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hypnobirthing the mongan method Parent Manual_v2 - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. hypnobirthing the mongan method. Birthing By Marie F. Mongan EBOOK EPUB KINDLE PDF Access to PDF File: f12ac Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method, Revised Edition. -Time Magazine HypnoBirthing®: A Celebration of Life - with Birth Exercise CD approach to safer, easier, more comfortable birthing--The Mongan Method.

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of hypnotherapists and midwives by Marie Mongan (the founder of HypnoBirthing ) The HypnoBirthing method of childbirth is based on the work of an English. new PDF HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method: A natural approach to a safe , easier, more comfortable birthing (3rd Edition) Full Online. Congratulations on choosing to become a Gold Seal member of the Mongan. HypnoBirthing is as much a philosophy of birthing as it is a method or. claim to.

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To have the use of a birthing ball if one is available. Use of topical anaesthetic for episiotomy. To remain in pool for water birthing if available.


Videotaping of birth. Use of mirror to enable me to see crowning and birth. That care provider allow for complete birthing before suctioning baby.

Allow vernix to be absorbed into baby's skin. To have bright lights temporarily removed until baby is moved to mother's chest. Breast-feeding only.

Breast-feeding several times during the first few hours after birth. To have footprints made in the baby's birth book. No bottles. Oral Vitamin K to be used if it is available. For male baby. Father will stay with mother and baby throughout the hospital stay. Delay cord clamping and cutting until after pulsation has ceased. We know you join us in looking forward to a beautiful birth. Hands and Knees. CALM breathing. Breathe out with mouth open. Body loose and limp One long breath. Inhale and breathe baby down and out through vagina.

I will not feel discomfort. Today my body is opening and releasing my child to me. I will not let my mind interfere. Birth Affirmation Today is the day I have been waiting so patiently for. I will give my body all the time it needs to work. I will surrender to the opening of my body.

Today is the day that I will cherish forever. I must remain open. I am surrounded by love and trust. I know I must give myself to the emotions of birth. They come from deep within me. Within me. I know that it will require much from me. I can feel the stirrings that I have wondered about since the first realisation of what was to come. Opening up like the petals of a spring tulip on a cool morning.

As the waves come. My body is beginning a labor of love. My body knows what to do. I can feel the strength in my body. I must let it be. I will not track time other than to gaze at the sun or the stars. I accept all that comes to pass with the birth of my child. I will triumph with them. My mind stays steadily focused on the wonderful expression of love that I am feeling as I birth my child.

Today I will show my strength. My body has hundreds of thousands of years of history in it that will allow me to birth my child with joy and ease. Summer Page I feel joy! Today my body will fulfil the purpose for which it has been made. My body is strong. Each time you will be able to go deeper and deeper into ultimate relaxation — the kind that you will use when you give birth to your baby.

Each time you will be able to achieve this wonderful state in a shorter amount of time. As your eyes close even more tightly. You become aware that it seems now… that all the little muscles in and around your eyes are becoming more and more relaxed. Repeat as necessary. Allow your eyelids to gently close. And your eyelids seem to close so thoroughly. Once again now. Take in a deep breath and now.

Each time that we practice. And you go deeper and deeper. As you bring yourself deeper into total comfort. Slowly exhale to the count of 8. Once more. Now as you begin to feel the soft tingling of relaxation on the soles of your feet. Slowly inhale to the count of 4 — pause b.

Recite only two or three colors each time you practice so that the practice does not become too time consuming. As this same quality of relaxation drifts down and around your cheeks… and your mouth… and all the rest of your facial muscles. Just make yourself comfortable. These thoughts are reassuring as you give yourself permission. Drawing away all tension… leaving you calm and at peace.

And you continue to go deeper. A wonderful sense of well-being settles into every muscle. Down into the ground. Allow your body now to absorb. Feel your body respond to this beautiful slow. Just the way the soft spring rain melts into the earth.

The only sound you are hearing now is the sound of my voice. Sounds will not disturb you or interrupt your relaxation. Release all tension from your chest now.

And your heartbeat slows to 60 beats per minute — the perfect resting rate. The relaxation. And you go deeper… and deeper still. Softly rest your tongue behind your front upper teeth. Let the soft mist of each of the colors of the rainbow permeate your entire body… bringing you confidence and assurance. In this perfectly relaxed state. As your shoulders go limp and loose. Picture yourself now on a bed of mist — a soft.

On occasion. Taking away all tension. Your entire upper body. Totally loose… totally limp. And so. Your blood flows smoothly and freely throughout your body miraculously bringing just the right amount of oxygen to every muscle. And your breathing becomes rhythmic… slowing to 14 breaths per minute — the perfect resting level. And your body.

