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Hey guys, my roommates found freeletics sometime ago and we loved it. that's how: download of the pro version and the pdf with the. TRAINING INSTRUCTIONS In the following, you will find all training instructions for the next 15 weeks. One session equals the amount of. Freeletics Workout Plan. The Freeletics plan is based on a ‐week transformation period during which you complete a routine 4-‐5 times per.

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WEEK HELLWEEK Day 1: Dione or Zeus Day 2: Squat MAX & Pushup MAX & Metis Day 3: Dione Day 4: Aphrodite Day 5: Dione or Zeus Day 6: Aphrodite. Freeletics Workout Plan. The Freeletics plan is based on a ‐week transformation period during which you complete a routine 4-‐5 times per week. Facebook · 1. hét itt 2. hét: Freeletics cardio 15 hetes program itt Megtalálsz a Freeletics Cardio & Strength/ Week 1 #aerobiccardio Workout Days, Cardio.

Freeletics is a sport. The core of Freeletics is a set of predefined high-intensity workouts. All workouts are bodyweight only. You always do them as fast as you can. They only take between 5 and 45min on average. Workout times will be used to measure performances and progress and to compare to other athletes.

Your body is a mirror of your lifestyle. It is not a transformation program that is to be completed once just to get back to former behaviors right after it. Absolutely not! Our guides are the ideal start for a fit and active life.

You will quickly make progress. However, it is crucial that you do not stop after you have finished one of them. Keep working! To look good and be fit requires proper training and healthy nutrition as integral parts of your lives. With this in mind:. Especially at the beginning, the workouts seem to be huge, the own fitness tiny and the workload way too high.

This will change quickly. All of you who have already been with us for a while know that. Focus on not giving up. You have it within you - every single one of you. This is the first step towards your new self. You are about to become strong, well-conditioned and awesomely good-looking. Look in the mirror for one last time, because what you see now will soon belong to the past. One session equals the amount of training for one day. In the first week, for instance, you will have 5 days of training and 2 rest days.

It is generally up to you when to take those rest days. The instructions equal the minimum required workload. If you are capable of training more, you can complete additional workouts.

The first workout and the first MAX of each week are suitable to be added whenever you want to.

If you complete less, repeat the corresponding week. You will often receive a weekly challenge. Completing those challenges will make sure that you progress continually. You will therefore need a pullup bar or some other sort of stable pullup appliance at home, outside, at a gym or at a fitness club. Make sure to complete all workouts with the exact same order and number of repetitions as stated below.

All workouts and exercises will be explained in detail within the next sections of the guide. We recommend you to warm-up before every training session and to stretch afterwards. For warming up, Jogging, jumping jacks, arm circles, light stretching and the like are suitable. Finally, there is just one last thing to say: Quitting is not an option. At first, the workload will seem to be very high. If you have less than 4 weeks of Freeletics experience, you might not be able to handle it.

It is actually the first big step to successfully complete a full Freeletics workout. Often, this takes several attempts. Keep trying! Even if you can barely move because you have sore muscles all over your body after the first try.

You will adapt and improve quickly! The 50 pullups of Artemis are the biggest challenge of this week. Only very few can do 50 unbroken star-pullups.

Even with breaks, 50 star-pullups are a real challenge. At the beginning, it is totally normal if you can do less than 5. Many of you will not be able to perform a single one. No one masters pullups without hard work. On the contrary, pullups take quite some time and effort. Make sure to lock out your arms completely - completely means completely not almost completely - and enjoy having sore muscles.

This particularly pleasant ache at your inner elbow even has an own name: Have a guess. So far, many of you have trained Freeletics only at home. For Hades, you have to go outside for the first time. Take a towel or mat with you and get started.

If you are freezing, work faster. Star performances are the only performances that are truly comparable. Only they can really be scored, since everybody follows the exact same ranges of motion.

Freeletics Free Full 15 Weeks Program

As already mentioned, star performances are always ranked before performances without star. It is therefore important to continually work on the star versions of all exercises.

At first, it will slow you down. Take your time and get your first star, even if it still seems to be far away. Believe in yourself. You can do it! Once a star, always a star! Hell Day! That means three workouts on one day. You could for example do one in the morning and two in the evening. Everything is fine as long as you do all three workouts on one day.

