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Kimiya-e-Sadat (Alchemy of Eternal Bliss), originally written is Persian, "Kimiya -e-Saadat" Urdu translation book in PDF format can be. Under the circumstances, if he retains the 'Kimya-e-Sa'adat', the 'Elixir of life of blessings' with him, he would get out of the status of the animals and reach the. Kimiya e Saadat is a famous Islamic book written by Imam Ghazali. Imam Ghazali is a renowned Muslim scholar and thinker. For a life history of Imam Ghazali.

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Keemiya-e Saadat by Imam Ghazli (Urdu translation). Written by Imam Keemiya-e-Saadat (کیمیائے سعادت) Download PDF (99mb). A great book of Tasawwuf by Imam Ghazali which is like a summarized version of Ihya-ul-Uloom. Keemiya-e-Saadat Author: Imam Ghazali. Kimya-yi Saadet full in English. Kimiya I Saadat An English Translation Of Imam Ghazzalis Alchemy Of Eternal Blissabu Hamid Al Ghazali.

Toggle navigation Go to Home Page. Other Books. Rate this Book: Out of Stock. Author Islamic Book Trust. His body is mean and earthly, yet his spirit is divine. When he is purged from carnal passions, he attains to the highest, and in place of being a slave to lust and anger, becomes endued with angelic qualities.

Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Usage CC0 1. This is the audio book of the Urdu translation.

Purpose of spirituality is to eliminate darkness within our soul and fill it with a positive light resulting in an inner peace, happiness, and a life of eternal bliss. This is particularly important in the times we live in where we find ourselves surrounded with worries, anxieties, and tremendous amount of negativity.

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Acquisition of this eternal bliss is the purpose of human existence on earth. This is what immortalizes a human being. It gives us a life that has no sorrow, a happiness that never recedes, a fountain of positive energy that never dries, a success that never parts, and a life that never ends. What brings about this eternal bliss that immortalizes a human being?

God realization resulting in an eternal bliss is the highest level of human achievement that one should strive to attain in order to realize the full human potential. This greatest human potential is realized by completely eliminating the darkness within one's soul and consequently receiving the Divine light of wisdom in which one finds answers to all questions of life such as who I am, where have I come from, where am I heading to, what is the purpose of life, why God created everything, and what really is true happiness and success.

This is where ALL seekers of spirituality and God attain a state of total inner peace and an endless bliss. Is it worth striving for?

Yes, it certainly is!! Is it achievable? Muhammad Taqi Usmani Language: Muhammad Rafi ud Din Language: Sami ul Haq Language: Muhammad Qutub Language: Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi Language: Abul Basheer Irfani Language: Hafiz Jalal ud Din Sayuti Language: Sadar ud Din Islahi Language: Nizam ud Din Shaamzai Language: Akif Saeed Language: Shabbir Ahmad Usmani Language: Google Ad.

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Kimiya-e-Sa'adat by Imam Ghazali - Urdu translation

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Al-Ghazali- Kimiya-e Saadat - The Alchemy of Happiness

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