Bathing you in a soft. In fact. Your mind releases and your body releases and you go twice as deeply into relaxation. And you go deeper and deeper still. Breathe in the yellow mist as it bathes you in that sea of calm… and go deeper.

Now picture yourself on a mist of grayish blue — the color of blueberry. And feel your throat and neck relax. Feel the green mist surrounding your body like a soft shawl.

Let the red mist of perfect relaxation drift throughout all of your body… bringing your mind and your body deeper and deeper. So comfortable that it hardly seems to be there at all. As you breathe in the soft green mist. And go deeper… and deeper. Your body and your mind are in harmony as they prepare to work together for your well-being. Feel your body become even more limp… so safe and so comfortable.

Now your body begins to feel more and more relaxed. Leaving you in soft. Breathe the red mist that gently wraps your body in a soft blanket of natural relaxation. Breathe in the soft yellow mist of calm with each slow breath that you take. Feel the soothing sensation drifting all around you.

Your mind and your muscles continue to align in perfect harmony with nature. Filled with the energy of a calm and loving heart… free your body to blend in with perfect harmony with green… and find yourself in harmony with nature. Let it flow and drift throughout your being. Your body is at peace as the blue mist calms and soothes it. All of nature is in tune with red. You are in tune with nature. Feel a wonderful sense of peace envelop every cell. Your body is at peace as the yellow mist of natural relaxant envelops and soothes you.

You are in harmony with the color yellow. With the green mist you open your heart and your life to even greater love. Green is the color of Spring and birth and the earth gives forth life in the Spring… and so. You and your body are in harmony with orange.

The throat and neck vibrate to the color of blue… so breathe in the blue mist and feel all the tension in the area of the neck and the throat melting away. Draw the orange mist in and through your abdomen and feel it. Picture yourself. And so every muscle. Because your chest and your heart vibrate to the color green.

Work with it and you will emerge feeling fully energized. Your natural birthing instinct tells you that you will bring your baby into the world in a peaceful. Become filled with the white light. Trusting that they will play out the design of nature. To become fully alert and continue the activities of the day or evening. Sense the feelings of confidence that are developing day by day as you embrace the knowledge that birthing is a natural process of your mind and body… working together with your spirit.

Beginning to count now… 1. Go deeper now into ultimate relaxation as you turn your mind and body over to your inner essence. And now. If you would like to just slip into a natural sleep. Sense the gentle confident thoughts that begin to fill your mind as the mist of violet helps you to trust and totally release all doubts. Let that glow of white permeate every part of you while you continue to grow in confidence that this will indeed be a comfortable.

All of nature is in tune with violet and you are in tune with nature as you fill your mind with a sense of joy and anticipation. A soft combination that puts your mind at ease… because the mind vibrates to the color of violet.

Your mind is filled with confidence and calm. Trusting your mind and body. Now see beneath you a beautiful mist of soft violet and pink. Feeling refreshed. Now it seems that your eyelids are sealed. Do not move your head. You feel as though you want to blink. As you do. The muscles in and around your eyes are relaxing.

When I reach your face. Standing to the side of the mum. Forehead smoothing out. Now placing your awareness on your eyelids. I want you to follow my hand only with your eyes. You'll begin to be aware of your surroundings. Your eyes are feeling tired now. Pause And now I am going to lift your arm at the wrist. Release arm and let it drop. Please resist the temptation to close your eyes. You place your tongue behind your upper teeth.

As it drops down onto your leg. When your arm drops onto your leg. Let me hold the weight of your arm pause… Now I am going to drop your arm down onto your lap. I'm going to pass my hand slowly upward in front of you. I'm going to slowly pass my hand down in front of your face.. Very good. Each time that lavender. I will be able to birth my baby with full awareness of the experience of birthing. I have the intent of sinking down into an ultimate. From this state. I will double and then triple my relaxation until I am at a level that will allow me to enter into the soft stillness of my inner mind and my birthing body.

As my labor advances. I will instantly and thoroughly drift down into an ultimate state of relaxation. Forest Fantasy Metaphor Birthing Companion: Just as you come close.

Approach the fawn. It's a beautiful. As you approach the forest. Now you're aware that the forest edge is thinning. Let your eyes follow the sound.

See the little starlike flowers. Follow the fawn. But listen—you can hear a sound coming from the side. Put your hand out to it.

You are now inside the wonderful. It sounds as though something is moving in the forest.

hypnobirthing the mongan method Parent Manual_v2 | Childbirth | Infants

The moss on the rocks and on the floor of the forest is a beautiful emerald green. The fawn sees you. Take the path. The fawn pauses and looks back at you—and you nod your head and say "yes. You look ahead. All of a sudden you're aware of the fact that you've been moving quite a distance in this forest and you can see the sunlight begin to filter down through the trees. One of the rays of sun is shining on the back of your little fawn.

