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english speaking course pdf free download hindi to english english to hindi speaking course free download pdf oxford english speaking books english hindi. The English portion of this Student Workbook for the Spoken English Learned .. again = book = lesson = otra vez libro lección ✍. LESSON 1 VOCABULARY. 31 मार्च Spoken english PDF books में से चुनकर hindi माध्यम students के लिए लाया हु. आप यहाँ से Free में download कर सकते है.

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English Speaking and Grammar Through Hindi - Free download as PDF File .pdf ) This 'English Speaking & Grammar' book of Cromosys Language Research. Hindi to English Speaking Course-Practice Book. Uploaded by Hari Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for . Have Had Meaning in Hindi. Hindi' or your language Dictionary. language as suggested in Chambers 20th All and all, this book is your free ticket. to. the world of speaking better and.

The lessons and study materials uniquely designed, which you will not find in any other books, are to guide you to be fluent following correct usage of grammar. Having done the research over English in twelve years, I am confident to assure you that it has everything that you need to get a good command over English. Its step-by-step explanation to tense, modals, advanced modals, voice and preposition with rules and alerts guarantee your success. You will feel that this is the only book you were always in the need of. The communication in any language without following the rules degrades the standard and corrupts the meaning. As the world is changing day by day, English is incorporating in all the sectors of human life around the globe. Every day, the use of English is increasing and a person with good knowledge of it is able to get a good job.

She has written a letter. She will not have met you. You will meet him today. Did Nitin play hockey? He will buy a book. Did he see you in the market?

We do not see films. She will marry you. Did you not talk to him? Will you have taught him? I do not drive a car. Will the police have arrested him? Why are you speaking French? Who is playing cricket here? Had she come here? Had you sent them to school? What are you doing there? I will give him money. Exercise ni r ni rini ni For word meaning see last page of the book.

He should have written. He would have written. He may have written. He might have written. Negative Active: Continue irii rn r Rule: You start playing. Narration - Indirect Speech - will would nni r i- ri l r ini Ram said that he would play. She would not like your habits. Will he start doing his work?

Will the police continue beating the thief? She said that she would meet me next day. I would like to know your address. He starts speaking French. What does she start doing there? I started meeting him. The people will start hiding the truth.

What did you start asking him? Why did you start scolding him? He starts weeping. He continues to weep. She may pass the exam. She can pass the exam. They will talk to you. They would talk to you.

I do not have to give him money. When will you have them caught? What time are you going to have dinner today? She would be your best companion. They asked me how much they would pay for that. Did he have enough money to survive? I have sent the children to school. I have to send the children to school.

I am having to send the children to school. I have had to send the children to school. You have to have them with you. I will not do this work. She gave me a look from the corner. Getting furious at what I saw, I slapped him. The police caught the thief by his hair. He will come back by evening. The bullet missed him by an inch.

He drove the car by the jungle. Come and sit by me. You will be paid by the week. Who was standing behind the gate? The police knows the culprit behind the plot. I am not behind you.

The watch is running behind the time. What do you want from me? How long the station is from here? You have to visit him from time to time. He died from fever. He is from a noble family. I bought it for 10 Rs. I have been waiting for two hours. He can die for his words. For he traveled across the country.

This car runs 60 km for a liter.

Speaking English Books ( Free )

He is living for bread only. He ran for life. He is in London for three weeks.

What were you doing in the morning? I will meet you in a week. Winter falls in December. She is taking me in. Don't write in red. The birds are sitting in the tree. Look into the book. He fell into the well. I saw her studying into the night. I will be leaving on Tuesday. The officers are on the way for office.

The labors are living on the low wages. The war was on for the next two years. She is on maternity leave. On getting drunk he started abusing. Where do you put on? He turned his back on the crowd. Beware of dogs! The jacket is made of leather. The people of west neglect marriage. Which of you can run faster? She died of AIDS. Get off. Why is he sailing off the shore?

Turn off the PC. Off Link Road. I will have off next Monday. He is off. To go cheap Go, Went, Gone To meet with an accident. Meet, Met, Met To become stone hearted Become, Became, Become. To interrupt Interrupt, Interrupted, Interrupted To take pity Take, Took, Taken To desert Desert, Deserted, Deserted To permit Permit, Permitted, Permitted To be deeply ashamed Be, Was, Been.

