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The Magician's - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Read The Magician's Elephant Free Reading PDF. In a highly awaited new novel , Kate DiCamillo conjures a haunting fable about trusting the unexpected —. V. V. The Magician's. Elephant. Kate DiCamillo illustrated by. Yoko Tanaka. Page 3. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either.

The Magicians Elephant Pdf

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The Magician's. Elephant. Kate DiCamillo. illustrated by. Yoko Tanaka. Table of Contents. Cover. Chapter One. Chapter Two. Chapter Three. Chapter Four. The Magician's Elephant began for me in the lobby of a hotel in New York City, when a magician appeared before me. He did not literally appear, of course. Links with the Common Core Standards (U.S.). Many of the activities included in this curriculum unit are supported by the Common. Core Standards.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. The Magician's Elephant. Igor Silva. When a fortuneteller's tent appears in the market square of the city of Baltese, an orphan Peter Augustus Duchene decided to ask her if his sister still live? And if so, how can he find her?

Leo Matienne. I will find her! I keep my boots on in public places and there is no need then for anyone to smell my socks or my feet. Gloria Matienne took them from him and put them directly into a bucket filled with soapy water. She bent and kissed the top of his head.

Book: The Magician's Elephant

God does not intend for us to have children. He is a gentle boy and not really cut out for soldiering. It is a terrible sound. I do not think. It is a bad thing to have love and nowhere to put it. There is a lot of love in him. I hear them.

His face lit up in a way that I have never seen. She sighed. He was silent for a long moment. But Leo Matienne would not be silenced. Adele awoke and lay quietly and told herself that it was just a dream. You should be in your bed. So you are. At the Orphanage of the Sisters of Perpetual Light. She was relieved to see that there.

Sister Marie jumped. It is the middle of the night. Although of course you should not be here. But every time she closed her eyes. Adele was dreaming again of the elephant knocking and knocking. And so she threw back the blanket and got out of bed and went down the stairs in the cold and the dark and made her way to the front door.

It is you. How wonderful. You must simply knock! I dreamed that you opened the door and the elephant was there. She pulled her knees up to her chest. But I wait and hope. But she asked anyway. I find elephant dreams particularly moving. You were only a few hours old. You had just been born. I was sitting here in this chair. One must wait and hope. Outside the Orphanage of the Sisters of Perpetual Light.

Beggars have names. If Tomas had ever had a last name.

The Magician's Elephant Worksheets and Literature Unit

I knew your name. I spoke your name. How did you know my name? If he had ever had a mother or a father. And then suddenly you were in my arms. Of that I am sure.

He knew only that he was a beggar. The world was filled with light. He knew how to construct a song out of the nothing of day-to-day life and how to sing that nothing into a song so beautiful that it could sustain the vision of a whole and better world. Also he knew. And there was a time when he had worked carrying messages and letters and plans across battlefields. He knew how to stretch out his hand and ask.

It was an elephant name — a name that her brothers and sisters knew her by. But who will deliver the messages? Now when he slept. And this — this — is wonderful news. The dog longed with the whole of his being to perform again the task that he had been born and bred to do.

Iddo was forever running. In the cold and dark of the alley Iddo whimpered.

Darkness falls. Iddo wanted to deliver. And then one day. She should have been sleeping. It was not a name that would have made any sense to humans. His one thought as he descended into darkness was. The elephant was saying her name to herself. She was working to remember that somewhere. Deep within herself. It was the name that her mother had given to her and that she had spoken often and with love. She was working to remind herself of who she was.

He had risen from his bed and trimmed his beard to a fine point and was seated on the floor. He was placing a collection of lead soldiers in the pattern of a famous battle. He remembered his father holding him.

Private Duchene? He picked up his wooden foot and beat it against the floor. He thought about his father bleeding. Do you admire it. This is the work of your father I am speaking of. And then he remembered the dream of Adele. One cannot help but admire the genius of it. He thought about him dying. No soldiers.

Book: The Magician's Elephant

Does that make sense? And because an. They outflanked the enemy. Instead it seemed like foolishness — a horrible. And that. And for the first time.

