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The complete Vampire Diaries series. Includes books by L.J. Smith herself, fanfiction by L.J. Smith, and the official releases using the L.J. Smith name. The Vampire Diaries has five series containing the following:The Vampire DiariesThe Vampire Diaries: The ReturnThe Vampire Diaries: The HunterThe Va. . PDF L J Smith - Unseen the Vampire Diaries - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. CARTE.

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THE FURY The Vampire Diaries Book 3 By L. J. Smith THE VAMPIRE DIARIES The Fury Volume III L. J, Smith HarperTorch An. L. J. Smith - Vampire Diaries 01 - The Awakening. Read more Smith, L.J. - Vampire Diaries 02 - The Struggle · Read more. We will show in this book that drawing the human body need not be so difficult. in interpretive point of view, it allo THE FURY The Vampire Diaries Book 3 By.

The Vampire Diaries Series. The Vampire Diaries has five series containing the following: The Return The Vampire Diaries: The Hunter The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation The Vampire Diaries: Book 0. Matt and Elena:

Book 0. Matt and Elena: First Date by L. In a completely new story written specifically fo… More. Want to Read. Shelving menu. Shelve Matt and Elena: First Date.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Rate it:. Here's another peek into Elena's past with Matt,… More. Tenth Date On Wickery Pond. Book 1. The Awakening by L. A Love Triangle of Unspeakable Horror Elena Sear… More. Shelve The Awakening. After Hours by L. This is a story about the first time that Bonnie… More. Shelve After Hours. Book 2. The Struggle by L.

This is the terrifying story of two vampire broth… More. Shelve The Struggle. Katherine looked up at him. He had never expected to see her again. But for now. He stood up and stretched with a liquid grace. After a while. At least.

Damon consoled himself. She brushed a shy kiss against his lips and hurried away with a murmured good-bye. He could have spent eternity following Katherine. Damon thought. He felt someone sit down beside him. His sensitive canines extended and sharpened. He got to his feet to meet her. He imagined staying here for a few years: Damon held out his hand. He would charm another girl into loving him.

They were all the same after a while. Beijing next. Hand in hand. Katherine was right: His deal with the Guardians was that Damon could not compel people to let him feed on them. And he liked the girls he charmed. Damon leaned back on his elbows and looked up at the stars. Her dark curls were knotted in a loose bun at the nape of her neck. But sooner or later. To them. Katherine was probably right. She was young. He could. Vittoria glanced at Katherine and Roberto. I like it.

It surprised him. She stiffened in pain and then relaxed against him. He was Damon Salvatore. Though he forgot them as soon as he and Katherine moved on. Damon looked up to see Vittoria coming toward him. But the very notion disgusted him.

We could settle in. She stopped to stand before Damon. Taking a sip from his bubbling glass of prosecco. But it had turned out to be surprisingly easy. He could talk to them. The second time. Alaric brushed her hair aside and focused on the massage while she looked happily around the room. She was getting sleepy. Everything will still be there in the morning. Alaric worked a knot out of her shoulders. The mix of herbs Bonnie concocted for her friends was heavy on the vervain—which protected the drinker from being compelled—but the first taste was always unpleasant.

He could hear a hundred conversations. Meredith adored law school. It was a beautiful night. That all she truly was. And a picture of Meredith. It had been a long day. These things were real to her. He was leaning against the doorframe and looking amused. On the side table were various pictures of their friends. But Meredith was going to be a lawyer now. As she walked over to twitch the curtains straight.

Becoming a vampire was one of the worst fates she could imagine for a hunter. Kicking off her shoes. He could smell magnolia flowers in the yard of a house a few blocks away. All the elements that made up her life—hunting. She cast her eye over the rest of the living room: Her law books sat on the shelf.

Stefan opened his senses to everything around him. In the apartment over a storefront farther down the block. She was a friend and a daughter. He smelled good. I think Bonnie loved the earrings. Alaric—they all mattered. The world had so much in it. It was a culmination of all her love of logic and study. Her hunting stave. Underneath the bitterness of the vervain was the faint sweetness of lavender and a rich touch of cinnamon.

He could feel the slow beat of his own heart. But yeah. Elena murmured that everything was fine. He stopped suddenly in the middle of the sidewalk and kissed her.

