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Register Free To Download Files | File Name: Warhammer 40k 3ed PDF Download warhammer 40k 3ed in EPUB Format armeebuch german edition. keep coming you need a epic warhammer 40 armeebuch german edition, you can download them in pdf format from our file format that. This Amazons army is completely unofficial and is not endorsed by Games Workshop. download by clicking the army book cover below (it's a.

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Warhammer Fantasy Arabia Armeebuch - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Das Armeebuch für die Streitkräfte von Arabia. Warhammer - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. warhammer timeline. Warhammer Fantasy Armeebuch Cathay. Uploaded by. Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia (Warhammer Armeebuch) with compatible format of pdf, epub, mobi and kindle. You can download books Warhammer Armies.

This book is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Used without permission. No challenge to their status intended. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners. This is your definite guide to collecting, painting and playing with a Cathay army in the Warhammer tabletop wargame. The Warhammer Game The Imperial Host The Warhammer rulebook contains the rules you This section contains photographs of the miniatures need to fight battles with your Citadel miniatures in available for your Cathay army.

Upon their of promotion, for the southern command is usually western slopes lie the hundred great Houses of the prime candidate for promotion into the role of Cathay, and below them the mighty city of Weijin, their northern superior.

Only the most severe the capital of Cathay. The Mountains of Heaven censure can prevent this ascension, but has form a natural ring that surrounds Mt. Hohuan, happened more than a few times in the past. The forming a final, nigh impenetrable defence against southern outpost is also responsible for maintaining invaders.

Only once in the history of Cathay have the trade route of the Spice Road through to Ind and its peoples been driven to this mountain citadel, and making sure that merchants stick to it and finally in that final battle the servants of the Great Flame reach their stop over.

Fu Chow The Great Flame is a relic of millennia past, a Fu-Chow is an undisclosed port city at the end of mighty beacon of the Old Ones, who created many the Red River, so-called because at certain times of such watch-fires to stabilize the world against the year, the waters would turn red.

The same Chaos. In the first great assault of Chaos upon the waterway which flows through the trade reservation world, most of these fires were overturned and itself, it grew as more tributaries added to it. Fu- snuffed out by the legions of darkness. Only two Chow is the only place in Cathay that tolerates the. Whether Sea of Storms, preferring to risk the insidious this was because of its physical inaccessibility or predations of the Dragon Isles than the more brutish because of the creatures that now inhabit it is dangers of the Ogre Kingdoms.

When the lucky unknown, but above the clouds, the mighty Flame few to ever reach Cathay find themselves on the of Cathay still drives back the darkness of Chaos.

While a mile, the energies of Chaos are held at bay and danger is still rife in the western deserts of Cathay, their corrupting essence can touch nothing.

Nightblade patrols and Lowborn are common in Creatures born in its influence are perfect, those lands and most caravans who reach that point untarnished ed by the blemishes and maladies caused reach Weijin intact. All that remains then is to trade tr by Chaos. The Flame is perpetually guarded by their wares and make the return journey Birds of flame and raging Yuanjin heat, they are concerned only with the protection of Situated at the foot of the Eastern end of the the Flame, yet theyey have often aided Cathay in her Kamalayans, Yuanjin derives its wealth from the wars, ensuring that the people who protect their iron and silver ore in the mountains.

These tunnels mountain domain do not succumb to the darkness stretch for countless miles, opening into vast and leave it once more defenceless. Taking advantage advan The Silver Road of some of these caverns and dried-out dried underground The Silver Road winds its way like a glittering rivers, the merchants of Yuanjin can move their promise across the wastes between the Old World caravans under the great Kamalayan mountains to and the Far East.

While technically not a single the upper echelons of the Old Spice Road. Though road, but a conglomeration of many magically safer than travelling above ground, sometimes such warded passages, the Silver Road still forms the caravans vans disappear, possibly losing themselves in most secure method of land travel from the West to the dark maze of tunnels under the mountains. The deeper down one gets, the wider Plain of Bones in the Dark Lands.

It is customary for newlywed From there it passes on to the relative safety of couples to cast a golden trinket into the lake for Pigbarter and the Plated Rock. The Silver Road luck. Whispereded rumours tell of more sinister rites. The city of Yuanjin is nearly always shrouded in the shadows of the great Kamalayan mountains.

Only at dawn and dusk does sunlight fall on the city, for a brief time bathing it in a red light. The city is famed for its many festivals and celebrations, as though its citizens try to forget the grip of shadow that lies over the city. Even so, the place is much cooler and more comfortable to live in than any other Cathayan city.

The climate is cold and the planting season is short. The Red Mansion is close, so raids from Chaos warbands are relatively common, so natives of northern the northern provinces are tough, literal minded people.

In past Cathayan dynasties incursions of Chaos Lately, rumour has it that the Emperor has been have never been much of a serious threat, as the sending supplies to the Hung in their war with the gods of Chaos seemed to turn most of their Old Ones in return for safe passage of the trade attention to the Old World nations.

However, caravans. Some of the cave dwellings are more or within the present Dynasty they have becoming less permanent settlements. One of them, Da M'Arg more and more frequent- terrorizing the border is a small city.

Built originally by the Cathayan as a provinces to the north and the south. Two large trading post during the heyday of the old Spice enclaves are situated at the northern Red Mansion. Road, it was taken by the Hung when the humans Villages in this province are usually enclosed by a died of plague in IC.

Since then, it has grown stout wall to repel these raids as well as to serve as into a haphazard collection of buildings and hovels corrals for the sheep and horses that are commonly both big and small encircled by a as are dried meats herded here. The Emperor of the Dragon Throne and fruits. What the town is really famous for claims the whole Cathayan peninsula as belonging though, is the 'Thinkun Tank' - a massive bronze to Cathay.

This claim is hardly realistic. Most of the bell turned upend and now the sight of nightly pit land is covered by hot deserts and dry shrub land. Mercenaries looking for work get their first The population lies largely in the coastal cities or chance for employment with a good showing in the the towns and villages surrounding them.

Not surprisingly, a fair number of ogres are to be found here along with an occasional troll. The Steppes The Steppes are harsh and rocky, its only valuable Dunyang mineral a rugged black stone known as The ill-fated city of Dunyang in the north of Cathay flashpowder.

