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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Urinary and proximal tubule acidification during reduction of renal blood flow in the rat Gerhard Malnic. Margarida Mello-aires. Urinary and proximal tubule acidification during reduction of renal blood flow in the rat.

Blood samples were obtained from the femoral artery at the mid-point of every urine collection period. Mean arterial blood pressure, measured before and after aortic clamping, fell from to mmHg in the femoral artery, confirming a marked reduction in renal perfusion pressure.

Blood pH fell by 0 05 units in these conditions, but remained within the normal range. We observed no changes of blood and urine Pco2.

Urine pH showed a tendency to decrease but this change did not reach statistical significance.

In contrast, titratable acidity per millilitre GFR increased significantly in rats during aortic clamping. Figure 1 provides data on renal haemodynamic changes.

The filtration fraction remained unchanged. Figure 2 compares the absolute and fractional sodium excretion rates in control and experimental conditions. In an additional series of experiments, several kinetic parameters of acidification were studied in perfused proximal tubules during an initial control period and during periods of aortic clamping. Table 2 summarizes relevant data. Renal cortical Pco2, as measured by Severinghaus microelectrodes, fell by a mean value of 7 mmHg after aortic clamping.

These values were used to calculate bicarbonate concentrations Downloaded from J Physiol jp. Mean values of these data are given in Table 3. It is of interest that the final stationary pH in the proximal tubule lumen was moderately but significantly reduced after aortic clamping.

Similarly, stationary bicarbonate concentrations were reduced. Acidification half- Inulin PAH Inulin and PAH clearances and filtration fraction in control open bars and aortic clamped stippled bars rats. Number of measurements in parentheses; probabilities refer to significance of differences between control rats and rats with aortic clamping. TABLE 1.


As a consequence of these changes in acidification kinetics, net bicarbonate reabsorption rates JH were significantly increased after aortic clamping, compared to control periods. For instance, a large number of investigations on the nature of glomerulo-tubular balance have clarified the Downloaded from J Physiol jp.

Urinary excretion of sodium UNaV and fractional excretion of sodium ENa in percentage in control open bars and aortic clamped stippled bars rats. Numbers of measurements in parentheses; probabilities refer to significance of differences between control rats and rats with aortic clamping. As a consequence of glomerulo-tubular balance, fractional salt reabsorption is kept approximately constant when GFR is reduced by e.

In addition, it has been shown that there is also a marked luminal load dependence of APR. Kinetics of acidification in proximal tubules of rats before and during aortic clamping Control Clamped pH. This may be due to the opposing effects of aortic constriction on peritubular capillary dynamics tending to increase reabsorption and of the changed filtered load of sodium chloride, which is markedly reduced, thus decreasing APR.

Our experiments have shown that aortic constriction, although leading to a marked reduction in RPF, does not impair urinary acidification. Urinary titratable acidity was even significantly increased see Table 1. Proximal tubule acidification kinetics also detected stimulation of the acidification rate. Thus, a significant reduction was observed in proximal luminal stationary pH and bicarbonate concentration as compared to controls.

What mechanisms might be evoked to explain the observed stimulation of proximal acidification? A possible mechanism for stimulation of proximal acidification is an increase of the Downloaded from J Physiol jp. A fall in cell pH may arise due to accumulation of acid metabolites; the decreased Pco2 found after aortic clamping would act in the opposite direction see Table 2. On the other hand, a stimulation of proximal sodium transport has been observed during extracellular volume contraction.

Weiner et al. It is interesting to compare the present results with those obtained in adrenalectomized ADX rats. The present results indicate that this effect of ADX, which is reversed by corticosteroid administration, is not due to the haemodynamic changes in renal cortex caused by hormone depletion, but to hormone action on the tubule epithelium itself. In sum, the present study has shown that the reduction of renal perfusion pressure and of RBF, to about one-third of the control value, reduces absolute sodium excretion UNaV , absolute renal sodium reabsorption, but not fractional sodium excretion.

At the same time, urine acidification is not reduced, but even stimulated. This effect is confirmed in perfused proximal tubule, where net bicarbonate reabsorption is significantly increased when RBF is reduced by aortic clamping.

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The relation between head and apparent visual field motion in the pigeon Columba Livia. Proceedings of international meetings with published text Baldo, M. Realismo e Instrumentalismo: Campinas, Emergence of sensory selection mechanisms in Artificial Life simulations. Computational Modeling of Visual Illusions. Spatial distribution of visual attention: Annual Meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics.

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MOTA, A. The automatic and voluntary orienting of visual attention in Parkinson disease patients.

(PDF) Fisiologia Margarida Aires 4ª Edição | Carolina Chaves -

Time perception in Parkinson's disease. Baldo M. Aerobic training improves cardiovascular hemodynamic and structural alterations present in old SHR.

Journal of Hypertension, Computational neurobiology of the flash-lag effect and other visual illusions, European Conference on Visual Perception, Budapeste, Hungria, Cravo, A.

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