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Health, safety and environment test (HS&E) for operatives and specialists and safety awareness () and GT HS&E ops and spec test book (). Information on this page is for those looking to book the CITB Health, safety and environment (HS&E) test. You can take these tests by booking as: an individual. This increase allows CITB to continue to reinvest in a product that meets the expanding health and safety requirements of construction, as well as keep up to.

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cscs book free download cscs book pdf cscs revision book pdf cscs test questions and answers pdf download free health safety and environment test questions. cscs book free download pdf cscs health and safety test book free download cscs test questions and answers book health and safety touch screen test cscs. To book a test you will need to have the following ready. Which test you need to take.

The CITB Health, Safety and Environment Test has been developed to make sure that construction workers on building sites have a basic knowledge of health and safety as well as environmental matters relevant to their work. The test replaces the CSCS Construction Skills Certification Scheme test with a more detailed and updated syllabus which includes the environmental elements. A lot of risks and accidents can be associated when working in a construction industry. In fact, a lot of industrial accidents take place which results in personal grief, financial costs and negative publicity. The person who passed will be granted a CSCS card which can also be used as a form of identification when entering and leaving the construction site. The test is intended to make sure essential knowledge of health, safety and environment matters among workers on building sites.

Environment; F: Specialist activities. Revision DVD-ROM, download and app versions are also available, which offer the chance to work through the whole question bank, watch the Setting out film and complete practice tests. Construction health and safety awareness GE is designed for people who are new to the construction industry.

It explains the basic health, safety and environment steps that you, your employer and the site or project that you are working on should be taking.

Each chapter begins with a summary of what you should expect from your site and employer, and what your site and employer should expect from you. It is produced in plain English and includes clear illustrations and practical guidance for construction workers.

GE follows the standard approach used across all CITB core publications, which enables easy cross-referencing between publications. GE has been rebranded for and the title has been amended to help align publications and courses. Content has been reviewed and updated, where necessary, to ensure the information reflects current legislation and good practice. All Rights Reserved. This website uses cookies. For more information see our cookie policy. Product Search: Information Setting out film.

Discounted Price: Description Please note if you are taking your test before the 26th June you will need the version of the revision materials, if you are taking your test on or after the 26th June you will need the version of the revision materials.

About Health, safety and environment test for operatives and specialists The CITB Health, safety and environment test helps the industry to improve its health, safety and environmental standards and forms a vital part of the requirement to obtain a construction industry scheme card.

Construction Skills Certification Scheme | Official CSCS Website - HSE Test and Exemptions

Specialist activities include tests in the following areas. Highway works. They provide the context for the questions that are asked. The range of products includes: The CITB Site Safety Plus SSP framework provides the construction industry with the infrastructure to deliver health, safety and environmental training solutions and career development to help maintain a safe workforce and safe working environment.

CITB Health Safety and Environment Test

It is aimed at all levels of the workforce. The framework recognises a natural progression from those first entering the industry to those responsible for supervising, managing and directing construction work. A suite of products schemes has been developed within the SSP framework.

These include a Health and Safety Awareness course which also supports those requiring the knowledge to obtain their CSCS Labourer Card , to enable them to work on the site without having specific trade experience. We have created this with questions from real CSCS questions you will get asked when sitting your test. It is an excellent […]. Welcome to the first of our interactive CSCS Mock Tests, here you will be able to select the answer using your computer mouse or if you have a touch screen just select the right answer with your finger.

At the end of the exam, you will be presented with your score and be told whether […].

The following questions offer multiple choice questions related to issues of the respiratory system. Be aware of the long-term health issues caused by dust and other problems.

In this cscs health and safety mock test will we be testing you on some health and safety issues that can help you can your co-workers on the work site from some dangerous elements. It is important to protect yourself in the work place for your present a future health.

If you are looking to […]. If you would like to hold a Gold CSCS card to become a supervisor, you will need a better understanding of health and safety than most of the other works on the construction site.

On a worksite being a supervisor has some responsibilities, and you will have to make safety-critical decisions every day, and this […]. This health and safety CSCS mock test offers you 16 questions to get a taste and an understanding of the type of questions you will face when applying for your CSCS card. When you are preparing to take your exam it is best to learn as much as you can, one of the best ways […]. The questions to follow are CSCS mock exam questions that should be expected when taking the actual exam.

Questions will range from construction site safety, safety equipment etiquette, fire extinguisher types knowledge and much more. Employees are finding that gaining employment without having the CSCS card relevant to their trade and experience is becoming increasingly difficult. Mock exams provide a way to test your knowledge on […].

One of the various topics found on the test is that of Personal Protection. Equipment and techniques aimed at ensuring you are safe while working is knowledge you will need in order to pass the CSCS test. The following mock exam is aimed at asking questions that will ensure you have the information you need […].

The following questions are aimed at […]. When it comes to the construction industry, all the workers must be skilled, qualified and competent. Imagine if everything they built can be damaged easily — buildings, roads, highways or other immovable properties.

That is why it is important for them to employ only the skilled ones to assure safety and quality of the structures. Being in a construction industry is not an easy job. Aside from months, or even years of constructing buildings or highways for the benefit of the public, you need to make sure that you are properly equipped in terms of skills and technical and safety knowledge.

Because of the risks associated in the construction site, […]. As a worker, reviewing for tests, enrolling in training courses and paying for test and CSCS card fees can be time-consuming and costly.

As much as possible, you want to work immediately in order to provide the needs of your family.

But that is not the case in the construction industry. As a matter of […]. Having a CSCS card shows not just co-workers but also employers that you are familiar with the many safety […]. Booking a test The easiest way to book your test is either online or by telephone. To book the test you can: You can also choose to receive an SMS text message or email reminder 24 hours before your test. What do you need to have to book a CITB test? To book a test you will need to have the following ready.

Where do I take the test? A Centre operated by our provider. To find your nearest test centre visit www. These test centres will be able to offer tests from Monday to Saturday, but local opening times will vary.

HSE Test and Exemptions

Normal opening hours are Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm and Saturdays 8 am to noon. An ITC for example as operated by a college, training provider or commercial organisation. Please contact these test centres directly for further information and in order to book a test. A corporate testing unit which can be established at a suitable venue for a group of candidates. For further information on this service, there is a dedicated booking line Is there any special assistance available when taking the test?

Foreign language assistance. The operatives test can be booked with voice-overs languages. If requested an interpreter can be used if assistance is required in other languages. For the specialist test, you can book an interpreter but there will be no pre-recorded voice-overs.

The managers and professional test do not allow foreign language assistance because a basic command of English or Welsh is required in order to pass the test.

What services are there for Welsh Speakers? All tests can be booked with Welsh voice-overs. There is a dedicated Welsh booking line: How do I cancel or postpone my test?

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