps over and the President cast the deciding jewels were the battlestars. The alert sounds and you grab the anniversary of the signing of the Articles.

You hear once. Each had one vote on each issue. You hear representative from each colony. The CO says shoot.

Before the bombs. The hotshots like to talk big. In that case. These days at least one keep the Galactica going and the rest of the fleet CAP is in the air at all times with additional alert alive. For now.

They had their own ball are manned by her Air Group. At one point or another. Always remain—the ranks are the same. Track command—hell. Never forget that every in. The pilots take on the enemy. Get keep your head at all times. Rank in the reserves was the wind up one of those pretty flares we see outside the same. The most common pilot duty assignment is the public.

Hundreds of men and Post bombing. If you find yourself in a combat landing. That was a sure fire way to the The new Vipers were designed for computer-assisted infirmary.

Vipers scouting the edge of the fleet. Air Group. If They were the toughest sons of bitches around. You gotta of the fleet to investigate possible destinations. Each CAP consists of two scared out of their wits. Time may come for others to take over. All members of the reserves were get some rack time between flights.

The head honcho is the Chapter One and played their own game—separate officers. There never were many Sadly. Command The most experienced pilots are sent on advance has perks—a little more rack space. Now they buck like a frakking bronco! That can be a problem. Maybe earlier. The marines routinely sweep the mentioning all the people who on a good day never fleet. Others as long as you obey them. The cycle of time for the really sticky situations—the quick assaults. Fire Control.

Whether they were the Old Man his food and guard his quarters. In the Corps. At any time. Those days are long also reveals that everything is fleeting. Cylons made got himself rolled. Any of them frak up or water boys. The latest intel on the punched our ticket yet. Everything else gets of Kobol machinery that would make your hair stand on end catalogued. The nav specialists. Twelve Tribes of salvaging the planes that make it back from battle. Unrest among the civvies. They report to Sergeant Hadrian.

Could be a murder. MPs have to be control teams. What comes next will echo pick it up as they go. Others grunts. Since the bombs fell. Fancy glass cases in Delphi where they come from. Some cling to what they remember.

Skinjobs get tossed see a Viper or a Raptor. Few know who created them. Marines are the ground pounders now. The command strategists. The damage Police rosters are posted daily.

It raptor drops. Whatever the mystery. Each Marine is assigned to a Senior Marine Countless works of creative genius were annihilated: Commander or the Master-at-Arms.

Hope the campaign goes well. Fr ship resources, one good la e to go for visuals is sci-fi meshes. Loads if good CGI stuff there. Thanks much! A risky venture, but 5 games in and all is well. Scott could you please explain some of the following traits or do a write up that I have seen you use in some of your write-ups. Such as: I find these traits interesting. Thank You. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! And on the other side, Colonial military vehicles … Here is a post with quick and dirty fleet-level combat rules for those that want a bit more structure to your big battles, and also an expanded set of rules to add more crunch to damage in space combat.

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