Volcanic in nature, boiling magma has been a thorn in the side of the Emperors since lying underground tainted with other substances to its founding. For the first time in history, greed at give the spraying lava from the mouths of the the wealth to be found in the desert overcame the mountains a rich dark maroon colour. This is a loyalties of the Lowborn of Dunyang and they loose confederation of petty Khan clans revolted against the rule of the Emperor.

Apart from the city itself was ultimately destroyed, the periodic thrusts west, the Khanates primarily Dunyang rebels, as the survivors of that battle came interest itself with the taxing trade routes while to be known, were not. While most are greedy and guarding them from smaller bandits. Warbands make seasonal raids on spreading the faith of the Dark Gods to the weak neighbours.

At various times, the Khanates have and easily tempted. The Magistrates have little shrunk to as small as two or three clans or expanded tolerance for those caught with the Dunyangs, and to as many as eight. It was not the beast's words. Flames coursed into its skull cavity. The beast rose out of the ash and flame. Guo leaped forward and grabbed the discarded spear with both hands. And the fact that this thing. With one swift motion.

The rest of the goliath dropped straight down. It was twisted and crude more like a dead tree trunk than a spear and lacked the necessary balance for one as skilled as himself. Guo cursed himself. The liche had not prevailed in its attempt at recovering the object. The goliath waved his arm violently to try to shake off his attacker.

He tapped his fingers across its tight surface and smiled. But the fire roping through the goliath's lurching frame was too hot even for a grand master. And there would be others. The forest exploded into flame. Guo thought to himself as he ducked another thrust of the beast's mighty spear. He then stuck his hand into the right pocket of his robe.

The flames splashed against the empty chest of the beast and leeched through its body. The mindless assault of the bone goliath forced Grand Master Guo Liang to draw back and redress his iron fan. But now was not the time for reflection. He raised it above his head and raced toward the mass of burning bone trying to right itself through piles of seared bark and branches.

But now he turned his attention to the long walk before him. He was a Dragon Monk. Guo held on tightly as if he were grasping the reins of a wild horse. Guo smiled. The beast slowed. This conflict was far from over. Guo drew the sharp edge of his weapon across the tender gap between neck bones. The goliath thrashed to and fro. Now or never. He checked it twice.. The weapon seemed ineffective against the raging monstrosity of bone whirling before him. Guo drew his fan and snapped it open.

But it seemed to understand that its jaw had been severed. The rough bone of the beast's arm scorched Guo's bare hands. The skull dropped forward again.

An escape of hot breath came up through its charred mantle and washed across Guo's face. There he would take succour and bathe his sore feet. Guo dodged another fist blow. If the situation weren't so dire. Here the bone had been spared the flame. And then. Guo was grateful for that. Whoever controls it. The day would take him out of the forest and into a flat land where the fortress monasteries of the monks resided. Somewhere in the forest where the trees were not burning.

Guo Liang drew back a great inhalation of air. At least until his next attempt. I've overdone it again. The goliath's skull rolled forward. Guo screamed and drove the tip of the spear into the soft dirt on the side of the path. Some kind of mad. Then he let go. The fight was over. He found the path again and located his bedroll.

The goliath's assault had surprised him. Maybe so. Pain shot through his arms.. Every loose strand of dry cloth. Guo watched as his cuts grew larger. Was it the liche.

He knew better than to take on a liche's construct with such methods.. The goliath flailed madly. The goliath's head tumbled off its shoulders and hit the ground with a deadening thump. He waited -. He could feel the heat singe the frayed edges of his red robe as he released his grip from the spear and flew. He landed square upon the hard.

No one. The spear bent but did not break and Guo vaulted himself up and over the fire. The object. He could feel the fan cut through the dry. Guo wondered. He lighted gently upon the ground. Guo thought to himself with a frail smile. Guo drew the fan back and made another cut. But the day was cold. Guo could almost appreciate the size. For this reason. The discipline and honour of the Grand Army is On the following pages are the complete rules for legendary across Cathay. Fully and the Celestial Dragon Monks.

Refer to the special rules section of gear and upkeep. To resources available. The armies of Cathay are based on large regiments Special Rules of infantry. Each entry includes called up to the elite of the elite. The Grand Army is pages?? At the end of the section are some special characters — famous Cathayans that you can field in your army. All units with this rule may Fight in Extra Ranks as who are unsurpassed as light cavalry. Cathay believes such as The Art of War.

Also attached to the army is a variety of Many troop types have special rules to reflect their skirmishers. Cavalry is rulebook. Strategy is considered a Warhammer for the full details of how the rule philosophical as well as a martial pursuit in Cathay.

Using sing a special version of the repeating crossbow. Grand Army Soldiers are common men who would otherwise be working the rice paddies. This is the pragmatic Cathayan approach to recruitment. Strength 3. Grand Waterway. Soldiers are also recruited from town own law enforcers. Regiments of these units accompany the Imperial Infantry. Most in the ranks of the Grand Army. Professional soldiers can also be found serving Warlords as mercenaries.

To become a Dragon Lancer is a great These deadly one-shot weapons Veteran 4 4 3 3 3 1 3 2 8 give them an edge versus hand to hand combatants. When doing so. In the beginning of the position to flank the enemy battle line to support first round of combat. It also brings several Cathay army. One use only. Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 While not being as powerful as the knights of the Special Rules Old World. They are sometimes armed with fire lances. The typical employment of horse archers in battle is as fast cavalry capable of moving swiftly to avoid close combat.

They are among the best human bands are usually led by some younger glory- cavalry in the world. Their manoeuvrability is almost infallible. The Mangudai would feign retreat.

From time to time. Far from home. He was the first to recognize their use on the field as allies rather than foes. Bahdur 4 3 5 3 3 1 3 1 7 Warhorse 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5 They are absolutely merciless and have no problems being cut off from their parent tribe. The foundation of the Mangudai way are nothing if not pragmatic.

These rampaging isolated units. The manoeuvre requires superb equestrian skills. Most renowned and most emulated of their skills is the parting shot. Hill Tribesmen still perform an important role in the army. Ambushers Treated with blatant disrespect from the Cathayan aristocracy.

They usually move ahead of the main force. For this reason they are very rarely relied upon. They are they live in small colonies outside of society and recruited as auxiliaries in support of the main battle have established smaller fiefdoms for themselves. The Emperor leaves them be and allows them to sort out their own affairs as long as they do not bother in his or those of his servants. While being cheap soldiers to maintain.

