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Welcome to the Mass Effect wiki guide. If this is your first time playing Mass Effect you are in for a treat. This is the first installment of a. mass-effect - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Mass Effect 2 - Prima Official Game Guide - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online.

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Uploaded by: LAVONNA Unoffical Mass Effect Guide guides/mass-effect. Check back for updates, videos and comments for this guide. Welcome to the guide to Mass Effect. Here you will find walkthrough of all game: primary mission as well as side quests (or optional assignments if you prefer). You can view and navigate PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download the Acrobat Reader software if you don't have it already so that.

It covers experiencing virtually all of the content of Mass Effect. There are a number of other excellent achievement specific guides listed below. These should also be consulted for specifics concerning those achievements. Note that this is not intended to be a walk-through in the usual sense: It is not necessary to complete the game more than once to gain the "Completionist" achievement. This checklist will provide one possible order for accomplishing all of the missions and assignments. If you are already at least level 20, it will be impossible to avoid triggering the UNC:

Combat Weakness: Tech and Biotics Starting Talents: Four points in Pistol talent. If you are unsure of which one to select.

Military Specialization The most important choice you have to make during your character creation venture is that of your character's Military Specialization.

Six points in Combat Armor talent. For example.

Your reputation for ruthless efficiency makes your fellow soldiers wary of you. Ruthless 'Throughout your military career. Each of the six classes have their own strengths and weaknesses in three different fields: War Hero 'Early in your military career you found yourself facing an overwhelming enemy force. Each class is briefly outlined below. Trapped in an extreme survival situation.

Tech and Biotics. Five points in Assault Training talent. But when failure is not an option. You've been called cold. Sniper Rifles. First Aid. The class that you select will greatly influence how you experience Mass Effect.

Your bravery and heroism have earned you medals and recognition from the Alliance fleet. Soldiers get improved health. Soldier 'Soldiers are combat specialists ideal for the front lines of a firefight.

Infiltrator Infiltrators combine combat and tech abilities to specialize in killing or disabling enemies at long range. Infiltrators are trained to use omni-tools. Five points in Basic Armor talent. Adept 'Adepts are biotic specialists. Four points in Electronic talent. Biotics Weakness: Combat and Tech Starting Talents: Adepts can only use light armor. Five points in First Aid talent.

Tech Weakness: Combat and Biotics Starting Talents: Basic Armor. Through upgradeable implants they can use biotic powers to lift or throw objects.

Using the holographic omni-tool. Engineer 'Engineers are tech specialists. Combat and Tech Weakness: Biotics Starting Talents: Four points in Barrier talent. Six points in Throw talent.

Six points in Pistol talent. They can use pistols or sniper rifles and medium armour. Seven points in Decryption talent. Seven points in Warp talent. Engineers can only use light armour. They are more efficient at tech and biotics that other classes. Biotics and Tech. Six points in Barrier talent. They use pistols and shotguns. Sentinels can only use light armour.

Typically they use biotic abilities and advance healing skills to defend allies. They combine biotics and weapons to take down opponents. Four points in Decryption talent.

Vanguard 'Vanguards are biotic warriors. Combat and Biotics. Seven points in Throw talent. Appearance and Combat Difficulty Once you have selected a class for your character. Tech Starting Talents: Tactical Armor. Six points in Tactical Armor talent.

Four points in Electronics talent. Combat Starting Talents: Four points in Warp talent. Five points in Pistol talent. Sentinel 'Sentinels combine biotic and tech abilities. You can select one of the preset faces by using the 'Cycle Presets' option.

Infiltrator Unlockable Talents: The combat levels of Minions are scaled down based on player level while Sub-bosses and Bosses are scaled up. But don't worry about that. Unlocked by completing the game on Hardcore without changing the difficulty level. Tinker with the remaining options and then hit the A button to continue. The combat levels of Minions. You can move on to harder difficulty levels with subsequent playthroughs. Some enemies have special protection. Auto Level-Up should remain off.

Sub-bosses and Bosses that you will encounter during your adventure. The combat levels of Minions and Sub-bosses are scaled based on player level. The difficulty level that you select affects the level of the Minions. Most enemies have special protection.

By manually leveling Shepard's allies you can tailor them to compliment Shepard's class. Most enemies are scaled up based on the player's level. All enemies have protection. Unlocked by completing the game once on any difficulty level. Most enemies have no special protection or immunities. After hitting Finalize. Look over the character summary to ensure that everything is in order. Keep in mind. Sub-bosses and Bosses are scaled down based on player level. You can tweak the Gameplay options once your character has been created.