Her hand was soft and strong in his. And most of all. Immediately tense. Right now? So much to hear. Stefan felt himself fall into a fighting stance. Stefan felt alive. He sent her thoughts of love. Just a group of people coming out of a bar. Then Elena smiled and pushed her hair back behind her ears. With another murmured apology. He was looking at Elena. Stefan smiled down into her eyes. Stefan shook off the strange feeling their locked gazes had given him. All the sensations and impressions that had been flooding through him narrowed down into one thing: He shook off his aggression.

I want forever. His mind brushed against hers. Are you okay? It took him a moment to realize there was nothing sinister here. He smiled at them. When they broke apart. Stefan took her hands in his. Elena turned her attention back to Stefan. Their eyes caught for a moment. Elena was beautiful. I want that. Stefan sensed with a quick brush of Power—just another human out for an evening with his friends.

For days. At the top of the tower. The top of the first stairway opened into a large square room with a worn wooden floor. Katherine cocked her head questioningly. Damon realized. A small sound. The one in front of him. Damon recovered quickly. The sun had set more than an hour ago. They were trying to get him away from Katherine and Roberto. Do you want me to hold your hand?

For lack of any better options. How had he not sensed them? Where had they come from. It looked like Katherine was still finding little Roberto charming. Roberto had been begging to explore the white medieval tower they could see from the windows of their palazzo. The moon was full and large.

Katherine was just beginning to answer when Damon stiffened and held up a hand to quiet her. The surrounding area was full of vineyards. A gout of blood sprayed across the white stone of the tower. Something else. As Damon turned back from the edge of the tower. There were so many of them. Damon could hear his feet clattering on the stairs above their heads. Katherine had finally agreed to take him. She was a good ally to have at his side. Then several attacked Damon at once.

He bared his teeth in a wild. I was born in the Hapsburg Empire. Alarmingly fast. Not people. Damon could feel her breath speeding up. Damon snapped the neck of one of the vampires attacking him from the side. And then feet pounded on the stairs. Damon and Katherine moved back to back. You and I.

Quick as a striking snake. Not that the fall would kill him. Too fast. Katherine was holding her own. One caught Damon by the arm and threw him hard. There had been something … it came again. The leader. Damon had consented to come. There were still far too many of them. Roberto ran eagerly ahead of them. He rolled quickly to his feet. Roberto was already climbing the next set of stairs. Damon leaped toward them. I love places like this.

They must have been tracking us. Another vampire clutched at Damon before he could move toward the boy. Katherine gave a strangled cry. The boy had probably never been in a fight before. Who would want to kill us now? Klaus is dead. At last. Their leap into the night had bought them a few minutes at best. Before any of the vampires following them could catch them. Shoving past them.

If they made it to the station. He was probably already back up on top of the tower. But Roberto was in trouble. The most important thing was to get away. His opponent swung him around. He could hear steps on the tower stairs. But then Katherine screamed. A fierce-looking girl. They landed in a crackle of grape vines and the smell of dry earth. Damon thought briefly of his favorite jacket. Damon and Katherine ran through the vineyards.

Damon thought in annoyance. Damon was on his feet in an instant. With a terrible ripping sound. A few feet from them one of the wounded vampires struggled to her feet. But before she could say anything. Something huge and dark rose up in front of her. Elena took a sharp right and headed back toward the highway. The road was clear ahead of her. It was evening right now in Italy.

She pushed her foot down on the gas again. Please call me. After everything that had happened. It would be nice to give him a little welcome-home present.

Was he fighting? What was going on? Panicked tears rose in her eyes—her own. Just as her hand closed around the phone. Tightening her grip on the wheel until her hands ached. She needed to go home. You have to get out of the car. Please just trust me. It shifted under her hands with a rustling of fabric. The white stuff was an air bag. She had to get to Stefan. A wave of panic washed over her. She yanked on the wheel. It made her feel a little better. The car was beginning to drift across the highway.

Elena managed to drag open her eyes. Taking a deep breath and trying to calm down. Was she sick? Suddenly and without warning. Her head hurt and her chest ached terribly. Damon was in trouble. Trees and telephone poles whipped past in a blur of green and brown. A guy a few years older than she was. Her heart raced. His emotions ran through her.

With a huge effort. Everything was blurry and white. If Damon was good at anything. Her fingers came away bright red. She involuntarily jerked the wheel aside and just managed to avoid sideswiping a parked car. Elena slammed down on the brake again. Stefan would know what to do. He traveled from country to country the way most people crossed streets. Elena thought dazedly. Elena twitched with irritation. But he could be anywhere.

