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Prayer for the Year of Consecrated Life. O God, throughout the ages you have called women and men to pursue lives of perfect charity through. Vita Consecrata from John Paul II. The Consecrated Life, deeply rooted in the example and teaching of Christ the Lord, is a gift of God the Father to his Church . Vita consecrata EN Faithfulness to the point of martyrdom. 86 In this century, as in other periods of history, consecrated men and women have borne witness.

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VITA CONSECRATA OF THE HOLY FATHER JOHN PAUL II TO THE BISHOPS AND CLERGY RELIGIOUS ORDERS AND CONGREGATIONS. “VITA CONSECRATA”. (CONSECRATED LIFE). (). The Holy Spirit, who wondrously fashions the variety of charisms, has given rise in our time to. Vita Consecrata: full text, concordances and frequency lists.

In every age there have been men and women who, obedient to the Father's call and to the prompting of the Spirit, have chosen this special way of following Christ, in order to devote themselves to him with an "undivided" heart cf. Like the Apostles, they too have left everything behind in order to be with Christ and to put themselves, as he did, at the service of God and their brothers and sisters. In this way, through the many charisms of spiritual and apostolic life bestowed on them by the Holy Spirit, they have helped to make the mystery and mission of the Church shine forth, and in doing so have contributed to the renewal of society. Because the role of consecrated life in the Church is so important, I decided to convene a Synod in order to examine in depth its significance and its future prospects, especially in view of the approaching new millennium. It was my wish that the Synodal Assembly should include, together with the Bishops, a considerable number of consecrated men and women, in order that they too might contribute to the common reflection.

In Praise of the Trinity II. In the Church and for the Church IV.

All About Mary

Permanent Values II. Continuity in Spiritual Work: Faithfulness in Change III. God's Love Manifest in the World I. Love to the End II.

In Dialogue with Everyone Conclusion Mary is the one who, from the moment of her Immaculate Conception, most perfectly reflects the divine beauty. Mary's presence is of fundamental importance both for the spiritual life of each consecrated person and for the solidity, unity and progress of the whole community".

Having lived with Jesus and Joseph in the hidden years of Nazareth, and present at her Son's side at crucial moments of his public life, the Blessed Virgin teaches unconditional discipleship and diligent service. In Mary, "the temple of the Holy Spirit,"all the splendour of the new creation shines forth. Consecrated life looks to her as the sublime model of consecration to the Father, union with the Son and openness to the Spirit, in the knowledge that acceptance of the "virginal and humble life"of Christ also means imitation of Mary's way of life.

Indeed, if the new motherhood conferred on Mary at Calvary is a gift for all Christians, it has a specific value for those who have completely consecrated their lives to Christ.

They, like John, are called to take the Blessed Virgin Mary to themselves cf. The Blessed Virgin shares with them the love which enables them to offer their lives every day for Christ and to cooperate with him in the salvation of the world. Hence a filial relationship to Mary is the royal road to fidelity to one's vocation and a most effective help for advancing in that vocation and living it fully.

In the consecrated life, particular importance attaches to the spousal meaning, which recalls the Church's duty to be completely and exclusively devoted to her Spouse, from whom she receives every good thing. This spousal dimension, which is part of all consecrated life, has a particular meaning for women, who find therein their feminine identity and as it were discover the special genius of their relationship with the Lord. We can see here a vivid image of the Church as Bride, fully attentive to her Bridegroom and ready to accept his gift.

In Peter and the other Apostles there emerges above all the aspect of fruitfulness, as it is expressed in ecclesial ministry, which becomes an instrument of the Spirit for bringing new sons and daughters to birth through the preaching of the word, the celebration of the Sacraments and the giving of pastoral care.

In Mary the aspect of spousal receptivity is particularly clear; it is under this aspect that the Church, through her perfect virginal life, brings divine life to fruition within herself.

The consecrated life has always been seen primarily in terms of Mary — Virgin and Bride. This virginal love is the source of a particular fruitfulness which fosters the birth and growth of divine life in people's hearts.

Following in the footsteps of Mary, the New Eve, consecrated persons express their spiritual fruitfulness by becoming receptive to the Word, in order to contribute to the growth of a new humanity by their unconditional dedication and their living witness. Thus the Church fully reveals her motherhood both in the communication of divine grace entrusted to Peter and in the responsible acceptance of God's gift, exemplified by Mary.

God's people, for their part, find in the ordained ministry the means of salvation, and in the consecrated life the incentive to make a full and loving response through all the different forms of Christian service.

To you, Virgin of the Visitation, do we entrust them, that they may go forth to meet human needs, to bring help, but above all to bring Jesus. The profession of chastity, poverty and obedience rejects the idolatry of anything created and points to God as the absolute good. This chapter elaborates on specific examples of the consecrated life such as cloistered nuns and religious brothers Para The Second Vatican Council had addressed the nature of religious life in chapter 6 of the Constitution Lumen gentium.

It published the Decree Perfectae Caritatis to address the lifestyle of those in Religious institutes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Evangelism for the Third Millennium.

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