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The Proposition is a Romance novel by Katie Ashley, The Proposition read online free from your computer and Smartphone, Mobile. Editorial Reviews. Review. "Just when I thought another romance novel couldn't possibly surprise me - Ladies and Gentlemen, lo and behold, The Proposition!!. Editorial Reviews. Review. THE PROPOSITION is an amazing and breathtakingstoryline. . Release!: A Walker Brothers Novel (The Walker Brothers Book 1) · Release!: A Walker Brothers Novel (The Walker Brothers Book 1)Kindle Edition.

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After Aidan learns of Emma's predicament, he is quick to offer a proposition that will benefit them A Companion Novel to The Proposition and The Proposal. The Proposition By Katie Ashley This is a work of fiction. All characters, organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the author's. The Party (The Proposition, #), The Proposition (The Proposition, #1), The Proposal (The A Companion Novel to The Proposition and The Prop More.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Gary Kemp. The Unity of the Proposition in the Later Wittgenstein. Not the final draft; final draft is published in Conceptus, ISSN The Unity of the Proposition in the later Wittgenstein By the Unity of the Proposition I mean, in the simplest sort of case, the fact that merely mentioning or referring to an object and a property—the sky, blueness—is not sufficient for saying that the object has the property—that the sky is blue.

The Proposition Series

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Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention katie ashley next book well written sperm donor story line second book really enjoyed looking forward biological clock emma and aidan fall in love must read clock is ticking great book great read main characters gay best sex scenes bad boy highly recommend.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. And not that good anyway. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This isn't a complete book. It is one of those come on books that scam the reader. You have to buy more in a series to find how the story ends. It isn't that good a book to begin with!

Kindle Edition. Nowhere in the description does it say trilogy. Everytime a book is free its a cliffhanger lately. I should know before reading that i'll have to buy more books. Its not worth getting the second book I didn't care for the turn the book took it was stupid to make him cheat.

It should have ended with him declaring his love with an epilogue of a wedding end of story. Audible Audiobook Verified Purchase. If what you want is a huge, huge cliff hanger, unrelenting sex scenes, a H that can barely talk except in short, snide comments, and a h who's constantly giving him coy smiles, this is your book.

Otherwise, feel free to pass. I was trapped on a very long trip with this as my Audible companion, or I would have passed without finishing it. As it is, I can assure you it never gets better - only more boring. There's a limit to how much sex can be packed into any book and leave room for a story line, other than maybe a classic like Fanny Hill. Oh, and about half way thru I started shaking my head and saying, "no, just no," to senario after scenario.

People aren't going to make it on a sandy beach then pile into a hammock with all the sand and everything else on themselves, fall asleep, and then sleep until well after the sun comes up without a really good excuse - and they didn't have one I saw this was recommended by a blog I follow and that it was on sale for free.

So glad I didn't pay money for this. While the premise is something most women could sympathize with about the pressure of your biological clock. I feel that the execution was too clinical. It didn't feel naturally occurring and that she's bawling her eyes out one minute and the next is happy go lucky self. Apparently none of her friends have filters and are more than happy to spread her business around. I know this is fiction but it didn't seem natural the way the story progresses.

I could t even finish. I was totally enjoying this book. Really, I was. I loved both Emma and Aidan. Both characters have great personalities, they communicate with each other and their relationship grew over time a rarity in the love at first sight romance novel world. The elevator jolted him down to the first floor.

Heated voices met Aidan the moment he stepped off, causing him to grunt in frustration. Damn, the last thing he needed after working late and being cock- teased by the cleaning lady was to come up on some domestic dispute. I had to see if you were all right.

Get your damn hands off her! The couple startled at the sight of him. From the way she refused to meet his eye, he knew she recognized him as well. Aidan turned his attention to the guy, Connor, whose eyes were wide with fear. Connor looked like he was ready to bolt out the nearest exit. Aidan then realized how intimidating he must appear with his fists clenched at his side, his jaw hard set.

Connor held up his hands in surrender. He glared at Connor. He silenced it the minute Aidan cocked his eyebrows at him and took a step forward. Here it is. Sorry about that. He held one hand up. With a sigh, Connor ran his hand through his dark hair. You chickened out when it came down to doing the deed? For your information, it was going to be done in a clinic. He dug it out and then groaned at the ID.

I really, really have to go. That would be awesome. Aidan Fitzgerald. When his phone rang, he winced and gave a short wave before bringing it to his ear. With a shake of his head, Aidan started across the lobby to the bathroom. He rapped on the door. I have nothing else to say to you! Not to mention, you just embarrassed the hell out of me in front of one of the biggest assholes in the company! Not exactly a title he was proud of, especially coming from a woman. He was used to hearing much more flattering descriptions of himself from them.

