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To ask other readers questions about Sarah's Child, please sign up. Why are all Linda Howard female characters dimwit virgins in their 30s while the LL the. Sarah's Child By Linda Howard - FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews , awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Sarah's Child ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Linda Howard In the two years since the tragedy, Sarah has wanted to reach out to Rome, but she knew.

Sarahs Child Linda Howard Pdf

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Sarah's Child. byLinda Howard. Publication date Topics Romance For print-disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. ome took Sarah to bed and held her against him for the first time in months, his arms tender. He kissed her over and over, as if he couldn't get. Sarah's Child. AUTHOR: Linda Howard. READ BY: Amy Landon. CLASSIFICATION: FICTION. GENRES: Contemporary / Fiction / Romance.

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Lethal Attraction. All the Queen's Men. Open Season. Mackenzie's Heroes. Now You See Her. Dream Man. A Lady of the West. Frost Line. White Lies. Night Moves. Son of the Morning. Midnight Rainbow. Blood Born. Heart of Fire. Strangers in the Night. To Die For. Drop Dead Gorgeous. A Game of Chance. Loving Evangeline. Killing Time. Dying to Please. She loves him since he met him and she accepts what he offers. They have sex and immediately he gets out of her bed and goes to his bed to sleep alone because he misses his dead wife.

All very impersonal. He warns her from the beginning that he doesn't want kids because no one will replace the family he lost. Then the unthinkable happens and Sarah gets pregnant. He demands that she abort the child. But she refuses and he treats as if the child did not exist and refuses to know about pregnancy or the child. Sarah suffers quiet and accepts everything.

This is the point where I really hated her attitude and acceptance of all the crap he did as if it were the most normal thing in the world.

I had the urge to yell at her and demand an attitude of courage and backbone. She accepts everything as if the hero had the right to ignore the child, after all the poor were suffering. Frankly annoyed me a lot! And when she wonders to put the child up for adoption to avoid losing the love of the hero.

I was very mad! That dead fly! But in the end it all worked out. Why in hell would you still be a virgin? She hadn"t had his trust, or his love. His wife! Diane had been his wife, and he"d never thought an-other woman would occupy that position, bear that title.

Until the ceremony had begun, he hadn"t had any doubts about this second marriage, but when the familiar, haunting words reached his ears Don"t have the baby. If you love me, don"t…don"t have the baby. I"ll never ask you to care for it, or hold it. I swear, Rome, you"ll never even have to know its name if you don"t want to! Take care of it, yes, but when I come home at night Sep 18, Saly rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aug 01, Cheesecake rated it it was ok Shelves: Linda Howard is one of my Favourite authors, but all I can say about this book is Mind you, this kind of story is my least liked, and I wouldn't have read it if it had been written by anyone else.

Also should mention that it wasn't just his wife that died but his two little boys as well. They really should mention that in the blurb! Super Hi-octane angst fest view spoiler [ and it doesn't let up til pretty much the last page.

I wasn't convinced that he loved her, forever second best to hi Linda Howard is one of my Favourite authors, but all I can say about this book is I wasn't convinced that he loved her, forever second best to his first wife and kids, and there's no epilogue to smooth things over. Sep 16, Jane Stewart rated it liked it Shelves: OK if you're in the mood for an abusive relationship which heals in the end. Rome starts dating and marries Sarah as a marriage of convenience.

His wife and two children had been killed in a car accident. Sarah provides comfort. Throughout most of the book he mentally abuses her, getting angry and saying things he shouldn't. This story was worth reading because it was different from abusive relationships in "real life," in which one person starts out pleasant but later turns abusive.

In this story, Rome starts out abusive, and later becomes healed, nonabusive and truly loving. Similarly with the baby, he initially doesn't want it, but later becomes healed, open and loving of the baby. One part that bothered me was that they each wanted to sleep together but they thought the other one preferred sleeping alone. This was a frustrating communication problem to me, because if either one of them simply said I'd like to sleep all night together, both would have been happy to do it.

I would not recommend this book to someone who is new to Linda Howard. I am glad that I read it only because I am a fan of hers and I plan to read most of her books. Also, it was different from most romance novels so I value it as a change of pace. If you're new to L. Howard, I suggest you read Mr. One more thought, my favorite character in Sarah's Child was the 15 year old neighbor, Derek. Derek had a minor but memorable part in this story.

Derek is as close to being the perfect person there is. He is considerate, caring, eager to help, learns quickly and seems to know things others don't. He works for Sarah in her store. When she needs some electrical work done, Derek reads up on it and competently does the electrical work.

Later when Sarah starts going into labor with her child, Derek tells her that he has been reading up on child delivery so that he could deliver the baby if she needs it. Knowing him, she knows he would be excellent at it. There are two sequels to Sarah's Child. Almost Forever is about Max finding love, which I gave 5 stars. Bluebird Winter is about Derek finding love, which I gave 3 stars. Sexual language: Number of sex scenes: Feb 02, Dee rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was absolutely heartbreaking and had me bawling like a baby even before I had finished the first chapter.

