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So, reading thisbook entitled Free Download Der Name des Windes (Die Königsmörder-Chronik 1) By Patrick Rothfuss does not need mush time. You should. A high-action story written with a poet's hand, The Name of the Wind is a masterpiece that will transport readers into the body and mind of a wizard. NEWEST. Der Name des Windes: Die Königsmörder-Chronik. Erster Tag (German Edition) eBook: Patrick Rothfuss, Jochen Schwarzer: Kindle Store.

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In "Der Name des Windes" erzählt Patrick Rothfuss die Geschichte von Kvothe, dem berühmtesten Zauberer seiner Zeit. Damit ist ihm ein Roman von so viel. In»Der Name des Windes«erzählt Patrick Rothfuss die Geschichte von Kvothe, dem berühmtesten Zauberer seiner Zeit. Damit ist ihm ein Roman von so viel. Search results. of 18 results for Kindle Store: "Patrick Rothfuss" Novella ( Kingkiller Chonicles). 28 October | Kindle eBook. by Patrick Rothfuss Der Name des Windes: Die Königsmörder-Chronik 1. 1 January | Unabridged.

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Klett-Cotta; 24 edition October 6, Publication Date: October 6, Sold by: German ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Not Enabled. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Showing of 1 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Loved it in English and I love this German edition. Hope the second one will be available in German as well.

See the review. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: Der Name des Windes: Erster Tag German Edition. Set up a giveaway. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Zweiter Tag German Edition. Brandon Sanderson. Thoroughly enjoyed rereading it! This novel is perfect for those that love fantasy, magical writing, and great story-telling.

It's a slow burn — at times, it was a tad bit too slow for me — but the attention to detail is incredible! The foundation in order for the story to continue is set since a part of the story is told in a day.

I believe the next two books will discuss the rest of his life, again being told in a day. It's calculated an Reread!

It's calculated and well-built. You absolutely feel connected to the world and at one with the protagonist, who goes through a LOT! You fully sympathise with him. I mean, my heart was constantly hurting for him, but nevertheless, he's so strong and persistent. There's so much mystery and secrets surrounding this story that we haven't explored yet and I can't wait to read more of it.

Feb 24, Maria V. I finally finished listening to this one! It was sooooooo long, but the narrator was really excellent so I didn't mind. This is a true epic fantasy, the world building and amount of details makes the setting so real. And the characters are very likable or unlikable for the antagonists. At times, tho, there were too many details - for me it slowed the action down sometimes and I'd find my thoughts elsewhere.

But if you love epic fantasy for that very reason, this is a great book for you. And I I finally finished listening to this one! And I also thought the main protagonist, Kvothe was a little bit too I have the second book and will probably read that one so I can skim over the details that I find excessive.

Does anyone know how many books are in the series? View all 16 comments. His elegant prose, vivid imagery and poetic use of metaphors make an otherwise predictable story seem fresh and new. This is the story of Kvothe, the beginning of the tale of how a man becomes a legend.

How he was expelled from the most prestigious university in the world at a younger age than most gain admittance, how he burned the town of Trebon, how he slew an evil king and ultimately how he came to be a tired innkee 3. How he was expelled from the most prestigious university in the world at a younger age than most gain admittance, how he burned the town of Trebon, how he slew an evil king and ultimately how he came to be a tired innkeeper, awaiting his death in the silence of his lonely inn.

The story of Kvothe is a classic tale of heroism, magic, loss, friendship and self-discovery and Rothfuss tells it beautifully. The Name of the Wind features a framing device which sees the protagonist telling his life story.

This framing device raises a number of questions about the world and Kvothe that add an interesting dimension to an otherwise straightforward narrative. I didn't think this framing device was executed particularly well however. It failed to lend the story the sense of poignancy and loss that a similar device in The Winter King achieved and was never executed as cleverly as the same device in Blood Song. Probably the most intriguing aspect of this device in the story was it's exploration of the mechanics of story-telling.

Throughout the book there are references to Kvothe altering the story to make it more 'epic' Bast noting that 'all the women in your story are beautiful. I hope that this unreliable narrator aspect will be explored further in future instalments in the series. He eventually gains admittance to a prestigious school of magic 4 where he demonstrates great skill and intelligence 5 but comes into conflict with member of the faculty and a rich, obnoxious bully 6.