There was an aching. I must have hit something. There was an antiquarian bookstore around the corner. She could have died. Suddenly she was desperate to get home to him.

Whatever was happening to Damon. A heavy cloud of oily black smoke rose from the flames. Possibly she had a concussion. Her stomach rolled with nausea as she blinked in shock at the dark smoke. He looked friendly and open. She felt like she might laugh.

She glanced around wildly. Elena had thought. Jack wiped his hand across his face in a quick. And that was when her car exploded. It changed his whole face. Her mother had died in a car accident. The fact that she could have been gone forever. She wrapped her arms around herself. She was drawing her breath in to scream for help again—surely there must be someone within earshot—when her captor came to a halt and let go of her. She automatically gathered her Power and used it to see his aura.

If they could talk logically about the why and the how. It went up in a great orange ball of flame and an ear-crunching boom. A car exploding in the street.

Certainly not just from running into a tree. Jack hurried forward to steady her. She tried to take a step and stumbled. The dark-haired guy was standing next to her. He did his best to push down the jealousy that threatened to break the surface. Grabbing the front of his shirt.

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In a second. Elena had been right. Who is Solomon? Stefan knew she was reaching for her bond with his brother. She glanced around the room at all of her worried friends. Elena had never been safe. Elena reached a hand out to touch his leg. Elena loved him. Her instincts about people had always been sound. He was following me because he wants to talk to us. The world swung dizzyingly. But his gaze remained polite and attentive. I felt sure that Solomon was involved. Jack was an outsider. Stefan thought.

I helped Elena. Elena was frowning worriedly. It seemed smartest for her to get away from the car.

I guess you know that. The thought of Elena dying was like an endless fall into a dark void. Meredith came back in from the kitchen with a washcloth. How naive of him to think that. He seemed to be taking everything in. Meredith frowned in surprise. Matt had been worrying silently in the side armchair nearby. Stefan flinched backward. Elena had almost died. Jack held up his hands. Stefan breathed a sigh of relief.

Her eyes landed on the stranger—Jack—who had gotten her out of the car after the crash and brought her home. Jack nodded pleasantly from his seat on the couch. The sign meant nothing to Stefan. Bonnie rubbed his belly without looking down at him. Stefan thought about all the ways that someone could be a good person and still want to kill vampires.

Stefan thought carefully. Jack leaned forward.

L. J. Smith - Vampire Diaries 01 - The Awakening

Sammy meowing in complaint as Bonnie unceremoniously dumped him off her lap. They were all cunning and ruthless and terribly strong.

There was an ache in his gums as his canines extended slowly. They had to be. Flowers what she knows about divination for evil creatures?

Bonnie and Alaric can use magic—Bonnie. He unzipped the bag. Most of the Old Ones. Wood dust. Like werewolves. They were crowding behind him. Once we knew you existed. Stakes of white ash. Even if we manage to kill Solomon. I think Solomon is the last. It was a tiny shard of metal. Something cut into his palm and he pulled it back quickly.

Stefan felt his fists clench. Jack interrupted. Vampires killed her. But his gaze was riveted on the pulverized remains of his best weapon against the Old Ones. Elena shook her head. He has more power than you can imagine. They want hunters to see how powerful they are. Should we be running instead of fighting? All the safeguards and charms we have on this apartment. There was a fine dust all over his weapons.

He turned his back to the others and breathed deeply. There was a longing there. Nothing else had been touched. This is what we have to fight. Jack gave a short laugh. They were dark and full of what looked like pity. Even Bonnie.

Jasmine gasped. But then he thought of what could happen. I told her. Matt clenched his jaw. It was just a normal accident. Jasmine was a doctor. Matt tried to shove aside the thoughts of Elena in danger. She hit a telephone pole. A fierce. Matt could feel himself stiffening and rolled his neck to let go of the tension building up in him. Chloe had died because of her involvement in the mess of vampires and werewolves. It was an accident. Even if Jasmine resented him for it.

Something in him immediately recoiled from the idea. For one crazy moment. Now he was here. Matt froze. Matt wondered if maybe he could tell Jasmine the truth. And she cared about all his friends. It was selfish of him to even consider it. This new toughness had saved their lives more than once. He would keep her safe. If he shared some of the worries that weighed him down. When he jogged around the corner. She glanced at her watch.

Matt realized. Because they never did. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously.

How did she manage to hit a telephone pole? From across the table. Her face had paled so that the freckles stood out like little dark dots.

