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Friday, January 25, 2019

10th Bipartite Settlement. AIBOBEF. 1. BANK OF BARODA EMPLOYEES' UNION AHMEDBAD & ALL INDIA BANK OF BARODA EMPLOYEES. 10th BIPARTITE SETTLEMENT. ANOTHER GLORIOUS CHAPTER ADDED IN THE JOURNEY OF AIBEA .. to highlight the Highlights .. F Bilateralism. 10th Bipartite Settlement _ Bank Officers Revised Pay Scales(Expected) From November - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .

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10th Bipartite Settlement. MEMORANDUM OF SETTLEMENT dated 25th May between the Managements of 43 Banks as represented by the Indian Banks'. 10th Bipartite Settlement. 1. MEMORANDUM OF SETTLEMENT dated 25th May between the Managements of. 43 Banks as represented by the Indian. Further to our circular on the finalization of the cost distribution sheet, we are glad to inform you all that the 10th Bipartite Settlement has been signed on 25th.

F Bilateralism and bipartism continued yet again. It is a positive breakthrough for the trade unions in general. F Our Settlement would immediately benefit the employees in the entire financial. F Improving growth and productivity through wage cost saving is one of the. Breaking this approach, by this Settlement, there will be wage increase of Rs. We have secured lesser working hours and two Saturdays as holidays.


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