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Gorilla mindset review and Gorilla mindset summary. Read here all the major takeaways of Mike Cernovich work. Also available in PDF. Sounds to me like a guy with a mindset worth learning about. About Gorilla Mindset. Gorilla Mindset isn't a 30 page ebook, it's a full length book. largest community for readers. Gorilla Mindset is an entire system that, when coupled with specif. Shelves: ebooks, books. Meh. Good advice sprinkled.

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Gorilla Mindset - Kindle edition by Mike Cernovich. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. Gorilla Mindset was the most successful non-fiction book launch of , immediately hitting best-seller lists. Rather than feed you lies and. If searching for a ebook by Mike Cernovich Gorilla Mindset in pdf format, then you 've come to the right site. We presented the full variation of this ebook in ePub.

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I always thought that writing down bad things will reinforce the thoughts further so this method might work for some or might make it worse for others T This book reads like a summary book on mindset to me. I always thought that writing down bad things will reinforce the thoughts further so this method might work for some or might make it worse for others The author spent too much time writing about various type of food eg fish oil and investment Eg dollar stop averaging that the whole book seems to lack focus.

I can understand why people rate this book 3 stars but I like his points on Mindfulness which focus less on spirit but more on body postures. Apr 10, Alex English rated it really liked it.

I could overlook the frequent typos in the Kindle version since the material was solid. This book contains good advice, and I especially found value in the idea of self-talk. Jun 28, Russell Newquist rated it it was amazing Shelves: It may seem like I've done a lot of reading recently. In reality, I've just finished a lot of reading recently. I've had a lot of books especially non-fiction spinning all at once, and they've all kind of wrapped up.

This is one that I've been reading since the beginning of the year. That's pretty odd, because one of the great things about this book is how quick and easy of a read it is. Even before I was halfway done, I knew there were things in the book that I wanted - that I needed to do. For myself, I decided to focus on a few things at a time rather than trying to make every change all at once.

I've had good results with that. Let me get this out of the way: I detest self-help books. Most of them are completely full of shit and aren't worth the paper they're printed on. Most of them give you advice that isn't all that helpful.

Which is fine, because most of them are written for people who don't actually want to change. This book isn't like that. Cernovich actually wants to help you. For the typical self-help reader, that will make this a book they don't actually want. But for those looking to actually improve their lives, this is the rare self-help book that's actually worth a damn.

The frustrating thing about reading this book is how many of Mr. Cernovich's suggestions are ways that I used to live my life.


I've let many of them slip. I had good reason to. I had some specific life circumstances that I had to react to.

But those circumstances are long over, and it's well past time that I returned to my old mindsets. This book gave me the boot to the ass that I needed to do that. It also brought some excellent new ideas that have proven to be very helpful. One other thing that's truly great about this book is that it's not wasting space on filler.

A great many non-fiction books have a single great idea, cover that idea thoroughly in the first few chapters, and then spend the rest of the book repeating that same idea over and over and over. It's the reason why I have shelves full of non-fiction books that I've never finished. Once I got the concept, the rest of the book just wasn't worth reading.

This book isn't like that at all. Each chapter is actually covering something different. Each chapter covers the basic concept, gives some examples, and then gives a checklist and some "homework" at the end.

A few of them also have some interviews with experts. That's it - there's no wasted filler. As Mr.

Cernovich himself points out, not every piece of advice in here is for everybody. There are a few things in the book that I don't think will actually work very well with my own base personality. Take what works for you and apply it. As for the rest But if you can get through this entire book without finding two or three changes that will help your life in a major way, then congratulations on the amazing life you already lead.

Keep living that life. For the rest of us, this book is a gold mine. Gorilla Mindset gets five out of five stars. This book is an absolute must read. Jan 29, Elf M. Since I'm an avid consumer of self-help books, I decided to finally go and get The Gorilla Mindset by the notorious alt-right talking head Mike Chernovich.


As self-help books go, it's insipid. You won't learn a single new technique in here that you won't get anywhere else. If you've ever read a single generalized self-help book, TGM is a bland repeat of everything you already know.

The chapter on Mindfulness apes any number of sloppy Sili Since I'm an avid consumer of self-help books, I decided to finally go and get The Gorilla Mindset by the notorious alt-right talking head Mike Chernovich. The chapter on Mindfulness apes any number of sloppy Silicon Valley business books— and like all the others ignores the very real Buddhist origins and significant consequences of going full-on with mindfulness, you know, stuff like compassion and patience and honesty and good will — you know, the stuff neither brogrammers or Chernovitch are particularly concerned about.

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The chapter on diet and exercise, when it's not delving deep into nutritionism, is basically "lift weights progressively heavier as you get stronger" and "eat food, not too much, mostly plants," you know, the stuff your doctor always tells you, all the while recommending juicing and supplements.