To introspect Introspect, Introspected, Introspected To assert Assert, Asserted, Asserted To imitate Imitate, Imitated, Imitated To stretch Stretch, Stretched, Stretched To hurt Hurt, Hurt, Hurt.

To cast an evil eye Cast, Cast, Cast. To forfeit Forfeit, Forfeited, Forfeited To consult Consult, Consulted, Consulted To take it for granted Take, Took, Taken. Confess, Confessed, Confessed To go off Go, Went, Gone. To run out of ink Run, Ran, Run To pick a quarrel Pick, Picked, Picked To pick holes in Pick, Picked, Picked. To leave no stone unturned Leave, Left, Left To make bold Make, Made, Made To beg for Beg, Begged, Begged.

Come, Came, Come To creep Creep, Crept, Crept To delude Delude, Deluded, Deluded To compel Compel, Compelled, Compelled To behold Behold, Beheld, Beheld.

Hindi to English Speaking Course-Practice Book

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. The Innovators: Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta. Elon Musk: Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln.

Devil in the Grove: The Prize: A Memoir Based on a True Story. This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate. The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer. Smart People Should Build Things: The World Is Flat 3. A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Lesson 78 Present Indefinite: Eng to Eng Lesson 34 Present Indefinite: Hin to Eng Lesson 35 Whose? Lesson 79 Present Continuous: Eng to Eng Lesson 36 Which? Lesson 80 Lesson 81 Present Continuous: Hin to Eng Lesson 82 Present Perfect: Hindi to Eng!

Eng to Eng Lesson 87 Past Continuous: To disturb Disturb, Disturbed, Disturbed 4. To punish Punish, Punished, Punished 5. To forgive Forgive, Forgave, Forgiven 6. To prepare Prepare, Prepared, Prepared 7. To repair Repair, Repaired, Repaired 8. To clean Clean, Cleaned, Cleaned 4. To reform Reform, Reformed, Reformed 5. To drink tea take tea 6. To fight Fight, Fought, Fought To comb Comb, Combed, Combed To win Win, Won, Won 4.

To defeat Defeat, Defeated, Defeated 5. To lose Lose, Lost, Lost 6.

To tear Tear, Tore, Torn 7. To listen Listen, Listened, Listened 8. To hear Hear, Heard, Heard 4. To give Give, Gave, Given 5. To speak Speak, Spoke, Spoken 6.

To talk Talk, Talked, Talked 7. To plant a tree Plant, Planted, Planted 8.

To meet Meet, met, met 4. To run Run, Ran, Run 5. To catch Catch, Caught, Caught 6. To obey Obey, Obeyed, Obeyed 7. To worship Worship, Worshipped, Worshipped 8.

To fly Fly, Flew, Flown To slap Slap, Slapped, Slapped To come Come, Came, Come To weep Weep, Wept, Wept To collect Collect, Collected, Collected To inform Inform, Informed, Informed 4. To argue Argue, Argued, Argued 5. To bicker Bicker, Bickered, Bickered 6. To reach Reach, Reached, Reached 7. To smoke Smoke, Smoked, smoked 8. To fast Fast, Fasted, Fasted 4.

To go Go, Went, Gone 5. To tell a lie Tell, Told, Told 6. To learn Learn, Learnt, Learnt 8. To chase Chase, Chased, Chased 4.

To itch Itch, Itched, Itched 6. To know Know, Knew, Known 7. To remember Remember, Remembered, Remembered 8. To remind Remind, Reminded, Reminded To insult Insult, Insulted, Insulted To love Love, Loved, Loved To enjoy Enjoy, Enjoyed, Enjoyed To watch a movie Watch, Watched, Watched 5. To laugh at Laugh, Laughed, Laughed 6. To mistake Mistake, Mistook, Mistaken 7.

To sit Sit, Sat, Sat 8. To stand up Stand, Stood, Stood 4. To live Live, Lived, Lived 5. To wait for Wait, Waited, Waited 6. To dance Dance, Danced, Danced 7. To look at Look, Looked, Looked 8. To nudge Nudge, Nudged, Nudged 4. To sing a song Sing, Sang, Sung 5. To work hard Work, Worked, Worked 6. To phone Phone, Phoned, Phoned 7.