Walk into the opening. Follow the fawn—that's what its eyes are saying. It wants to play. More and more light is becoming visible. Everything growing here is just perfect. Look all around you. Speak to it.

Assist her to imagine herself walking in this place. See the cluster of lady slippers growing by the side of the tree.

Speak to the darling fawn. All at once the fawn finds itself out in the sunshine. And looks back at you once more Page And as you walk along the path. The path of the forest is beginning to open. Even though your journey into the beautiful forest is over.

It's time now to return to your favorite place in nature where you left your conscious mind resting. More and more alert beginning to move your feet. Wide awake. And you stroke and pat and hold the little fawn close to you. Get ready to come back now. Now you're out in the sunshine. I'm going to count up from one to five now. It's a wonderful trip. See it happening. Take your balloon out over a large and deep body of water. You look down at the bottom of the basket and realize that there is a small chest lying there.

No matter how you think about having the balloon rise higher. Birth Release This script is appropriate to use if labour should weaken. The balloon is slowly rising and travelling across a bright blue summer sky. See the balloon made of all your favourite colours. It can also be used as an additional release of limiting thoughts or a birth rehearsal. You know that if only you were to rid yourself of this weight. You can do it. Something--some memory. Now see yourself embarking on this trip.

It's what you want.

The Ultimate List of Hypnobirthing Techniques to Master!

Visualize a large. Watch it sink to the bottom. See how you now sail freely and smoothly through the sky. Now gently nudge the chest over the edge and watch it plummet down into the water.

As you descend. Now you are free to move along in your birthing. Enjoy the rest of your birthing journey. Balloon Trip Outline. Now reach down and lift that small chest to the edge of the basket. Your baby and your birth companion are with you. Embellish each scene as you wish. See the ripples carrying away all negative feelings associated with the weight you just released.

Stay there working with your baby. Inside that chest is the weight of a known or unknown reason for why your balloon is faltering-something that still lingers. You can do that very simply right now. Make up your mind. Course Handouts Start listening to affirmations and rainbow relaxation a few times per week Practice CALM breathing for relaxation Begin preparing your body nutrition and suitable exercise From around 26 weeks: You can do anything for 45 to 60 seconds!

This time, you want to take a deep breath in use your abdomen , but when you go to breathe out, you need to push that air down your throat. This slows down the birth a bit, and can actually help prevent tearing down there! Yay for that! Practice on the toilet — Okay, I know that sounds a bit weird. But now, every time I go to the toilet to poo, I actually practice Darth Vader breathing. So use beautiful visualizations during your breathing that help your body relax and open:. Worksheets for identifying fear and releasing them — there are worksheets for helping you and your birth partner work through any fears you may have, and how to release them.

Do yourself, your birth partner, and your baby a favour — write down any and all questions you have, no matter how silly they may feel to you, and talk them through with your health-care provider! Especially in your third trimester I think at about 30 weeks and beyond you want to start practicing birth positions, that actually help your baby get into the proper position head down and facing your rear as well as help tone your body for birthing!

Here are a few techniques to help your baby and your body physically prepare for the birth. These are also positions you can use during your birthing time.

Feel free to change positions frequently during your birthing time, as changing positions can help the baby move down.

It helps with posture, and also to get your tummy stuck out there so that the baby knows where his butt and head should end up. The ball is also super helpful during your birthing time, you can sway, roll around, and it just helps deal with all the new birthing sensations in a comfortable way. Squatting like a frog! Get on all fours — This is another great position for giving birth naturally.

So in the lead-up to your birthing time, try doing this regularly. Do kegels every day. Personally, I find these really hard to remember to do. Like sitting down at your desk. Or brushing your teeth. Light Touch Massage — basically, with light touch massage, you want your birth partner to spread their fingers wide, keeping their fingers fairly relaxed, and using the backs of their fingers e. This massage stimulates your nerves and can help relax you during a pressure wave, during a hypnosis session, or…just in general…why not use pregnancy as an excuse for some nice relaxing moments together with your birth partner!

What is a perineum, you ask?? So how do you do it? Get some oil — I like to use almond oil — and your partner can use his or her thumbs to just gently massage this area, and the area just inside your vagina.

Just a few minutes each night before bed. Your partner can stimulate your nipples by massaging them gently and intimately, and this actually helps your surges come, and can help your cervix to continue to open if your cervix slows down or stops dilating. Nipple stimulation is essentially a natural way instead of using drugs to help get keep your pressure waves coming.

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Here are two of my favourites:. In hypnobirthing, you want to stay loose, limp, and relaxed — and avoid tightening anything!

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