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Eyes of the Lich Queen (PDF version) [RPG Item Version Link]. From publisher blurb: Be the first to find the Dragon's Eye! What begins as a simple expedition to . Bookmark Barrow of the Forgotten M. Bookmark Bookmark Eyes of the Lich M. Bookmark. EBERRON: Eyes of the Lich Queen () - Be the first to find the Dragon's Eye! What begins as a simple Watermarked PDF. $ $

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The Dragon's Eye: Sur'kil. Dungeon Master's Guide (DMG). This loosely organized group of dragons is called the Chamber. Eyes of the Lich Queen is designed. Eyes of the Lich Queen - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Adventure set in Eberron. As we did with past adventures,we're providing the some of the excerpts for Eyes of the Lich Queen in downloadable, zipped PDF files so that.

What begins as a simple expedition to explore an ancient jungle temple sends adventurers headlong into a search for the Dragon's Eye, an artifact created ages ago by demons in order to gain power over dragons. But where exactly is this mysterious artifact, and why do the Cloudreavers and the Emerald Claw think the adventurers already have it? Only Lady Vol knows the truth. Her deadly cat-and-mouse game leads the characters from the wilderness of Q'barra to the wild coasts of the Lhazaar Principalities and the soaring peaks of Argonnessen. There, at last, they can learn the secret of the Dragon's Eye and foil the lich queen's plans Designed for heroes of 5th level, this adventure sends them on a world-spanning journey as they battle cultists, pirates, long-dead spirits, and even dragons in their search for the enigmatic Dragon's Eye.

Chapter 4: The Orrery of Vortuum. Taveah and Kohl: The Kael and the Silver Flame. Sejik and Caiphys: Changing Fate. Morthos Reborn. The Isle of Farlnen. The Road to Droaam. Xoriat Rising. Click here or on the image below. Really great stuff. I especially like the interactive map on the home page. Also, the sidebar on the left in the wiki is pretty great too. There is an immense amount of information here Grokkit James?

I have only begun to explore your site, but I have got to ask, did you create that Korranberg Chronicles periodical yourself? I like this campaign. Especialy the home page image of the airship flying into a city. Where did you get such an image? Im also running a Eberron campaign.

I saw your calender and I thought you might like this. Anyway youv made a fan out of me.

Good stuff James. The logs are really adding flavor to the campaign. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this last games update. Shot you off a file to look at…hope ya like it. Dave, post some of your camera pics on face book…: Just wanted to say thanks to Troy Bryteone for his additions to some of the logs. If you would like to add more details to any of the logs outside of comments, just email them to me along with what log you want the additions to go to and I will update it accordingly.

This method will reduce the chances of the log getting updated incorrectly. Great stuff James. JavaScript is currently disabled. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript.

You should check them out.

Eyes of the Lich Queen

We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. Eberron - Return of the Lich Queen. His Story Taveah: Her Story Part I: Finding the Path Chapter 3: The Haunted Isle Chapter 4: The Orrery of Vortuum Part I: As you advance down the hallway.

This dragon. In addition. The PCs are safe once they move beyond the portcullis. Secret Passageway on page Award the PCs XP each for getting through the trapped hallway.

The third is another half-bridge stopping short of the far wall. Two of those creatures. Beyond the portcullis. Closer to you. The central platform is much wider but only 10 feet across. The canoloths are able to manifest within the chamber.

A deep chasm splits the room. Stepping on the pressure plate triggers the trap. Once the PCs have defeated the black dragon siblings. Two identical statues stand on the opposite side of the chamber.

This apparently empty hallway hides a deadly trap. Pulling the chain over a platform causes it to move into the empty space ahead of it at a speed of 10 feet per round. The pressure plate extends to within 6 inches of the walls on either side of the corridor. A DC 21 Search check reveals that the last 10 feet of passageway is a barely noticeable pressure plate. At the close of the Age of Demons. The shard imbedded in the ceiling is a Khyber dragonshard. PCs who take a closer look at the two smaller platforms note four chains hanging at regular intervals across the ceiling.

Pulling that chain then moves the platform back in the other direction. The nearest platform is perhaps 10 feet wide and 20 feet long. As the PCs approach the portcullis. A DC 25 Search check is required to determine that the lever is not connected to the portcullis.

