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Gu Family Book adalah serial televisi Korea Selatan tahun , dibintangi Lee Drama ini ditayangkan pada Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation pada hari. Gu Family Book (Hangul: 구가의 서; RR: Guga-ui Seo; juga dikenali sebagai Kang Chi, the Beginning) ialah sebuah drama bersiri Korea Selatan Biodata Foto Pemeran Drama Gu Family Book, Biodata Nama Agama Pemain Drama Gu Family Book, Profil Foto Pemeran Drama Gu Family.

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Drama: Gu Family Book Rating: **** Notes: Awesome drama that paired the supernatural with mystery and romance. It was everything I watch Kdramas for!. MissA Suzy @ Drama 'Gu Family Book' Suzy Drama, Drama Japonês, Choi Suzy and Choi Jin Hyuk - Gu family Book BTS Korean Star, Korean Wave. Drama: Gu Family Book / Kang Chi, the Beginning; Revised romanization: Gugaui Seo Gu Family Book-Lee · Gu Family Book-Bae · Gu.

I think I'm super active on this App. To be honest in real life I'm more like a lazy person.. But maybe because K-drama is my passion.. Thats why I'm very excited to write my thoughts.. Any how.. The ending of this drama was very unpredictable..

I love this drama. I love ep 4. I love the swordswoman, her body guard, and of course Kang Chi. Love the 3 of them together. Pls be The 3 Musketeers. Pretty Pls. Oh, poor Puppy KC! The Evil Lord salivates over the pretty girl. But Evil Lord has access black magic.

Sob sob. I really hope it will be consistent … Judgement is too early.. What did I say? I love ep 3. A good tragic ending for WR-SH story. SH regrets betraying daddy gumiho. Leaves her child to SJ and dies. What we see in rest of the drama is a good introduction of Kang chi character, people around him, how his presence has changed their lives, how that bracelet controls his gumiho side and how he is being treated by them.

I love how Seung ki portrays KC. He exactly is a mixture of tough hot tempered SH and innocent, strong and cute daddy gumiho. For a reason Seung ki has a special place in my heart. But using insulting words as if you hate him with your whole heart is not right.

OMG i love it but im still waiting for ep 4 to be subbed. I watch it on dramacrazy. Does anyone know another website that uploads and subs episodes fast? I think our SK has lost some weight, probably due to his heavy schedule, incl.

His face looks so taunt. And the drama is only just starting for him. So many more weeks of no-sleep ahead. In this drama, when Papa Gumiho was wronged, he turned plenty scary. What gender inequality? KDaddict He purposely loses his weight for this role.

Agree with you.

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So many more weeks of no-sleep and more actions scenes. SK is doing a wonderful job and this drama is getting better with time. OMG, tae soo will become kang-chi enemy? I stopped watching becoz too long for a historical-fantasy drama and i slept on some scenes no more excitement.

I really like lee seunggi.. I really like both of them. KDaddict Yeah. Thank you for the advice. Si, Why does he need to purposely lose wt for this role? Love ep 4 very much. The story is proceeding in a very interesting and unpredictable way. Action scenes and acting are convincing. OST is beautiful. Her voice is mesmerizing and befitting saguk well. I admire Seung ki for great acting. His humor is still there. I missed it like crazy Exactly when you think everything is serious.

He with that killer smile of his make you laugh in one moment. But his eyes become fierce a moment later. A quick transformation without using CG.

Even his voice changes. His face expression changes. Seung ki is sooo cute and adorable with this hairstyle. Although he lost so much weight and the baby fat on his cheeks is not like before.

Want to go into my monitor and…. Thanks for the eng. Love this drama. So fantastic! Playmedia so good. Last part 2 , like feel short romance but wave me heartbeat. At first , only read story but after try it.

Oh rating so good. Good product. Maybe tast by self. Feel so movie. If story to easy understant but rock by great start. Awesome since first part. I hope will be a happy ending for SG and Suzy…. They both have characteristic, no matter handsome or beautiful, but they are so: Fighting 4 SG — Suzy….