All shots made with a by the Dragon Monks. Whenever they go to battle it is mostly for food or equipment to bring to their tree colonies that they do not have the materials to make for themselves. As dextrous as they are deadly. These lie predominantly in the southern region.

Monkey Warriors are sometimes hired into the armies of Cathay. Like the Beastmen of the Old World. Enemies limbs. Whether the forests provide better protection or they congregate here because it is in their nature. Whether they group Climbers: Monkey Warriors ignores penalties for together for similar reasons as more common beast impassable terrain like walls.

Note that they may still than their Old World counterparts. On the battlefield they run around the enemy troops. If reported sightings of green apes in these parts are anything to go by then the creatures prefer to live in tight packs high up in the bamboo canopies.

It is a style that has been copied 3. These forest denizens are able to fight using all four Quarterstaff: Requires two hands.

As the young Swordsaint ages. Some put only by the Elves. It is not entirely uncommon to see a Special Rules Swordsaint leading units of Lowborn or teaching Glory for the Dragon Emperor them some simple techniques and skills before a battle. It is this independence yet reliance on both peers and masters that give Swordsaints their beliefs and effectiveness as a fighting unit.

He will then sleep with others his own age under the sky in the central square of the monastery. It is armour piercing. A Cathayan Longsword is their art. Swordsaints bolster the Imperial Infantry in battle.

Inspiring Presence: The battle garb of the Nightblades varies. Poisoned Attacks small strike teams. When they appear on the field of battle. Occasionally a Nightblades will be tasked with the destruction of the enemy commander and. When they appear on the battlefield it is usually in Scouts. Armed Crescent sword: Hand weapon. Their blades are often lacquered black so as not to glint in the darkness as they approach their foes. Special Rules Glory for the Dragon Emperor.

Even the older. Using subterfuge and terror as their weapons. Most often their forces will form patrols or scouting forces along the borders of Cathay.

A crescent sword with their deadly crescent swords. It is only their mastery of the Shadowhunter 5 4 4 3 3 1 5 2 8 body and mind that allows such feats of endurance and creates such utterly dedicated warriors. The Nightblades are extraordinarily dedicated to their art. These shooting attacks have the to literally draw out enemy troops from their Killing blow ability. Whenever they leave the mountain monastery they usually enter the service of the Cathayan Army.

They leave their humanity behind as infants and. Styles to perform. Immune to Psychology this reliance on simplicity allows them to focus on their Chi. Killing Blow Empresses from certain death at the cost of their own lives and defending towns against Tortoise: In some rare situations. The Celestial Dragons Monks are the most alien of the warriors of Cathay. Wherever battle is to be found. The Dragons Monks are often not content with mere training and actively seek out battle.

The monks of the Celestial Dragon believe in spiritual enlightenment and Mantis: Reroll to Hit in close combat ascension to the spirit world in finest fashion can only be attained through perfection as a warrior. They may not use the same Fighting Style in two consecutive turns of the same The Celestial Dragons are by far the most distant combat engagement.

At the start of each manipulate it. Guard and join fighting order. They have many great admirers. The prime duty in his life is to serve and protect the Emperor in all things. Emperor Stubborn In a sense. They are chilling. Despite the life of hardship. In doing so. The Citadel from mere warriors. Glory for the Dragon Emperor. Their unique bladed weapon. Those allowing for more soldiers to fight from it. Bastion Chariot. The Charioteer 4 4 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 Emperor himself has the grandest chariot in all the Warhorse 8 3 0 Special Rules Chariot They are magical constructs.

In Fear. Fanciful tales of hidden shrines. When the armies of Cathay go to war. Ruins watched over by ever vigilant guardians who shall resist all attempts to settle them back into quiet stone.

Immune to Psychology battle they fight like their living counterparts. On closer inspection these avatars seem indistinguishable from a normal statue. Heavy weathering on the majority of these constructs indicates they may come from an ancient time and that any such magic harnessed during their creation was lost or remains undiscovered. Daemonic faces of the statues and Special Rules the creepers and mould trailing from their legs.

They are statues that. Some say that the first recorded use of a rocket in battle was Eventually. It can fire a huge amount of bombard the city from afar for several hours. The grand fireworks mystery. The few survivors that took shelter in cellars immediately surrendered It saw its first major use under the Warring States when his army reached the city gates. Even today. Cathayan pyrotechnicians are still well.. She The Cathayans were the first civilized nation in the disappeared into the Jade Palace for some months world to develop and use explosives.

All bolts must be directed against a single target. The stumbled upon flashpowder and its explosive earliest documentation of Cathayan fireworks dates properties while searching for the Elixir of life. The most remembered Stormhurler Ballistas fire volleys rather than large and feared moment was when he used ten batteries bolts.

The Stormhurler Ballista does not suffer any penalties for firing multiple shots. There were reports of Fire own.. Exactly when the first and prosperity. Yin Dynasty Cathayan alchemists Fire Arrows onto the field in great numbers. Strength 4 with armour saves suffering a -2 penalty. These of Stormhurler Ballistas to assault the city of shots cannot pierce ranks and only inflicts one Hsijing.

Warhammer Armies: Bretonnia (Warhammer Armeebuch) PDF Download - CarolGuy

Arrows that could be heard for miles when they respected for their knowledge and skill in mounting exploded. Fireworks of a barn. The speed of the rocket-propelled 'ground- that displays when a new emperor is crowned rival rat' firework frightened the Dowager Empress Lilin anything that magic can do. By the Celestial Dragon Dynasty. It shoots 8 bolts in the Shooting phase. This consists misfire. It takes a complete turn to Firing the Fire Arrow replace the rockets.

The rockets explode in mid result by 5. Roll the Artillery Dice and multiply the Short fuse.. If the artillery dice shows a into which the ammunition is inserted. This is the number of rockets fired. The rockets automatically cancels out the shot. Roll air.. Roll both the scatter and artillery dice re-rolling misfires to see where the A Fire Arrow follows the rules for war machines in errant rockets land. The fuses fizzle out and the rockets fail to fire.

The Fire Arrow consists of a two-wheeled cart to hit as normal. The Fire Arrow and Crew 4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 crew are destroyed. The rockets explode on the launch Fire Arrow. A misfire result sticks. The first weapons were crude. The magical drug. Surrounding the actual cannonball is a thin metal shell packed with gunpowder. Dragon Cannons fire potent elixir. While the Dragon Cannon is smaller than the ones of the Empire. Models touched by the template takes a S4 hit.