Above you. The stairway widens as it opens into a wide chamber. A wide hallway stretches away from you into the darkness. The passageway extends 80 feet before ending at an iron portcullis. If the high priest and dracotaur were also slain. The persistent harriers Magic of Eberron were created to function within this chamber. If the PCs also stay away from the bristling columns. The door at the far end of the room is locked with three separate locks.

The multitude of spinning blades gives creatures within the room cover against any nonadjacent foe for example. Award the characters experience for overcoming the trap in the room. When slain. The hallway widens to nearly 20 feet across. Chain Bridge on page Scythes sweep out of slim channels in the walls.

At the far end of the chamber. That is. They appear as soon as any PC starts moving across the chamber. A rift cuts across the cavern. A constant thrumming rises in your ears over the last fifty paces along the corridor.

Down a few short steps. The PCs must navigate the dangerous blades to reach the door on the far side of the room. The Grinder on page Their defeat is only temporary.

Ad Hoc XP Adjustment: The altar is a solid basalt slab some 25 feet across and 10 feet wide. They bear the distinctive swirls and sharp lines of dragonmarks.

The three niches once contained three relics from the Age of Demons: Strange shapes and shadows appear to writhe within these walls. See the magical location description of the altar on page 10 and encounter A17 on page 24 for more details. Three niches are set into the wall behind the stone slab. A river of magma flows along the bottom of the rift some 60 feet down.

Within the dragonshard is a shifting pattern reminiscent of the Mark of Storm. It has a circular depression in its center where the globe that was its power source once rested. If PCs attempt to open the sarcophagus. The pattern inside the shard is similar to the Mark of Warding. A stone sarcophagus carved with draconic imagery stands along the far edge of the magma rift. The air in the cavern is hot. As your eyes adapt to the sting of brimstone in the air.

The scepter bears an Eberron dragonshard grasped in a golden draconic claw. In bending the rules a bit to give you the half-dragon mummy. Finish them. The party has a few options at this point. Dura stays by the road with two bodyguards. Both wear half-helms and wear grimy tabards with a stylized green claw emblazoned on the front. This is the signal the blue dragon double agent Khurystas has been waiting for. Choose your next words well. For that matter. A fast-moving party should be able to break for the jungle and easily outrun the well-armored Emerald Claw troops.

Roadside Ambush on page If the PCs have access to teleportation magic or some other means of getting to Adderport instantaneously. Claim Ignorance: An honest approach. In fact. At the same time. Where the jungle closes in on the road as it passes through a narrow gap. Dura moves to the center of the road. Though Dura gets away.

Dura looks forward to the chance to engage in some excitement. She repeats her demand. If the PCs are not on their guard once they reach town. Her instructions are simple: Dura has enlisted the aid of a contingent of Emerald Claw soldiers. Stop trying to deny it and hand over the Eye! Quick-thinking PCs could try to give Dura one of the ancient relics retrieved from the Temple. This is your last chance!

As the silver dragon spins his tale. See the magical location information page 10 for details. In a haughty voice. Dura and her minions strike. Pick one character to be the first to manifest a new or improved dragonmark. The sweltering heat of the jungle has lessened only slightly as you emerge on the road to Adderport. As you tear cloth away. They eye you warily as you approach. She is to retrieve the artifact from the group. Read the following text for a character who has manifested a new aberrant dragonmark.

The woman moves to the center of the road. Either way. A nagging itch beneath your clothing suddenly flares to become a dull burning sensation.

In a classic case of the bad guys underestimating the good guys. The rough track follows the top edge of a plateau. The Emerald Claw soldiers have had time to prepare the ambush. If they do so. I have a delivery to make. If a character manifests a true dragonmark. The shape of the mark is unlike any other dragonmark you have ever seen. Dura and the Emerald Claw begin to quietly observe their movements and plans. Jheamast and his party had disappeared. I do not know. Five of the members of this group were said to have all simultaneously developed the so-called aberrant dragonmarks in the course of an expedition.

Though he does not know what is behind the appearance of these new marks. What came of them. The familiar lines of your dragonmark seem to shift and pulse in a way not seen since the mark first manifested. He asks for any relics the party might have obtained. Though your mark is still recognizable. The ship seems ready to sail. The PCs have a ship at their disposal. The PCs or at least the players might quickly assume that the appearance of these new marks ties to the time they spent in the altar chamber.