I just love ep3 and 4! He can really act! Great drama, so excited on what will happen next!! I just saw one of the posters and saw Gu Wal Ryung wearing black, I guess he turnes into an evil demon after all!!! If you want to watch the latest episode with english subtitle.

What will happen to YW if he keep clinging on CJ… it seems like their love story will take some time to improve. KC and CJ had mutual feelings for each other.

Gu Family Book Season II

My sister loves lee seung gi so much. Gonna watch the 1st 4ep tonight. You shud watch! Lee Seung Ki lifts this drama. Bae Suzy is great also. I love each ep…no boring scenes…I just love this drama! LSG is really great in here!

I wonder how Suzy will react lol. Ep5,6 are great. Seung ki yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa love you like crazy. I like this drama, it is very funny and action packed, which is a plus for me as I like good martial arts fighting but not so much with the swords. This is the third show where the main character is adopted and although Kang Chi knows that he is adopted and his story is sad but it will be full of adventure and magic.

They would be more of a tear jerkers if they were half as good as this show. I feel like there will be more dramas to follow with similar storyline. Same old same old with Kdramas. I guess, when one drama has an interesting plot the rest all follow. All I can say is kang chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! Hmm i am the fan of Choi Jin Hyuk and action drama.

This is the 2nd drama after faith. Sadly the father died in ep 2…huhuhuhu. LSG is not that handsome but he has aura for making people to watch his acting. I love his acting in Shining Inheritance and Gumiho. I am not a fan of Suzy but still watching this drama because i like the storyline and fighting.

I want to know him more. Good drama, but im not convinced with the acting of suzy, i dunno why, sorry but i also love yoo ah in in joj, sad to say im loyal to yai just keep up the good work gu family book, nice story! Presently, they are at the friendship stage. That is the 3 dramas that i like with him in. A breathtaking episode. One thing I love about this drama is the storytelling! Everytime he was about to cry truly made me cry! I hate Lee Sun Jae!

Kangchi fighting!!! Specially when it comes in facial expressions like during heavy scenes, she needs to be more convincing when it comes to that. But still what ever she do i still like her. So much. Still have not started watching this drama. People and their flapping beaks always quick to judge without knowing anything! I think all the cast members are doing amazing.

Go Seung Gi and Team Cast!!!! Show these people how it is done! Mushu There are lots of Seung ki fans here. Haters ran off i think and those who are praising him are not the same haters. Haters always hate. Nothing can change them. They just look for a good opportunity to come out and show themselves. The preview of ep 7! He is a grate actor and as you said it speaks for itself. He will only get better with time.

I think most shared drama are not base on current or finished dramas. That is why i am still looking forward for all of his dramas. I also watched all of his drama and I love it all. Thanks for understand with what i am trying to convey. People develop liking at someone not based on physical appearance.

Am i right? LSG fans, I love u all. She also very independence and naturally in acting rather than copy in others characters in always act cute and need to be protected. I just have one question for everyone, Why does everyone stand around like an idiot when someone gets stabbed? It has happened twice in this drama and no one seem to do anything about it even the trained professionals. Ouch, very bored drama. Is it becoz seung gi and suzy?

So this drama should hit most shared? Huft, of course kangci and missing you would lead the poll. Fans thousand around the world. Its crazy! Sorry its just my opinion.

Ep 7 is great. The portrayal of KC character, his progress, his conflict are awesome and touching. His tears break your heart. It seems all the people expect master, YW, Gon and general Lee will turn to his enemies. Our dear KC has a long, suffering journey in front of his eyes. Seung ki yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, love you, love you, love you, love you, love you. But unfortunately the lead actors is not popular. So its affect there is no one want to watch becoz the lead actor not interest for them.

I think people more interesting with all about my romance. Not only drama all about my romance, but others drama that has good story with not popular lead actors its will has same condition like this. Huft kdrama world is cruel. Sabi ng kapatid ko bat hindi nlng daw mabuntis si cheong jo para ulit ulit nlng… Hahaha!