She put her teacup down a little too hard. There was no car in the drive. In the kitchen. Flowers has some ideas about how to search for Solomon.

Alysia nodded. Except for Mrs. Alysia had conjured up a pocket of tropical rain forest. If you find it useful. She works with a group that could help you strengthen your Power. And who was she. Alysia had her hand pressed against her chest and was breathing hard.

Zander bit happily into a scone. Next to her. Flowers sipping tea with a girl about their own age. No offense. Bonnie squirming impatiently as Mrs. Alysia kept smiling at her. In the middle of Mrs.

Flowers was basically a recluse and. Flowers poured two more cups of tea and handed around plates for scones and little sandwiches. In just a few seconds. It sounded like a good idea. Alysia gave a startled yelp.

The Vampire Diaries Series

We all help one another focus and hone our abilities. There was a flash of red. Alysia straightened. She needed to talk to Mrs. She was as tiny as Bonnie herself. Bonnie blinked. She sighed appreciatively. Shadows of vines spread across the wall. Flowers about serious business. Flowers said briskly.

Then suddenly his body twisted. That was strange. Bonnie shifted uncomfortably. Werewolves were naturally strong. Flowers said serenely. I have a job. You owe it to yourself to try. You need to give this serious consideration. Bonnie turned to stare at him. Bonnie envisioned herself full of Power. In her imagination. And the school year just ended. This was her chance. Flowers nodded approvingly. Their cat had been torn to pieces. Everything was turning to ice.

Bonnie had left them with as many safety provisions as she could: Blood was spattered across the comforter. I need to check it out. He smelled blood. Gesturing at her to stay back. Stefan just held tight to her. With a loud crack. Not just drops. Elena gave a faint. He turned toward the door. There were drops of blood scattered across the kitchen floor.

And Aunt Judith told me the house is officially listed with the realtor now.

There was something small and pale on the bed. Stefan swung open the bedroom door and the smells of blood. Stefan realized. But the smell of blood was overwhelming.

She rushed to the bed. He wanted to protect her. The pale thing. Stefan crept silently toward the kitchen. Matt wiped the floor below the kitchen window with a dish towel. Something was very wrong. Her face was pale. Zander had driven Bonnie to the airport that morning. A soft. The mirror turned silver with ice. The blood was dripping—Stefan could hear it falling off the comforter to pool on the floor. In the sudden stillness.

Elena shuddered. He sent tendrils of Power through the apartment. Everything looked normal. She must have been up all night making them. Paw prints. He felt his canines lengthening. Stefan and Elena stared at each other. As Stefan looked around helplessly. Zander bent down and scraped his nails across the floor. Matt had known Elena long enough to see that her eyes were bright with unshed tears.

Her parents had cut off contact with others of their kind when they stopped hunting themselves. Then again. They all had those wary.

Of course Meredith would be excited to finally meet more hunters. He could smell the coppery scent of blood throughout the apartment. In the doorway between the kitchen and bedroom. The young brown-haired hunter named Trinity knelt down next to Elena. After swiping at it a few times. Zander answered it. Alaric and Zander came back in the front door of the apartment.

Matt thought. They shared a kind of competent grace. In some ways. She was sitting on the sofa between Stefan and Meredith. Zander shot him a wry look. There was a soft knock on the door. They were all different physically. Nowhere was safe. He tilted it from one side to the other. Elena smiled weakly at her. It was too big a mess to fix with a few minutes and a towel. This was flashy. He gestured back toward Matt and the others. No one invited him.

He said it mildly. This is Roy. Meredith was a hunter by nature. Zander looked up. If Solomon could come into their homes without an invitation. She gave a dorky little wave when Jack introduced her. Her hands had balled into fists. Meredith flipped her pillow again and turned over. She had so much to do tomorrow. A heavy ominous feeling hung over all of them like a dark cloud. Meredith bit back more explanations of exactly how terrible the dream had been.

They were determined to find him. Just a dream. Trying not to panic. She tried to shut her eyes against the glare and found that they. Losing her careful control for a moment. Time passed. There was something made of shiny silver metal just to the left of her head. It felt like a tracery of thin wires was fitted over her body. It was a message. Closing her eyes again. But finally she stopped. Would be one of them. Calm down. I wish Bonnie were here.

It was chilly. He was coming. Hunters did not cry. She gasped and panted. Every night recently it had been like this. Her throat felt rough and raw.

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