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Mago del Pc è un Blog ricco di materiale per gli appassionati di Informatica, tanti I miei ebook, dedicati al mondo informatico e ai principali software.. GRATIS. Packt Free eBooks. Author: Packt Publishing; Post date: 25 Jan Guidelines on Writing Computer Science Book Reviews. Author: Guest. Liberi di Leggere Elementi di informatica. Per esami e concorsi Online Ebook Elementi di informatica. Per esami e concorsi Leggere ePub Online e Scaricare.

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Nuestros libros de informática, programación y TIs te mantendrán informado sobre programación y problemas de núcleo dentro de la tecnología informática y . Informatica. Scegli tra i tanti fantastici eBook dell'ampio catalogo di Kobo. Ottieni consigli personalizzati e leggi le recensioni degli altri utenti. Read More, con. Buy Especial IF N.º 4 - Programas Grátis by Informática Fácil (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews.

Assistenza e riparazione Pc, Mac, Tablet. Sia per problemi Hardware che Software. Rimozione Virus. I miei ebook, dedicati al mondo informatico e ai principali software.. Se hai dei problemi al pc, al tuo Mac al tablet o SmartPhone sei capitato nel sito giusto.. Riparazione computer Sostituzione di ogni componente possibile.

Rimozione Virus. I miei ebook, dedicati al mondo informatico e ai principali software.. Se hai dei problemi al pc, al tuo Mac al tablet o SmartPhone sei capitato nel sito giusto.. Riparazione computer Sostituzione di ogni componente possibile. Scheda madre, scheda grafica e […].

Le risorse Digital Marketing indispensabili alla creazione di contenuti e aggiungere valore. Quali risorse Digital Marketing scegliere? Quando le […]. PSVersion to find out and then try the script. Yes, upgrading to version 5 resolved this issue. Apparently 4 works, too Those versions added the invoke-webrequest cmdlet. I also found it best to run from PS command line.

This happened to me because I had version 2 of PowerShell running on Windows 7. I went here: Thanks a ton bro. Thanks for being around for us. BTW, a small unsolicited suggestion to avoid the confusion among some readers here: Hi Eric, I mentor a number of people developers especially and have shared this with a them so they can find books they are interested in. Thanks for sharing the books Eric, Amazing collections of books, If Possible please add some Exchange books as well.

I added this to the script to download only PDFs: Thank you so much for the collection of eBooks! Thanks again!


I guess probably due to so many people getting the books, the PS script kept erroring out server response So I hardened it so I could run it multiple times safely. Here is my updated script:. What version of PowerShell are you running? I see there is Power Shell 3, 4, and 5. Which one should I upgrade my PC to? Hi Eric, many thanks for all these eBooks. One thing I notice however is no download links to Exchange ones yet? Thanks, Dave. Added a minor improvement to the download section. I needed to resume this at one point.

Also, jsut becareful, it only checks on the name of the file, not the content. I just deleted that last file that was downloaded and ran again. Just thought i should let you know! Thank you so much for these!!!

Running into the same problem as Nikhil Sapre. Two broken links I found: So, I rewrote the script a little to sort them into folders by category, but it requires having a bunch of smaller lists sorted by category instead of one giant list. All in all, it was a nice little exercise in PowerShell, so thanks for that. And thanks for the books! Thank you so much for these. My colleagues and I from our Infrastructure team will be happy to go through these docs!

And a massive thanks for the PowerShell script to download them all in one easy way, saves us hours of downloads and transfers. Programming Windows 8 Apps??? They were giving that away free 5 years ago when Windows 8 came out.

How much of an addressable market is using Windows 8 anymore? PDF files. Unable to download these ebooks. Tried downloading individually and through the powershell scripts too.

Please fix them up. This is a lovely collection of ebooks. I had to close down my laptop before leaving so I have a few that I need to download. To avoid downloading the same doc twice I have added.

Length — 2 ]. If you do restart, look in the directory for 0-sized files and delete them. Download all PDFs make sure popups allowed: To download all files at once, look for a piece of software called Internet Download Manager and details on how to install the Chrome extension that comes with it.

I cant for the life of me get the powershell script to work. I get this error…. Looks like the party is over. Getting mostly errors, timeouts, etc after http: Due to high demand volumes, the location where the eBooks link list was stored was exceeding maximum concurrent user counts, which meant errors for additional people trying to get in then.

I have added an updated list location in my post for both the eBooks link list and the PowerShell scripts as well. The full list of errors once it was done downloading. Thanks again for the books! The remote server returned an error: Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.

Hello Sir! Thanks for sharing such a gift! Amplified the same to Microsoft Saudi and its reach to partners and customers! Great Sharing! Windows 10 is a disaster. Microsoft might as well have rammed a virus down our throats. They only gave us a month probation with it before it was too late to switch back to Windows 7.

Win10 constantly crashes with the blue screen of death, which became much more frequent with the Creators edition. It is slow and sluggish. To add insult to injury, the so-called solutions Microsoft offer are the most basic and obvious, with the assumption that we are all incompetent. Describing your own issues is fair enough, but two things I will point out. Must everything with even a mention of Windows 10 attract petty and immature rants like this.

Grow up and act like the apparent professional you claim to be. But there must be more people upset with Windows 10 than just Glenn and I since you wrote: Your carefully-considered observation tells me there are many more people who have had poor experiences with Windows Thank you for sharing treasures with us.