Well, at least in the beginning before he walked away. After that, things usually took a nasty turn. She was a determined one that was for sure not to mention stubborn as hell. Her shy smiles and glances up at him through her eyelashes had spurned him on to close the small space between them. Emma sprawled out on the tapestry settee with a wet paper towel over her eyes.

On one side, her skirt was jacked halfway up her hip, giving him a fabulous view of legs and thighs. I hated the type of woman who cannot wait for two weeks before she goes on a date with another man so that she would no longer be in a situation where she is living with the person trying to win her back and dating another at the same time.

For all the hard-core fans of The Proposition who were left gasping at its cliff-hanger, there is no doubt you will want to read this book and will hopefully engage in the storyline a whole lot more than I did.

They were definitely worth the wait and made the storyline a lot more bearable for me. Follow me on Facebook! View all 11 comments. The TWO things about this book which was constantly bugging the crap out of me were.. In my head he was a hot Indian guy. But the author barely gave us any description about him so I was pretty bummed about that. If someone has an imagination of how he looks, Please post a picture so it can fill in the face gap for me.

McDreamy Bollywood! TWO - There were scenes which should have been longer and a with a few more emotions showing.. It brought like an 'Oh! O' kinda reaction from the reader. Appart from those two things, The book was amazing. I really love this author's writing style, Its seriously like reading a movie or maybe its just this story: P I don't know, but all I care about is that the book was amazing and capturing. When a man and woman love each other very much, the love grows inside the woman and makes a baby.

So deserved it: One look of absolute and total disgust would have been enough, but damned if in his drunken state, there had to be two. Haha, I love Patrick. Sweet old strong amazing man. P But I also Lovedddd the way he made it up to her, in each and every way! Sweet chap ;: It confuses me. As an asshole and as the sweetest hunk ever!!

D Love you sweet adorable Author's who give us an early release without bribing us!! Love you all.. As long as we get our drug doze of amazingly awesome books to keep us floating, we are cool with anything!! Nov 02, B.

The Proposition

This review is brought to you by the words "twatwaffle" and "douchenozzle" the BEST names Aidan has ever been called! Katie Ashley knows how to write a love story. She made us swoon, fall in love then curse and kick our kindles with The Proposition. I was like at the end. This book takes us through another myriad of emotions.

Emma remains the kind hearted, loving soul she has always been, sticking by Aidan's family despite Aidan tearing her heart to pieces and Aidan has been living a life of hel This review is brought to you by the words "twatwaffle" and "douchenozzle" the BEST names Aidan has ever been called! Emma remains the kind hearted, loving soul she has always been, sticking by Aidan's family despite Aidan tearing her heart to pieces and Aidan has been living a life of hell for the 3 weeks since he dropped his balls and got scared of what he had with Emma.

At th Aidan still has his cocky big ego, Emma still has a smart mouth, and Dr Pesh comes along and confuses everyone by being so damn nice. Beau is still the dog of my dreams, Casey is the queen of putdowns and is an assassin with a purse.

Patrick is cunning as always and those Fitzgerald nephews are hilarious. View 1 comment. Nov 08, Smitten's Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: It turned me into a sighing, grinning, gooey sap. Oh my goodness, it's sooooo cute. I loved The Proposition and I was distraught with the cliffhanger ending, so I couldn't wait to get my hands on this! And it didn't disappoint.

Her voice drew him nearer and nearer like a siren leading a man to his doom. Emma was, as in the first book, a great, strong female lead. She's funny, cute and knows her own mind. I loved that. For Squeeee! For the most part. However, I did want to poke her in the eyes at a few points in this book One word. Argh, Emma, what were you thinking??!!

At no point did I warm to Pesh! He irritated the hell outta me! What man does that? He knew she was six months pregnant. He knew about Aidan. I wanted to bash him over the head with his stethoscope. And Emma needed a slap for getting her knickers in such a knot. Gosh, see how violent they made me?

And breathe. Now, moving on to the good stuff I just knew Aidan would redeem himself. I can't live without you. Seeeeriously heart melting stuff. He was all over this redemption shiz! The moment she holds Noah in her arms for the first time any of the pain and suffering she experienced will just evaporate in an instant.