This is my first LH book and all I can keep thinking is wow and why have I waited so long to read her books despite the fact I have had a few of them lined up for quite some time. It seems so strange for me to say that such a very sad story is outstanding, but it is, the emotion just rolls off the page and cannot do anything other than engage the reader and make them feel the pain that This was absolutely heartbreaking and had me bawling like a baby even before I had finished the first chapter.

After going through all that emotion and spending most of the book crying I was so pleased to get to their HEA, a point where they could both start to let go of all that pain and find a way of living with it. If I could I would give this 6 stars and will definitely read more books by Ms Howard and will add her to my auto-buy list. I hated that Sarah was the ultimate doormat and took so much shit from Rome, and the sex between the two was not hot at all. Even if he didn't know she was a virgin, it was still their first time together, and it was such a ridiculous let down.

I just wish there could have been sufficient groveling or at least some decent ass kissing by Rome in the ending. I guess I didn't hate this story, but I didn't totally end up loving it either. I'm probably in the minority on this one, but I like it. I have an old paperback version that I've re-read a couple of times over the years and had to snap up the e-version at such a low price.

I do have a love-hate relationship with the H as many other reviewers have noted as well. I understand H's grief - especially under such an unexpected tragedy. I do like how the h tries to grab the happiness she can with the hope and optimism that eventually will be the life she envisions.

I don't think of her as a doormat - she seems determined and optimistic to me. I waffle at rating higher than 4 stars even though I've re-read a few times. I'm stingy about 5 stars.

So 4 stars is still my rating. I will do another re-read at some point. This was an emotional read, the tragic circumstance that shut down Rome emotionally is certainly understandable and I can never ever imagine being in that position. But his coldness and unemotional relationship first with Sarah which he pursued and than during Sarah's unexpected pregnancy with their child made me want to whack him upside the head with and iron skillet!!!

Sarah has loved Rome for years is willing to do whatever it takes to keep him I admired Sarah's stren This was an emotional read, the tragic circumstance that shut down Rome emotionally is certainly understandable and I can never ever imagine being in that position.

Eventually Rome's emotional wall comes tumbling down and that scene had me tearing up and feeling guilty for wanting to knock some sense into him My only complaint is that there was no epilogue. This is one of Linda Howard's early books and it reminded very much of a Diana Palmer book View all 12 comments. I read this along time ago, but it still always stays with me. Mostly because of the story There were too many unpc parts for me to get invested in either protagonist. Rome is typical Asshat and Sarah is way to self sacrificing for my taste.

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I know this is a favorite for many, but this is my least favorite of Linda Howards. Jan 22, Fre06 Begum rated it did not like it Shelves: Did not like Sarah she was too pathetic! Feb 06, Anita rated it it was ok Shelves: Written in , this is an older Linda Howard work.

It has not been well reviewed by my Goodreads Friends, but since I am a Linda Howard Fan, I've learned to take the bad with the good and am ready to give this one a fair shot.

Well, my Goodreads Friends are correct, this book is nothing short of an angstfest. I must say that Linda Howards evolution as a writer is nothing short of amazing. Her later works, especially Open Season and Mr. Perfect are just amazing books. Every doormat needs a big, Written in , this is an older Linda Howard work. Every doormat needs a big, muddy boot to stomp all over it: Sarah meet Rome. Oh, wait, you met him more than 8 years before this story starts and even then you were nothing more than doormat which is why he married your lively best friend.

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If she hadn't died you would have probably gone to your grave a virgin with terminal unrequited love. Yeah, yeah Rome lost his wife and two sons to an auto accident and wanted to crawl into the grave with them, but his massive libido got him over that soon enough. After he got tired of one night stands, he makes a pass at you and you fall at his feet because you Looooooove him.

The guy is a jerk, but he's hot in the sack and it's all okay because he still loves his dead wife. Pleasssse, that should only get a guy so far, but you went and married him. Now you are leg-shackled to an emotional cripple and you get pregnant. Now, I know it was an accident, but Rome is just not the understanding type.

View all 4 comments. Feb 19, Meredith rated it did not like it Shelves: Basic Premise: When her best friend dies in a terrible accident, a woman finds herself attracted to the grieving husband--and her feelings are reciprocated. Don't get me wrong. I like Linda Howard--some of her books are fantastic. She's on this five star list multiple times.

But look at that publication date. If you want to know what I mean by "throwback" romance, this would be it. The only cliche missing is a middle eastern prince. Let's recap the "throwback" cliches that many of these Basic Premise: Let's recap the "throwback" cliches that many of these older contemporary romances have, shall we?

She works as a secretary. His name is Roman, for god's sake. He actually uses the word "take" in a sentance referring to sex with women. God, I hate that word, who ever used it in real life in that particular manner?

