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Saturday, May 11, 2019

[PHP] ถามเรื่อง pdf ครับ header("Content-type: application/pdf"); header(" Content-Disposition: inline;"); readfile($filename);?. Hi,. I am getting some problem to open the pdf file which is downloaded via PHP download when I try to open this Its give me the. If you want the user to be prompted to save the data you are sending, such as a generated PDF file, you can use the» Content-Disposition header to supply a.

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Example 2 on w3schools shows what you are trying to achieve. php header(" Content-type:application/pdf"); // It will be called. php $file = 'path/to/PDF/'; $filename = ''; header('Content- type: application/pdf'); header('Content-Disposition: inline;. moved permanently (redirect). php. header('HTTP/ php. header('Content-Type: image/bmp');?> PDF (output pdf with php).

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My goal as mentioned above is to import a pdf and add a header to the pdf. I've set it up so that I can import the pdf and have setup a header.

However, I can't quite get it to work right. One major problem i've run into is that fpdi is not able to open up most pdfs.

I just get an error: I'm assuming that this has something to do with security features in pdf documents. I've tried a wide array of pdfs and the only ones that I can seem to import our pdfs that have been created with the tcpdf class.

This of course is not helpful to me because I need to be able to import pdfs that are made by other people using some sort of pdf generating program that will not be tcpdf. Any suggestions on getting the pdfs to load?

Another problem is that the page i import from the pdf overlaps the header and I can't seem to find the right place to change the margins to push the page down.

As you can see above i'm already using fpdi. Except i'm using it with tcpdf instead of fpdf. It is still handled the same way, there is just a bridge file to convert the tcpdf to use the fpdf functions if that makes sense. Another problem to consider. I've discovered that when using fpdi to import pdfs the mass-majority of pdfs cannot be imported.

How to Use PHP to Force a File Download

But does anyone know of any other options out there? Its looking like i'm just going to have to spend the money. Did you solve your problem?

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I'm interested in hearing about it I have the same problem you had years ago. Hopefully, time has given you wisdom.

That was pretty much it. HOW TO.

How to Use PHP to Force a File Download

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