Was the files for limited period only? I am using the powershell script to download the books and it seems to be running fine even as I write this. But one problem is that it seems to be using different formats of the book for each download.

Is there a script that downloads the PDF version of each of the books? That is the version I prefer. This links does not work for me http: You should be good now.

Business eBooks are Premium

Due to the high demand, we were exceeding simultaneous user limits where I had that file, so I have posted an updated version in my post that should be able to handle the traffic much better, so please feel free to use that one instead. Thank you. Awesome resources! One link I was interested in does not work though, something wrong with that one?

Hi, Eric, Thank you so much for all these great resources. I did find one glitch, though. I have a lot to learn! Have a great day!

Especial IF N.º 4 - Programas Grátis by Informática Fácil (eBook) - Lulu

Thanks, Karen, for the feedback in your comment. Thank you for doing this ebook offer again this year. I downloaded the books last summer. Which titles are new to this year? The errors that were coming through should be resolved at this time.


Thanks for bringing it to my attention. You probably already know, but the site from which both the txt and the script are distributed http: This thing was successful, apparently. The service is unavailable. Can you maybe tell me what I do wrong? Br, Kevin.

I have added a new PowerShell script link and eBook list link to the post that should not encounter the traffic issues you experienced with the originals. If you using the PowerShell script to download the eBooks, just update the URL for the eBooks list inside the original script from the one in there to http: Is there another source for the TXT file that we could use, or should we just be patient as the storm passes?

I have added a new eBooks list link to the post that should not encounter the traffic issues you experienced with the original. If you using the PowerShell script to download, just update the URL for the eBooks list from the one in there to http: I just keep getting an HTTP error request when trying to get the list of books. Looks like the site hosting the link list and powershell script are down, getting errors trying to hit those. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dan. Unable to download either the powershell script or the list of all links. Any alternate links for them? Thanks again for the fantastic interest in the giveaway! I have just added a more advanced PowerShell script to the post to allow several enhanced functions while downloading, such as: Adding a progress message to see where you are at in the process , check for existing files to avoid double download on interruption, check for file size to know to re-download if a file is interrupted mid-download, error message if file transfer fails, log file with messages option, and more.

Thanks to Robert Cain for the contribution. I have also modified this script to use the updated eBook list file, so it should help avoid the exceeding maximum simultaneous users issue that was happening earlier today due to high levels of demand all at one time. Many thanks Eric for these great resources, it will surely go along way in helpin me and the team.

Thanks again for such a great repository of information! I think it is imperative to spread vast amounts of knowledge freely in order to increase opportunity and wealth in the masses. I did find one thing wrong though with the powershell script which was that all of the WebRequests need to have the -usebasicparsing flag enabled in order for them to work in Windows Own Your Future: Seems PDF version of above two files are corrupted. Unable to open the file after successful download.

To download all, use LinkClump chrome extension, hold right mouse button and drag over all the links above. Thank u so much sir for this great resources, but download links of some books are not working. Like links of all the books that contains shortcut keys of softwares are not working. Please sort it out. I created my own before realising one existed.

It might be easier to follow for some of the Powershell amateurs like me! I have a question, there are spanish resourses any where??

Pablo Livov. Thanks for the downloadables! I got a few.

Trick — Reduce the font size of your browser and select only the format portion of Links, Your selection will preserve so you can scroll down and keep selecting them all.

If your going to use the power shell script, ensure that C: Great… Thanks for your good thought to share the useful details to all who are interested….. Thanks for the comment, Dave, and sorry if there is any confusion. For example, this year there were over 1 million ebooks given away in the first 24 hours, and then we were over 2 million before the 48 hour mark. In other words, if I wrote a book and gave away 1 million copies of it how many books have I given away, 1 or 1 million?

Oh God…! Superb Eric Ligman. Hi all, first of all, thank you so much, Eric Ligman.

Explanation since none given on other answers: Install wget program with sudoer rights with automatic yes to prompts: Need to have a linux system to run that from or cygwin or the win10 ubuntu integration stuff installed in windows. Works fine with me. But… Very sad because there are no Exchange books.

Title says Exchange but alas… no Exchange. Next are some errors with download links on this page. Import Contacts into CRM. The PDF download link does not direct download to any file, but instead goes to a Dynamics help and training page.

This causes the script to freak out a little. The link was duplicated to the Mac version originally but was fixed on this page, however the duplicated link was left in the URL list file even though the correct link was added to the bottom of it. Online Privacy for Journalists Post date: Topics include how to protect your source and sensitive data, maintaining your anonymity online, and securing your emails.

Self-publishing Publication date: The material is presented at a level intended to prepare students for Calculus while also giving them relevant mathematical skills that can be used in other classes. It offers a theoretical perspective on human-computer systems and their administration. Fast Fourier Transforms Post date: Connexions Publication date: Creative Commons Attribution 3. Programming in C Post date: Theory of Statistics Post date: Students should be able to work through the details of "hard" proofs and derivations.

Standard Copyright License Document Type: How to Tell the Truth with Statistics Post date: The goal of this book is to help you learn How to Tell the Truth with Statistics and, therefore, how to tell when others are telling the truth, or lies. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4. Easy Readers Publication date: Resilient Web Design Post date:

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