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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Discover the best European Travel Guides in Best Sellers. Find the top most popular items in Amazon Books Best Sellers. Here are some suggested books that cover Western Europe, including some specialty travel guides. These guidebooks make great gifts for the. The 5 best travel guidebooks for Europe - Find the best guidebook to plan your perfect European adventure. Want to know which guidebook is the best?.

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Eastern Europe travel guide. Guidebook. Western Europe travel guide. Guidebook. Europe's Best Trips. Guidebook. Europe Planning Map. Map. Pocket Algarve. Buy Lonely Planet Europe travel guidebook direct from Lonely Planet. Available in print and as digital chapter downloads. Online shopping for Europe Travel Guides in the Books Store.

The continent holds wonderful beaches, historical architecture, amazing wine, and wonderful people. Every country is incredibly different than the next. I first went to Europe when I was backpacking there in I was hooked. I am in love with Europe. There is a lot of diversity and so many ways to get around and things to do in Europe that I wrote this Europe travel guide to help you travel better on your visit.

If it's last year's edition, find out when the new version is due out.

Most guidebooks get an update every three or four years. Only a handful of titles including my most popular books are actually updated in person with regularity.

When I'm choosing between guidebooks for a certain destination, the publication date often on the copyright page is usually the deciding factor. Every guidebook series has an area of specialization: Some are great for hotels, but fall down on restaurants. Other series can't be beat for history and culture.

Some guidebooks like mine are more opinionated and selective, choosing only the most worthwhile destinations in each country and covering them in depth.

Europe Travel Guide – The Best European Destinations | Rick Steves' Europe

Others seek to cover every possible destination you might find yourself in. Rick Steves: My series, written and refined over the last three decades, is designed to help smooth your travels and broaden your cultural experiences. With the help of my research partners, I update my guidebooks lovingly and in person. In order to experience the same Europe that most of my readers do, I insist on doing my research in the peak tourist season — from April through September.

And I'm stubbornly selective, writing about fewer destinations than other guidebooks. For example, Italy has dozens of hill towns, but my Italy book zooms in on the handful that are truly worth the trip. I base my depth of coverage on a place's worthiness, rather than its population or fame.


When I travel in Europe and beyond — to areas I don't cover in my books — I routinely use guidebooks from these publishers, and find them helpful.

Lonely Planet: The worldwide standard for a solid guidebook, Lonely Planet covers most countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The Lonely Planet series offers comprehensive, no-nonsense facts, low- and mid-budget listings, and helpful on-the-ground travel tips. Frommer's Guides: The granddaddy of travel publishing, Arthur Frommer has reinvented his series to be leaner and more focused on the budget traveler.

These books are especially well attuned to the needs of older travelers, but some readers may feel like they're being handled with unnecessary kid gloves.

Fodor's Travel: A stalwart of travel publishing, Fodor's has been producing good basic European guidebooks for American travelers since the s. Their coverage is more encyclopedic than inspiring.

Europe travel guide

DK Eyewitness Travel: These gorgeous visual guides offer appealing color photos and illustrations like cutaway cross-sections of important castles and churches. They are great for trip planning and visual learners, but the written information is scant — I don't travel with them. National Geographic Traveler: These guides are well-produced, with beautiful maps and sharp photos. The guides are updated every few months so the information is current.

Comparing Guidebook Series

There is a lot of good information about stuff to see and do at every price point. One of my go-to websites for food suggestions is Thrillist. Superfuture SuperGuides: Are you a trendsetting traveler that loves to drop a lot of cash?

The SuperGuides are geared toward travelers on the cutting edge of fashion and design, and that want to know the coolest new shops and places to visit.

The mecca of user-generated travel reviews. This is one of my favorite sites to visit when first planning a trip.

The reviews are written by a wide range of travelers, each with different expectations, so not everything you read is going to be from the point of view of a young budget traveler. You have to read into the reviews a bit, but I still think it is a great resource. The wikipedia of travel. I like to go here to get a good overview of each city. I still think a good guidebook is very valuable. It is important that you get one that fits your travel style.

I recommend going to a bookstore to check out the travel guidebooks in person. Take a few that look interesting and flip through them for a few hours.

Backpacking Europe Travel Guide for 2019

I like to buy my books on Amazon because the prices are so much better than in the store. Lonely Planet: The most popular guidebook series — especially with young and budget orientated travelers. The guides are only updated every two years so some information might be out of date although, this is fairly common among guidebooks. Be warned that any place that gets featured in a Lonely Planet book will likely be overrun with tourists—this makes some travelers shun the LP series.

Lonely Planet allows you download guides in PDF format and you can pick which sections you want to buy. I think this is a really great idea—I usually just cut out the pages that are interesting anyways.

It is written for independent travelers who want to get away from the touristy stuff. In addition, he also has a few travel guide iPhone Apps. One great thing about Rick Steves is that their books are updated every year so you have a better chance of more accurate information. I think you should check them out. Rough Guides: Another popular series that is popular with younger travelers. There have been many reports that the new versions of the books have less content and are less helpful than earlier editions.

Although, I hear the maps in these books are really good. Eyewitness Guides:

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