Your first task is getting to the Dig Site. To do this. On the Mission Computer screen. Exit out of the Mission Computer and look to the radar on the bottom-right side of the screen. You are joined by crewmembers Kaiden Alenko and Richard Jenkins. Choices on the left side of the wheel usually further the conversation.

This is an unavoidable event. Notice how an arrow is now visible on the radar that points towards the flag you have placed. The comm room is located at the other end of the Normandy. Room Meeting Find the Beacon Objective: Placing a Destination flag on the map can help you get there. Prologue On The Normandy After the opening cutscene you discover that a turian Spectre by the name of Nihlus has been sent by the Council to oversee the mission taking place on Eden Prime.

Move your cursor over to the 'Dig Site' text and press the A button to set the Destination flag there. As you move towards the Dig Site. Speak to Corporal Jenkins and Doctor Chakwas before entering the comm room and select the Paragon or Renegade choices on the conversation wheel to receive a small number of morality points.

You find Nihlus waiting for you upon entering the comm room. The recon drones themselves are easy enough to destroy. Generally the top-right dialogue choice on the conversation wheel is a Paragon response. Work your way through the dialogue tree and watch the events that unfold. In this case. Nihlus Comm. The conversation choices you make during conversations may yield Paragon or Renegade points.

When you level up for the first time. Do not let one get too close to you. The talents available depend on character class. If one does manage to get close enough. After a short cutscene a group of husks starts moving towards the squad. This particular variant of geth is easy to destroy. While its on the ground. Take cover behind the rock as instructed and take them out while safely behind cover.

When the coast is clear. For more information on character classes. Move up the sloping path behind the Dig Site to reach the battered camp. Geth Ashley Williams Objective: A small number of geth can be found just before your destination. Warren and Manuel. Manual Decryption Omni-gel Two doctors. Manuel out. To avoid the hassle it would be a good idea to save your game before attempting this.

Husk Once the husks have been dealt with. If you press an incorrect button or do not press the correct button fast enough.

You must press the buttons that flash onscreen in a timely manner. To unlock this door. It is unlikely that you have collected enough Omni-gel thus far.

Set a Destination flag near the 'Train Station' text on the map to make finding your way there easier. There are four charges to disarm and you have four minutes to do so. Geth Destroyer Power Wheel Objective: Take the Train Activate the Train Controls when you reach the end of the cargo train. Use your powers to weaken the shock troopers before they can get too close ex.

Approach the charge and press the A button to begin disarming it.. Once the first charge has been disarmed. Take the eastern walkway for the sake of following this walkthrough. Demolition Charge The western walkway is packed with geth. You can command your squad members to use their powers on targeted enemies as well.

After a short conversation with a colonist named Powell. At the top of the ramp you can either cross to the western walkway or continue to follow the eastern walkway.

The first Demolition Charge is to your left when you step off of the cargo train. Among the geth troopers is a geth destroyer. Good powers to use against the destroyer are Overload. Manuel Objective: Head to Spaceport Your next destination is the Spaceport.

To use an ability first hold down the RB button. To order your squad to attack an enemy. Take the time to open the locked containers and lockers in the area. You can speak with Doctor Chakwas. Remove the geth and husks surrounding the Prothean Beacon. The remaining charges are found along the second walkway. Once you have regained control over Shepard. Prothean Beacon Objective: Speak to Joker After the cutscene you find yourself back aboard the Normandy. When you have disarmed the final charge.

Activate the console and select 'Wards Locations' from the wheel. You can find Harkin in Chora's Den. Walkthroughs for all assignments can be found in the 'Optional Assignments' section of this guide. Citadel Citadel: Expose Saren Objective: Go to the Tower When you gain control of Shepard. Garrus Vakarian Citadel Council Citadel: Garrus Objective: This console can be used to quickly reach a location in the Citadel that you have previously visited.

Follow the arrow on your radar until you reach the elevator. Upon exiting the office. There are plenty of assignments to be completed at the Citadel. After a short conversation with a turian named Garrus Vakarian. Approach the Citadel Rapid Transit terminal near the keeper and investigate. When ready. Step into the elevator and ride it up to the Citadel Tower.