No one. When they have sex, despite it being her first time, they have simultaneous orgasms--and as far as I can tell, foreplay lasted all of a minute. He didn't exactly put in any extra effort, if you get my drift. They get married for "convenience"--he doesn't love her.

There are a great many "misunderstandings" that could be cleared up with just two minutes of honest conversation. She gets pregnant, he doesn't want the baby--and she still stays. He says "just keep it away from me"--and she figures she can do that. And one more thing, that I found hilarious: In I wasn't even old enough to be thinking about boys apart from the whole cootie thing, so I don't know if this was actually true, but coming from the perspective of a 21st century something, I find this hilarious.

How times have changed. May 22, Booklover rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Deal: When a bad accident kills his wife and 2 kids, Rome Matthews changed, becoming a cold and distant person, knowing he will never love anyone like he loved Diane and his sons. Sarah Harper was Diane's best friend, and in the two years since her death, Sarah has wanted to reach out to Rome but her secret love for him kept her away.

Until Rome needs her and Sarah agrees to marry him, even though she knows he doesn't love her and probably never will. Still, they eventually tumble into bed an The Deal: Still, they eventually tumble into bed and he falls madly in love love with her. There is, however, one thing he won't relent on: Which is a problem for Sarah when she finds out she's pregnant. My Thoughts: Someone told me this is one of those books you either hate or love.

I hated it. But lets start from the beginning. Since I hadn't and I was intrigued, I gave it a shot - though first I had to ask a few friends if they had it because I think it's currently out of print - so I got the book and read it fairly quickly because, it's not that long and it's relatively well written.

But I hated it. Some characters were okay, like Sarah and Derek and a whole bunch of other people who were around. But Rome was an asshole all the way through the book.

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First he's never going to love Sarah, then he's in love with her, but he still doesn't want to have kids. He gets Sarah pregnant, blames her, asks for an abortion, 'resigns' himself to the fact the kids is happening, but he doesn't want anything to do with it, so Sarah can't tell him anything about it or her pregnancy!

And he wants all her attention on him when he gets home at night. All he cares about is a that Sarah keeps the baby away from him, b how soon can he bone Sarah again. He was such a jerkface douchebag!! He holds the baby once and suddenly everything is right with the world. The book was originally published in the mid-eighties, so I understand some things were outdated, but Rome was just too much!

He blames Sarah because he got her pregnant. He's the one who did't want kids, he should have been packing the condoms! And if he was really serious, he could have had a vasectomy! Instead he was a bitch about the whole thing. It was just so BAD! Jan 02, Jacqueline J rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a guilty favorite of mine.

I feel like I'm not supposed to like it but I do. I enjoyed the fact that the hero never decides he didn't love his first wife as so often happens in romances where a widower remarries. I liked all the angst. Even though the heroine seems to be doormatish I think really she's just so determined to have him that she lets nothing stand in her way which is not quite the same thing. I just enjoy stories where a hero has been so wounded that they don't seem to reall This is a guilty favorite of mine.

Sarah stared down at the baby, shaking. What would she do if Missy decided to throw a howling temper tantrum? But there was a certain way she liked to be held, and other small things that had to be just right to satisfy her. But of course, for Sarah, there was no taking it easy. Every day she was awake longer, her legs and arms waving around energetically. After a particularly exhausting day, Sarah fell deeply asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Rome lay beside her, slowly relaxing, and was almost asleep himself when he heard the baby cry. He went stiff, waiting for Sarah to wake and go to the child. He reached out to shake Sarah awake; then something stopped him. For whatever reason, he got out of bed and found himself standing out in the hallway.

He realized with surprise that he was shaking, and sweat was running down his spine. Just a baby. He stretched his hand out and opened the door, scarcely able to breathe from the band that was constricting his chest. There was a small yellow night-light plugged into an outlet close to the crib, enabling Sarah to see when she got up in the middle of the night. Her tiny fists were clenched and jerking spasmodically, her legs were drawn up, and she was squalling for all she was worth.

He swallowed, slowly walking closer to the crib. She was so small, the temper she exhibited was ludicrous.

A girl…what did he know about girl babies? Shaking, he slid his big hands under the infant and lifted her, surprised at how light she was. Old skills came back to him automatically. He looked at her and froze, mesmerized, as the baby looked at him with such innocent trust and acceptance that he almost screamed aloud with pain. Looking at her was like looking at himself, immortalized.

He stared in fascination at the dark hair, the almost-black eyes.

Sarah's Child

A low, raw cry came from his lips. He lifted her again, cradling her in his arms, and he sank to his knees. Bending over his child, he cried. Her hand sought Rome but found only the empty pillow, and she sat up. Quickly getting out of bed, she reached for her robe, pulling it around her. Going to the door, she looked for any light to indicate where he might be, but there was none.

Then she heard the choking noise again, and she went cold. It came from the nursery. Missy was choking!

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