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[DOWNLOAD] PDF The Hunt for Red October (Jack Ryan Novel) by General Tom Clancy [DOWNLOAD] PDF The Hunt for Red October (Jack. The hunt for Red October. Home · The hunt for Red October Author: Tom Clancy. 21 downloads Hunt for Red October · Read more · Hunt for Red October. The Hunt for Red October. Home · The Hunt for Red October Author: Clancy Tom. 19 downloads Hunt for Red October. Read more · Hunt for Red October.

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The dock that had held his Red October for two interminable months was now a The Red October, a Typhoon-class sub, moved under her own power towards. THE HUNT. FOR RED. OCTOBER. Somewhere under the. Atlantic, a Soviet sub commander has just made a fateful decision. The Red. October is heading west. PDF | This is about a computer hackers attack of a criminal and evil government that chose to try and destroy him.

Back to IMSDb. The web's largest movie script resource! Search IMSDb. Frigid rock and stunted trees fall to an ice-choked coast. Congealed sea on a desolate beach. Bottomless eyes move slowly across the landscape, missing nothing.

RYAN No. I just read a lot of books.

She leaves. Wide awake, Ryan stares out the window at the spinning dark. CUT TO: RYAN humping his suitcase into a giant terminal at the end of a long line of travelers.

Above the line, a sign: Exhausted, Ryan nods. Sunglasses takes Ryan's bags. CUT TO:. Sign over the compound's entrance: Get yourself in here.

You look like hell. You want coffee? Ryan perches on the couch. Greer pours Ryan takes it in both hands, coaling it with his breath. When's the last time you slept? This thing is still on London time. RYAN Fine. She sends you her best. What is she now, three? RYAN A very precocious five. A week ago she announced her life would be a loot less lonely if Margaret and I would buy her a baby brother. Ryan grins. Greer eyes him fondly.

Putting down his coffee, Ryan opens his br efse. They show the bow and stern of a submarine in dry dock. From the size of the construction crey, it's obvious the boat is huge. She's the Red October. The Soviet's newest typhoon. The Brits actually got a man into the construction shed? This one for color. RYAN Twelve meters longer than the normal typhoon, three meters wider. The captain's name is Ramixts.

RYAN Yes, sir. I did the bio on him last year. He's taken out the lead boat in each new sub class for ten years. Fairly good political connections. He's also trained most of their attack boat skippers. They can him the Vilnius schoolmaster. Greer studies one of the photos with a magnifying glass. Something captures his attention: I don't know what they are and neither do the English. Do you know Skip Tyler? Did he get hurt or something? Got clipped by a drunk driver and lost a leg.

Now he's teaching at the Academy and doing some consulting for Underwater Systems Command.

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Ryan at the front gate in tan. Ryan retrieves his photographs. Getting Up, Greer watches him, choosing his words carefully: Ryan closes his case. Greer walks him to the door: The Navy's got a Las Angeles c'la'ss sittJng right off their doorstep. In a few days we'll know everything about her but the wok's name. The groan of a primordial beast echoing in the dark, followed by a deep vibration that rattles bones and shatters eardrums.

The black screen is moving. A massive cylinder glides over the top of us like a giant spaceship, outlined by flashes of e1ectxic-blue phosphorenscence. High tech graphics pinpoint movements in deep water beyond the hull.. A college dropout with a genius IQ, Jones is the kind of guy who likes tossing dead cats into crowded cathedrals.

It's buried in I should go to SAPS? Surface Affects Processing. There is hope for your small brain yet. A whale. A marine mammal that knows a fuck of a lot more about sonar than you do. Beaumont frowns.

COB He gets to raggin you too bad, kid, you can always ask him about Pavarattt.. Jones sinks into his chair. Beaumont grins. Sea story coming. From the look on Jones' face, it promises to be a good one: COB taking his time Well, Jonesy here, he's a music freak, right? And he figures this sonar system is basically just a big old million ddllar stereo unit.

COB Whatever. It's this piece of music he likes so much he wants to share it, right? So he re-wires the computer and figures how to put it in the water with a gigawatt of juice behind it. But about twenty-one boats out of San Diego, including one way out at Pearl, starts hearing Pavarotti Doming out their ass. Jonesy has turned the whole fucking Pacific Ocean into a stereo speaker.