He cleared his throat. It does not make sense. No wars. She could not cry. She was stillborn. I do not — I cannot — any longer believe you. I have told you many times. He put down the foot and pointed his index finger heavenwards.

We were not. The breath never reached her lungs. We were speaking of the brilliance of generals and the bravery of foot soldiers. Am I mistaken? Were we speaking of the domestic sphere? His finger. I believe her. Not you. We were speaking of battles. She is with your mama. What happened to her? Who lives? What do I know of infants and their needs? I know of soldiering.

She said that she was too small. I did not take your sister. He walked to the window and stood looking out at the cathedral spire. And she was so small. Time and again. Vilna Lutz let out a small sob. I lied for you. What if she did cry? That she cried does not mean that she lived — not at all.

Babes without their mothers often will not live. If every babe who cried were still alive. You lied. Call it scientific conjecture. What could you have done if you had known? It would only have hurt your heart to know. I cared for you — you.

And he was thinking of him on the battlefield. I am done. He was thinking of his father in the garden. And he was. And in the cold. Although it did not seem possible.

The weather worsened. You were saying something. She and Adele were in the orphanage kitchen together. It would not snow. Adele continued to dream of the elephant. The dream was so persistent that Adele could. May be it is an elephant. There came a knock at the kitchen door. It is an elephant come to take you home. Listen to her! Her eyes narrowed. She speaks to me. She lowered her voice. This is an orphanage. She snorted.

She herself was always hungry. So what? They were not much. And beggars who sing meaningless songs. She felt an unsolicited tear roll down her cheek. All she had were the words of a dream elephant. It was followed by another and then another. She slammed the door shut and came and sat down next to Adele.

Blind dogs. Do you think they have come to take us home? There were young men with waxed moustaches and pomaded hair. On the first Saturday of the month. The line snaked from the home of the Countess Quintet out into the street and down the hill as far as the eye could see.

They waited. There were candle makers who smelled of warm beeswax. Milliners stood with their heads held high. They stood together. And everyone. Priests and fortunetellers stood side by side and eyed each other with distaste and wariness. And secretly.

It seemed like good information to have. The dimensions of an elephant are impressive in the extreme. The man rocked from heel to toe. Peter stood in line directly behind a man who was dressed entirely in black and who had atop his head a black hat with an exceptionally wide brim. I will now detail for you the dimensions of an elephant. It comforted him. And so the midwife gave him the crying baby.

She belongs to you. The line inched slowly forward. And he held her. Peter closed his eyes and listened. That is what you must remember. The song placed a steady hand on his heart. Can you do that? Peter turned his head and looked directly at the beggar. There were too many things that she did not understand. He received a shove from behind. The beggar was gone. He had promised. And Adele. Where were her brothers and sisters? Her mother? Where were the long grass and the bright sun?

Where were the hot days and the dark pools of shade and the cool nights? Peter opened his eyes. She decided that she would like to die. The world had become too cold and confusing and chaotic to bear. She stopped reminding herself of her name. On a day in late summer. He viewed everything sideways.

Because he was so high atop the cathedral. His name was Bartok Whynn. What he thought was. Bartok Whynn was engaged in the task of bringing to life the most gruesome gargoyle he had yet conceived. The stonecutter had time to think. I am going to die. They exclaimed over it among themselves. The people on the street below heard him. Now he will deliver the words. Life is funny. Give them to me. That is what I know. She settled. Surely it has some meaning beyond our understanding.

What is it I know? It came to him then. That he has lived this long is some miracle that we cannot understand and should only be grateful for. You may give those words to me. I know what I know. And falling through the air. This thought was followed by another thought: But I know something.

I know something. She wrung her hands. Again the doctor bent and offered his ear. Before the fall Bartok Whynn was a dour man who measured five feet nine inches and who laughed.

The doctor stood up. His life is to follow. He laughed and laughed. He went back to work high atop the cathedral. He held the chisel in his hand. His face was very pale. After the fall he measured four feet eleven inches and he laughed darkly.

But he could not stop laughing long enough to coax anything from it. He stood before the stone. He has lost his mind. I tell you he will not — he cannot — live. The whole of existence struck him as cause for hilarity. He straightened his coat. That is how he came. Can you tell me? He held it over his heart.