Whether the party interacts with them or not. Give the PCs a chance to note mysterious strangers following them at a safe distance. I cannot accompany you. At the rail. Dura should not appear in this encounter. I will increase your wages. Such an event would be rare enough. PCs who already have dragonmarks feel the same burning sensation. As the Swiftwind sails for the Lhazaar Principalities. W hether the PCs accept the offer or not.

It is said that at least one was apparently consumed from within by the power of the mark she bore. This galleon remains chartered for your use. He asks for a thorough report of the expedition. If you are amenable. More than a thousand years prior. When pressed or if the PCs show little interest in his offer. I would like to procure your services for another few weeks.

Dark legends surround many who carry the so-called aberrant marks. On your skin. If the PCs Spot the lizardfolk. The three poison dusk lizardfolk rangers are hiding just off the trail. A hiss of air follows a volley of small arrows fired from the brush. The lizardfolk initially attempt to snipe and remain hidden. Assume that the lizardfolk have taken 10 on their Hide checks.

PCs who notice the poison dusks can shout a warning. Once spotted. The PCs are flat-footed. Senses low-light vision. He first targets a likely spellcaster anyone not wearing armor or carrying a large weapon. Sniping allows a poison dusk lizardfolk to shoot once. If a foe confronts him in melee. If they are not spotted.

Int 8. Your eyes scan the jungle for signs of danger. If he is not spotted. The poison dusks use these reed whistles to communicate with each other. If one of the poison dusks falls. The poison dusks practice tones for specific circumstances.

Like his fellows. A short humanoid. Rapid ShotB. DC The poison dusks each take their first shot at a warrior or other likely melee combatant. You hear your unseen assailants shifting within the foliage. The lizardfolk continue to fire their poisoned arrows each round. Dex When the reed is spun around at the end of the rope.

Their distinctive tones carry for hundreds of yards through the dense jungle. Wis Cha 7 SQ chameleon skin. Con Before combat. The lead PC should be 20 feet 4 squares beyond the point where the path begins to widen. When it is not wearing armor. If the PCs fail their Spot checks. If no PCs spot the lizardfolk. If he is given a choice. The poison dusk lizardfolk have low-light vision. Creatures cannot enter a square with a tree in it. If he is reduced to 5 or fewer hit points.

Five massive trees in the area each take up an entire 5-foot square. The jungle to both sides of the path contains small trees. The blackscale arrives 1 minute 6 rounds after the alarm is first sounded. At night.

Moving within a jungle square costs 2 squares of movement. A blackscale lizardfolk is sent up the trail to investigate the scene of combat use the encounter A4 stat block on page Point Blank Shot.

If the party overwhelms his lesser allies. It is treated as light undergrowth. Cha 8 SQ animal companion none at present. Varies by time of day. SETUP The poison dusk lizardfolk spend the daylight hours alternating between sunning themselves just outside the huts and resting inside their dwellings.

If the alarm has not been raised, two of the poison dusks are near the fi re pit while two more are in separate huts. If the temple is on alert, then the four poison dusks conceal themselves just inside the entrances to the huts, watching and listening for any enemy.

A DC 25 Spot check allows PCs to see the hidden poison dusks assume the lizardfolk have taken 10 on their Hide checks. Three of the poison dusk lizardfolk are 2nd-level rangers, while the fourth is a 4th-level ranger lieutenant.

A short reptilian humanoid reclines near one of the small mud huts, barely noticeable due to its shifting, chameleonlike skin. If the camp is alerted but the PCs make their Spot check, read:. Though the huts appear empty, you catch a glimpse of small shadowy figures concealed within each doorway. If they have time to prepare, the poison dusks make use of four arrows each coated with spotted toadstool venom. Treat Medium creatures fighting within the huts as if they were squeezing through a space too small for them —4 penalty on attack rolls, —4 penalty to AC, each square of movement counts as 2 squares.

