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Download Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting Download at: http:// [PDF] Download. Read here Read [PDF] Download Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting Full. Free PDF Download of Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting [here] [Link to download John Winchester's Journal].

Bobby Singers Guide To Hunting Pdf

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Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting - Free download as PDF File .pdf ) or read online for free. My name is Bobby Singer. In twenty-four hours I'm. Bobby Singer's Guide To Hunting [pdf]. Author: Mechierocker Genre:» supernatural. Rating. DOWNLOAD. Posted by Mechierocker Posted on. Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting Click button below to download or read this book. Description My name is Bobby Singer.

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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. PDF Download Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting Unlimited 2. Book Details Author: David Reed Pages: Paperback Brand: Description Supernatural 4. If you want to download this book, click link in the next page 5. This book was entertaining, and I really enjoyed reading it. I think it's really cool because it doesn't just give you cool facts so you can finally get an A on a supernatural quiz but it ads personality to the book of how bobby singer is in the show.

View 2 comments. This is such a fun read. Not because it isn't dark or heavy it is but because it's Bobby. I could imagine every sentence from this book read in Jim Beaver's grumpy voice because it's perfectly written for his character.

Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting

We find out more about Bobby's past, about his wife, about Rufus while a suspenseful amnesia-plot is kind of going on in the back and keeps up the tension until the last few pages. If you've watched the show which you should've when you're reading this book, duh you'll know m This is such a fun read. If you've watched the show which you should've when you're reading this book, duh you'll know most of the monsters mentioned, but that doesn't make it boring to read.

Personally, I enjoyed the re-caps and wrap-ups of cases in the life of Bobby Singer a lot. So if you love this old drunk, this book captures him just as well as the tv show and I'd strongly recommend buying it. There are beautiful scribbles, photographs and illustrations too - and while it goes easy on the mind, you'll still get enough of them classic Supernatural feels.

My favourite quote definitely was If you have kids, retire. They need you more than the world does. This book basically is a big giant roast of John Winchester, another reason why it was very much enjoyable. Just read it to be reminded how great of a character Bobby is.

A must have for any Supernatural fan! If your a Supernatural fan, then this is a must-read! Ride along as Bobby Singer takes us through past cases, the current case he's working on and all the monster lore he can remember. Something is messing with his memory and if he doesn't figure out what it is soon, he has a feeling he's not long for this life. You get all of Bobbie's surliness, and a few tidbits that they don't go into too much on the show.

Like a lot of his past with John Winchester and Rufus Turner! Thoroughly enjoyed this book! Feb 04, J. Taylor rated it really liked it Shelves: It was so Bobby that it really did feel like Bobby was talking to me, which is so rare in a novel because you're so self aware of the author and you praise them for their excellent characterisation and you thank them but rarely is the voice so on point and so good that you totally forget an author is behind it.

I am so utterly amazed. My fave part had to be when he was talking about Rufus, when he mixed up an hex bag in making all the women fall for him so that he just thinks everyone is forward It was so Bobby that it really did feel like Bobby was talking to me, which is so rare in a novel because you're so self aware of the author and you praise them for their excellent characterisation and you thank them but rarely is the voice so on point and so good that you totally forget an author is behind it.

My fave part had to be when he was talking about Rufus, when he mixed up an hex bag in making all the women fall for him so that he just thinks everyone is forward in that town and is getting all this action and thinks nothing of it.

It was just lol. Or maybe when he talked about Dean and Sam, because you could see how much he cared for them, how he felt like they were his sons that he never had and to them he was their second father.

Just the feels man. Aug 11, Lea rated it liked it Shelves: A lot more entertaining than I expected it to be. You probably wouldn't get much out of this, if you haven't watched Supernatural, but it's a pretty self-contained story anyway. Aug 17, Modesta rated it really liked it. Apr 25, Erika Williams rated it really liked it.

Bobby Singer is my favorite character on Supernatural, so when I heard there was a book that was all about his life as a hunter, of course I had to read it. I devoured it faster than the tie-in novels, that for the most part have a tendency to be missing something that makes me feel like it could be set within the timeframe of the show. This book actually feels like an episode of Supernatural, and David Reed does an excellent job of capturing the voices of Bobby and Dean Winchester.

If you're not Bobby Singer is my favorite character on Supernatural, so when I heard there was a book that was all about his life as a hunter, of course I had to read it. If you're not already a fan of the show, you're probably not going to get a lot out of this book.

While the monster lore occupies as much space as Bobby's tale does, its spotty, directly tied in with the show itself and assumes that you already know a good deal of the information from the show.

That said, it is nice to have some of the show's lore not only written down, but told from the perspective of one of the hunters. Within the book, Bobby covers monsters from odine, okami, werewolves, vampires, banshees, and demons, all the different garden varieties of them. It's both informative and entertaining.

