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RPG Item Version. Sisters of Rapture () · d20 System / OGL Product (D&D Compatible) · d20 System. Nickname. PDF version. Version Publisher. Sisters of Rapture is a reference module for D20/OGL role playing you'd expect a new company to make when releasing their first PDF. The Quintessential Temptress (D&D 3e Supplement); Sisters of Rapture (D20 Supplement) (see

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Sisters of Rapture was produced sometime in and sold through Drive-Thru RPG. Shane O'Connor, a staff member, became so enamored. Sisters of Rapture (PFRPG Edition) - Aphrodite. Isis. Freya. DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files! The Largest. The other Sisters of Rapture editions can, as always, be found here: It may be a full book, it may be just a free PDF download, it may never.

On August 4th, , the 5,th article was added to the SuccuWiki! For other uses of the word Succubus , see Succubus disambiguation. Catt and published by Fantastic Gallery. This module provides information on a group known as the Sisters of Rapture and the universe in which they function. The Sisters of Rapture are a group of warrior-priestesses, dedicated to preserving and protecting the ideals of the various goddesses of love, beauty, sex, passion and other such ideals. They spend their lives in constant pursuit of love and pleasure, doing battle against those who would deny it to others—the cruel, the wasteful, and the spiritually ugly. They are champions of sexual purity and feminine empowerment, as dangerously powerful as they are stunningly beautiful.

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I'll post this though. Rhetorical Question, autist. You're dealing with a real internet badass here. You guys keep reacting the way I want you to react, bumping the thread, saying shit not relevant to it, general derailment.

Besides, if there's nothing else to discuss, then derailment isn't much of a problem. Nymphology" for anyone who wants it: I guess I better stop Here's a mediafire link to a random book of the one's you wanted. Brazen Sinful: The way you act, dress, and move takes others by surprise. Lustful Sinful: You have turned your enjoyment of sex into an art form… and a power. Masochist Sinful: You can satisfy your sexual urges by being hurt. Sadist Sinful: You can satisfy your sexual urges by hurting others.

Wanton Sinful: You are always interested in amorous encounters, and as a result of wantonly accepting this sin into yourself it's hard for others to resist you.

Wriggle Sinful: You can distract creatures pressed up against you. Writhe Sinful: You are expert in maneuvering while in tight spaces. Or so I hear.

I own it and even paid for it. Not that hard. Can't find legitimate link. I think I can indulge in the finer things in life. Now, if only i could find a torrent. It is kinda like someone laughing at you for not having candy as you are standing in front of the vending machine pressing the selection number of the candy you want.

But hey if that's the best way the spend his night. But yet people are still getting butt flustered so I continue to do it. I'll post one of the feats, though. Lustful Sinful You have turned your enjoyment of sex into an art form… and a power. Cha If you reject an amorous advance from a creature you have used this ability to improve the attitude of, its attitude reverts to its original level.

Additionally, for four hours after slating your desire for physical affection you are inspired by the gratification you receive from such encounters. You can only have one bonus from Lustful in effect at a time, and if you use the ability again before an old bonus fades, the original bonus immediately ends.

I hope someone delivers. Costs about a dollar at the most to buy the pdf from Paizo. Besides that model they hired to cosplay as Seoni being on the cover in a Red Sonja chainmail bikini, there's not much else to it oh, except that feats with the "sinful" tag can't be taken by Paladins.

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I'm worries because I've signed up to download, but not upload, from sites in the past. I think they do it there. I was being lazy and wanted a simple explanation of what it would and wouldn't protect me from.

This should remove all traces of any hidden data as it converts it to image data first. I am unsure if this actually would prevent detection; it should do, but I don't know if there's a secret hidden code hidden that can be searchable to discover who's PDF it is.

You could look at the text for anything that appears to be a secret code, if you have time and patience. How do I do this after I install Primo, keeping in mind my default pdf program is Acrobat 8. But it looks like there's a fair bit of extra text in there so it's probably not safe. You can follow the other jpg for a more safe method.

Saving it. I will do this to the 7 files and then reupload them as a Zip elsewhere. Or will removing all hidden text, metadata, and obvious watermarks Name, Order and ip address be enough? I also have all the Black Tokyo books if anyone wants those too. Hell yes Chris Fields. If anyone in this thread would be interested in an ERP where the erotic is more of an add on rather then the focus I could GM a game for you.

I repeat, an ERP game where sex isn't the focus but sexual things and more adult situations can arise.

Which system? How would we play? Also Pathfinder is probably the easiest for me since I don't know many other systems well enough. Also, voice would be proffered. I pretty much have every sexual splat book possible. I don' know how to say that. I am a GM and I play women all the time but I don't speak in a high voice. I alter my voice very slightly to make sure it sounds feminine but never high pitched and annoying. I have you guys roll for STD's if you don't use protection or magical protection and then roll other stuff including how well you did and that's about it.

The rest is black screened. That's what I meant by sex isn't the focus. If Blam rats is here, I sent you the Quintessential and the Sisters of rapture books. I have one person interested so far and he seems a bit iffy due to the fact he cares if he speaks like a girl or something. It helps to sound like the PC!

They would fire me! I work at RH, we hire hostess and models and such. I get paid by spending 8 hours at day talking with hot girls. I had to scrap and start all over, but I'm almost there. Will post link to upload when I have it.

Just business. How did you get the job? Here's a bump for you anyway. Maybe you could try there? Which is not what I want. I'll try anyway though, what is it called? Best racial ability ever! So good. I handle their applications, so I have access to their phone numbers, and given her job, they tend to be very friendly.

I am married though. I saw the position in a internet website, send my CV, got an interview then bribed the HR manager Ok, anyone else who wants to get in on the skype conversation? We still only have two people but we are world building right now. Are you having this rp over skype?

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Like right now? Any schedule? Not even to mention all of the useful spells. Mind to Mind is fantastic, and Block the Seed should be in every sorcerer's spells known. You can't really do charop if you're not willing to give a book more than a cursory glance.

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