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Electric Machinery, 6th Edition - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Electric Machinery 6Ed Fitzgerald Book. Uploaded by. . Electric Machinery By A. E. Fitzgerald,Charles Kingsley, cittadelmonte.infon D. Umans. Sixth Edition Free PDF Download. Free PDF Download. Electric. The exciting new sixth edition of "Electric Machinery" has been extensively updated while retaining the emphasis on fundamental principles and physical.

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Electric Machinery. Sixth Edition. A. E. Fitzgerald. Late Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty. Northeastern University. Charles Kingsley, Jr. Electric Machinery Fitzgerald 7th Edition PDF Electric Machinery Fitzgerald 7th Edition Book PDF Extra Link Book Description: This seventh edition of Fitzgerald . Energy Conversion - Electric Machinery book Fitzgerald solution. Emre Erkan. 1 PROBLEM SOLUTIONS: Chapter 1 Problem Part (a): lc lc Rc = = =0 A/Wb.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Energy Conversion - Electric Machinery book Fitzgerald solution. Emre Erkan. Chapter 1 Problem 1. Problem 1. Same as Problem 1.

Thus the rotational loss is 3. Similarly, the input power to the equivalent circuit is Thus, the core losses are equal to The equivalent circuit is solved in the normal fashion.

For ease of calculation, the core loss can be accounted for by a resistor connected at the equivalent-circuit terminals based upon the results of part a , this corresponds to a resistance of 1. The shaft input power is equal to the negative of the shaft power calculated from the equivalent circuit plus the rotational loss power. The electrical output power is equal to the negative of the input power to the equivalent circuit.

Basically the same calculation as part b. The impedance of the feeder must be added to armature impedance of the induction motor.

Taking the ratio of Eqs.

As in the solution to Problem 6. The parameters are calculated following exactly the procedure found in Example 6. The results are: Therefore 1. From the solution to Problem 6. If the rotor resistance is doubled, the motor impedance will be the same if the slip is also doubled. The torque will equal to full-load torque.

With no external resistance, the slope of the torque-speed characteristic is thus 5. The slope of the desired torque-speed charac- teristic is 4. Chapter 7 Problem 7. Problem 7. For constant terminal voltage, the product nIf where n is the motor speed is constant. The solution for Ea proceeds as in part a.

Electric Machinery 6th Edition Textbook Solutions |

The generated voltage can now be calculated to be Note that as a practical matter, the armature current should be limited to its rated value, but that limitation is not considered in the plot below.

Constant torque motor B will require that the armature current variation be proportional to the motor speed. Thus motor A: The generated voltage will be proportional to the speed. Constant-power operation motor A will re- quire aramture current that increases inversely with speed while constant torque operation motor B will require constant armature current.

For the conditions of part a: Synchronous machine: The armature current will be the negative of that of part a and hence the power factor will be unity.

Its magnitude will be Thus, the armature reaction is 0. The full-load torque is Ea Ia With the addition of 0.

Thus the demagnetization is equal to 0. The maximum value of the starting resistance will be required at starting.

Based upon this alogrithm, the external resistance can be controlled as shown in the following table: The output power versus speed characteristic is parabolic as shown below. Chapter 8 Problem 8. Problem 8. Thus rotation in one direction will increase the inductance of one set of poles and decrease the inductance of the remaining set.

Thus, depending on which of the remaining poles is excited, it is possible to get torque in either direction. Thus, the rotor will rotate 1 revolution in 24 sequences of phase excitation or 8 complete sets of phase excitation. Thus, starting with phase 1 on, to move Clockwise is equivalent to rotor rotation to the right.

The required phase sequence will be Here are the desired plots The integral under the torque curve is 2. Thus there is a The phase inductance looks like the plot of Problem 8.

Here is the desired plot: Here is the plot of the total current transient. Based upon the discussion in the text associated with Fig. There will be 8 pattern changes per revolution. There will be one revolution of the motor for every 14 cycles of the phase currents. Chapter 9 Problem 9. From Example 9. Following the calculations of Example 9. Problem 9. The solution then proceeds as in Example 9. Now we have a two-phase machine operating under balanced two- phase conditions.

We can now apply the analysis of Section 6. An iterative search shows that the minimum capacitance is Chapter 10 Problem Problem The diode does not turn on until the source voltage reaches 0. From part b of the solution to Problem Harmonic number Peak amplitude [V] 1 By analogy to the solution of Problem Chapter 11 Problem From part a of Problem First convert Km to SI units.

No numerical calculation required. The various machine parameters were calculated in the solution to Problem With Tref increased to 0.

The required calculations follow those of Example The torque will be maximized when iQ is maximized. The torque expression can be solved for the slip. The result is a drive frequency of 5.

The slip will be twice the original full load slip or 8. Thus the rotor resistance must increase by this factor. Thus the applied voltage will be V, line-to-line. Clearly, the torque expression will remain constant if the slip scales invesely with kf. From the data given in Problem From the given data, the motor inductances are: If this is done, the equivalent circuit will give exactly the same results as those of part a. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer.

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Electric Machinery, 6th Edition

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A magnetic circuit with a single air gap is shown in Fig. The core dimensions are: Step-by-step solution:.

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