You can learn more about the Citadel and its areas by interacting with this terminal. Concentrate on completing this mission first. You witness Dr. Assassin Harkin Objective: Head to the back of the club to find Harkin sitting alone at a table. Wrex joins the crew after a short cutscene. Wrex is a hybrid character. Use the Rapid Transit terminal to reach the Med Clinic.

Michel Citadel: Wrex Objective: During the conversation. Once Garrus offs the thug holding her. With the assassins out of the way. Open the Med Clinic door to trigger a cutscene. As with Garrus. Crouch down behind the railing and attack them with a Sniper Rifle. From here. Michel being held by some thugs. After stepping through the doorway you'll encounter two turian assassins.

Wrex is standing by the doorway to the right of the Docking Bay elevator. Harkin points you towards the Med Clinic in the Upper Wards. Cross the bridge up ahead and go down the ramp on the right to reach the first floor of the Presidium.

Move forward until you come to an elevator marked 'To C-Sec Academy. Don't be afraid to retreat if things start to get ugly. You could also try to stick the krogan with a grenade. There are more thugs and a couple of warehouse workers through the proceeding hallway. Chora's Den Raid If you or one of your squad members has the Overload ability. Scaring the warehouse workers away with Charm yields Paragon points. If your character is trained with a Sniper Rifle.

Use a Rapid Transit terminal to reach Chora's Den and cross the walkway that leads to the bar. The workers can be persuaded to leave by using Charm or Intimidate if Shepard has enough talent points invested in either one of those talents.

Don't just charge into the bar. There are plenty of thugs. The thugs inside are ready for you.

mass-effect guide.pdf

Whatever you do. Wrex Citadel: If the conversation wheel does not appear. The main room of Chora's Den has restocked with Thugs. With both turrets down. Defensive Turret Fist Objective: Save the Quarian You have four minutes to rescue the quarian after speaking with Fist.

After the cutscene. Once the room is clear. The turrets can be destroyed with Overload. If you have Wrex in your squad. Warehouse Workers Stand back when you meet Fist. You can kill Fist to receive Renegade points.

Use every abilities available to you to take him down. Head up the steps near the Rapid Transit terminal and move towards the meeting place. When Fist's health bar has been depleted a cutscene is activated. Her First Aid. Mission Complete You can enter the Normandy and continue on with the storyline or you can hang back and complete some of the optional assignments found in the Citadel. For saving her life. It would be best to decide on two squad members and stick with them throughout your adventure.

Speak with Anderson to enter the Council Chamber. To earn the Ally achievements you must play through the majority of the game with the squad member that corresponds to each achievement ex. Tali'Zorah nar Rayya or simply 'Tali' agrees to present the damning evidence against Saren to the Council.

You should always check in with stores and purchase any items marked as 'Unique. Council Chamber Objective: Garrus to unlock the 'Turian Ally' achievement. Upon leaving the ship you are prompted to select two squad members to accompany you. Shepard joins the Spectre ranks as the first human Spectre! As a Spectre. It would be wise to start investing points in Charm or Intimidate. Once the cutscene is over… that's it for this mission. To change your current squad.

Focus on only one of the persuasion talents. Electronics and Decryption talents are a must if Shepard or a second squad member does not have access to them.

Mass Effect 2 - Prima Official Game Guide | Ammunition | Infantry

After some dialogue with Anderson and Udina. If you decide to remain at the Citadel and complete the assignments there.. This is especially important if you want to unlock some additional achievements along the way. When you are ready.

Tali joins the team. Check out the 'Optional Assignments' section for help with those. She is a very strong tech user and would fit nicely into your squad if Shepard is exclusively Biotic Adept or Combat Soldier. If you take the eastern hallway down to the Requisition Office you can speak to the turian there and purchase or sell items.

The Engineering section of the Normandy can be reached using the Quarters elevator Here. Speak to Joker at on Bridge and ask him about his personal history to gain some XP. Your Mission With Spectre status you are free to explore the galaxy at your own pace. Selecting the top-right or top-left options on the conversation wheel gives you Paragon points after the speech.

Garrus can be found by Mako. Doing so entails forming a relationship with a crewmember and choosing the correct dialogue choices while conversing with them. Each character has a locker assigned to them. Speak to Engineer Adams to learn more about the Normandy.

Equipment can be purchased from the Alliance Requisition Officer. Here you can speak with Kaiden. These missions can be tackled in an order of your choosing. To earn the 'Paramour' achievement you must complete one of the romance subplots. Wrex near the squad lockers and Ashley across from there. The lockers in Engineering can be used to outfit your allies without actually being in the field.