And you will be the one who gave that to her. Maybe I'm a weakling but I'd have caved waaaay before Emma did. I love love loved the proposal. I mean the actual proposal. And the wedding, and the honeymoon, and the sex Steamy, romantic, swoon worthy, adorable! I love you so much, too. There were some very very hot scenes in this book. I'm talking cowboy hats, hot tubs, squirty cream, handcuffs type of hot. Ashley excels in writing the pulse-racing-down-and-dirty stuff.

You had me at handcuffs," The birth of Noah was fab. A real mix of stress and giggles. Casey and Connor play a brilliant part in this scene. They make me want friends like them! But, true to form, Aidan made me weak at the knees Aidan smiled. And then, because my heart wasn't enough of a melted liquidy mess, came the epilogue. More cute. More happy sighing. More perfect. Cue butterflies, love hearts and all things romance.

Oh, and did I mention that I love Aidan? But you don't have to keep complimenting me because you're so getting laid tonight. View all 5 comments. Jan 10, Henz rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was the sequel to The Proposition and because it ended with a heartbreaking cliffhanger of course I had to read it right away.

Did I tell you that Aidan had his asshole moments?? Well he did it; he did the most asshole thing to do and cheated just so he could deny those feelings his having for Emma. In this we learned a secret from his past and this is were Aidan tried to fix what he'd broken; Emma 's trust, her heart. So I was enjoying him growing a vagina when a new player came into the picture. I was worried right away because Dr. Pesh Nadeen is quite a catch; handsome, smart and chivalrous.

But when he said those three important words, I cried! Damn it, I cried and swooned! It was such a perfect moment. Did I tell you I cried?

I forgive you Aidan! He messed up, fixed it and made up for it and I was simply laughing my ass off when Emma was in labor. I really liked this book series. Dec 15, Paula rated it really liked it Shelves: You must read The Proposition first before you even read this review or you will read spoilers from the first book. I was extremely mad at Aidan for his foolish mistake. I wanted Aidan on his knees groveling for Emma's forgiveness. The man not only paid the price for what he did, but he exceeded my begging expectations.

And I fell even more in love with Aidan in The Proposal. In the beginning of the story, Aidan is still in the dog house. He's miserable and struggling with losing Emma.

He's lost sleep, lost weight, and drinking excessively. He's tried everything from begging in text messages to sending a whole florists shop of flowers to win Emma back. But, he didn't just break Emma's heart, he crushed it into a million pieces. Emma is not sure if she even wants Aidan back. She may love him, but she can't forget how he shattered her heart and her trust. So, she avoids Aidan at all cost and has cut off all communication with him.

Yet, no matter how angry she is with Aidan, she still desperately misses him.

When Emma is suddenly put on strict bed rest six months into her pregnancy, Aidan eagerly steps in to take care of her. He does everything in his power, including taking a leave of absence from work, to make sure she is comfortable and well cared for. He even willingly goes out at one in the morning to get her a Wendy's fix. Now, that's how you woo a pregnant woman!

With these little gestures of affection, Aidan continuously proves himself more and more how much he is willing to sacrifice for Emma and his unborn son, Noah. He wanted nothing more than to have his family back.

And it didn't take long before I had forgiven Aidan. But, even though he won me over, Emma and Aidan had a lot of problems to work through before they could be together.

I really didn't care for the part of the story with the doctor. Pesh is an ER doctor Emma met while in the hospital. When they first meet, there is an immediate attraction between the two. I kept thinking, "What are you doing woman?!

All I wanted was Aidan, Aidan, and only Aidan to be in the picture.

The Proposition Series - Author Katie Ashley

I do realize that Aidan really hurt her but, her actions were starting to mirror what Aidan did to her. It's ironic how I went from being furious with Aidan in the first book, to wanting nothing more than for Emma to admit that Aidan is the one and only man she wanted. But, alas, things did turn around by the second half of the book. I really enjoyed how sweet and romantic this part of the story was.

It was much more enjoyable than the first half where I felt completely on edge and annoyed. Aidan, true to his word, came through for Emma. He proved his love. He proved she could trust him. He proved that he wasn't a complete scumbag after all. And he finally says those three little words that mean so much to Emma. So, Aidan does get to keep his thingie that I threatened in my first review. This once womanizing scoundrel really grew up in this story and became the best kind of man.

And it didn't take the whole book for this couple to work their problems out. The Proposal is the perfect ending to Emma and Aidan's story. Tears, laughter, pain, and anger were all a part of their journey to finding what they were both looking for.

B Heat: Romantic Book Affairs loves you! Nov 04, Sandra Cortez rated it liked it. What man says crap like that. My soul cries for you? I almost wanted to hurl LOL!! I absolutely adored the Proposition but this was one was sappy line after sappy line.