They prefer humans to any other targets, but fight all those who approach. If the alert has not already been sounded and one of the poison dusks falls, one of the others uses his next turn to spin his reed whistle see the sidebar on page Two blackscale lizardfolk warriors arrive to investigate within 2d6 rounds. The blackscales first target a PC near the periphery of the fight, using Power Attack to try to scare off their foes with a devastating intial assault.

After the initial round of engagement, each blackscale attempts to strike whichever foe dealt it the most damage during the previous round, though the blackscales will attempt to drink their potions of cure moderate wounds if reduced to 10 or fewer hit points. At night, a fire burns in the central fire pit, providing bright illumination within 20 feet including within the huts and shadowy illumination out to 40 feet.

The poison dusk lizardfolk have lowlight vision. Fire Pit: The fire pit is difficult terrain, requiring 2 squares of movement to enter. At night, a fire burns in the pit, dealing 3d6 points of fire damage each round to any creature that enters it. Such creatures must also succeed on a DC 15 Reflex save or catch on fire, taking 1d6 points of fire damage each round until the flames are put out. These small mud huts serve as the homes of eight poison dusk lizardfolk. Each hut contains two nestlike bed areas, along with scattered fletching tools and materials.

A search through the bedding reveals a handful of Eberron dragonshards 2d10 per hut, value 1d8 gp each. SETUP If the temple is not on alert when the PCs approach, two blackscale lizardfolk sit outside the huts while two others rest inside.

The blackscales notice any PCs approaching along the path and rush out to attack, bellowing a challenge in Draconic. If the alarm has already been raised, the huts are empty and the blackscales are patrolling in pairs around the temple complex. A girallon is trapped in the cage behind the blackscale huts, with the lizardfolk debating whether to attempt to train the creature or simply eat it.

The girallon howls and hoots if any creature approaches within 5 feet of its cage. If the alarm has not been raised, read:. Two black-scaled lizardfolk, nearly 9 feet tall and half as wide, lounge about on the ground outside the huts. Each is within easy reach of a massive spiked club, but they show no signs that they are aware of your presence. A black-scaled lizardfolk, nearly 9 feet tall and half as wide, raises its massive spiked club as it charges forward, its companion close behind.

Its barking shouts are echoed by similar voices coming from inside the huts. Without a strong leader to direct them to more complicated tactics, the lizardfolk use a straight-up frontal assault. They relish being in the center of battle, and redirect their attacks each round to the PC who dealt them the most damage in the previous round. The blackscales within the huts emerge 2 rounds after battle begins.

If the fight is happening at range, they toss javelins for 1 or 2 rounds before charging forward into the fray. In the meantime, they have placed it inside a sturdy wooden cage, barred shut from the outside. The trapped girallon is angry, and it smashes into the side of the cage if anyone approaches within 5 feet. A large wooden cage stands just to the west of the clearing.

Through the narrow slits between thick plank bars, you can make out a large, white-furred form. With a bestial howl, the creature begins to slam its arms against the bars, the cage shaking with every blow.

A sturdy log bars the cage door. The PCs can cause a significant distraction by setting the caged girallon free. If for some reason it cannot attack or see the PCs once they open the cage, it rushes out of the clearing through the blackscale huts. You can choose not to play out the ensuing battle, with the girallon simply taking out two blackscales during its rampage. The fire pit is difficult terrain. Reach 10 ft. Int 2. Such creatures must also succeed on a DC 15 Reflex save or catch on fire.

If the girallon is taken to 15 or fewer hit points.

D&D 3.5 - Eberron - Adevnture - Eyes of the Lich Queen.pdf

Cha 7 Feats Iron Will. If the PCs can avoid being seen by the creature.. Senses darkvision 60 ft. The blackscales have darkvision out to 60 feet. SETUP Two blackscale lizardfolk guards pace between the portico columns, while a dracotaur lurks before the stairs leading to the temple.

Eberron - Return of the Lich Queen

The PCs automatically see the blackscales, but might not see the dracotaur in the shadows Spot DC Have the PCs determine how they wish to approach the portico and place them accordingly. Do not place the dracotaur unless he is spotted. When the PCs climb the portico steps or otherwise reveal their presence, read:. Two hulking, black-scaled lizardfolk the size of ogres step out where they have been pacing between the pillars.