Ang tagal ng twists. Hey Lin, why waste time if you got bored?. I dont know about most shared and i dont even care about it. For me as long as the drama gets my attention, it interests me alot. It is only a plus point if i know the lead stars. If the actor doesnt have much popularity, I guess it is not a fault of the others actors fans coz it only means that that actors didnt get the attention of many…. Lin A drama is not just about the actors. Everything from the actors, script, OST to cinematography, sound, etc must be good so the drama can shine as a whole.

Of course it will be rewarding if your favorite actor plays the lead. GFB is a great drama in every aspect. To me is more than great because Seung ki is my bias. But i can drop a bad drama even if my bias is the lead. I did it with MQ. But how about people around you? People always says that the drama which include their bias is a best drama, great storyline, bla bla bla. Actually, they thought like that becoz in those drama there is their bias, right?

Hahaha its seem like judging a formal awards. Just it the point. Lee Seung Ki, is that type of an actor he made me believe he was Kang Chi. Lin Yeah, i agree with you. At least not all the people are like that.

So good dramas always find their viewers even if they are not that many people. I love love love the first 3 episodes! Im on episode 8 of all about my romance because lee min jung n shin ha kyun. I totally agree with you. He is so well matched with the female lead and if Seong Gi were to replace him as the male lead in AAMR as suggested by Lin , he will be too young to assume the role of a jaded ex judge who become a cynical and sarcastic politician!

Both actors are awesome and have their strong points but have to be casted in the right role to bring out the best in them. Pano mo nalaman na babalik si papa gu?

At sa ep 12 pa? Parang kakatapos ng ng ep8 ah? Ep 12 kagad yung preview? My bias is seunggi,but i also a big fan of shin ha kyun. I jumped out happiness when i found out that shin ha kyun act in new drama. They are not compete against each other in ratings i not agree with ur statement abot.

I think viewer is not stupid. Rating increase when good story. Drama sucess not only good story , actor, product, music. Not sure need romance of love, beautiful, but relation of story. How ever, viewer will watchdrama by favorit actor or popular actor.

This drama so good , story more plot, ep 3 seem like no love story alot but varity so beautiful and fresh view. EP 8 is a bit quieter than ep 7. Now we can see how KC is trying to deal with his new life. General Lee character is an excellent one.

Gon has been such a irritating and dry character till this time. Expressionless or jealous. Ep 8 ends in climax. Will YW untie his bracelet? Lee Seung Gi and Suzy are really cute together. Never a dull moment. Look forward to episodes 9 and 10 next week. Lin i think.. TRY watching this…is very good drama.. You are too eager to know what will happen next huh?! I actually dont like spoilers thats why somehow i dont want to get updated that much.

Im contented with what i knew. Anyway, fighting! Abangan natin pareho kung babalik nga si papa gu o hindi. Dami tlgang nag abang sa reappearance nya! Sa ep2 palang ng drama nagcomment na aq d2 na babalik xa bilang villain at mabuti nman totoo ung theory q hehe!.. Feeling q they will fight for the gu family book! Naloka ako kay papa gu ehehe!!! Ang Gu Family Book ba dapat isa lang ang gumamit? Wala naman na si Mother kaya ibibigay na yan ni papa gu kay kang chi kung sakali.

This drama is just amazing!!!! Grabe ang ep 10 kilig much! Nakakakilig si kangchi. Nagsisimula na umusbong na another love story!

At may love triangle pa! Hay ep 11 excited nakung mapanuod. That bodyguard of Suzy is starting to get real annoying, he is so jealous of Kangchi. I think CJ is going to commit suicide before KC rescue her from the brothel. Uhuk…uhuk… Hahhahaha… Terimakasih. Semoga bisa dijadikan kritik yang membangun untuk kita semua!!! OMG, this is amazing. Introducti0n p lng interesteng na! Grabe I really cry for the 1st and 2nd episode.. I hope they will appear again and continue their love story..

