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"The Astro Smurf" (original French title Le Cosmoschtroumpf) is a comic book story created and published by Peyo. It became the basis for the cartoon show. List of Smurf comic books. The Black Smurfs The Smurf King The Smurfette The Egg and the Smurfs The Smurfs and the Howlibird. Yvan Delporte The most recognizable, appealing, blue characters in comics return in this new series from Series: The Smurfs Graphic Novels (Book 1).

Smurf Comic Book

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Choose your favorite Smurfs Comic Book. Read and laugh!. The Smurfs (French: Les Schtroumpfs) is a Belgian comic series, created by cartoonist Peyo The titular creatures were. The Smurfs (French: Les Schtroumpfs) is a comic and television franchise called Smurfs, created and first introduced as a series of comic strips by the Belgian.

It became the basis for the cartoon show episode of the same name. One of the Smurfs has a desire to travel to the stars and see other strange worlds. He goes to Papa Smurf to seek his help on how he could accomplish that, but after hearing from the village leader's reading of a magic book on the particular subject of how hard such a thing might be, that Smurf goes off into the forest to meditate. As he does, he sees a spinning seedling drop down from a tree. Then inspiration hits him:

The village is surrounded.

Smurfs Comic Book

They're armed to the smurfs. They even have things Papa Smurf: To smurf stones? Rock comes flying and strikes the base of the watchtower. That's it!

Yes, he did know! First, he tells Astro that Handy found out what was wrong with his spaceship and that he had fixed it, which makes Astro ready to go. However, before Astro re-enters his spaceship, Papa Smurf has him drink a glass of raspberry juice that secretly contained a sleeping potion.

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When Astro pedals away inside the cockpit of his spaceship, the other Smurfs rock the ship and cause smoke to rise up to the cockpit's windows, making Astro believe that his spaceship really was flying.

Soon the sleeping potion has its effect on Astro, causing him to fall asleep.

When the spaceship's propellers stopped turning, Papa Smurf has Astro taken out of the spaceship before it is dismantled, and then later that night Papa Smurf works on a secret potion that he will later use to fulfill Astro's desire. The next day, Papa Smurf has his little Smurfs carting Astro and his dismantled spaceship over hill and dale, keeping him asleep by having him ingest more of the raspberry potion.

Soon they stop as Papa Smurf directs them to the inside of an extinct volcano, where they reassemble Astro's spaceship and place him back inside it. Afterward, Papa Smurf uses his secret potion to change himself and all his little Smurfs into orange caveman-like aliens called Swoofs.

Sometime later, when Astro awakes inside his spaceship, he finds out that he landed on what appeared to be another planet. As he explores the area, he encounters a single Swoof who then takes him to his village, where he talks with Grandpa Swoof about how he came to their planet. Grandpa Swoof has a private talk with his little Swoofs before he extends the hand of friendship to Astro, inviting him to stay for a party held in his honor.

However, the reception Astro receives from the Swoofs was so favorable, it makes him want to stay with them instead of returning back home -- which makes the Smurfs who really were the Swoofs come up with a plan to get Astro to desire returning home instead.

The following day, Grandpa Swoof makes Astro go through a gauntlet of tests that will determine whether he would be worthy to become a Swoof like them. The first test was to hit a bullseye with a spear while blindfolded and spun around. Thirty Smurf comic albums have been created, 16 of them by Peyo.

Originally, the Smurf stories appeared in Spirou magazine with reprints in many different magazines, but after Peyo left the publisher Dupuis , many comics were first published in dedicated Smurf magazines, which existed in French, Dutch and German.

A number of short stories and one page gags have been collected in comic books next to the regular series of By , Smurf comics have been translated into 25 languages, and some 25 million albums have been sold. Johan serves as a brave young page to the king , and Pirlouit pronounced Peer-loo-ee functions as his faithful, if boastful and cheating, midget sidekick.

This time, they had the mission of recovering a magic flute, which required some sorcery by the wizard Homnibus. And in this manner, they met a tiny, blue-skinned humanoid creature in white clothing called a "Schtroumpf," followed by his numerous peers who looked just like him, with an elderly leader who wore red clothing and had a white beard called Papa Smurf.

The characters proved to be a huge success, and the first independent spin-off Smurf stories appeared in Spirou in , together with the first merchandising.

This is the list of the original French-language comic issues. Some of them are anthologies of several stories.

Smurfs (comics)

The late comic artist Pascal Garray contributed to seventeen editions of The Smurf comics between and Albums featuring the Smurfy Grove Smurfs from Smurfs: The Lost Village. In the s and '80s, the British children's magazine Look-In ran an original series of one-page comic-strip tales called "Meet the Smurfs.

In Marvel Comics released a Three issue mini series featuring full length stories and one page American style comic strip tales featuring The Smurfs. Marvel Comics also published a large format comic book as well as six mini comic books with a full length story in each comic book. Following a special preview comic in July that contained the story "The Smurfnapper," the following graphic novels have been issued to date:.

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