The most compelling part of this story for me was also the most unorthodox. Kvothe's greatest struggle in this book was for enough money to stay in school. With all of the sweeping fantasy plot points outlined above this 'struggle' could easily have been a paltry side-note but Rothfuss manages to make it more intense and involving than any other challenge facing Kvothe.

I found it really enjoyable to read about a character who's greatest skill is playing music. Although it's hinted at various points in the book that Kvothe becomes a great warrior later on, I hope this doesn't prove to be the case. Having a musician as opposed to a warrior as the protagonist is a refreshing change from the usual epic fantasy, especially given the way that this book otherwise falls into typical fantasy expectations. While Kvothe also uses magic in this book it's neither as prominent nor as interesting as his music and studies.

For all of the powerful magic and dangerous monsters in this book none were as spellbinding hehe puns as his performance in the Eolian.

Kvothe himself was well-written enough to keep the story, told almost solely from his POV, interesting. Most secondary characters are shallow and not particularly compelling so the success of the story rests mostly on Kvothe.

I've heard some people express a lot of hate for him on here and I don't really understand why. Kvothe is sometimes a bit over-powered being both a musical and intellectual prodigy but for the most part is a pretty likeable protagonist.

While some people disliked him due to his arrogance I thought it seemed pretty realistic for a 15 year old genius. In this regard he reminded me a bit of Will in Good Will Hunting one of my all-time favourite films and Mike in Suits. I actually hope his arrogance and vanity are examined more in later books as I feel it goes a long way to making him less of a Gary Stu.

The secondary characters in this book were mostly pretty shallow the hilarious Elodin and the menacing Devi being the obvious exceptions. There were still quite a few likeable and interesting characters who brightened up the story Kilvin, Simmon, Fela but ultimately suffered from the narrative's focus on Kvothe and were never fleshed out.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment was Denna. Denna was a pretty straightforward 'love interest' with all the usual trappings of love at first sight and destiny repeatedly bringing her and Kvothe together.

Perhaps the only distinctive feature she had was also her most frustrating and limiting, her 'mystery'. Denna's 'mysteriousness' boiled down to having no clear motivation or goals, not being given a background and suddenly disappearing a lot hmmm As a sidenote an explanation given in-story for her behaviour was incredibly grim.

Apparently Denna works as a courtesan because there's literally no other job for a young, attractive woman without a family to protect her that wouldn't lead to her being constantly sexually harassed. This throwaway line was especially grim given the general positivity of the world and also inconsistent given that there seem to be other young women working in various professions.

The world-building in this book was practically non-existent. There's no real examination of the various cultures and countries that exist in the world. The best world building probably comes in the magic systems. While 'naming' remains disappointingly vague and certain techniques seemed derivative of other works 'heart of stone' is pretty much the void from WoT , 'sympathy' proved to be an interesting and unique magic system.

Rothfuss has also left a lot of mysteries lying around the world. I was a bit frustrated that at least some of these weren't resolved by the end of the book but they still add a sense of the unknown to the world and I'm excited to find out the solution to these mysteries in the next books. Overall this was a really enjoyable read. Rothfuss lyrical prose and poetic descriptions compensated for this books flaws and made this a compelling story.

I'm definitely interested to see what happens in day 2 of Kvothe's story. View all 34 comments. Demasiada verdad tergiversa los hechos. Demasiada sinceridad te hace parecer falso. La segunda es el tratamiento de la magia View all 8 comments. There were quite a few things that drove me absolutely insane about this novel and the weaker sequel.

To name a few of the eye watering irritants: Why is it so hard to include female characters that are not used exclusivity for the convenience of either the plot or the main characters development?

A book can have a cast of 50 or more side characters but the women will comprise only 4 of them and will be: FFS fantasy writers- get it together. How we all laughed. And pointed. And laughed some more Is it going here? Is it going there? Nobody knows. Despite these and other failings why have I rated the book so highly?

Because despite its failings I loved this book.

Der Name des Windes

I picked it up having heard nothing about it and was so griped by it that I stayed up till 6am the next day to finish it. I re-read it within a few months very rare for me these days when there is an endless supply of new ebooks available at the touch of my finger tips. I thought about it and talked about it. What can I say? The heart wants what the heart wants.

I've been gripped by the same madness in my devotion to this book. I'm ashamed of myself ; View all 5 comments. Before now I'd never listened to an audiobook. I thought it to be lazy, and since I highlight aplenty most of the time, I just didn't see the point in it. But a couple weeks ago I was in the process of obtaining a copy of every book on my to-read list no worries, it's pathetically short so this was no trouble , when I considered the idea of using Audible.

