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Thermal Engineering subject notes for all units. UNIT ( KiB, pdf, downloads). UNIT ( MiB, pdf, downloads). UNIT ( KiB, pdf. Sr, Title, Author, Publication, Amazon Link. 1, I C Engine, Domkundwar, Khanna publication. 2, Refrigeration and air conditioning, Arora & Domkundwar, Khanna . Pdf 32 A Textbook of Thermal Engineering RS Khurmi and JK Gupta 2. Properties of Perfect Gases 3. Thermodynamic Processes of Perfect.

Thermal Engineering 2 Pdf

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Engineering Class handwritten notes, exam notes, previous year questions, PDF free download. THERMAL ENGINEERING - II. Page 2. The steam after expansion in the ST is Thermal efficiency is an important index of performance of a heat engine. G V P College of Engineering (Autonomous). THERMAL ENGINEERING - II. Course Code: 13ME L T P C. 4. 1 0 3. Pre requisites: Thermodynamics.

Subject Credit: IC Engine -concept comparison with External Combustion engine -EC , classification,working principle and terminology used. Main components of IC engine and their functions. Working principles,Cycles on P-V and T-s diagram. Elements -sketch, working and functions.

Effect of these fuels from pollution point of view. Introduction to refrigeration.

Thermal Engineering-II (3351901)

Ice Plant, cold storage, water cooler,domestic refrigerator, deep freezer -block diagram,components, working. Basic concept of Vapor abs. Introduction to air conditioning. Air conditioning -types and its applications.

THERMAL ENGINEERING – II.pdf - Code No RT31035 R13 SET 1...

Psychrometry -properties of air. Representation of psychrometry properties on chart simple numerical using chart ,Various air conditioning processes on psychometric charts. Dessert cooler, window and split air conditioners- components and working. Ducts -need, types with applications, constructional materials, and installation ,common troubles with their remedies.

Air conditioning fans -types,constructional features,applications and common troubles with their remedies. The theory should be taught and practical should be carried out in such a manner that students are able to acquire different learning outcomes in cognitive, psychomotor and affective domain to demonstrate following course outcomes.

Analyze performance of ICEs by operating them and observing changes in thermodynamic properties during each stroke of ICEs and by using thermodynamic diagrams.

List characteristics and properties of alternate fuels used for ICEs. Explain working of various air-conditioning equipments and aids including ducts and fans v. Carryout maintenance task by using suitable tools and equipment.

A Textbook of Thermal Engineering RS Khurmi and JK Gupta

More contact details. Thermal Engineering-II Computer Engineering Courses Subject Detail.

Determine the enthalpy of steam at entry of regenerative heater and entry condition at the entry of the condenser. Explain the working of a feed check valve with a neat sketch.

Neglect initial velocity of the steam. Find the blade velocity, blade efficiency and specific steam consumption for the turbine.

RT 5 a Describe with neat sketches the different forms of a surface condenser used in steam power plants. List the factors which are responsible for the loss of efficiency in a surface condenser. You've reached the end of this preview. Share this link with a friend: Other Related Materials 5 pages.

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