Even Jones sm Ies.

Then, a flashing light on the. He starts flipping switches. Beaumont sobers:: Jones works in silence, then punches the intervom: What is it Jonesy? It's a wild guess, but I'd say we had a Boomer headed out of the barn. At the center of the Conn, surrounded by fire control, quartermaster, helm: IM be there in a second.

In font of him on the sonar display, the flashing light is starting to move. Mancuso sticks his head in. Much larger than the control center on the Dallas. Leaving the deck, Ramius heads aft, glancing at Borodin: Startled, Putin looks up: You know that. It's antithetical to the oal]ective good. Suppressing his anger, Ramius moves to a locker, changing into dungarees. He can fiee]. Putin's weasel eyes crawling up and down his back.

Holding the bible, Put in muses: A man in your position reading trash about the end of the world. I will give to each according to his deeds. I am the beginning and the end. I keep it only for sentimental value. A tragedy her life was cut so short. There's nothing wrong with my mind. It belongs to the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics. You would be well advised to remember that.

If the KGB has an agent on board, I would be the last to know. There's a safe on the wall. Ramius spins the combination. Inside, another safe with four locks. Both Ramius and Putin have keys. Inside the second safe, a large envelope. Ramius cracks the seeal, removing four pages of operation orders. Glancing at Putin; he reads: Why is that? Ramius pours two cups of steaming tea from a silver pot on a serving tray, offering it to Putin.. Putin takes the cup. Tupolev w2l hunt us while we test our ship.

I should like to make a request. Putin grins, heading for the door. He never makes it. In a sudden violent motion,, Ramius kicks Putin's left leg from under him. Surprised, the; big man tumbles sideways. Putin gags.

Cupping his chin, Ramius forces his entire bulk onto the man's chest. Putin struggles. His eyes bulge. Ramius strains, using all of his strength until.. With surprising gentleness, Ramius lowers the shuddering body to the deck. Carefully, he checks the pulse in Putin's neck. Dying, Putin stares into Ramius' face. But it is cyear to me now.

Where I would walk, you cannot fallow. Whatever his destination, Putin's on his way. Getting up, Ramius goes to the desk. Returning with the teapot, he drenches the body with scalding tea. Replacing the pot on the tray, Ramius puts the orders in a wastebasket and sets them on are. Removing a duplicate set of orders from his safe, he' places them on the floor by the dead man. Satisfied everything is the way he wants it, he moves to an intercom and takes a deep breath.

Come to my quarters at once. There's been an aociderit! It's floating in a gargantuan tank fSlled with brightly lit water beneath a vast domed cet'ling: Steiner's head is sticking out of a hatch on the mini sub.

Unless you close the hatch and start the goddam engine! You're one of those guys you can't hide things from, right? Steiner closes the hatch. Across the room, Ryan enters. Spotting Tyler, he moves to the platform, staring at the mini sub.

The propeller starts turning. It submerges. RYAN Yes sir. I designed this one. RYAN What are you doing with it? Tyler climbs off the piatfarm, working his cane with practiced precision. Taking Ryan by the arm, he heads for a door: We can get it anywhere in the world in twenty-four hours.

If that lunatic doesn't crash it fast:. Technicians, graduate students move about in the background. They're too big for torpedo tubes. Could you launch a missile horizontaly? Question is why would you? Besides, they're symmetrical right straight through the hull. RYAN How about a towed sonar array? RYAN A what? Magneto--hydrodynamic propulsion. Like a linear induction motor with saltwater as the ;tat-r. You follow? Goes in the front, gets squirted out the back.

Only, It's got no moving parts, see. So it's' potentially very quiet. Ryan grapples with the implications. Tyler trips down memory lane: Years ago. Never could make it work. They really built this? This isn't a mock-up or anything? RYAN it put to sea this morning. RYAN Any records of our work on the caterpillar?