Mixed in with the lore is the story of Bobby, and things that were only mentioned in the show. It starts with Karen and ends with Dean and Sam returning to him in Season 1. It's the story of Bobby, from why he was a hunter, to how he learned to speak Japanese, to his falling out with Rufus. More than that, it's a testament to how much Sam and Dean became his family. It's an excellent companion piece to the Season 7 episode Death's Door. If you are a fan of the show and more specifically, Bobby, I cannot recommend this book enough, despite it's minor flaws.

Despite my love for this book, and my love for the show, I feel I do have to point out the few flaws it has to the die hard fans. First of all, the composition is terrible in places. At one point, the diagram was actually covering the words on the page. It wasn't enough to make it entirely unreadable, but it should have been caught long before it went to print. More importantly, the narrative that frames Bobby's back story does not fit into the show timeline. At all. I've studied it from all angles, and there is absolutely no way to fit it into the story, despite the fact that it reads so well like an actual episode.

For instance, most people assumed it took place between My Heart Will Go On and Mommy Dearest which makes sense since they mention what Balthazar did and they are still on the hunt for Eve. However, in the chapter on Angels, Bobby mentions Angels are the only thing he knows of that can alter memories and he specifically mentions Castiel making Lisa and Ben forget about Dean.

Which does not happen until Let it Bleed , a full two episodes after Mommy Dearest. Also, the book seems to contradict itself on whether or not Crowley is a demon.

Chalk it up to Bobby just not knowing any differently, and the fact that the show doesn't seem to know anymore. But that's a story for a different day. Time frame quibble aside, the book is well worth it for any fans of the show who love Bobby and want to learn more about his story. Jan 23, Sammy rated it really liked it Shelves: For what it is, this is actually really good.

The author captures Bobby's voice perfectly. As he is part of the script writing team for the show, this isn't all that surprising, I guess. However, I don't think he did as well with the bit at the end supposedly written by Dean There's some real laugh-out-loud moments, and some familiar stories from a different point of view , as well as some great new backstory on Bobby and Rufus!

If you're a fan of the show, you'll enjoy it. If not, don't bo For what it is, this is actually really good. If not, don't bother, as you'll have no clue what's going on Dec 11, Laura rated it it was amazing. Why 5 stars you say? Because it was fun to read, good chilly supernatural times. Total guilty pleasure that was surprisingly well-executed. Mar 28, Lori Schiele rated it liked it.

I love the show, Supernatural, and have a handful of books written about the show. I don't bother with the fiction books, but go more for the informational books, like The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Demons, Spirits and Ghosts.

I collect info on all sorts of paranormal info and add books like that to my quite large collection. I I love the show, Supernatural, and have a handful of books written about the show. I wouldn't make much of a hunter, but I could definitely do Bobby's job as researcher for the Winchester Boys. The remainder of the calls are from other hunters across the country across the world, now, if you count my buddy Eli in Budapest.

Chased a vamp there, liked the food so much he never came home. Or was it the women? Either way, his appetite is being satisfied. Most of the time, the caller just needs some lore. What do you use to kill a ghoul? What kind of critter sucks the salt right out of ya? That sort of thing. Other times, a hunter needs more It came as absolutely no surprise, then, when I got a call last Thursday a. Who called me, that part is a blur. Must have been somebody I trust, though, or I wouldnt have made the drive.

Believe me, there aint much worth seeing north of Wausau. I got in the Chevelle, went east on I As I got close to Ashland, I started getting ner vous. The Chequamegon forest just south of town is haunted, everybody knows that.

What they dont know is that EMF is useless in the forest. For you baby hunters, EMF electromagnetic field meters are handheld doohickies that can sense when a ghost is present, or has been nearby recently.

Theyre a hunt ers best friend, saved my bacon more times than my butcher. As soon as you cross into the forest, the EMF meter lights up like Christmas, and not because of the spiritsbecause of the U.

They got a transmitter at Clam Lake that talks to nuclear sub marines, messes up our gear but good. That means youll get no warning when the spirits get close, so watch your back.

I wonder if thats why ghosts con gregate there Damn it, Im getting sidetracked. The missing men were all upstanding types paid their taxes, prayed regular, nice to their wives. Except for the youngest, that is, who hadnt yet settled down. I spoke to the wife of the first man to disap pear, who might as well have been a brick wall. She had nothing but nice things to say about her dearly departed and no idea whatd befallen him.

The next gal, thats when I started getting some place. She told me that her man had been hearing things before he went all Lindbergh Baby on her. But he wasnt hearing the usual stuffvoices, demonic instructions, none of ithe was hearing singing.

I talked to the young guys mom, Bea Engstrom. The name stuck out, because the first girl I ever, well, had relations with, her name was Bea. Anyway, Bea told me the same thing, her son had been hearing singing. He couldnt get away from it, heard it in his apartment, at work, in the car, everywhere. It was a womans voice, in a language he couldnt understand.

Bea sent him to the doctor, thought something might be wrong with his ears. When he got a clean bill of health, he took to drinking, but that just made the singing worse. Five hours later, he was gone. The last guy to disappear, a Mr. Lavery, his was the strangest case. He woke up one night at three in the morning, got in his car, and drove to the marsh fields outside of town.