I listened to a sample for this book and was sold. I ended up getting the audiobooks for this and The Lies of Locke Lamora , which I'm going Before now I'd never listened to an audiobook. I ended up getting the audiobooks for this and The Lies of Locke Lamora , which I'm going to listen to next. So I'm going to keep this pretty short just kidding.

I liked most things about this book. Protagonist, plot, writing style, and pretty much everything else I cannot think of at the moment were on point. But and this is the big but , it was too much and too little.

It's hard to explain what I mean by this as I'm contradicting myself. Whilst I loved how the story took its time and was detailed, in the end I found myself wondering why I had just listened to an audiobook twenty-eight hours in length. Did anything happen? Not really. The story was too slow for me to head over heels fall in love with it.

So much more could have happened, but it didn't.

I'm not sure if I'm going to bother with the next book in the series, but I'll be reading reviews to help make my decision. If you felt similarly about this book and still trudged onwards, please let me know your thoughts as it would be a massive help.

View all 13 comments. This book is incredible. I don't think I've read something this thoroughly amazing and enjoyable in a long time, if ever. My words are severely lacking now that the time has come to write a review.

If you can call this a review. It's the best rag-tag assemblage of words and vague ideas my brain could manage, considering I put down the book mere moments ago The world-building is exceptional, I've fallen deeply in love with a world I've barely gotten a slice of.

Kvothe is one of the be This book is incredible. Kvothe is one of the best characters I have ever read. I have read some other reviews, both the glowing ones and the one-starers. I can't wrap my head around how some of these people claim what they do about the character of Kvothe. Yes, he has some cliches. But he is not an undefeatable super hero. Yes, he is beyond clever, and damn good at just about everything. But he has faults. He effs up big time multiple times.

He makes the wrong assumptions, he underestimates, he crushes his biggest dreams with his own folly. He is exceptionally clever, and heroic many times, but he is deeply human.

I do not understand how people can make such criticisms if they have truly read the book, especially the end. Kvothe is scarred, cunning, beautiful, flawed, stupid, talented, lonely, helpless, heroic, broken, human.

I and many others have come to this conclusion in our readings, and there will always be some who don't see it the same way. I don't get it but I don't have to.

But to me, Kvothe is a stunning character, and throughout this book, he evoked emotions in me that I can't even comprehend I am blown away. As far as the prose goes, I will say it is not the best I've ever read or ever will read, and it doesn't need to be.

But it is incredible writing, so fluid it is drinkable. Rothfuss may not be a master yet but he is surely well on his way. I did not know how hungry I was for an extraordinary book until I laid eyes on this literary feast. I've consumed this whole book and my mouth has yet to stop watering.

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I am eyeing the page count of The Wise Man's Fear, knowing even that much more won't be enough to satiate me Patpleasefinishthethirdbooksowedontstarve. However, in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I enjoyed the first half of the book a tad more than the second half.

If reading that first sentence gives you even a shred of doubt about reading this book I hope the second amends it.

I have recommended this book to all of my family members and most of them have already bought it. If you are thinking about reading this book, do it. If it's been sitting on your to-read shelf, rip the band-aid off and dive in.

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Happy Reading, and apologies for this mess of a review. View all 3 comments. Mar 04, J. I was very impressed with the fantasy world that Patrick Rothfuss created. I loved how he gave certain special attributes to simple natural and man made things: Though he does make use of the Fae realm, I really thought Rothfuss's use of magic based somewhat on science and alchemy was compelling and refreshing. I also thought he was successful in relating stories and histories regarding the mythology of his world.

Actually, this first book in a highly anticipated trilogy was basically the coming-of-age tale of Kvothe, the main character, warrior, and arcanist. Rothfuss does a wonderful job of breathing life into his characters, always keeping the flow of the story quite engaging and unpredictable.

View all 23 comments. Aug 25, Semjon rated it really liked it. Aber trotzdem habe ich ja eine Erwartung an ein Fantasy-Buch: Ich habe noch nie einen Fantasybuch gelesen, welches sich so detailreich mit der Magie auseinandersetzt. Da wird nicht einfach mit dem Stab herumwirbelt, Lumos gerufen und schon brennt das Licht. Man konnte wirklich hervorragend in diese Welt eintauchen.