The warmth of her astonished him. And the sight of her. You must move along so that everyone. He laughed harder. But then. Peter shoved at the people surrounding him and managed to get his face up next to hers so that he could say what he had come to say. His new position in life did not at all. She was both larger and smaller than he had expected her to be. If anything.

There were so many people gathered around her that she was obscured entirely. Bartok Whynn laughed. And so when Peter. She was moving. He inched close enough to put his hand on the rough. She seemed so tired and sad. Could you look at me? Was she asleep? And then he felt terrible for saying anything at all. And then. She delivered to him a single. She held very still. He turned. Ha ha hee! There are others waiting to see the — ha ha hee!

As for the elephant. He was looking at her as if he understood. He was looking at her as if he knew her. And Peter forgot about Adele and his mother and the fortuneteller and the old soldier and his father and battlefields and lies and promises and predictions. She was heartbroken. She had to go home. The elephant had to go home or she would surely die. He forgot about everything except for the terrible truth of what he saw.

For the first time since she had come through the roof of the opera house.


He walked without looking back. Was it Africa? Where were those places. It is terrible. The magician. I should never have promised. He took it off. He might just as well have promised the elephant that he would secure for her an enormous set of wings. He is a terrible man to do such a thing. He began to run. If the world held magic powerful enough to make the elephant appear. It is horrible. It was the worst kind of promise. He should never have brought the elephant here.

He put his hat on his head. He put it back on again. There had to be magic that could send the elephant home. And what the magician did was a terrible thing too. He had made a promise to the elephant. They should never. I should not have. Nor should I have asked the fortuneteller my question. And then Peter was struck by a thought so wondrous that he stopped walking.

How could he. I am glad that he is in prison. I should have left things as they were. And he is here. The smell of mutton stew wafted out into the cold. He was barefoot. You are a policeman. He took off his hat and bowed to Gloria. He put his hat back on his head. Madam Matienne. She came to the door and stood beside her husband.

Leo Matienne opened the door of his apartment. Have mercy! What kind of request is that for a child to make? And look at him. A napkin was tied around his neck. He chewed. He is … what is the word? Peter sat. It had been a long time since he had eaten anything besides tiny fish and old bread.

Does that old man not feed you? In addition to no love. His legs were shaking and his heart was beating fast. Peter raised the spoon to his lips.

You must come inside. He swallowed. He raised his spoon. He could not help it. And so when Peter had his first bite of stew. We will do together whatever it is that needs to be done.

Everything he had lost came flooding back: All will be well. Again he chewed and swallowed. He could not stop the tears. But for now. The warmth of it. And if so, how can he find her? The fortuneteller told him that an elephant will lead him to his sister. The theme of the book is to find an elephant that could lead Peter to his sister, he needs to solve the mystery if she is alive or not.

But how could he overcome the obstacle that is to find an elephant? But the Magician brought an elephant to the city, and Peter is sure that his sister live. The antagonist in the Magician's Elephant is Vilna Lutz because an antagonist is somebody who stays in the way of the protagonist, which he does by not telling Peter that his sister is alive, and trying to tell him to only focus on becoming a soldier like his father.!

The protagonist is Peter Augustus Duchene. He is the one that everybody is trying to help. He enters in conflict with Vilna Lutz when he spends the money with a fortuneteller, it was suppose to spend the money with food.

Peter needs to get to the elephant. The story is about how Peter found the elephant, how he found his sister and saved the elephant. Dec 08, Pages Middle Grade Sep 08, Pages Middle Grade Does his sister still live? And if so, how can he find her?

An elephant will lead him there! With atmospheric illustrations by fine artist Yoko Tanaka, here is a dreamlike and captivating tale that could only be narrated by Newbery Medalist Kate DiCamillo. With dreamlike illustrations and a new cover by Yoko Tanaka. In a highly awaited new novel, Kate DiCamillo conjures a haunting fable about trusting the unexpected — and making the extraordinary come true. Ages 7 and up What if? Why not? Could it be? Kate DiCamillo has a gift, inequitably distributed among writers of all kinds, of eliminating the obvious and still egging on the reader.

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