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The Book of Azazel: The Grimoire of the Damned by E. A. Koetting In some ways it reminds me of earlier grimoires in that it includes first-hand. The Book of Azazel, the Grimoire of the Damned. NP (South Carolina): Nephilim Press, Special Reserve Editoin. Hardcover. Octavo. pp. Bound in full. E a Koetting The Book of Azazel Black Magick Grimoire. About this product BOOK OF AZAZEL - The Grimoire of the Damned (Rare) E.A. Koetting, Nephilm.

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The Book of Azazel, the Grimoire of the Damned [E. A. Koetting] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hardcover. pp. Fine black cloth with. The Book of Azazel book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Book of Azazel: Grimoire of the Damned No part of this book may be reproduced, To view my complete catalog of magick books and trainings.

The descriptions here regarding spirit communication match my experience as well. As for the longer quotes, they come as a channeled feed. He doesn't have to memorize them. I envy you a copy of this book! I should pay more attention to my Nephilim emails. It's a method for establishing contact with objectively existing non-physical beings, and pseudoscientific theorising about a "subconscious" or "collective unconscious" as if this offered a more "rational" explication of the matter than the traditional belief in the reality of spirits smacks of irony. An interesting point of view, though it is not one the author of this book shares.

More filters. Sort order. Mar 06, Halina rated it it was amazing. Probably one of my favorites! Aug 24, Junnaid Javed rated it really liked it. Interesting read. If true, there is SO much we don't know. Jun 21, Ankh Cross rated it really liked it. Very provocative perspective from an Adept author familiar with the LHP workings with such a powerful Entity.

Was humbling and intriguing from lens as a dabbler hungering to reach neophyte status in esoteric realm of practice. Dec 11, Joshua rated it it was amazing. Fascinating thoughts on astral entities and evocation.

Apr 17, Wes rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read it for yourself if you have the interest. This book goes beyond words, and is likely to mean something different for me than you. Aug 05, Gene rated it really liked it. Easily Koetting's best work, thought provoking and damnably diabolical.

Emmorxes rated it really liked it Mar 18, Damian Beristain rated it liked it Aug 02, Victor Almeral Jr. Collin rated it it was amazing Oct 12, Reisner rated it liked it Jul 09, Joni rated it liked it Jan 18, Raleigh rated it it was amazing Sep 01, Punchcardliquidsystems rated it really liked it Dec 19, Koetting's 'Become a Living God' website, but I was not aware of the more nefarious connections you mentioned.

This brings up a good point: Or should we separate the two? Should a book be judged on its own merrit? Truthfully, I can appreciate both sides of the argument. For example, I am a great fan of the late fiction writer H. In life he was racist, anti-Semite, and arguably a misogynist judging by the roles women typically play in his works -- what little there are. Was he simply a product of his day?

Book Azazel Grimoire Damned by Koetting

Was this a common attitude for someone around the turn of the century, and if so, is this an excuse for holding such distasteful beliefs? It's hard to say. On the extreme end of the spectrum, I admire the poetical works of German poet, Gottfried Benn, even though he was a Nazi doctor.

Somehow I'm able to separate the works from the man, even though I find his actions as an individual abominable. Many people myself included are also fascinated by the art of the insane. Some works are brilliant, even though the artist may have been a murderer, as in the case of Richard Dadd and his masterpiece, 'The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke'.

So it begs the question: Should we be surprised when authors of so-called 'black magic' books end up embodying some of the diabolical ideals they write about? In fact, unless their work is just for show, why should we expect anything less? Thank you for your response Mr Balkan. You are clearly well versed and well read in the literal world, indeed even that of art.


I enjoyed perusing your the examples given in your response. To the matter of whether or not a book be judged on its own merit. Well, a book written by the person in question above could well be judged on its own merit. My point questions the methods and funds though which said works were published. It is a fair question So yes, I also question the person behind it. As I have said more and more of us are becoming aware of this participation by Mr Koetting in this money scheme involving the theft of other people's work.

Because thats what the sacred magick site hosts Mr Balkan, theft, work stolen from the books of other authors. Mr koetting does not showcase his own work on that site though! There is only one of his book up there, the least popular, a token effort to impossibly disguise his involvement - though this is now common knowledge among many practitioners as well as xoanon llewellyn and many others.

I can see your logic and enjoyed your examples in the first three paragraphs. But people such as the many authors whose books you review so very well are going to be asking themselves: Do you Mr Balkan, condone Mr Koetting's practice in ripping their work off? Because I am myself now asking this. In fact in order to understand your own stance on this and in order to reply to your last paragraph, which I hasten to add, I strongly disagree with, I looked back through your posts particularly to the one made about Grimoire Scalping on feb 14th in which you describe certain instances of this practice in this way, "This is mercenary book scalping at its worst.