Roll the invention of gunpowder. This was eventually changed to the Dragon Cannon as the name got to Cathay from the Empire.

Cathayan alchemy was connected with an enterprise older than metallurgy. The Cathayans wasted bounce afterwards as normal. Special Rules medicine. In later years. When the cannonball hits its target.

If the Phoenix is killed. Fear Born from Fire A Phoenix is immune to any fire-based fire attack.. The people of flame around themselves in the shape of a far Cathay view sightings of a Phoenix as an omen of greater bird.

Even or its future is at stake. Rebirth Even if a Phoenix if is slain. It has a to 1. Chaos and its creatures. Emperor and the Wu Jen thee Phoenix are aloof and majestic. Phoenix is heavily featured in Cathayan art and craft as a symbol of hope and virtue. The Dragon Emperor was disappointed Special Rules by this and demandedd that life be returned to the Fear.

Whenever a unit of Terracotta Dragon Emperor limb from limb. Dragon Emperor. The God of Conflicts was outraged. Knowing that the strength of Cathay alone awoken.

In addition. Unbreakable Terracotta Warriors. Once north. Warriors loses a combat. The Kirin believe in self-improvement. The Kirin come to the aid of the Cathayans if asked properly or if such they are faced with a powerful. The Kirin speak their own language. The horn and hooves are gold tinged with pink.

Likewise no young Kirin has ever been encountered. The Kirin rarely set hoof on solid ground. Being telepathic. While the Cathayan cavalry is less prominent than that of other nations. No encounter with a female Kirin has ever been recorded. When they do so though. The eyes are a Impale Attack: The steeds of Cathay are fine creatures.

The Celestial Dragon is revered allows them to fly without wings. The greatest difference Special Rules though. They can also as a secret creature. The Dragons themselves are indeed potent advice to the armies of Cathay. Cathayans often think of mounting a Celestial Dragon to tame it for seek to make a pilgrimage to their resting places. They soar high across the battlefields and cities of While the Dragons mostly operate alone on the Cathay. Large Target. This is usually a result of great respect of They live high up in the Kamalayan Mountains.

Breathe Fire: Many Generals are exceptionally cruel and dish out lashings to peasants for the slightest error. Gongs are made of iron alloy. They are no strangers to conflict and ties in close combat cumulative with normal have every right to carve up a peasant or infidel. Drums are both musical instruments and cult objects to the Cathayans.

In addition they wide standard. They are decorated with geometric patterns. Although the lot of other peasants is slightly better than those in labour. In Cathay the drum and gong are Worlder rivals.

The most successful Warlord ever Drum and Gong.. The Drum and Gong is an army-wide Musician. It emits a peculiarly sonorous sound. The Drum and Gong The Cathayan sacred drum is cast in bronze using the lost wax method.

The Cathayan Warlords are a far cry from their Old sometimes deep. Cathayan Warlords are by changing ways of striking the disk. While the drum and Despite their refinement. The gong is beaten with a hard.

After all. One reason the Grand Army of Cathay is famed They are much more reserved. The Drum and Gong is silenced if its are often rich enough to make Cathayan nobles crew is killed or in combat. No Grand Army soldiers attempt to escape.

The Cathayans experienced a used in spiritual ceremonies. They still control their own territory and armies. J in fact. At the same time..

Some Wu Jen The power they possess to notion of arcane magicgic causes them to see Wu Jen J unleash at the foes of Cathay is truly awe-inspiring. They study the stars and the heavens. For the most part. Through the union of opposing energies the Yin or the wizard suffers a miscast as the Yin and Yang and Yang reaches harmony.

A wizard that uses Yin and Yang dark Yin and the light Yang. As a single. Every other spell that you attempt to cast each Magic phase must be from the other Lore. Disharmony cannot be tolerated even by manic Yang believers. You may only have descending. This ultimate essence. These two energies magic knows one spell more than normal. If equilibrium cannot be maintained. The central aim of Cathayan mysticism is to experience all the phenomena in the world as manifestations of the same ultimate reality.

It is central to nature to manifest itself in myriad forms which come into being and disintegrate. In Cathayan physics all things are in continuous dancing. The Lore On the following pages you will find rules on how waking and sleeping. If either energy gains ascendancy for so if you have three spells from the Lore of Yin you too long then the world will plunge into an eternal must have at least two spells from the Lore of Yang night of oblivion.

The ancestor gods of Cathay produce the poles of Heaven and Yin and Yang magic works a bit different from Earth. This reality is seen as the essence of the universe. The cosmos has to be grasped dynamically. The cosmos is thus intrinsically dynamic. The Yin and Yang are divided into two Lores. The Lore of Yang Yin and Yang. Any wizard can swap one spell for Armour of the Earth.

If successfully cast. If you roll the same spell twice. Awakening is a direct damage spell. Models flaming Strength 4 hits.

Curse of the Spirits is a magic missile with a range Remains in Play. If successfully hits its target and causes 3D6 Strength 3 hits. Models successfully cast. Place the small This spell may be cast upon the wizard himself.

Magic phase. The result is the radius in inches that will be struck by the Meteor Rain. Remains in Play. The spell lasts its target and causes D6 Strength 4 hits with no until it is dispelled.

Until the start of the enemy unit. Any unit within that radius takes D6 Strength 4 hits. Any wizard can swap one spell for Sapping of Will. The wizard speaks to the sky itself. The Strategists train the troops and principles. Equally important. Regarding troop motivation. While any general is trained in victory. The bundle of bamboo on which the work was painted. The best: Although exact dates are blurry. Those who scored the worst were the ones who had their armies scaling walls of cities in order to win over an enemy.

For a scholar living 2. These Strategists are often hired the immortal and wise High Elves. Tzu Sun had the advantage of a laboratory of titanic struggles against Chaos to develop and refine his concepts.

He set out a ranking criterion for the performance of Warlords utilising his strategies. He suggested driving armies deep into enemy territory and not to linger at the borders. The seeming to age at all. He may change back into his human trade ships o travel to and from Cathay. Cathay has blossomed. Units may use his Leadership if for he has reigned over five hundred years.

While the land still has suffered from incursions. Some say he is immortal. Under his reign. Xen Huong wields the Phoenix Talon see page?? He is a skilled bureaucrat and If he changes into his True Form. Any He has given the tribes of Cathay more rights in the Mount he may be riding is transformed with him land.

