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If Marathas would have won this battle, do you think Vishwasrao would have been a first If you want to know Marathi history then reading PANIPAT is must. The Third Battle of Panipat took place on 14 January at Panipat, about 60 miles (97 km) .. about half a million Marathi people were present there in Panipat town and he gives a .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. There have been three Battles of Panipat: The First Battle of Panipat (), fought between Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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where entire Maratha empire fought for the country against cittadelmonte.infot war in marathi pdf - panipat war in marathi Sardisais book. The battle took place at a village called Panipat near Delhi (India)in 18th century. Though originally written in Marathi language, this book has got translated in. Panipat By Vishwas Patil Pdf In Marathi Free Download >> DOWNLOAD.

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Hardcover , pages. Published first published More Details Edition Language. Panipat Satara Delhi India. Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Padmakar http: Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jan 14, Avadhut rated it it was amazing. Review — Panipat. The word invokes such strong memories http: The word invokes such strong memories among Maharashtrians that even after years my hands tremble while typing these words.

The decline of the Mughal Empire after a long war fought over 27 years with Marathas left Marathas strongly in saddle to rule India south of Narmada river. This brought them in direct conflict with Ahmed Shah Abdali.

Abdali invaded India and with his allies Rohillas under Najib Khan formed a coalition against Marathas. Najib Khan was shrewd and cunning enough to understand the political implications of this confrontation and helped Abdali to obtain support of Shuja-ud-Daula, Nawab of Awadh.

Maratha force entered Delhi in August This was followed by constant skirmishes and battles between the two forces. After Marathas stormed Kunjpura, 60 miles to the North of Delhi, Abdali taking a calculated risk crossed Yamuna secretly.

Marathas set up defence at Panipat but they were surrounded by enemy from all sides and their supply lines were cut. After two months of constant fights Maratha army was exhausted and desperate without any support from their friends in North and reinforcements from South, they went to War on 14th January Marathas made some strategic and tactical errors before the actual battle began. Sikhs who could have been very strong ally were ignored in the beginning.

Marathas were almost miles away from their homeland and though they had very strong cavalry and artillery, they were saddled by many civilians who had come with army for pilgrimage in North.

This proved fatal as it slowed the pace of the army and added more mouths to feed. Marathas formed a spherical formation with their heavy artillery in front supported by cavalry. But some of the old generals used to traditional Maratha Guerrilla Warfare were opposed to this. When the actual battle started, Marathas fought ferociously and were in command by noon.

Victory beckoned them but at this critical juncture Maratha cavalry left its position in its jubilation to chase the enemy leaving the flanks open.

The cavalry was now between the artillery and the enemy leaving the Maratha artillery ineffective. Abdali seizing this opportunity used his reserve force and cannons mounted on Camels effectively to break Maratha ranks. During battle Vishwas Rao, son of Peshwa Nanasaheb was killed.

Seeing the tide turning some senior Maratha generals including Malhar Rao Holkar left the battlefield. Sadashiv Rao Bhau fought with valour till end but could not save Marathas from defeat. After Bhau fell Marathas were completely routed. It is said that almost every household in Maharashtra lost someone on the battlefield of Panipat.

What if Marathas had won the battle? We can only surmise but will never know the answer to this question. I have always felt that the importance of this battle has not been completely understood by many in India. Abdali won, but he suffered heavy casualties and fearing fresh Maratha attack from South soon went back to Afghanistan never to return.

This was last of the attacks on India from the Northwest. The defeat of Marathas left a void in North which the British, buoyed by their victory in Bengal just four years earlier quickly began to fill. Marathas under Madhav Rao soon regained their strength and came back to power in Delhi in , but their success was short lived.

A spate of deaths of Peshwa Sawai Madhav Rao, Mahadaji Shinde and Nana Phadnis in quick succession weakened them and resulted in their defeat at the hands of British in The persona of Sadashiv Rao Bhau has remained an enigma.

Many consider him responsible for the defeat at Panipat. He is regarded as haughty and arrogant. He was thought of more as a pen pusher than a general though he had proved his mettle at the battle of Udgir thereby granting him the helm of the Maratha army. Others consider him as a competent soldier and statesman.

The truth, I am sure, is standing as usual somewhere between the two arguments. History is a cruel judge who lets his judgement known only after a considerable time has elapsed.

But as long as Marathi language lives, the word Panipat will be spoken with greatest pride. View 2 comments. Aug 22, Sarvesh rated it it was amazing. This book should be a mandatory read. The reason for Panipat's battle, the outcome and various factors for the same.

You will fall in love with the character's and curse yourself for being such an ignorant fool, I did! Aug 21, Kaustubh Gavhane rated it really liked it.

View 1 comment. Jul 15, Sanket rated it it was amazing.

Battle of Panipat

Oct 25, Nitin rated it it was amazing. Classic on fall of maratha empire. Nov 05, Vikalp Trivedi rated it it was ok Shelves: The book opens when the Mughal Empire was at the verge of its extinction and there were constant attacks of Ahmed Shah Abdali on India.

In midst of all chaos Marathas were campaigning in the north India to protect the weaken Mughal Empire as per an agreement.

The Maratha forces face many adversities during this campaign and they even lose one of their general Dattaji Shinde. The book does not waste any time to give a solid start to a grand story of the battle which was proven as the turning poin The book opens when the Mughal Empire was at the verge of its extinction and there were constant attacks of Ahmed Shah Abdali on India. The book does not waste any time to give a solid start to a grand story of the battle which was proven as the turning point in the Indian history.

In the first half the book is very balanced historical document and a good story at the same time. Author has done a good job in building situations, the mistakes that Maratha forces made and through some extent the internal tension in Shaniwaar Wada, I think this was the part which had potential to be given more space, but most of the time is given to the hardships Marathas faced during their journey.

As most of the hardships were created by the Marathas themselves and by lack of a steadfast and strict leadership, I felt that the author here try to cover up the mistakes of Marathas and also the deeper and darker rifts in the Marathas by targeting some characters as villians. The Hindi translation was also one of the biggest problems of the book, the language used in the translation is not up to the mark and also not impactful.

In most of the book the language used is either very casual or characters talk in a manner that they are always in the mood of fighting. There are very rare instances where the characters talk normally. There are many and I mean MANY characters which keep coming throughout the book and it becomes very difficult to keep the track of all of them. There were also two very loose ends in the book which would have been quite good twists but they are never mentioned again in the book.

Hero worshipping-which is on each and every page-makes book repeatative, dragging and ultimately leads to a delayed ending. There was scope to develop the characters of Sadashiv Bhau and Ahmed Shah Abdali as two singular personalities who ended up facing each other in this fateful war but on the name of development they are just given few pages of back story and thanks to the bad translation the back stories also lacked conviction and failed to make any impact.

By Vishwas Patil. You can download or play Panipat Mp3 Marathi War with best. Interview with 'Panipat' kar Vishwas Patil.. Sambhaji has ratings. Hats off to Vishwas Patil for providing such a wonderful novel revealing the facts about. Vishwas Patil, Book: Many thanks to the author for making awa.. Book Online. June 14, Dashavtar Hindi p Download. Hawas Hindi Movie Mp4 Download. June 13, Download Hindi Movie Miss Anara.

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