Let's get dusty. Three k's assistants carve steaks and watch. To Loginov. Ramius has the; counterfeit orders in his hand: Accidents happen. I assume we wall be returning to base? Putin's unfortunate death wall not change them. Turning, Ramius spots Loginov and waves his hand. Loginov freezes. Come here. Now, I want you and the Doctor to witness this, Ioginov.

I have removed Putin's missfle key from his neck and am keeping it myse f. Iognov blinks. Petrov frowns. Closing the freezer door, the sates ]save. Loginov isn't sure what to do. Petrov's agitated: The reason for having two missM keys in the first place is to prevent one person from We are ordered to maintain strict radio silence.

Glad to be anywhere else, Loginov returns to his work. Soon, I will address the crew and explain our orders. This is not a decision for discussion. Shrugging, Petrov disappears. Borodin and Ramius.. Freaked, Loginov watches them go.

Thompson's to his left. Jones is on a headset: Start a f]e on his, Jonesy. For now, call his Sierra thirty-five. Leaving r91 see if we can work in a little closer and sniff his out. Thompson fcDows Mancuso. Beaumont glances at Jones, whispering: Not if we stay in his baffles.

Come in behind his propeller and he's deaf as a post. At all stations, helm, fire control, quartermaster, sailors work with galvanic prec s4r n.

The tension is palpable. Something extraordinary is about to happen: Ramius grabs the whip telephone. In various locations all over the ship, sailors stop what they are doing and listen carefully: Maintaining strict radio.

All eyes are riveted on him: And now it is time, comrades, to exchange the cuckoo for a hawk. In one bright moment, all that we believe in, all that we honor, would prevail forever. Ramius is finished. No one moves. Kamarov has goose bumps. A sail cr locks a program into a computer. Behind them, a strange tunnel is revealed.

An eerie green ring of light starts to glow in the tunnel behind thedoors. A second light appears. Then a third, flashing florescent. Behind the tunnel, in the stern, Red October's giant propeller comes to a stop. Suddenly, more light appears, distorted by a sudden rush of water.

CUT-- TO: The COB is behind him, Beaumont to his left. The blinking light on his sonar display disappears. Curious, the COB leans over Jones, studying the screen: COB What happened? COB What do you mean, don't know? The new course is west into the Atlantic. Is the American turning to Ballow us? No he's not.

He's continuing on our original course. Of cers and enlisted men join in. It snowballs. The COB and Beaumont are on pins and needles. Jones is working his computer furiously. Check your gear.

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Jones is starting to sweat. He runs his tests. The Russian just disappeared. One minute he was steady four thousand yards off our bow and then he was gone. And r a second, I thought I heard Jones nods. Hairs stand up on the back of Mancuso's neck: They don't come any better. A blond man with a clipboard approaches. This Conn is smaller than Red. October's and the weird vibes perfectly reflect the rampant paranoia of the Commander: I think we should surface and contact Red Fleet Command.

Tupolev glides to a quartermaster's station. Following him, Bonavia's stomach growls. That Ramius is merely hiding behind his silent drive? Waiting for me to break radio silence and make a fool of myself? We wilt lie here quietly for a few more hours.

Tupolev leaves. Bonavia glances at the quartermaster. His stomach growls again. Naval officers snap salutes. Padorin answers, dourly.

Yeah- heave-me-alone. They've known each other forever and act like an old married couple.

The Hunt for Red October

The orderly takes Padorin's overcoat and hat. Behind a desk, Padorin lights a morning cigarette. The orderly brings tea things and incessant small talk.

Padorin says nothing. Finally, Padodn sits, focusing on the morning maiL Twenty or so letters are laid neatly on a blotter. Yeah leave-me-alone. The old coot: This he'Il read.. Getting the envelope open, he prepares for a good time.

Somewhere in the first paragraph,. The -hand holding his cigarette begins to shake. Reaching absently for. Beaumont is at his station next to Jones. Wearing a headset, Jones concentrates on his sonar display. Suddenly, he rips the headset off: Somebody just stepped on the gas. Very loud. Viktar Class Soviet submarine. Cutting big holes in the water. Bearing six- five-zero.