Speaking with the crewmembers that Shepard can form a relationship with develops the romance subplot which reaches its conclusion near the end of the game. Tali can be found in the Engineering section which can be reached by going through one of the doors behind the elevator.

As far as missions go. You may choose to complete some optional assignments that take you to uncharted worlds. The Medical Center is located by the Sleeping Pods. The Normandy When you first board the Normandy you must speak to your new subordinates. Head down the tunnel and continue towards the ruins. After moving through a second tunnel. Gate Gate Control Return to the Mako and drive through the now raised gate. First and foremost. As you drive towards the gate. Turn into the opening and follow the curved path to its end to find yourself behind the gate.

The geth colossus has quite a bit of health. When the perimeter is clear of hostiles. Move to the end of the walkway and use the gate control on the wall to raise the vehicle gate outside. There are two geth rocket troops stationed at the end of the tunnel. You soon reach a gate flanked by two heavy turrets. As you make your way to the Refinery. Destroy the geth assault drones that appear. Due to their wall climbing ability. Save your game when you can see the Mining Camp in the distance.

Avoid remaining out of cover for too long though. A cutscene is triggered as you close in on the camp. Prothean Ruins Entrance Move down the catwalk. Start down the path that leads to the Mining Camp. Some geth troops. With the geth destroyed. Geth Geth Armature When the geth troops and stalkers have been dealt with.

Use the second elevator to reach the lower catwalk. The geth stalkers move quickly. Take the ramps down to the bottom level of the ruins. Use Overload if useable by Shepard or a squad member to lower its shield. Immediately take cover behind one of the nearby crates once you gain control over Shepard to avoid taking fire from the stalkers. Move behind the structure across from the ruins entrance if necessary. This path is quite straightforward.

Move out of the way if you notice a laser sight pointing at you from up above to avoid taking serious damage. Remain behind cover and damage the armature with abilities and weaponry until it falls. Take cover behind something as soon as you gain control of Shepard. His attacks are quite damaging too.

A tunnel is created below the catwalk once the correct override sequence has been entered.

This mission comes to a close after a short debriefing with the Council. The override sequence is A. The krogan has a strong shield. Krogan Battlemaster When the krogan falls. Luckily Shepard and crew manage to make it out safely and return to the ship with Liara. Back aboard the Normandy.

Mass Effect Game Guide & Walkthrough

Be ready to use a Medi-gel if Shepard or an ally requires medical attention. Concentrate on removing the geth troopers and snipers that accompany the krogan first. Geth Attack Objective: There are two geth stalkers in the stairwell. Speak with Fai Dan There are geth positioned all along the walkway. Your mission is to find out how Saren is involved and why the geth were sent to the planet. Choose your squad members. Once the geth in the stairwell have been dealt with. Feros Geth forces have attacked Feros.

This variant of geth moves quickly and can climb walls and ceilings. Move past the colonists to the very back of the colony and speak with Fai Dan by the doorway.

Your interaction with David is cut short when an explosion suddenly occurs and a large number of geth enter the area.


David informs you that Fai Dan. Stand still and wait until one of the stalkers is stationary and then quickly attack using weapons or offensive abilities. Head to the front desk with speak with a woman named Gianna Parasini. Bringing Liara along is in no way necessary and discouraged if you are working to unlock 'Ally' achievements that are not Asari Ally.

One of your squad members will suggest bringing Liara T'Soni along. Inquire about the geth to learn that Matriarch Benezia.

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Mass Effect Walkthrough. Welcome to our Mass Effect walkthrough! Simply click any of the links within the navigation bar to the right and you will be brought to the respective area.

Walkthrough Prologue. User Name. Release Dates.

Mass Effect 2 - Prima Official Game Guide

Table of Contents. Artur "Metatron" Falkowski for gamepressure. May 5, Guide contains: Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide.

Character The basis for a good start Mass Effect Guide. Citadel - p. Morality The basis for a good start Mass Effect Guide. Therum - Liara T'Soni - p. Mass Effect Video Game genre: RPG developer: Bioware publisher: Microsoft platform: Mature The galaxy is trapped in an endless cycle of extinction. Microsoft - Publisher Website. Bioware - Developer Website.

Mass Effect - Official Website. Mass Effect Guide Game Guide. The basis for a good start. Prolog Eden Prime Citadel - p. Uncharted World.

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