They raise their metal-banded clubs and charge. If the PCs spot the dracotaur, read:. At the top of the steps leading into the temple stands a creature with the upper torso of a powerfully built reptilian humanoid and the lower body of a four-legged wingless dragon.

Its clawed feet and spiked tail lash the stones as it hefts its longspear and growls a challenge. If one of the PCs speaks Draconic:.

Once he spits, he cannot spit again for 1 minute. The glob of fiery spittle is treated as a ranged touch attack with a range increment of 20 feet.

A direct hit deals 2d6 points of fire damage. Every creature within 5 feet of the point where the spittle hits takes 1d4 points of fire damage from the splash.

They attack first using their Power Attack feat, hoping that a solid hit will scare off their foes. If their first attacks are successful, they continue using Power Attack until they miss twice. If their first attacks miss, Varmystix berates them in Draconic for their wildness, and they attack normally. These blackscales hope to become elite temple guards, and they know that the adepts within can heal them.

They continue to fight until they fall. The dracotaur begins combat by spitting fire, aiming for a heavily armored PC or one who stands next to the most allies. He then bounds into combat, making reach attacks. If the alarm has not sounded, any combat in this area alerts the black dragons below, but they do not come up to investigate until the sounds of battle subside.

One dragon opens the door while the other flies up to attack with its breath weapon, then drops back down the shaft. See the Fighting the Dragons sidebar on page 20 for more information. In most rounds, he tries to position himself to attack a spellcaster or a flanking rogue with his spear, using his bite and tail slap against an adjacent foe. If a foe in melee is particularly hard to hit AC 18 or higher , Varmystix orders the blackscales to attack that foe as he tries to find a softer target.

Varmystix is loyal to his black dragon masters in the temple, and he will fight to the death. If he is reduced to 0 hit points, he will shout out in confusion before falling, asking in Draconic why the children of night have not come to his aid. During the day, the area is lit by sunlight. At night, the portico is unlit.

The lizardfolk and dracotaur have darkvision out to 60 feet. Moving up each square of steps requires 2 squares of movement, though moving down is not restricted. Dragon Well: The pit in the center of the portico is a shaft that extends down to the lair of the black dragon siblings. It is normally blocked 20 feet down by a stone door. A creature that falls into the pit takes 2d6 points of damage if the door is closed. See the Fighting the Dragons sidebar on page Have the PCs arrange themselves in the entrance to the dormitory rooms or the larger sacrifice chamber as appropriate.

If the alarm has already been raised, place one blackscale adept in one of the dormitory rooms and note the location of another in the sacrifice chamber place the blackscale there only if the PCs have line of sight to it. If the alarm has not been raised, a third blackscale adept is also in the sacrifice chamber. The dire wolverine should be placed as indicated. The shaded area on the map indicates the spaces it can move while restricted by the iron chain that binds it.

When the PCs can see the lizardfolk, read:. Unlike the more primitive-looking blackscale lizardfolk outside, this specimen wears an ornate breastplate engraved with draconic imagery. The creature cannot end its rage voluntarily. You see the creature suddenly startled as it spots you.

With a hiss, it snatches up a nearby greatclub and readies for battle. A response to its shout can be heard from the adjacent chamber. If it takes further damage, it tries to escape through the secret door and run to the high priest in the altar chamber. The dire wolverine attacks any nonblackscale that comes within reach. The chain around the wolverine is 20 feet long, allowing the beast to move up to 4 squares away from the point on the wall where it is fastened.

Because the dire wolverine is trained to defend the blackscales, it flies into a rage before combat begins and lunges at the nearest member of the party. If that PC happens to be beyond the reach of the chained beast, the sudden strain on the iron chain might cause it to break Strength DC Doing so takes 1 minute. Flyby Attack. When sufficient weight is applied pounds or more. If the door is open. A pressure plate is built into the floor in front of the door.

The wolverine fights until it is slain. During the day. If the general alert has been raised before combat begins in this area. Without a blackscale lizardfolk present. It can be improved to indifferent with a DC 15 wild empathy check. One dragon opens the door while the other flies up to attack with its breath weapon.

The blackscales can move safely past the dire wolverine and through the secret door at full speed though they can move at only half speed along the narrow secret corridor. The blackscale lizardfolk have darkvision out to 60 feet. Once indifferent. Senses blindsense 60 ft. If one of the PCs speaks Draconic: In Draconic.