There's another one. MORE Hold on. There's two more out there. They're all in a hurry and don't care who the hell knows it. He takes off. Frowning, he starts a tape rewarder. He and Tyler are hip-deep in top secret fees in the naval archive stacks.

RYAN Yes? He stares at Tyler quizzically, waiting: Get your ass to the south entrance of the Executive Offtce Buflding in forty-five minutes. It's across from the White House. Now move! At the top of the stairs, waiting for him, Greer is already in motion: At speed, Ryan trues to keep up with Greer: RYAN I got a line on the doors.

You know what they are? Greer doesn't answer. Turning to Ryan: Thing up and disappeared right in front of him. But that isn't the half of it. He hands Ryan a sheaf of message flimsies. The descending elevator stops. Doors open. Ryan reads. Greer leaves. RYAN Jesus This is unbelievable.

They've sortled their whale bloody fleet! RYAN Where're we going anyway? President's National Security Advisor.

The hunt for Red October

Most of the Joint Chiefs will be there. Along with a few other people. RYAN Who's giving the brieefing? Stopping, he comes back: No one knows this material better than you do. Give him a rundown on the sub and a precis of the stuff in your hand. He's liable to ask some direct questions.

Give him direct answers and say what you think. Yowll do fine. Come on. Ryan takes a deep breath. Joint Chiefs are gathered around a thirty foot conference table. Left alone, Ryan spot, a lectern at the foot of the tabl. Nearby, a yeoman tends a slide machine, an overhead projector and a large bulletin board.

Ryan heads for the lectern. The yeoman has a list of slides, some photos and mustrations. Trying to gather his thoughts, Ryan steps behind the lectern. In his mid-mss, wearing wire-rim spectacles, Pelt's nearsighted, brOliant and a crackerjack poker player. Generals and Admirals take their places. Pelt site at the head of the tabl, turning to Greer: PELT Let's get started.

The preliminary briefing today w M be handled by Dr. Jack Ryan. I believe you've seen some of his: Taking a sip of water, Ryan nods at the yeoman. A variant of the typhoon class, she's some six hundred fifty feet long. Thirty-two thousand tons submerged displacement, roughly the size of a World War II aircraft Carrier.

BEAT Unlike the standard typhoon, equipped to fire long-range missiles from Russian waters, Red October carries fifty-six SSs, which is a short-range attack mis it with eight independent warheads. That's four hundred forty-eight warheads all spedfically designed to fire close in. One is of Ramius alone. The other is a wedding photo of Ramius and a beautiful woman.

Ryan glances at Greer. Greer smi reassuringly. RYAN There's no doubt about that, sir.

She is designed to approach by stealth, and fire on a target with little or no warning. The kind you start wars with. MAP if I may continue. Shortly after the Dallas lost contact, there were additional Soviet mailings from Pa tjarny, Leningrad and the Mediterranean.

And this afternoon's satellite pass over Policjarny found head blooms in the engineering plants of the Kirov, the Minsk and more than twenty cruisers and destroyers,, indicating that the bulk of their surface fleet is also preparing to sail. Flushed, Ryan sits beside Greer. Pelt turns to Greer: PELT Conclusions? A General starts to object. Painting at Ramius' wedding picture, Ryan whispers to Greer: RYAN That's her uncle!

Padorin's her uncle! Greer has no idea what Ryan's saying. Moore's still talking: Audible intake of breath round the room. PELT Sink her? They've got a madman on their hands. He's gonna start a war. A spirited discussion ensues. Tuning it out, Ryan stares at the picture of Ramius and his wife.

Urgently, he whispers to Greer: RYAN This is the twenty-gird, isn't it? Greer nods. Order in the room has broken down. Generals and Admirals argue vehemently about appropriate. Staring at the photos, a light goes off in Ryan's brain: Ryan realizes everyone in the room is staring at him.

I was just thinking there was perhaps another possibility we ought to consider. Nobody moves. Greer rolls his eyes. Too far out. Ryan's on his own. General bristles: He'd be in a position to sect men willing to help him. And he's not Russian. He was raised by his maternal grandfather, who was a fisherman. He has no children, no ties to leave behind and - BEAT This morning was the first anniversary of his wife's death.