The man fall in love 4 the first time fr0m the past 1, years, but after he loved that girl he died, because the girl betray him… Huhu so sad.. The man always protect him, How could she do that to him. From the poster i see her straight face make me doubt. But watch it for whole package. Acting-dols are just used for better selling of the drama overseas. So look at her from this point of view and focus on the story.

I tell you this as a huge Seung ki fan though. I stand her just because of him and the good story. This drama also reminds me of Naruto, because of the 9 tailed Gumiho Fox , this drama has everything! I think Kangchi looks so much more manly when he changes into the beast.. Ep But atlist it make me smile.! What were they thinking. But Its really make me disappointed that kangchi accused that he killed his acting father, when the head of magistrate saw what really happened..

Hu very unjustice, I hope he would get punished. I love watching this drama together with my sisters who still doesnt admit that they are KD addict too like me. A bestfrient to lover! Thanks to guzzylady. Good movie indeed. This drama just keeps getting better!!!

The storyline really keeps me going and wanting for more. One of a kind. She has improved soooo much as an actress and I admire her for that!!! Can you tell me who is women in the last ep 12?

Ep 11, poor KC caught in a trap!! Now he will know who love him for himself. YW truly and sincerely cares for Kang Chi. Why is it the other way around???????? Im just wondering if seo hwa is the women who appeared in ep But why? This drama gets better and better each episode. I do believe if Wul Ryung is back. This just gets better and better.

It is torture to wait till Tuesday before I can watch it. This is why this kinds of dramas have to be watched in one go, way too exciting. Every episode much awaited. I had the wrong info! Seo Hwa is going to be the death of Gwam Woong. Because he was so much in love with her, she is going to use him to help her son. Seo, is not a kid anymore, now she knows the trick of the trade. What if Yeo wool dress like a real girl. What does kang chi reactions! LOL Joke. One for sure is the cook master.

The Admiral too? Is he a master? Lets see. Oh I just love ep 13 especially in the end. I keep on smiling and smiling hehe. Kang chi is shocked how beautiful Yeo Wool is. That the scene that I was looking for. Hope the romance is about to start.. Remember at the 2nd episode, the consequence if he didnt complete the days, he become a monster for years… Hehe I hope his appearance would be helpful, and become interesting. Please answer me, is she the mother of kangchi? I think. I have so much questions in my head right now!!

Hahaha this drama just keeps getting better and more interesting!! Some of the questions I have in mind: Will Papa Gumiho be an evil spirit as a consequence for breaking the rules how to become a human — shown in ep 2 2. Is it Seo Hwa or someone else? What will happen to Chung Jo? Why did he go back to the trees when they made that rustling noise and ask who is there?

Are you kidding me!! Run forest run!! Cant wait! Hehe I luv ds drama so much. I just watched ep 14 — as far as the episode is concerned, Wol ryung is going tp destroy everything; including killing his own son Kang Chi.. Ep 14 yeo wool is in danger! Hope kang chi will realizes how important yeo wool is.

And i think yeo wool is the only key to help kang chi became a human. LOL Anyway hyway.. That smirk of his at the end of episode 14 is bothering me.

I guess Wolryung have no choice but to kill someone inorder to look young and to look like human.. It is amazing!

I can really feel the Characters emotions! Wolryung fell inlove with YW hehe! I guess he recognized Yeo Wool as the same girl he saw in festival with his son. I Think Wol Ryung will be tamed by a red bracelet. What ep is that? How beautiful. Kang chi try to cheer up Yeo Wool or Courting her.? So cute. I think Wol Ryung will protect Yeo Wool.

The priest must tell him everything about KC and seeing KC and YW at the festival he knows his son has feelings for her.

Gu Family Book

I cant Wait until he meets SH, to see if he still have feelings for her. I love Wol Ryung so much. Jo Gwan Woong spreads that the mysterious murder events, which happened in the forest, were all related to Kang Chi..