To get up Get, Got, Got 4. To wake up Wake, Woke, Woken 5. To awake Awake, Awoke, Awoken 6. To do work Do, Did, Done 7. To bring Bring, Brought, Brought To take pain Take, Took, Taken 4. To dream Dream, Dreamed, Dreamed 5. To combine Combine, Combined, Combined 6. To deceive Deceive, Deceived, Deceived 7.

To hate Hate, Hated, Hated 8. To succeed Succeed, Succeeded, Succeeded 4. To notice Notice, Noticed, Noticed 5. To adopt Adopt, Adopted, Adopted 6. To burn Burn, Burnt, burnt 7. To do Do, Did, Done 8. To curse Curse, Cursed, Cursed 4. To think Think, Thought, Thought 5. To test Test, Tested, Tested 6. To want Want, Wanted, Wanted 7. To understand Understand, Understood, Understood 8. To damage Damage, Damaged, Damaged To get damage Get, Got, Got To pull Pull, Pulled, Pulled To push Push, Pushed, Pushed 4.

To rain Rain, Rained, Rained 5. To shine Shine, Shone, Shined 6. To sweep Sweep, Swept, Swept 7. To smell Smell, Smelled, Smelled To pluck the flowers Pluck, Plucked, Plucked To borrow Borrow, Borrowed, Borrowed 8. To hold Hold, Held, Held To hire Hire, Hired, Hired To hunt Hunt, Hunted, Hunted 4. To kick Kick, Kicked, Kicked 5. To pick Pick, Picked, Picked 6.

To read out Read, Read, Read 7. To breach trust Breach, Breached, Breached 8. To lie Lie, Lay, Lain 6: To ride Ride, Rode, Ridden To deliver the letter Deliver, Delivered, Delivered To violate the rules 4.

Violate, Violated, Violated 7. To send Send, Sent, Sent 8. To Torture Torture, Tortured, Tortured 9. To forget Forget, Forgot, Forgotten To grip Grip, Gripped, Gripped 4.

To kill time Kill, Killed, Killed 5. To give a chance Give, Gave, Given 6. To refuse Refuse, Refused, Refused 7. To convey thanks Convey, Conveyed, Conveyed 8. To live a carefree life Live, Lived, Lived To marry Marry, Married, Married 4. To make a noise Make, Made, Made 4. To gossip Gossip, Gossiped, Gossiped 5.

To clap Clap, Clapped, Clapped 6. To appear Appear, Appeared, Appeared 7. To reduce to poverty 8. Reduce, Reduced, Reduced To assure Assure, Assured, Assured To bask Bask, Basked, Basked Console, Consoled, Consoled Endure, Endured, Endured 6. To confer Confer, Conferred, Conferred 7. To oppose Oppose, Opposed, Opposed 8. To appoint Appoint, Appointed, Appointed 9. To invite to Invite, Invited, Invited To invent Invent, Invented, Invented 4.

To call Call, Called, Called 5. To carry Carry, Carried, Carried 6. To grow Grow, Grew, Grown 7. To say the prayer Say, Said, Said To predict Predict, Predicted, Predicted 8. To wear Wear, Wore, Worn 4. To smile Smile, Smiled, Smiled 5. To knock at Knock, Knocked, Knocked 6. To tie Tie, Tied, Tied 7. To break the queue Break, Broke, Broken 8. To iron the clothes Iron, Ironed, Ironed 4. To blush Blush, Blushed, Blushed 8. To do injustice Do, Did, Done 9. To make understand Make, Made, Made To possess Possess, Possessed, Possessed To show airs Show, Showed, Showed To show Show, Showed, Showed To observe formality Observe, Observed, Observed To release on bail 4.

Release, Released, Released 7. To lay the table Lay, Laid, Laid 8. To shrink Shrink, Shrunk, Shrunk 9. To ask for forgiveness Ask, Asked, Asked To swim Swim, Swam, Swum To spend lavishly Spend, Spent, Spent To go waste Go, Went, Gone To feel home sickness Feel, Felt, Felt To shiver with cold Shiver, Shivered, Shivered To apologize Apologize, Apologized, Apologized 4.