Xen Huong may choose to turn into Cathay is unbroken and every threat so far has been his true form of the Celestial Dragon. In As a warrior. The Hung weapon can thrust through whole ranks of enemies. The situation became very perilous for Zhao Fei. Upon entering the camp. While still young. Zhao Fei has proven time and time again his potency as a military commander.

As the Grand General. Thinking that the Cathayans had retreated in panic. He hardest steel and reinforces with dragon scales ordered his drummers to beat drums as loudly as gives its wearer unmatched resilience. This suit of armour. Zhao Fei sent his soldiers with the present Grand General. Not soon after the two sides commenced to engage Magic Items in battle. After that bloody battle. The Cathayan Grand army flanked the stunned Hung army. Zhao Yun ranks are resolved as hits from bolt throwers.

The Hung main force was marching at that roll failed Panic tests. Zhao Fei 4 6 5 4 4 3 6 4 9 Born as a simple warrior. The pile of Hung corpses was so high that their comrades Dragon Plate.

Attacks that are allocated on Bastion. Zhao Fei lost almost his entire army that day. He is so far undefeated. During the Storm of Chaos it was he who formed Mount the defence against the innumerable hordes of the Zhao Fei rides a barded Warhorse.

He decided to A long. He was soon Equipment commandeering his own force. Whatever being a perfect warrior. He fanatically seeks out wrongdoers and punishes When he had entered the Jade Palace. On the battlefield he is an unstoppable force. According to legend. This has made the Emperor. Broken Sword was the heed.

As the Emperor before attacking. He plotted against killing the Emperor on whose justice for all. Broken Sword has roamed around a travelling band of Dragon Monks. He travelled for many hours. Broken Sword realized the wisdom of these words.

The taxation and plunder that the local Warlords are Emperor. Immune to Psychology Loner: The Monkey King still travels Cathay looking for which the Monkey King obtained from the undersea immortality. The Monkey King became proud of his abilities.

The Monkey King is a notorious In search of a weapon worthy of himself. While being downright able to be carried by the Monkey King himself. Determined to find immortality. Special Rules One use only. If passed. Finding that most of the addition. The Dragon Monk was initially reluctant to take him because he was not human. Climber see page his hair at the start of the Movement phase to make??

In King of the Sea of Cathay. The other monkeys honoured him as their king. The Dragon Monk was not happy with this. It is immensely heavy. Its versatility meant that the Monkey King Magic Items could wield it as a staff and keep it inside his ear as a sewing needle.

He soon realized that despite his power over the monkeys. If failed. Heroes are lesser characters. Characters including Lords and Heroes. In a standard game. Many troops have special rules select which spells they are at the time you pick which are described in this section. The value of these access to one or more spell lores. Although you items is included in the points value. You can spend less and will probably Every army must have a General to lead it into find it impossible to use up every last point.

Their roofs floor of a mosque usually contains one great. This is the most common prayer. Woven mats cover the Most mosques also have minarets: The central court becomes an oasis Throughout most of Araby.

The central garden court is a common theme in Baked brick is still the building material of choice. The house gains simple wooden giving the home the appearance of a small fortress. The ground improvement upon the previous design.

Arabyan housing. Some of these structures rise several the street. The upper stories overlook the garden court with interiors are richly tiled. Arched ceilings become common. This style of architecture is most often buildings. Architecture the court walls. Palaces generally bear the mark of of woven fibres or cloth and a floor of packed dirt.

These are worked in stone. Life in a house with a central plastered within. According to Arabyan tradition. Arabyan sons inherit very little. A woman may receive land grants and maintain Women kept the house and raised the children. The has but one wife. When an Arabyan man dies. In a if he is a prince of the royal house. If he where only women and children may go. If a man even he does not.

The harem is a separate area husband. Gender in Araby In unenlightened times. In larger homes. No profession is barred to a Arabyan woman. Another feature common to the settlements of Araby is the central marketplace.

She maintains the house what wealth if any at all their choice of life will and rears the children. The them under the same conditions as a man. The tales coming of the One and the establishment of the of Araby are filled with women who were wiser. In the palaces. The woman more freedom. This kind of equality has only recently and so will not tolerate a second incompetent.

Arabyans treasure their women as priceless jewels. In its simplest form. When he marries. The garden is an oasis for the inhabitants of the house. In the villages. Araby can be said to provide an opportunity for equality. Men ruled the as men. Though an upper-class bring. If a woman is independent usually defined as capable of making her own wn living. This practice has helped endear him to the common provided station. In the past. The first wife must approve of any additional wives in the household.

Shee can hold property apart from her husband. According to legend. As in many areas reas of their lives. The traditional arrangement: Polygamy Polygamy. Many upper-class class men feel one wife is sufficient. An Arabyan house with no Some men keep courtesans. In contrast. If she agrees to share her husband. In this case only does a son stand to inherit much of anything..

Or perhaps it is the other way around: In many regions.. While Arabyan law does not dies with only male heirs is considered cursed by prohibit this practice.. Four wives is the unofficial nofficial maximum. A wives under one roof. These wives know all manner anner of adventures before they are at last of each other. Girls begin to reveal if they are more interested in living Even without its connection to Old World.

A boy for trading to northerners. Oases household skills and the gentle arts. A girl who is shores of the Commeran River. Araby is as independent women. Araby has the unique both boys and girls at age five. Tutors if they can position of being a nation through which nearly all be afforded teach the children about matters of manner of wealth and goods eventually pass. Separate instruction begins for from the interior of the desert.

They are allowed to marry at this time. Araby uses its wealthier families. Upon the death of their spouse. At this time. For the middle where dates and figs grow naturally dot the desert. Erengrad and as far east as the lands of Nippon. Caravans made up Children by the nomad tribes make their way through the The children of the Arabyans are raised in the dangerous deserts and beyond.

Merchants sail as moralist governments have outlawed this practice far north as the great sea-ports of Marienburg and in their cities. Not language. In without its own needs and desires. Cathay and forbidding Lustria. Grains grow abundantly in education similar to that of the boys. The Trade is the lifeblood of Araby. Small vegetable destined for a traditional role may focus on farms colour the plains of western Araby.

People who have incurred a are in demand. They lack Slavery understanding and acceptance of the law of the One Slavery is a fact of life in Araby. Salt arrives in conflicts and sold. Such enslavement lasts until the debt is the land and are herded by its commoners. A the Old World. Certain meats lacking civilization.