I soo missed my alpha male Aiden. His manhood was apparently left in The Proposition and Em's 3. His manhood was apparently left in The Proposition and Em's hormones had a horrible affect on both of them. Casey was right on target, Aiden grew a vagina! Nov 01, Sofia Lazaridou rated it really liked it Shelves: Aidan you better make things right in this one or someone won't see the next dawn After reading the book: Aidan you are lucky and I won't kill you.

Seriously I wasn't expecting all the things he did to get Emma back. He showed her how sweet and caring he is and that he is going to be there for her. Somehow I couldn't be mad at Aidan for cheating, which is not something I do usually, and I was hoping he was going to get her back with some grand gesture. But the grand gestures are not w Pre-reading: But the grand gestures are not what Emma needs or gets. The small things Aidan does are the one that matter in the end. And then Pesh comes into the scenery and is after Emma's heart.

I am team Aidan and if I want to be honest the doctor is pretty good but I didn't like him with Emma and let's just say that if he died somehow see Grey's Anatomy I wouldn't be unhappy or would give him a second thought. That was until he said the quote below and then mostly disappeared from Emma and Aidan's life.

The quote made me like him a little and later it helped when he did a favor to Emma. What would you rather have? Words that can be spoken lightly and then taken back so easily, or would you rather actions? Because Pesh is the safe choice the one that wouldn't threaten her heart and Aidan is the unsafe one.

What guarantees her that he won't hurt her again? So I can't or you really blame her for trying something with Pesh. What I can blame her sort of is not appreciating what Aidan did to win her over and brushing it off nothing while she was at his place and he was taking care of her.

The proposal anticipated by many is the end of Emma and Aidan's story. It had me worried for a second that the end would be different in some way and I was glad to see that that wasn't the case. View 2 comments. Mar 15, Eni rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book was so sweet. I loved it. Nov 17, Michelle Valentine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Full review, complete with gifs, to come!!!

View all 6 comments. Dec 09, Elle Ligia rated it liked it Shelves: You guys! That was such a great ending to this amazing story! Can you tell I'm happy? Can you? So if you remember right I was left more than just freaking out at the end of The Proposition [ review ] so excuse me for dying to read the sequel.

The waiting was terrible. Actually, I think it's the worst cliffie I've had to live through. Moving on. In The Proposal we have Emma and Aidan back, but with a major brick wall between them, aka Aidan's ass cheating move. So maybe I was a little angry at what he did before, but I'm all on forgiving, especially if he's But that might be a little bit harder than expected, heh Aidan? Emma is a hard woman to convince. And duh! He totally deserved to do some serious groveling.

Yet that's not everything Aidan is against. There's also the issue of the new doctor, Pesh, having the hots for Emma Okay, so maybe he didn't have the hots for Emma Even worse! Emma was willing to give him a chance!

Okay, so she's hurt, I get it, but I did not appreciate her moves, I mean I mentioned this on my pre-review which is now gone that I kind of, sort of And well, he didn't turn out to be so bad, once he was out-of-the-way for Emma and Aidan that is, because meanwhile he was both mine and Aidan's mortal enemy. Okay I'm only kidding. Even though I didn't find The Proposal to be quite as good as the previous book, it was still really good and worth the wait.

If for nothing else, to at least not be left in the agony of not knowing how everything was going to turn out. Being a daddy sure suited him well. It was obvious she couldn't forgive him on the blink of an eye I would totally slap her if she did but I found myself pouting when she just wouldn't give Aidan a chance, and then there was the Pesh-moments to bother me further.

We are good now, though. I forgave her. I'm kind of sad it's over. Dec 03, Debbie rated it really liked it. One of my most anticipated books of and thank the fuck it came out this month instead of March. Emma really disappointed me. I'll tell you more about that in my full review. I must say that Aidan really impressed me and it didn't take me very long to forgive him for what he did at the end of The Proposition.

I just wished Emma would have clearly seen all of Aidan's efforts. For fans of The Proposition, you'll definitely want to read The Proposal. Aidan will most definitely have you swooning One of my most anticipated books of and thank the fuck it came out this month instead of March. Aidan will most definitely have you swooning all over him again. Just completely disappointing. Why is Aiden winking at Emma when she's still mad at him? And pesh is a terrible plot device. The medical stuf was completely wrong, from how the terbutaline was administered to the post partum care of the baby.

This was so eagerly awaited. If I had to read "her heart stopped beating then it started again" one more time, I might puke.

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