To belch Belch, Belched, Belched To cut the jokes Cut, Cut, Cut To crack the jokes Crack, Cracked, Cracked To name Name, Named, Named 5. To demand from Demand, Demanded, Demanded 6. To dig Dig, Dug, Dug 7. To dispel the dark Dispel, Dispelled, Dispelled To point finger at Point, Pointed, Pointed 8. Security Guard To form a group Form, Formed, Formed To whitewash Whitewash, Whitewashed, Whitewashed To weigh Weigh, Weighed, Weighed 4.

To rejoice Rejoice, Rejoiced, Rejoiced 5. To throw dust Throw, Threw, Thrown 6. To deal in Deal, Dealt, Dealt 7. To make a scapegoat Make, Made, Made 8. To reduce the flames Reduce, Reduced, Reduced 4. To harm Harm, Harmed, Harmed 5. To distribute Distribute, Distributed, 2 6.

To talk frankly 7. Talk, Talked, Talked To face the truth Face, Faced, Faced To get voice Get, Got, Got 5. To dictate Dictate, Dictated, Dictated 6. To talk arrogantly Talk, Talked, Talked To tremble with fear 7. Tremble, Trembled, Trembled 9. To chatter Chatter, Chattered, Chattered To hum Hum, Hummed, Hummed To weep bitterly Weep, Wept, Wept To light the candle 4. Light, Lighted, Lighted Thrash, Thrashed, Thrashed To beat black and blue Beat, Beat, Beaten To whisper Whisper, Whispered, Whispered To have a nap Have, Had, Had To elope For marriage Elope, Eloped, Eloped To stroll Stroll, Strolled, Strolled 4.

To relish Relish, Relished, Relished 4. To digest Digest, Digested, Digested 5. To hover Hover, Hovered, Hovered 7. To glare at Glare, Glared, Glared 8. To admit mistake Admit, Admitted, Admitted 9. To relate a story Relate, Related, Related 4. To knit Knit, Knitted, Knitted 5. To rise Rise, Rose, Risen 6. To tickle Tickle, Tickled, Tickled 7. To unfurl the flag Unfurl, Unfurled, Unfurled 8. To be Be, Was, Been To wander Wander, Wandered, Wandered To beat To pulp Beat, Beat, Beaten 4.

To yawn Yawn, Yawned, Yawned 5. To steal Steal, Stole, Stolen 6. To trust Trust, Trusted, Trusted 7. To labor Labor, Labored, Labored 8.

To get a slap Get, Got, Got To look after Look, Looked, Looked To keep ones word Keep, Kept, Kept 4. PVR 7. To collide Collide, Collided, Collided To harass Harass, Harassed, Harassed To take offence Take, Took, Taken To poison ones ears Poison, Poisoned, poisoned To sink difference Sink, Sank, Sunk To drizzle Drizzle, Drizzled, Drizzled 4. To compete with Compete, Competed, Competed To feed on Feed, Fed, Fed To mourn Mourn, Mourned, Mourned 5. To honor Honor, Honored, Honored 7.

To prove Prove, Proved, Proved 8. To endeavor Endeavour, Endeavored, Endeavored 4. To intend Intend, Intended, Intended 4.

To oppress Oppress, Oppressed, Oppressed To lag behind Lag, Lagged, Lagged To splash water Splash, Splashed, Splashed To press the feet Press, Pressed, Pressed To scribble Scribble, Scribbled, Scribbled To demean Demean, Demeaned, Demeaned To let Let, Let, Let To stammer Stammer, Stammered, Stammered To isolate - Isolate, Isolated, Isolated 4.

To spit Spit, Spat, Spat 5. To incise Incise, Incised, Incised 6. To take initiative Take, Took, Taken 4. To give alms Give, Gave, Given 5. To mint money Mint, Minted, Minted 6. To cackle Cackle, Cackled, Cackled 7.

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To spread waste Spread, Spread, Spread 8. To distort the name Distort, Distorted, 2 To perspire Perspire, Perspired, Perspired 4. To rectify Rectify, Rectified, Rectified To admire Admire, Admired, Admired To defame Defame, Defamed, Defamed 4. To earn money Earn, Earned, Earned 5. To lick Lick, Licked, Licked 6. To pant Pant, Panted, Panted 7. To gather Gather, Gathered, Gathered 8. To provide Provide, Provided, Provided 4.

To affect Affect, Affected, Affected 5.

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