Rare spices. Sea and High Elf traders have their honour is stained. What goods Araby cannot provide for itself it gains slaves are a mixed lot. Many are Arabyans themselves. Elven community for more than a thousand years.

In numerous cases. Arabyans admire the strength Araby are considered free. Children born of slaves who brought goods to and from Araby since the first are criminals are considered free. Incense of all kinds passes through Copher. The captured by slave-masters and sold into servitude. The five times its normal price in the markets of Araby. A Root vegetables are scarce in Araby. Without slave labour it would be Natives of various islands. It is most common among the city-dwellers.

Slaves who are starved and questions. Pantheists also promote While it is true that the law requires slave-owners slavery. Slave-holders may not cast out or sell port in this city must be honourable and fair or a slave due to illness or age. Despite being centuries the time-asserting that the ways of civilization came old. Slavers who are truly unscrupulous may sometimes She has oft been encountered in the western capture pilgrims and claim they were heathens at desert over the centuries.

Mamelukes are agree with their faith. They are responsible for the forgotten by mortal man and many sorcerers and health of their charges.

Companies of Mamelukes roam the duties. Khar-mel is one of the few known Djinn of Araby. Slave-owners have a number of responsibilities Like all Djinn. Anyone who claims that they eventually rebel. With provocation. Khar-mel knows many secrets under Arabyan law. The they are willing to enslave anyone who does not most elite military forces in Araby. If she does have one weakness it is her otherwise abused are poor workers who may thirst for knowledge.

The law of the One prevents a civilized person from being enslaved in this fashion. Youths captured in such whole groups their freedom. Slave-holders are also responsible for the actions of their slaves. From the union of Ormazd and his consort. Al the path of goodness. Religion All enlightened Arabyans share a pattern of prayer. Ormazd was once the Sun In areas where moralist attitudes prevail.

He Who is Worthy is truly required is that men and women bow their of the Gods. The faithful receive his personal wish that fortune may smile may pray virtually anywhere. Al Nyllus.

His Enlightened Highness is the temples of their gods. Travellers should know the he wisdom of moving in numbers. Also known as mosque.

Merchant caravans often attract a strange lot. Khalil al-Assad al-Zahir. Each time. At least once per week. Sailing is more comfortable. Kem While for men and women are separate.

When they don't fade beneath thick dunes of sand or wind along sheer mountainsides. For their god. All the major cities are connected by roads. The roads are dangerous in themselves. Pilgrims go to Al. While attendance is sure to appear before the people. It is also customary to mosques and relics of the faithful can be found. Travel does have its dangers.

Giant among Men. In the morning and evening. Confidant of Genies. Travel Travel in Araby is not something one does lightly.

Scourge of the heads toward Al-Haikk Haikk and pray for guidance along Unbeliever. Caravans move slowly. For the morning and midday prayer. For example. It is here that the greatest a small bowl of water. Haikk to visit the Golden Mosque. Almost as great a goal is standing Ormazd: With so many travellers.

The most common modes of transportation would be to book a passage on a sea-going going vessel or join a caravan. Incensed by this outrage. Ormazd the sun. Me the Vengeful. The gods of Kemet. Ormazd baked the world as they must accommodate the multitude of land for years. There is desert. This enables the faithful to offer their The tenets of Arabyan law were developed during prayers in the right direction.

Horanam began his teachings in the caravan town of Mendai. Mulhaed al-Quyat al Kleamanta. Necromancy became dominant found alongside the main roads connecting the and the ruling class more decrepit under the cities of Araby. Ormazd stripped his treacherous residence of the High Priest of the cult and the hall children of their powers and vowed eternal revenge where he meets with his council of priests.

Shrines to Ormazd are this time. As alike before fore taking his leave of them. Upon is a violation of his scriptures. For years Ormazd tested his new no ornamentation on the exterior and interior walls worshippers to ensure their devoutness and avoid of the temple nor furnishings within except for f a the problems that plagued the now-decade decadent and mosaic on the floor.

With these pantheon: Myrmidia and Verena came to dominate Kemet. Ormahkaten's death. In Kemet. Ormazd found Temple is dominated by a large central dome believers in the nomadic Arabyan tribes of the surrounded by a number of lesser domes.

The temple grounds are the largest in the time. Constantian Empire and the conversion of the The Kemet Empire grew strong and without rival people in the lands of Araby to the worship of until the Pharaoh Ormahkaten.

Their cults were ere soon overwhelmed from one another. Otherr temples and shrines of Ormazd include a Ormazd returned rned to strengthening his worshippers niche in the wall indicating the direction to the city spiritually through teachers. Adjacent to this temple is the his return. The first and greatest Prophet. The mosaic is usually that of degenerating Kemet Empire. No major opponents of the Enlightened Throne lurk and fine silk lk clothing.

The very best of surroundings. As well as these regular and the person you ask. Siege craft is not common in the Araby. The lighter armour and hope that their extra speed and former is called upon in times of crisis to repel manoeuvrability compensates. Sultan with steel armour. The deserts of Araby are vast and foreboding. Most military units consist of infantry and cavalry.

Many a wanderer has remarked on the of their cavalry so that no expense is spared either perfection of a cool desert morning: The latter is a permanent force of soldiers serving as palace guards and city patrols. It is a unified community. Araby has a plethora of as a result. The infidels of the distant North do guards accompany the Sultans when they travel not pose a threat. These household troops or within its lands. The ordinaryry foot soldiers are more lesser rulers.

Some cities retain the services of mercenaries and Mamelukes Mameluke for protection. They are Reality. No other region is as cruel. Araby and the Temperatures frequently climb above degrees Arabyans generallyally lack the war engines of the during summer days and plummet below freezing northern nations. Most are local rulers acting as if garrison troops there are the irregular fighters from they are the supreme power in their own region.

Araby is at peace with itself and its creatures and very highly valued. They are graceful and swift Formally. It is popularly sky. In addition. Internal Conflicts many centuries ago. As a result. Most of the Arabyan desert is not dunes.

Women may the coming of winter. A typical dirah covers square miles. With the mark of brave. If the tribe is wealthy. Sandstorms scour men and beasts and bury encampments. Spirits soar. Here and there are fields of volcanic debris. Migration Families camp far apart. Winter storms fill the sky with lightning. With the onset of spring. The camps remain close enough are bare. Boundaries daries are unofficial.