His whole section on financial investments is what fits on an index card , only without the safety-net clause because, you know, having a backup is for sissies. In the chapters on getting on with your life, the book focuses on making lists of people you know and getting rid of the ones who aren't helping.

The one thing really missing from the book is a riff on Fox Cabane and Carnegie , but I guess making friends isn't nearly as important as learning how to ditch people who aren't profitable and expedient. The only unusual thing the book does is give men— and this book ain't aimed at women at all — permission to use mantras, which is generally perceived as a feminine thing. The book is basically too shallow to be useful. If you're going to lift weight seriously, a personal trainer is critical to tell you what you need to know to do it safely.

You don't need supplementation unless your doctor says you do. If you get into mindfulness as more than a buzzword, you're going to enter into spiritual traditions that require more than lip service. In general, The Gorilla Mindset falls into the standard zone of "What it has to say that's useful isn't new, and what it has to say that's new isn't useful.

No bullshit, no water — straight to the chase instruction on how to implement an mindset of an invincible motherfucker.

Take a notes while you'd reading this — you'd want to come back to them later. Chapter about morning routine changed my life for sure — I started to love my mornings, which happened like never ever before. Read it, now. She wouldn't be happy to climb you at 3 am, but you just can't do everything yourself. As even though you don't feel tired — at that hour you are fucking exhausted. So put her on top and get some rest, whilst continue the fucking, you stud. Jul 24, Eric rated it it was amazing.

Practical, no BS guide to a man living the life he wants. Mike explains frame control, state control mindset, nutrition, finances, and other topics that need to be taken into account for a man to live a good life. He doesn't waste time on BS. He also provides practical exercises and worksheets for you to get your thoughts out. Apr 19, Mark Butler rated it liked it. Nice, relaxing book about positive thinking, mindset and personal growth. There were a few grammatical mistakes, but nothing major.

Gorilla Mindset - Mike Cernovich - by Emiliano Centeno - Issuu

This is a good book if you've never gotten into self-help, but none of it was too specialized, so Jul 21, Alex Devero rated it really liked it Shelves: Mike wrote a great book that will guide you to change your life through well-developed system covering everything from health, fitness and mindset. Skip this book at your own risk. Jul 05, Dave Fernandes rated it did not like it.

This book is a steaming pile of pseudo-psychology and pseudo-science, loosely weaved together into a semi-coherent mess. Aug 26, Rosa Frei rated it really liked it Shelves: The book covers all major subjects to change your life to the better: It is filled with great ideas and tips. Aug 18, Scott rated it really liked it.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Self Help. About Mike Cernovich. Mike Cernovich. Read it to fully appreciate the rest of what he does. The book is easy to read and the information and ideas presented flow together seamlessly throughout.

Well worth.

Mostly common sense. The framing chapter was good. Everything else was a rehash of stuff that I already know or have been doing. This book is amazing. I find I already do some of the things, but the idea of framing situations is a life changer. I was totally doing this all wrong most of my life! Although I find exercise, playing tennis and staying fit with Pilates vital to life and am financially sound thanks to the ideas in The Millionaire Next Door, I still go through major bouts of depression.

This book has helped me immensely in that area.

Gorilla Mindset: Summary & Review in PDF

Thank you so much! This book will be on my Christmas gift list this year. Well written, good information, nutritional info is changing all the time especially with the advent of the keto and paleo diets coming into vogue and the studies being done by Peter Attia and other scientists who are both medical doctors as well as athletes. Fasting is under-rated!! And under used. Mostly, this is an Inspirational book with good tips: One person found this helpful.

This book offers straightforward, concrete advice on how to align your mind and body to work for, not against, you. I just finished reading it and I'm still re-reading it, but there are techniques I've learned that have already improved my approach to my life. A recent job interview, for example, that would have left the past me as an over-stressed, emotional wreck, instead left me feeling invigorated because I had approached it more positively than I would normally have.

I particularly found the chapters on framing and checking into the moment to be helpful. Even for people who may think their mindset is perfectly fine, or maybe you've already been doing certain things discussed in the book independently of reading it, I guarantee you that you have room to improve.

This book can help you do it. See all 1, reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: Gorilla Mindset. Set up a giveaway. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Mike Cernovich. The Way of Men Kindle Edition. Jack Donovan.

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Klantenrecensie schrijven. Nuttigste klantenrecensies op Amazon. Geverifieerde aankoop. This book is the equivalent to what birds produce when they regurgitate chewed up food into their chicks mouths. These lost little birds are hungry, but they don't know what for. Sure, this'll do. The has no originality and from what I can tell, doesn't even follow his own advice.

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