I even met him once at an embassy dinner. Have you ever The General darkens. Making a decision, Pelt turns to the Admiral: I'll brief the President. That will, be all, gentlemen. BEAT Dr. Would you stay for a moment, please? Everyone gets up to leave. As Greer rises, he winks at Ryan: Ryan's mouth is dry. Pelt gets up: He was patronizing you and you stomped on him. In my opinion, he deserved It. That means I'm a liar, a cheat and when I'm nvt kissing babies I'm stealing their lallipops.

But it also means I know people and keep my options open. BEAT Let's assume for a minute that you're right and he intends to defect What do you think we should do? RYAN Well, somebody has to go out and try- - to contact him.

When can you leave? The General was right. None of them would volunteer putting their reputations on the line. And anyway, none of them are expendable.

Will, you do it? Ryan stares at Pelt. A ape breaks the surface, trailing a small wake. Submarine is below. Bonavia brings him a message. Frowning, Tupolev reads it. Dive the ship. Saes in the Conn, prepare to dive. Tupalev is furious. Turning to Bonavia, he sneers: And where were we?

Out of contact. Dead in the water! All ahead flank. Come to course three-five-zero. Seven officers sit or stand to the side. I would like to know exactly what happened to Putin?

BEAT He didn't slip on his tea. Did he? Visibly shaken, Stadnyuk waves his hands: He would have stopped us. He was a pig. But it's a decision we should all have made. This is no ordinary cruise.

We're all risking our lives. Everything that happens affects-each of us. Putin is dead. The responsibility and the guilt are mine. On the morning we sailed, I posted a letter to Admiral Padorin announcing our intentions to defect.

Borodin's jaw drops. Kamarov whispers: Make a clean break. They'll hunt us down! Nobody can find us. You signed our death warrants! Tbili- blanches, but will not look away.

All of You. Time crawls by. Finally, Borodin gets to his feet: One by one, the men file out of the wardroom. When they are gone, Borodin turns to Ramius, I would never disagree with you in front of the men.

But Viktor is right. We are in this together. What we are attempting is d'f cult. BEAT That is precisely what we will do. He's wearing the uniform of a naval commander. Hey, Commander? Ryan shakeshis head. You should've been with me six months ago when we hit a typhoon in the Sea of Japan.

Guys were puking all. The plot puked all over his window. I puked the radio to death. Puke was everywhere and I'm not talking lightweight stuff. I'm talking industrial strength puke!

Puke was on the ceiling. Puke was in the ais1 s Ryan is green. A door opens. Ryan climbs down a ramp on shaky legs. The Admiral is waiting for you in his quarters! Setting down the coffee, the steward leaves. Ryan and Davenport enter. Sorry for the confusion, but, as: He thought I would draw less attention if I.

Something to eat? What can I do. You gonna tell me what all this activity is about? Ryan hands Painter a lettew. Opening It, Painter studies the contents. Davenport leans on a bulkhead, staring at Ryan. Painter returns the letter: Now, what's going on? Behind the status board, projected on a screen, a nautical map of the North Atlantic. Mancuso and Thompson enter. But I may have something here. I washed it through the tape machine several times and managed to isolate it. But when I asked the computer to identify it, the answer I got.

See, the system we are using was originally- designed to look four seismic events and although we adapted it. Anyway,; I got curious, and. I located it four different times. The fifth time it was gone and I couldn't find it.

But I want to show you what I worked up. Picking up a grease pencil, Jones makes calculations on the status board overlaying the nautical map: And at zero-nine- forty-eight is was two-ive-zero. The last signal was real faint and I didn't have a very good lock on it. Let's say it was halfway between us and Iceland. That would put it on a course like this. Jones makes more calculations on the. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Book details Author: General Tom Clancy Pages: Berkley Publishing Group Language: English ISBN Description this book Somewhere under the Atlantic, a Soviet submarine commander has just made a fateful decision: The Americans want her.

The Russians want her back. And the most incredible chase in history is on. A military thriller so accurate and convincing that the author was rumoured to have been debriefed by the White House. Its theme: Its story: END https: If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 5. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard.

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