Take at least one day off after every Hell Day. For most of you, even three Freeletics workouts do only take as long as a regular gym visit. Of course, you will get weaker from workout to workout. Push through it. Hell Days are mainly a mental challenge. Stay strong, even as your body gets tired. Accept the challenge and give it your all! Last but certainly not least, a major Freeletics experience: Hell Week.

Every now and then we choose to go through hell to come out even stronger. Freeletics Hell Weeks are all about reaching true exhaustion, reaching our performance limits several times within a short period of time and with little rest and exceeding our own expectations. Hell Week means a lot of training. All out: As always, try to beat your PBs. This week, however, it is even more important to successfully complete every single session.

No matter if your body and mind get weaker. This is Freeletics. This is the last week of this guide. Eat clean and once more give it your all! Make sure to complete every workout with the exact same order and number of repetitions as stated below. In the next section, the single exercises will be explained in detail. There are no mandatory breaks - neither within nor between rounds. Hence, make sure to take as few breaks as possible and to keep them short.

Alternatively, you can use any other sort of stable bar. It also requires space to run 40m. It says 2x40m because it makes sense to start every round at the same place.

IRIS Iris requires space to run 1km. There are no mandatory breaks neither within nor between rounds. Run 1km, complete 5 rounds of Jumping Jacks and Climbers after that, then run 1km again. Metis is very short, work fast from the beginning. Poseidon is very short, work fast from the beginning.

Freeletics cardio strenght guide by john - Issuu

ZEUS Zeus requires a pullup bar. It also requires a wall to lean on. You have to wait for at least 2min between one round and the next; no matter if you feel ready to go earlier or not. Mandatory breaks are included into workouts times. As many repetitions as possible. No breaks. Then do all repetitions in the according version. Every Freeletics exercise follows certain standards.

On the one hand they reduce the risk of injuries and on the other hand they make sure that performances are comparable. Read the standards carefully and adhere to them. Burpees start from a standing position. Your knees hips and shoulders are in a line. Drop down, extend your feet back and touch the ground with your chest.


Get back up however you want to, not necessarily a strict pushup and perform a jump - both feet leave the ground, your knees, hips and shoulders are in a vertical line and your hands touch behind your head. When your feet touch the ground again, one repetition is completed.

Make sure to keep your abs and back tight during the bottom part of the movement. If the exercise is too difficult or becomes too difficult during the workout, do the modified version: Move into the pushup position without touching the ground with your chest. Climbers start from the pushup position. Bring one foot level with your hands. Switch feet. Each side counts as one repetition. During the whole movement, only your hands and feet may touch the ground and your hips have to be below your shoulders at the end of every rep.

Make sure to keep your abs and back tight. Bring your feet as close to your hands as you can instead of bringing them level with your hands. Deep Squats start from a standing position. Your heels may not be further than shoulder width apart. Lower your hips until your thighs touch your calves.

Return to starting position to complete one repetition. Your hands may neither touch your legs nor the ground. Make sure to keep your weight on your heels, your chest up and your back flat.

Push your knees out and keep your torso as vertical as possible. Lower your hips as far as you can instead of lowering them all the way down. Handstand pushups start from a handstand leaning on a wall. Your arms are completely locked out. Monday, October 10, Freeletics describes its strength and conditioning program as "a set of predefined high-intensity workouts". The workouts use body weight only and always are performed as fast as individually possible. They appear similar to the ones used in CrossFit, without any weights or machines.

The complete workouts are typically short — 30 to 45 minutes or less — and intense, demanding all-out physical exertion. Such movements as sprinting, stretching and many bodyweight exercises are combined and mixed in numerous combinations to form prescribed sets of "High-Intensity Workouts of the Day" or "HIWODS".

Freeletics is trained in parks, sports fields, gyms, and the like and most workouts are well suited to be trained at home as well. Freeletics is applicable for training both alone and in a group. Freeletics has bodyweight only strength and conditioning workouts with varied functional movements performed at high intensity for broad and overall physical fitnessto. Some activists combine it with avegan or low-carb lifestyle.

Download Link Mirror Link. Freeletics is a sport. You can train it anywhere and anytime.

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