Skilled magicians can create, exercise will, and improve themselves without doing it at the expense of others; in fact, they benefit others. The fact is that there is no correlation between spiritual and magickal endeavours and the type of practice that Mr Koetting is involved in on the sacred magick website.

In fact stealing the hard work of others and converting it to pdf for profit is not only a breach of copyright it is is outright mercenary theft! There is no excuse for that save for the lack of magickal skill to manifest said monies and outright greed. To your last rhetorical question about these works being only for show, I would ask does this imply that the work of Messers Schulke, Huson and Rankine, among others, is purely for show simply because they hold to a certain self discipline and virtue, thereby not seeking to profit through theft and piracy?

In one respect you are correct, we should not expect anything less from people such as Mr Koetting as this is clearly his nature.

However we are as custmers, followers and in many cases, practitioners of magick are entitled to a better example from such people than that of underhand theft of the work of their peers. I do appreciate your point of view Mr Balkan but it has raised questions over your stance on a matter that is plainly and simply a matter of stealing.

Would you feel so philosophical on this matter if it were your own work, or a book collection perhaps? For my own part I have chosen to give a wide berth to a man I once felt had promise in the occult because he has shown himself to be an idol whose feet are made of clay.

A wonderful discussion, Mr. To answer your central question regarding the theft of copyrighted material, for it appears I was unclear: I have stated as much in past posts as you have pointed out.

However my main point was not whether ripping off other's work is bad or not -- it is without question a shameful practice -- but rather that I wanted to point out that there are occult writers who believe otherwise or who simply do not care except when it comes to their works of course.

They state as much in their angry little manifestos festooned with horned skulls.

E a Koetting The Book of Azazel Black Magick Grimoire

You see, there are a number of authors who write books on so-called "black magic" in which they espouse and promote a self-centered philosophy, or ego-centric path. Books of this sort usually encourage readers to claw their way to wealth and power with little regard for those they may step on along the way.

I thought this line of thinking had gone out of vogue with Anton LaVey, but it appears to still be kicking.

Authors and practitioners of this breed would certainly have little regard for something like a copyright law. Nor would they care how their actions affect others. I do not consider the respectable authors you mentioned Messers Schulke, Huson and Rankine to be in this camp at all. Their work is far more spiritual based and generally more concerned with the attainment of wisdom than the attainment of monetary riches. My conversations with Mr. Schulke have shown that he is an honorable man of his word.

His work, and the work of the others you mentioned, are of very high caliber. It is not their work that I decry -- far from it; it is the pseudo-Satanic pablum that is being passed off as occultism that draws my ire. There are a number of the latter that make me wonder how sincere the writers are.

I suspect a few of these are written to be used as props, or perhaps they are intentional hoaxes, like the Simon Necronomicon. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4.

Seller Inventory n. More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. Weiser Antiquarian Books, Inc. Cape Neddick, ME, U.

First Edition. Bound in fine black cloth with gilt lettering to spine and gilt Circle of Pacts symbol on upper board. Smyth sewn, black endpapers, ribbon marker. Edition limited to numbered copies.

The Book of Azazel: The Grimoire of the Damned by E.A. Koetting

From the author "That which follows is the entirety of what I learned from the Demon during a ninety-day journey through hell, with Azazel as my guide.

For a time, I turned the entire operation, not only of the evocations and the translocations, but of my very spiritual Ascent, over to a demon. To Azazel I can only trust that when this work is completed, he will set me free. Standing face to hideous face with Him, his words even his mere presence changed everything. Azazel is the embodiment of all that is forbidden, all that is secret, and all that I would sacrifice everything for.

He called upon me to perform this damnable Operation: But fear overtook me. I didn t feel ready to drink from that cup, and so I drank from many others, flirting with the power that I knew could only be found in the blackest of rites and through the most obscene pacts.

The Demon s call would not be silenced, and it forced me out of the serenity of Ascent, leaving me with no choice than to embrace the power of darkness, in a depth and intensity that I had never before imagined. The Book of Azazel initially seemed to mark my return to the Left Hand Path, to the sinister spirituality responsible for catapulting me into the knowledge and application of my own godhood. As the grimoire unfolded, day-by-day, I came to realize that this book is not simply a chapter in my collection of forbidden knowledge, but that what the Demon Azazel revealed to me obliterated every assumption that I ve ever made, and has left me with little else to say.

The magnitude of Azazel s teachings have left me speechless, for the first time in decades. What is recorded in this book the rituals, the evocations, and the revelations have left me with the conviction that, unless some knowledge assails me with the same obliterating force as what is contained in The Book of Azazel, that this will be the last book that I will write. This book says all that can ever be said, and much, much more.

It has also left me with the conviction that real power the kind that can crumble nations and raise empires out of the sand can only be found in the forbidden, in the demonic, beyond the horizon of damnation. More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. Published by Nephilim Press Nephilim Press, Exact number isn't stated and I can't recall, but certainly under , likely NO DJ, as Published. NO remainder mark.

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