Infairness you can see kang chi concern to dam yeo wool. Kinda cute. Ep 15 really intresting to watch. Kinda intriging hah. Anyway i like the closeness of kang chi and yeo wool and finally the face off of father and son. Omg ep: You sexy beast!!!! Episode 16 is one of the best episode so far,.

I think its Wol Ryung.. Hurry up and save her Kang Chi!! No preview for the next episode yet.. This drama is one of the best!! Great story, great cast, and great OSTs. It deserves the attention it gets from the viewers.. Hello, its my favorite drama i love choi jin hyuk as wol ryung , and lee seung ki as kang chi.

Good job writer Kang! Started ep 16…. Father and son stand off. Kang Chi look Soo nervous and tense, while Wol Ryung look relax and calm even his clothes is blowing in the wind.. Poor lady, now she is gonna lose her job. Kiss her KC, ok, what happen Hahaha!!! Interruption, interruption, interruption. Oh,oh they did not kiss, bummer!! Finally, What I have learned from this ep is, its ok to let your guard down and let people in and that trust is not given its earned.

I guess it was not Wal Ryung who kidnaped Yeo Wool. He has no reason to sneak up like that. Why should he — he is super strong and no man can defeat him. This might also be a warning to KangChi. But it is quite obivious that Wal Ryung kidnapped Yeo Wool, the person was wearing black outfit and it was exactly the same outfit Wal Ryung was wearing loose at the end. It happened super fast, KangChi will notice if it was a normal person! About the new mystic woman…. Kang Chi should get stronger as a gumiho very fast if he wants to protect people he loves and especially strong enough to handle his father.

What role will Chin Jo play in all of this? She is still in love with Kang Chi, so would she also send someone to harm YW!! What you guys think? Nhie You are right! Although, Chin Jo has a bad temper and she can be really mean. I have an uneasy feeling about her. Interesting plot and a really good drama. Episode 17 preview http: I just finished all episodes for two days and this is the hardest part, waiting for the next episode, its surprisingly beautiful. Oppa Seung Gi you never disappoint us for choosing a great project.

Congrats to all the crew, their hard work really paid. The best: Saranghe Oppa. Loveeeee it! Thanks for sharing! Oh my god to episode 17!!!!!!!!! What an exciting episode.

Love love this drama. Its so interesting and I have a feeling that Kangchi and his father will protect each other. The rating should be the 1st because this drama is so good. The first drama I ever like and so impatient to what is going to happen? I wiss he will meet seo hwa soon. He better kill Jo Gwan Woong before he dies! If the Head Merchant is really Seo Hwa, then why does she look different?? Just finish ep But Kangchi even he turns to gumiho he is still maintain being a human.

Yah ep 18 little bit sad and i dont like this kind of atmosphere. This ep is full of revealation. I much worry of kang chi, how people will treat him. I hate you JGW super. What gonna be next. What will happen both of them and to wul ryung? A lot of question in my mind. If yeo wool is already engaged.

This ep make me sad. Jade Ohhhhh…. This is the best drama that I have watched so far in year Very good story with a good cast. Seowa and chungjo are desame when they found out the truth they turn back, while Yeowol show her love… I really want love triangle between the parent.

I thought KC walked away from YW when she suspect he killed her father, but when he came and hugged her from behind I almost lost it. Nice scene!!!! The fate of Chung Jo is omg… thats sick. I hope she can turn into some kind of O Ren Ishii. I suspect that Miyamoto is also Seo Hwa but actually wearing a mask? Aish, a bit intrigued, hehe!

I just love him, Aja he is more than hot he is blazing!!!!! I wish they would just kill GW already, he was really in love with SH. My question is , will his feelings return when he really confirm her identity?

I feel SH and WR will fall in love again. Sharon Agreed — Wol Ryung is blazing hot!!! I loved the actor in My Daughter Flower too. I am so depressed.. But now, it says the blogger site has been removed. Does anyone know how or what i have to do to get back to that website? Sadly how come there is not much handsome guys in this drama.

