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Monday, May 13, 2019

Skylon Tower Restaurant Gift CertificatesLottery Tips and Strategies to Win The LotteryThe Lotto Black Book Free Download Pdf the lottery black book pdf. Discover the winning lottery secret from Larry Blair, math professor. Make use of a proven lottery playing system to give you better odds. The Lotto Black Book has now been around a very long time and the formula is not a winning formula.

Lottery Black Book

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The Lotto Black Book Exposed – Who Is Larry Blair? Have you ever heard of even one person who won a lottery claiming they did it thanks to Larry Blair’s Lotto Black Book? The Lotto Black Book claims that it provides a system that can ensure lottery players win. so much for the The Lotto BlackBook." Marion CorneIius. Washington, US "I Won the Power BaII Jackpot" "t is my pleasure to write to tell you have been lucky in. We want to inform you and give you the real Lotto Black Book secret free, so you do not waste your money on this silly lotto system!.

Topic closed. Last post 10 years ago by RJOh. This is not somthing I am recommending anyone purchase. What I want is to hear from someone who has read the book and can give me a one line summery of what they got, such as: Thanks PlraX, I get your meaning. Here is the man from the photo on the black book website: The so called mr.

Any book can make any claim it would like to. Sorry, Larry, winners are public records, therefore, it is unnecessary. He claims he is doing it for their safety.

I did try and track down even one of the winners and came up with zilch. Strike one! Keep in mind; this site claims to be under the jurisdiction of the State of Italia.

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Strike Two! Larry claims to be an Oklahoma Math Professor who simply worked out a system for winning lotteries.

He says he was shot when claiming his third big win though I could find no record of this. Supposedly, this is when he decided to share his system with everyone. They usually reference themselves as winners from the system. Again, I have not found anyone, anywhere, that has stood up and said: Between lotterysquirrel.

These are two sites that Larry says to go to, to read all about it. I am hitting consistent nothing using it. System was said to give 47 percent winnings, seen nothing, no winnings. System is junk, system is hitting anything but winning numbers, junk!

Agreed the Lotto Black Book is a system with serious flaws.

The Lotto BlackBook: How to Win The Lottery - Secrets Revealed PDF eBook | eBay

The system is nothing special at all, where do they come off claiming the system is by Math Professor Larry Blair, this is not real! The Lotto Black Book is full of basic information you can easily search and find online. I agree that nothing about this system is real and there does not seem to be any lottery winners who used and won with the system, even the seller the false Larry Blair, shows no real proof of any winnings in any lottery games, just pure sales pitches to lure in suckers like me.

If I re-call the Lotto Black Book stated the professor took 27 years to create, why now does it say took only 9 years?

The old winning photo shown on the old website was not even Larry Blair, it was another lottery winner, his real name was Michael Anderson with the face blacked out to hide the true persons identity. The system is nothing more than a crock of lies!

You must be logged in to post a comment. The system have been proven over and over to not win lottery games.

The Lotto Black Book Exposed – Who Is Larry Blair?

We even emailed this shady seller requesting to see his winning lottery tickets and as we suspected No Replies! The Lotto Black Book.

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