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CCC Exam Question Answer / Previous Year Sample Practice Papers PDF. Click Here. CCC Exam MCQ / True and False Practice Papers PDF. Click Here. CCC Exam MCQ / True and False Practice Papers PDF Download CCC Previous Year Solved Question Papers with Answers – Set B. Exam Syllabus Updated ☆New NIELIT CCC Question Answer (MCQ) / Previous Year Sample Practice Paper PDF SET-A. Download CCC Question Answers PDF – True / False Sample – Model Test Papers with Solutions / Answer Keys.

Ccc Exam Solved Paper Pdf

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7/3/ CCC last exam question paper | solved paper | CCC paper set cs2web. com Home C Language Computer Fundamental CCC Internet Importants Links. question papers for the preparation of CCC recruitment exam. CCC Question Paper. Uploaded by guru_psk. Copyright: Attribution Non- Commercial (BY-NC). Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd.

All students awaits for the latest updates in CC course will now able to join them as the notification of the exam has been released by National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology DOEACC who conduct this exam across many states in India. The course is more practical oriented than theoretical. So, it will be full packed informational channel for those want to build a career in Information Technology and Computer domains. This also penetrates through the elementary domains of Computer as this course is more observe in imparting practical and conceptual approach. All the aspiring candidates can go with application form by visiting the website nielit. The educational course is professionally imparted by institutes specifically authorized by NIELIT or students are free to apply as direct candidates as well by studying themselves.

It makes you acquainted with the question pattern of the exam. Answering questions of the objective pattern may seem easy, but choosing the best option out of the four provided options is not an easy task.

In the exam, out of the provided options, more than one option may seem correct. It is very important to practice well to make a clear differentiation between the correct answer and the incorrect ones. Moreover, the PDF format makes it easy to access the papers. With the help of the PDF, you can go through the questions anytime, anywhere. The PDF also contains detailed answers to the objective questions. The CCC question papers may be a bit tough, but it is not impossible to crack the exam. Anatur None of the above.

Compact Disk. Computer disk. Connector DJ. None of the above.

What is the short key for BOLD-. ASCII stands for —.

ALU stands for-. Before you start preparation of exam, first go through basic quiz to check your current knowledge, it will help you to know your skill level.

Just click on the below link and download these papers. Our website and post will not only bring the latest updates to streamline your preparation but also gives you study material in the form of downloadable pdf to encourage your preparation reach finest level. So, make sure to comment below your necessary or additional information or your feedback about our portal updates.

We will contact you soon, or bring all the information as requested. Keep your navigation inclined to our site updates, as we focus to bring them through our post, or visit the official page,Along with these we update questions papers for different exams and their syllabus you can find a number of exam syllabus here so pleases do subscribe and follow us for more updates,.

We provide the CCC model Question Paper and for other exams and the syllabus of every examination so do subscribe our website in order to get the exam clear the syllabus and the exam pattern plays a great role in the examination so prepare according to that and you will get success in the examination.

A Various government recruitment exams ask the certificate for the CCC exam. It will be useful for LDC, data entry operator type jobs. CCC certificate is mandatory in the majority of govt. CCC course duration is 80 hours in which 25 hours is allocated to theory and rest hours are for practical knowledge.

You can visit https: Thanks for helping… But I think the exam is held every month… Not just twice a year…. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Question Papers Only. Mansi Agarwal. April 6, Miscellaneous , Question Papers. October 4, at Aniket Mishra. September 27, at 4: August 21, at 2: July 3, at July 5, at 4: Sikandar Verma. June 12, at 4: Vikas yadav. June 6, at 6: Brahmesh mishra. June 3, at 5: Sir I think I am not getting understand so please sir I need Hindi.

CCC Online Test | Certificate Download | Syllabus | ccc paper in hindi pdf

June 3, at 9: Adi King. May 7, at 9: Mukesh kumar.

June 29, at 4: Ashish kumar. May 5, at 5: Antivirus Utilities.

[PDF*] CCC Computer Notes In Hindi CCC Book Download

Shortcut Tutorials 1. Previous Year Papers 1. Test Series 1. Solved Papers 1. So read complete questions with their answers to grasp the entire info.

Ques 2- Errors in computer programmes are called- Answer Options- a follies. Ques 4- The process of laying out a document with text, graphics, headlines and photographs is involved in- Answer Options- a Deck Top Publishing. Ques 6- A ……………..

CCC February 2019 Result

Answer Options- a gigabyte. Ques 7- ……………… is any part of the computer that you can physically touch. Answer Options- a Hardware. Ques 8- The components that process data are located in the- Answer Options- a input devices. Ques Which of the following is an example of an input device? Answer Options- a Scanner. Answer Options- a motherboard. Ques Word processing spreadsheet , and photo editing are example of- Answer Options- a application software.

Ques ……………… is a set of computer programs used on a computer to help perform tasks.

CCC Question Paper

Answer Options- a An instruction. Answer Options- a management. Answer Options- a Languages.

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