I guess the beautiful actresses have outnumbered the handsome guy s. Fell in love with him in this drama. Will watch My girlfriend is a gumiho.

Gu family Book Episode 19 Preview http: Another website? I thought that i am the only one who thinks that Wal Ryung is so goddam hot!!!! I am so happy that he was back! Love him!!! And I think that this drama has the most captivating first episode! At least kill jo gwan woong if he is going to turn into a demon. Ma Bong Chool also made the drama funny. I hope the ratings will go even higher!!! I swear every time I watch this show I suffer from a mini heart attack!!!

Pshhhh can you believe they tried killing Mommy Seo Hwa!!! Those bastards! Ahhh I love this show so much!!!! A million thanks to guzzy lady!!!

Fantastic writer! Love all the suspense awaiting after each episode. Wol Ryung and KC fighting!! I wonder if there is any way that Wol Ryung can escape from being a years demon?.. I want to see them a complete family at the end of this drama series.. Cyrano, and Monstar too. But I always watch Gu Family Book first.. I think this is the best korean drama of the year!! The story never keeps me bored. Hooray to the script writer and director!! Very good job!! Lee Seung Gi is such a great actor.

Keep it up Suzy! Thanks for sharing your voices thru songs to this drama…love the songs…. LSK acting is on point!!!! When he said father I am in pain, his facial expression, his body language, just speak pain and I felt it! I got all choked up. Sniffle, sniffle, boooohooo!!! I die laughing when KC was watching the rice ball being kicked around during the fight between YW and the guards.

Sniffle, sniffle, KC said did you hate me that much, enough to abandon me right after I was born, Was I that horrible? Boooohoooo, boooohooo, sniffle sniffle. Ep 19 was very, very, good!!! Writer Kang, you have drawn from all sorts and combine it in your story!! YeoChi chipper!! Do you still remember the 3 rules in order to become human? Anyway, one or both of his parents might die because the main baddies of this drama are still alive. Ditonton berulang -ulang sampek jebol..

Suzy is so charming and I love her Yeowool so much! It will be so nice to see the chemistry. It give story with love, romance, hurt, friendly. Emotion in your eye and smile really fit with this character. Best product and writting. Seunggi, You help your co star. Thank you chose this drama. Love all casts. Zusy , you also better job.

Now , it near end. His black mark disappears when he recognized SH. However, SH decided to kill herself in order to bring back WR,the gumiho. Poor KC, his mom never said goodbye to him. Absolutely NOT!!!!!!! Lee seunggi awesome! Everything for him really best. He really hard to critizen! He really varity emotion! Best actor. Hope she try hard more. She really beautiful.

Suzy , fighting, lee seunggi , fighting. Best fantastic drama! As usual, I watched the movie with her help, and watch it via youtube. But today, i cannot access http: What happened? I want to watch ep 21 and Pls help. Is GW going to shoot WR? Oh no! Oh my gooly goo, SH showed up!!! Boy, love is such a powerful emotion even a year demon can resist it! Here goes GW again with the gun!!

He shot WR while he was protecting SH! WR even look good with a bullet wound!! Guys, that was the best scene ever, when WR realized that its SH. Sniff sniff!

The song was perfect for it. Good job GFB team!! Poor Kang Chi, wants his mommy!! Boohoo boohoo! I knew GW still loves SH!! He always wanted to have her, so I guess SH is his Achilles heel!!

Seo Haw!!!!!!!!!!! Suzy did a good job with her part!! Ep 21 was very good, it showed that love conquer all!!!! I opened up her FB, and turned out she still have posting in You Tube, for ep 21 and Finally i can watched it. Thank you so much for your help. Pages using infobox television with editor parameter Pages using infobox television with unknown parameters Album articles with non-standard infoboxes Infobox album tanpa sampul album Pages using infobox album with unknown parameters Serial televisi Korea Selatan tahun Drama televisi Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation.

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