This helps ensure they also purchase trinkets and finery. For eight months. Each family knows the position of their from the sun. Along the way.

Thorny shrubs and grasslands grassland dot the region. If raiders nomads despise being settled. A lack of water is not the only danger the desert holds. For honourable tribes. Arabyy has one mayor desert: The migration begins. Tribes arrange their tents inn a widespread circle. The nomads sell Each tribe migrates within its own territory. When in the desert. For most nomads. In the height of summer.

Provided all goes well. Worst of all. Mirages entice the unwary travellers toward waters of sheer illusion. Their tents offer little relief however. No nomad tribe will support during a raid is considered off-limits. In their tents. The Surrender is not dishonourable. The basic necessities. To show their importance of the last trait should not be desire to go on living. Blood Feuds water. If the death toll is uneven. A nomad has only to need these things.

He or she begins with a ceremony of digging and burying.

Warhammer Fantasy Armeebuch Cathay

Whatever the cause. The neutral sheikh strives to set a price that preserves the honor of everyone involved. The nomad code of honour demands that women While it is true that many sheikhs are the sons of who do not fight be left alone.

Sheikhs Warriors fight valiantly hand-to-hand. A lucky sheikh is blessed by Fate. The position of sheikh stores are suitable for looting. Many nomad tribes also conduct raids against Over the course of time. Known as a if it is at all possible.

A third. Each side in the feud draws lines in the sand-one for every tribe member killed. Sheikhs of warring tribes can rarely end a blood feud between them. As we approached we broke into a run but the more we ran the farther it seemed to be. They offered to buy our treasure and sell us water in return.

We all suspected that he had used his magic to abandon us and save himself. Maybe my eyes are failing. He saved all of our lives many times over in the great necropolis. I must keep walking. This vulture looks strange. They started gathering yesterday. Only after it had killed our beloved leader did the mage bring his magic to bear and lay the mummy to rest. We cannot last much longer". Finally the image shimmered and faded leaving only burning sand. What fools we were! If only he could have saved my uncle.

So much gold and treasure that we left behind water skins so that we could carry more. I am doomed to be the new sheik for a very short time only.

He came to me and announced that he would save us. It is said that they are the same creatures that necromancers lure to their death and then rais again to do their bidding as undead carrion. Maybe it was a curse from the ancient ones we had disturbed. Before he could reply he walked away and no-one saw him again. I have killed them all by my greed. Every day that passes the sun takes it's toll on my men. It is torture now to think of it. A clear pool surrounded by lush green trees.

Fortunes we found. It must be another mirage or a vision brought on by thirst. Very soon we saw an oasis. On the end of each chain. They can tell when death is close. Abu ben Baba. Time and again he used his powers against the evil creatures that emerged from the tombs.

I have to admit that most of us froze to the spot and couldn't approach the foul creature. He persuaded us to come to this land to make our fortunes. I was his chosen heir. In life he must have been a nobleman for he wore a gold circlet on his head and wielded a flail. We knew that we could get many times the value when we reached a town. What fools we were. I should not speak ill of him. We were too greedy. The Mage "It must be twelve days now". So cool and inviting.

I know not what sort of infernal magic it was. I am sure that I can see a short fat man standing on a carpet flying over the dunes. My mind is beginning to play tricks. And water at that price? We were sure that we would soon reach an oasis and fill our water bottles for free.

Is it really Abu the mage or am I finally gone mad? If I stop and lay down I know that I will never get up. Though the locals wore coarse clothing. The armies turned their attention At first the nomads made seasonal visits. Araby was a far more sparsely populated land. First a trade moot for the various nomads of El-Kalabad. Fortifying the boundary with a Only in the city of Al-Haikk was this wandering set hundred stone watchtowers and the fortified city of aside.

These trading posts would later become the great cities of Al- Pre-enlighten Araby Haikk. The southern eventually some came to live there permanently. Most information regarding this friendship.

Legends show the ruler that life could be carved out of the grew up around the place. The of the Sahra Desert. Kings of Khemri. It was the Elves that first were convinced the native and Bhagar. Before the coming of the Prophet. They founded other heal even the mortally ill. Ten years remote and inhospitable deserts. The leaders of the tribes who by the nomadic tribes who wandered in the most would not listen.

Wars of Death. Mulhaed travelled across Araby. At Araby to a few weakened city states and a handful first he was dismissed as just another lunatic. No Sultans. During Over the years. The Time of the Prophet Mulhaed al-Quyat ruled for another five years. The following years. It was only when Nagash called soon the citizens eagerly started listening to him. Wars of the Dead As he appeared in front of it. Arkhan roamed Mulhaed then set out for Al-Haikk. It took many and he acquired many followers.

His name has Holy Book of Ormazd. Arkhan back that the wars ended. Mulhaed al-Quyat was never the uninhabited ruins dating back to the legendary same again. The explorer attributed with founding Araby was a studying the arts of the spirit and transferring his man with an unknown past. Over generations these the religion of Ormazd was the only one in Araby.

The battling the Bretonnians. Greatly weakened from sailed around to meet them on the other side. This was Genies. To counter this threat the Tileans hired more Norse warriors in their longships. This provoked the Corsairs to gather a huge fleet and attack the Norse stronghold on Sartosa. The temporary respite gained from the and prepared his fleet for war. He then swept out of the desert and made because the Corsair leaders were bound by tribal himself Grand Sultan.

Corsair Wars By Araby turned its eyes eastwards. Corsairs of Araby. The Norse fought to the death. This led to the conquest of the city capture of Bilbali.

The siege lasted for two years. The Tileans Inn or thereabouts.

Warhammer Fantasy Arabia Armeebuch

Sultan Jaffar had united all of Araby A and tempted to change allegiance for mere gold. It would not last long. The defenders of the city managed to hold the sea walls and protect the outer city from an invasion fleet many times their size. His massive fleet sailed through the Tilean Sea to attack the city-state of Tobaro.

He soon declared the first Errantry War and send word to the emperor Frederik III didn't want to send the army south in defence of a foreign nation. As the evil sultan didn't know of the armies gathering to fight him in Brionne he quickly got overconfident sending his fleet into the neighbouring country.

They As the now. As Jaffar realised he couldn't win in the field against the superior army. Few had been spared would carry their swords to Araby itself. King Louis the Righteous of Bretonnia. The retreating Arabyan army set fire to all villages on their path to the capital. Allied Intervention The allied army consisted mostly of heavy cavalry.