The high priest is at the altar. From across the chamber. All three blackscales wear robes. The blackscale around the corner has no patience for stealth. Power Attack. If the blackscales notice the entrance of the PCs: With a start.. Int This blackscale wears robes. The creature in the center wears a gold-inlaid chasuble over his robes..

The other stands between the pit and the altar. Three massive lizardfolk are engaged in some ritual involving incense and a chorus of hissing. Cha 10 SQ familiar none at present. Draconic AC As you edge along the corridor.

Cha 11 SQ familiar none at present. They do not flee as long as the high priest remains alive. The blackscales can move through the secret door at full speed though they can move at only half speed along the narrow secret corridor.. If he is reduced to 15 or fewer hit points.. From there. Once he begins fighting. If he is not prepared to face the defilers of his sacred temple. In their lair. Once one dragon is slain. The room contains no source of illumination. When attacking in melee. See the area description on page 19 for more information on treasure.

When they breathe their foot line of acid. Place the party and the dragons as appropriate. The necklace deals 34d6 points of fire damage to all creatures within 20 feet if it explodes.

If the shaft in the main chamber is opened. If the pile is in the area of an attack that deals fire damage. The dragons have blindsense out to 60 feet and darkvision out to feet. Treasure Hoard: A necklace of fireballs rests on the top of the treasure pile. If the PCs have somehow sealed the shafts.. While one uses its breath weapon to make strafing runs against groups of PCs. Reflex DC 14 half Illumination: If the PCs have managed to make it this far without having the alarm raised.

A DC 25 Search check reveals the panel. Disable Device DC A resourceful PC might try to block the wall with a spell such as wall of stone. Though it is not an escape. Once the trap is sprung. The PCs can use spells such as gaseous form or minor teleportation magic to get through the portcullis. The door cannot be spiked or held open. Characters standing in its path must make a DC 20 Reflex save or take 1d6 points of damage as the door slams into them.

Ask the players for a marching order to establish where the PCs stand while they move down the hallway and how far characters stay behind the lead PC. Tiny creatures can squeeze through the bars with a DC 15 Escape Artist check.

For each successive attempt made by any character. The PCs have a few options to escape the trap: Damaging the portcullis is an option. With a resounding boom. DC 25 Strength check to break. When the trap is sprung. The sound of stone grating on stone fills your ears.

Nothing short of a wall of force can stop its progress. Suddenly the floor rumbles and a grinding sound rises from beneath the stones. The moving wall deals 10d6 points of damage each round to any obstacle in its path. This encounter begins once the PCs spring the trap. Characters who make their saves can decide which side of the door they wish to be on after it closes.

The hallway is not lit. After 1 round. The mechanism for operating the portcullis is hidden behind a secret panel in the wall to the left of the gate. It revolves clockwise as it shuts. A character can attempt to break through the wall with a DC 20 Strength check. Sliding Wall Trap: Hardness Searching the wall to the right of the portcullis reveals a section that appears weakened.

It can pull a grabbed opponent of Medium or smaller size into its mouth in the same round and make a bite attack. Senses blindsight 40 ft. Despite the ease with which the creatures might simply drop a character into the lava below. AC If the PCs attempt to stay in the southern end of the room and use ranged weapons against the canoloths.

Special The canoloths in this encounter are unable to use their normal spell-like abilities or their ability to summon other yugoloths. Once a PC steps onto the fi rst moving platform. If it hits. Reach 5 ft. If the PCs do not advance within 2 rounds. One of the creatures turns its eyeless head in your direction as it lets out a barking growl.

Int 5. Destroying the dragonshard prevents the canoloths from returning the following day. Two massive armored quadrupeds. The magically reinforced dragonshard has hardness 15 and 30 hit points. A canoloth can establish a hold with a successful attack even if the victim is not paralyzed.

On the first round. Their imprisonment has weakened them somewhat. A spark of orange light traces an edged sigil on the ceiling over the center of the chamber.

Scaling the chains is easy a DC 10 Climb check. If the PCs flee into the corridor. Before the encounter begins. When a PC steps onto the first platform. Place the canoloths in the indicated positions and roll for initiative.