Ich habe mich auch schon immer gefragt, warum sich Drachen beim Feuer speien nie das Maul verbrennen. Solche Szene habe ich geliebt in diesem Buch. In machen Punkte erinnert die Geschichte schon an Harry Potter. Waisenjunge muss sich durch das Leben schlagen, gelangt dann an die Zauberschule und muss sich gegen die Malfoys und Snapes der Welt durchsetzen. Trotzdem ist das keine Kopie. Manche Konstellationen wiederholen sich dann halt doch in dem Genre.

Und Kvothe, der Held der Geschichte, ist auch ganz eigen. Auf jeden Fall der musikalischste Protagonist, der mir in diesem Genre bislang unterkam.

Zum Schluss spitzen sich die Ereignisse dann doch noch zu und der vermisste Spannungsbogen ist auf einmal da, um in einem fiesen Cliffhanger zu enden. Aufgrund der zu starken Spannungsarmut in manchen Passagen gibt es aber einen Stern Abzug. I love that book! We are back in high fantasy in this world so forget the world as you know it. In this universe magic exists. Even more, magic warriors and magic names that draw trouble But what I loved the most was University. No it is not the simple university as you and I know it.

It is university were you study magic and become a wizard. Well actually, you learn the names of things and then control them. It's not Harry Potter type of magic for sure but it is amazing on it's own nevertheless.

So this story is told by our main character and actually takes time only up to him being few years into university. The rest of the story will come in the next book.

So let's meet our main character - Kvothe. We get to know him first as a boy, his family and everybody he knows belong to a traveling troupe who perform in every town.

But they are not some self taught wanna be actors, no they are actually professional. However, one day a horrible thing happens and Kvothe is left on his own. Eventually he ends up finding his way to one of the big cities where he lives as beggar for a few years till he finally decides he wants to go to university. But ah my lovelies, you have no idea how much you fall in love with Kvothe in this book.

I usually do not like reading about children but Kvothe's story I just could not put down the book. It was just gorgeous, full of adventure and when we get to University I just adore it, the magic, the adventure, the D Ah, it was a truly treat to my mind.

But Kvothe is of course not the only character in the book. Actually there are sorta three Kvothes: I loved both the child and young adult Kvothe but I do not love the old Kvothe just yet. He is different and I do not like him this way. I really hope he will become who he was in his youth once again. And so additionally to Kvothes we have his friends who I also adore, teachers, residence of cities I like them all.

Except for one and that is Denna. Oh boy oh boy how much I dislike her. She is just so annoying, one of these supposedly mysterious beauties who are finding themselves and blah blah. This is one and the biggest minus of the book for me. I try to ignorite it because of my dislike of Denna but yeah Kvothe is madly in love with her and of course Denna does not care so you get the idea I love so much about this book!

Denna and old Kvothe. I dislike them both so far and only hope things will get better in the next book. Absolutely adore the book, could not put it down! And I already got the second book so review will be coming soon too!

View all 4 comments. Wow, what a great debut novel from Patrick Rothfuss. I find it more and more difficult to find engaging fantasy novels these days having read so much over the years and been privileged to read books by such amazing Authors as Georgr R R Martin, Scott Lynch and Robin Hobb so I was pleasantly surprised to find myself gripped by The Name of the Wind.

The prose leaps off the page, the framing device was genius, the characters are believable and engaging, the plot is gripping and leaves you constantly Wow, what a great debut novel from Patrick Rothfuss.

The prose leaps off the page, the framing device was genius, the characters are believable and engaging, the plot is gripping and leaves you constantly wanting more.

The world is unique and real at the same time and the mythology is fascinating. I can't wait for part two and I am comforted that I have another series to become involved with and look forward too rather that reading sub par works just to get my fix. View 1 comment. Why not 5 stars? Anyway, recommended for fans of clever world-building and high-fantasy settings: I finished this finally! I have to say No let down for me.. I'll try to write a full review! It isn't that there is anything particularly new here, but it's done so well that that doesn't matter.

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It is, after all, not so much about what it's about as how it is about it. It makes the readers feel enjoy and still positive thinking. This book really gives you good thought that will very influence for the readers future. How to get thisbook? Getting this book is simple and easy. You can download the soft file of this book in this website.

This website is available with pay and free online books. Then download it. Stall for certain minute until the install is finalize. This spungy document is disposed to seen any time you expect. Patrick Rothfuss ist gerade dabei diesen 3. Band bzw.

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