Those As they assaulted Magritta they knew that the siege few who survived begged the knights from could go on for years. With this superiority. As his army marched north.

Seeing how the vengeful Arabyans had put the other army into the hot deserts of Araby. After much hard fighting. He landed in southern Estalia with his enormous horde. Thus they decided to split their army in two. As the stories trickled up north.

Now seeing their in the spice-trading city of Copher it was heavily honour satisfied. Yet they weren't prepared for the Imperial knights stayed for years hunting down and wrath Jaffar had brought upon them. As home. It was in this century that many of the Imperial When the crusaders landed in Araby they were Knightly Orders were founded.

A great fleet was hastily assembled and the armoured knights charged into the side of the crusading army set sail for Araby. Araby was to meet the army at his doorstep. Yet most of the the coming battle.

This charge has been immortalized by many legendary stories and songs. Seeing that his last hope for particular. Instead the crusading schemes. Gradually the grim determination of the crusading knights. They resolved Worlders used to a different climate he marched out to pursue Jaffar into his own land. The Crusade Reaches Araby As the crusaders sailed. Arabyan light infantry. Progress was slow. After Estalia. No sooner had they left locals hated Jaffar even more than the crusaders and than the nomad tribes swept in from the desert to rose up against him.

When they finally arrived Bretonnian lance as he fled. While they weren't prepared for a desert they sailed home. As the infantry of both As the main force arrived in the ports of southern armies fought a desperate battle. The campaign dragged on for one year and then another. Peace and prosperity. Too much gold towards the capital. Several tribes simply years of relative peace rested over Araby. Jaffar and his men prepared Jaffar died that day.

They sacked Istrabul the same year. The succession took nearly 15 years to World nations on Arabyan soil. This proved a greater force than Al-Haikk Haikk could contend with to keep its holdings. For the next years the for in the absence of the Grand Sultan. This was not a completely claim. The greater security along the caravan left the Martek with a bloated loated military that soon routes means that Arabyan goods arrive with turned its eyes to homesteading.

Should again. The and gaining ground. Araby has been greatly enriched for blood. Peace with Al-Haikk was not achieved for another twenty years. This eliminated the last toehold of the Old maintained. The current Grand Sultan and his generals In The crusaders took smaller Grand Vizier made ready the armies of Araby. With the succession conflict forcing the Grand Estalia eventually managed to take back their last Vizier to return to Copher to endorse a family kingdom from Araby.

Arabyan soldiers. Estalian to fight the Arabyans. Constantium as capital of Remean Khemri. Only the rise of Sultan Jaffar is killed at the battle the Arabyan corsairs challenges of Al-Haikk. Arabyan colonies in Araby. Mulhaed al-Quyat. Sultan 10 years later. Lashiek in western Araby and declares himself Grand Sultan. Only the citadel and harbour remain in Estalian hands. Start of Magritta falls to the Arabyan year of Crusades. Estalian armies. The Bretonnians return home. Arabyan forces attack The 55 year siege of Constantium Tobaro.

Magritta liberated by kingdoms. Arabyan villages. Nippon and Cathay continues to bring in wealth for Araby. Only Arabyan Crusaders capture Istrabul. Crusading forces. Goblin strongholds and drive them the crusades are finally brought to an end.

Most of that damage was the Great Crusade against Araby. Only the best of thieves survive in plucking. It has a number of the Arabyans terms. White-sailed The strength of Al-Haikk lies not in its steel or its dhows patrol the harbour. The Lashiek. That being said. It is traditionally the capital genies appeared. Twice twenty years new cargo.

The sockets and you will not notice it until next week. The Vizier warned the Sheikh to Araby. Since that Battle of Al-Haikk. Here the goods move on sprawl of parks. Lashiek is the major port of trade between other mayor holdings. At that moment.

The Sheikh reached commander of the boat that stops him. Al-Haikk is open the Old World and Araby. In response. The walls are corruption of among the general populace. It is said covered with abstract friezes and sculptures that a Lashiek thief can steal the eyes out of your representing the glorious history of Araby. This is a the plains before the city. The city exerted to ensure the slaves fall into line with their produces the finest spices native in Araby.

While it is true that every displaying the power and wealth to the merchants Arabyan slave that will be sold to foreigners goes visiting the city. Lashiek boasts a healthy. Copher is blanketed with opulent rulers rarely yield graciously to orders from the gardens of every sort of flower imaginable. Built for luxury Copher has always been fiercely independent. Many of the city's trading privileges dates daily by slaves trained to the task. A perverse sanctuary of slavers and their chattel.

Once in the port. This As the saying goes. Scholars flock to women offering companionship to the sailors. On the permanent oasis for the nobles when visiting debit side. Some captains find it more Copher is primarily a merchant and trade city. Its and relaxation. Mercenary units. More than half soldiers. Lashiek also has a large standing through that port city at one point or another. Different handlers employ different means of It lies on the west coast of Araby.

In the many back to the Mad Sheikh Tupar and these are plazas of the city. The city is somewhat infinite number of labourers and slave drovers more liberal than other Arabyan cities. Those heading to Al-Haikk are left overall safety. Martek has a more the widest selection. The city itself lays along the shore of a dwellers and the nomads of the Great Desert. The city can be entered through just four distance.

Martek is bustling city. This and consider a purchase. Araby derive from the continuous' aeons-old power Despite its isolation. The Caliph's palace is The great. The Sultan Caravans from the south and north converge on may rule Araby but the Caliph of el-Kalabad is the Martek to bring to the Sheikh wares and master of the Gulf. If the breached this relatively low barricade only to eventual owner is known.

El-Kalabad is a mighty fortress city at the very border of the Great Arabyan Martek Desert' guarding the trading routes between the Martek lies at the mouth of the Chewan-el Bardouk. Many of the conflicts within merchandise from far-away lands. Lands bordering Khemri. Both small bay' the inlet protected by two massive city and wilderness people mingle on the streets.

In this crowded The glorious scents of the spice market are a maze. Striking from the selection force merchants from across Araby to stop shadows is very much the way of this city. The low prices and greater clandestine defence strategy. Located in the southern quarter of Copher.

It rises nearly feet into the air over Katheer. Long ago on this island. Bel-Aliad and is often used by camel caravans travelling from Bel-Aliad is a desert ruin in Araby close to the Lashiek. Its stalwart walls have been strengthened This is a simple. Centauries later.

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