Eyes of the Lich Queen (PDF version) | Wiki | BoardGameGeek

The canoloths are bound to this chamber. Both canoloths then try to devour the PC. Cha 12 Feats Improved Initiative. The walls of the chamber over the rift are made of hewn stone. A successful DC 10 Climb check as a move action is then sufficient for the PC to pull himself back up onto the platform. For more information. At that location. From each platform.

The fall deals 8d6 points of damage. In lieu of flying or using a moving platform to cross the room. For more on lava dangers. Molten lava 80 feet below the chain bridges provides shadowy illumination throughout the area.

The distance between platforms is only 10 feet. The canoloths have blindsight out to 40 feet. When pulled. Pulling a chain is a move action. Allow a character who falls from a bridge or ledge a DC 15 Reflex save to catch the edge of a platform. Two mobile platforms hang from the ceiling. A PC who falls takes 4d6 points of damage from the impact into the molten rock. A swinging platform automatically slows to a stop when it rises to reach the space adjacent to another floor such as the central span or the southern end of the room.

DMG Characters might also attempt to climb along the underside of the rough ceiling a DC 25 Climb check. As an alternative to crossing this chamber via the chain bridges. Falling into the molten lava 80 feet below is likely certain death. Four smaller chains hang down loose from the ceiling at regular intervals. Each platform can move only once per round.

A rope anchored to a statue could support the weight of up to 4 PCs. The four statues are each 8 feet tall and made of solid stone. Even if the creatures are defeated.

Only destroying the dragonshard can prevent them from reappearing. A character is subject to additional damage each round at the beginning of his turn as long as he remains within 10 feet of a spinning column. A character in range of a blade is subject to an additional attack each round at the beginning of his turn unless he drops prone. A character who approaches within 10 feet of a column takes 4d6 points of damage Reflex DC 15 half.

While prone. Characters can also attempt to sunder a blade. Each column has hardness 10 and hit points. As they enter the chamber.

The mechanism driving the columns cannot be disabled using the Disable Device skill. DC 22 to disarm a horizontal blade. A rogue adjacent to a vertical blade channel can attempt a Disable Device check 2d4 rounds.

Each blade has hardness A character can spend 1 round to carefully time an attempt to cross a vertical blade channel. Con —. A character who attempts to sunder a blade but does not destroy it is subject to an immediate attack unless he is prone. Each slashing blade is considered magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. Give the PCs as much time as they need to assess the movement of the blades and come up with options for navigating the chamber.

A prone or crawling character is not subject to horizontal blade attacks. If a persistent harrier stands adjacent to a column or if it is held there. The constructs are barely 3 feet tall. When measuring distance from the column. A flying character is subject to vertical blade attacks as additional blades strike from the ceiling.

A character who attempts to sunder a blade but does not destroy it is subject to an immediate attack. When a PC moves more than 20 feet into the room. The blades are the primary obstacle the party must overcome. As your mind attempts to track the spinning blades. The persistent harriers are not affected by the columns as long as they remain 2 squares away.

DC 22 to disarm a vertical blade. Two panels on either side of the chamber have opened. Since they are not hindered by the blades in the room. In the first round. The persistent harriers have darkvision out to 60 feet. DOOR A triple-locked solid stone door blocks the end of the grinder.

The persistent harriers fight until destroyed. Such a check requires 2d4 rounds. If the character rolls a natural 1 on his check. If the mechanism in the door is disabled. Each time the character making the check fails by 5 or more. The door has hardness 8 and 60 hit points. In the next round. Once all three locks are opened. The persistent harriers are smart enough to focus their attacks on prone targets. There is no light in the room. The harriers try not to end up adjacent to more than one target.

By switching targets. Even then.

Each of the three locks requires a separate DC 25 Open Lock check. The door also contains a mechanism that can disable the spinning blades. If a PC within 25 feet utilizes healing magic including casting a spell or using a wand. If the PCs touch one of the three relics. Even as you slip your hand within the niche. Unlike normal diseases.

See the magical location description of the altar on page 20 and encounter A17 on page 24 for more details. If the encounter was triggered by the sarcophagus lid being removed. If the encounter was triggered by a PC disturbing a relic. Whether or not the save is successful.

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