As he walked into the bog still 9. He couldnt answer. Just got back in his car and drove home. Ac cording to his wife, he had no clue what had com pelled him to go out to the swamp, only that he knew he had to do it. Of course, when he up and vanished a day later, the first place they looked was the marsh. Police dogs came in all the way from Eau Claire, but never picked up his scent. Lavery never mentioned it, but Id bet dollars to donuts that he was hearing the same singing voice, and thats what drove him to take a dip in the bog.

So, I ran down the clues: Singing that no one else can hear this has been reported with ghosts on several occa sions, most notably the case of Greta Wilson. Wilson was a famous opera singer in New York City in the thirties, known less for her vibrato than for her ample The lady was stacked, and had a rotating roster of gentlemen callers, one of whom didnt want to share, so he cut her throat when he found out that shed been gettin around.

To an opera singer, thats the worst death imaginable having your vocal chords slit. She couldnt even scream as she was being murdered. Lore says she haunted the back rooms of the club where she was killed, singing horribly again, she was mostly known for her rack, not her warbling in the ears of all the young ladies who were about to perform. Since Chequamegon is There are exceptions, but Ill get to that later.

In this case, there was no evi dence that the four missing men had been anywhere near each other in the days before their disappear ances, so one ghost couldnt be at fault. Luring people to their deathsthis is a tactic used by crocotta, fierce little bastards who call people by name, often finding ways to convince the victim to kill themselves.

Sam and Dean hunted one a few years back that was using telephone and Internet lines to pose as their victims loved ones. Dean even got a call from John Winchester. Messed up stuff. The MO fit, but Id never heard of a crocotta singing to their victims. Maybe this one was just big on musical theater, or maybe I was looking for some thing else entirely.

Also, most victims of a crocotta are found dead, they dont just vanish. The swampthats the piece that made the puzzle fit together. Swamps are hotbeds of monster activity, for all the reasons youd expect.

Theyre wet, theyre dark, humans tend to steer clear. This particular swamp was also foggy.

Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting

I visited it my second day in town, when I ran out of other leads. The fog was heavy, the kind that makes you feel like you could suffocate in it. Like youre underwater on dry land.

Now, Im not what youd call an international man Ive been some places, but not near as many as Id likebut that fog reminded me of a place Ive seen a lot: Never been in person, but Ive got a book in the bathroom about the worlds most famous breweries.

Its got a whole article about the history of Guinness, going back to when Arthur Guinness signed a nine thousandyear lease for his factory. That man had confidence in his prod uct. One of the pictures in the book is of Arthur Guin nesss country home on the east coast of Ireland, near a place called Swords badass name, if you ask me. The house was swimming in fog; the same thick, im penetrable fog that covered the swamp in Ashland.

Maybe thats where Guinness found inspiration for his beer. Fogthe final clue. It rang one bell in my head, loudly: Theyre native to Ireland and Scotland, and manifest as an ethereal woman who sings to those about to die. The lore is sketchy at best, since theyre awfully rare in the States, but most everything fit. Only, I cant remember a banshee actually killing anyone. They acted more as a warninga harbinger that bad news was coming.

I wondered if a banshee could be operating off the reservation, singing to a victim that she herself was about to kill? Wouldnt be the first monster acting squiggy this year.

I never thought Id see a lamia or an okami on this side of the pond, either. One thing I didnt know about a banshee was how to kill it, so that meant research. This is an impor tant lesson for the baby hunters out there, so listen read Its all right in front of you.

All the information you need, all the lore, its staring you in your friggin face, if you know what to look for. Try the local library, for example. But they dont have a section on banishing Irish spirits, you whine. Yes they do, its called the childrens book aisle. Find a book of Irish folk songs, itll give you just what you need: Translated from Gaelic Plain as day. Raise your iron, which Im sure was prettier in Gaelic, means that theyre vulnerable to iron, like most spirits.

Of course, that didnt help me a lick. Vulnerable to isnt the same as can be killed with. I could protect myself from the ban shee, but had no idea how to permanently gank it. Back to the lore. In a book of childrens fables, I found a reference to the banshee. The kids in the story were frightened of hearing the banshees song, since it meant that One particularly terrified ankle-biter had heard the banshees song before, when her grandmother died.

She so feared hearing it again that she sang the banshees song to herself every night, desperately trying to remember the words, so shed recognize it if the banshee came once more. When the banshee did return, the little girl sang the song right back at the spiritthe ban shee knew the song was being sung for her, and that her own time was at hand. She disappeared into the mists, and was never heard in those parts again. The song was the key. Repeat it back to the banshee and shell be banished.

My first reaction: Im gonna have to sing. Two challenges faced me: I can read it well enough to translate the old documents, but saying it out loud? I was rusty, to say the least. Ashland has a population of almost ten thousandwaiting around for the banshee to target me by chance wasnt going to work.

I had to figure out what the connection between her victims was.

All of them were men, so I had that going for me.

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