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Jujimufu - Legendary Flexibility - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book This book is filled with crazy things, flexibility .. Structure and equipment are your ultimate means to increasing tension and difficulty in a. - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or fo now, whIIo fhoro hns boon n Iofhorn of books nbouf, 'How fo. been teaching flexibility and mobility to thousands of athletes worldwide for several .. The ultimate flexibility shortcut is a systematic approach such as the TSR.

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What are the experts saying about the Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility? . training: A book that took stretching and flexibility seriously, with a detailed. Ultimate Flexibility: Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial Arts The e-book editions of Ultimate Flexibility have full color photos for devices. Ultimate Flexibility is the book you've been waiting for. More than a collection of exercises or an explanation of technique, Ultimate Flexibility is a complete guide .

Key steps to Legendary Flexibility. Live the flexibility lifestyle 2 Step 2: Create your flexibility story 28 Step 3: Brute Force reps 31 Step 4: Choose the right supplementary flexibility exercises 39 RULE 1. Always maintain full control in your flexibility exercises. Prioritize flexibility exercises that involve movement and tension.

Create your flexibility story. That takes time. And no. Much of this is nervous sys- tem training: Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Then you can do it with both legs. Brute force it. Your body gives you lots of feedback. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility So the pain in the side splits in the hips: I experienced this same pain. Proper technique? Looking for some instruction on how to execute flexibility exercises cor- rectly? It takes time.

I just smacked spacebar tons of time to make the video play and stop while the guy did some acrobatic trick. But from the start. I was a stu- pid 14 year old kid. If I can do that for acrobatic tricks at that age. I learned ALL of my acrobatics by pause playing downloaded. Do reps. Take your time. Jujimufu said start working on your flexibility goals directly.

If you hurt yourself. I still do even at my level of development! I worked until I got familiar with it. Trust me. Stop trying to brain your flexibility work before you even start. Whatever it is you want. Progressive exercises? Intra-training strategy? They wanted it. Ask yourself these questions to challenge your own notions of what a lot of flexibility work really looks like.

Guys that pos- sessed legendary flexibility. How much time do you think they spent in those positions? Key steps to Legendary Flexibility [Become legendary challenge] Remember the legends of the martial arts?

Jackie Chan. Bruce Lee. What did they do? Do you think they rolled around on lacrosse balls and cylindrical objects to master their flexibility? RULE 1. Choose the right supplementary flexibility exercises There are 4 rules you must follow when choosing flexibility exercises for your goals. There is also the possibility that you cannot aerial. To increase range of motion in the aerial we must decon- struct it into its elements.

This example is great because it reveals the missing link for developing flexibility for certain kinds of skill: There are only so many reps of an aerial we can do before we get tired. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility back lifts. Get to work. And probably some splits training. Aerials love splits.

Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Speaking of the splits. To a certain degree. To get the extra volume needed for a really good training effect. For example. That fictional thing about martial arts masters or sumo wrestlers being forced at a young age into the splits. If it was common for them to be forced into the splits at a young age. Those guys are flex- ible because they stretch or stretched a lot. So do both. Bouncing stretches are great.

It looks like violent bouncing. In my world. In fact. I may be cooking eggs here in the chair splits. The chair splits are a perfect example. Control is developed by selecting exercises that involve more movement and tension. Another example is an advancement of the warrior lunge stretch.

Without control you get hurt. Lazy groin stretches like these do not develop the control needed to do useful things like cooking eggs while suspended in a chair split. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Moreover. Flexibility is also about control Rule 2. We also stay upright and reach over the front leg to get an upper body stretch. Control is what is lacking in most people close to the full splits.

To get deeper and better at the stretch. You will need more than this stretch alone to cook those eggs in the side splits. The stretch reflex tells your muscles not to go further into the stretch.

There is a better way to diminish the stretch reflex for an increased range of motion than just flexing in a stretch. Rest and repeat. Entire books have been written on this. Flexing while stretching works. Here I am doing it while holding a friend with one hand: Great splits are strong splits. The most common way people have done this in the past is isometric contractions basically flex their muscles in the splits. Why would you ever want to be able to enter an end range of motion without also being strong at that end range?

The entire message of his book can basically be summed up in this: Key steps to Legendary Flexibility The weighted front split is a good example. Isometric flexibility exercises are like trying to imagine weight on the barbell while you do back squats. Ummm… guys. Once you start. I just told you what nobody has been saying: Hold these things over head. Change it up. And this leads us to the final rule. Even 10 lbs about 5 kgs would be a great start.

There is more than enough isometric force generated for flexibility development just from trying to maintain this position without the use of your hands!

No hands!!! RULE 4. Structure and equipment are your ultimate means to increasing tension and difficulty in a stretch and facilitating the greatest ranges of motion. Generally, the greatest levels of flexi- bility are obtained by entering positions that the human body alone cannot enter.

To attain these positions, you need help from stuff. Using this block positions my body in space so that my left leg does not get jammed against the floor, which would limit the range of motion I could achieve in my right glute. The use of this structure increases the maximum range of motion possible for my glute, which is my target. The truth is that there are an extremely limited number of flexibility exercises that cannot be improved without making use of an external element. In fact, the only exercise I can re- ally think of that is best done without an external element is a front lift kick.

How about bodyweight strength training? Bodyweight strength training has a minimalist appeal, but the reality is that bodyweight strength training would still be dwarfed without the help of pull up bars, dip bars, or even just concrete ledges, slants, or hangs.

If bodyweight strength training took the minimalist approach to its logical end, all you would have would be an empty floor.

Maybe a few other things, but not much! Why oh why in the world would you limit yourself artificially to such an austere minimalist approach when it would take no effort at all to find something or someone to increase the variety and difficulty of your exercises?

The latter would inevitably build a su- perior level of fitness and make the training itself x more enjoyable and interesting?! Jeez, how about just a tree or something to balance, hang, or push on? Look, the greatest athletes in the world all use stuff to train better.

So why would you do this to yourself when it comes to flexibility training by seeking out big empty spaces? Even yoga enthusiasts use mats, yoga blocks, wedges, towels, and other junk. Find complex environments and equipment to use to your advan- tage. The best flexibility training environments look like jungles, not fields. And the best warriors in jungles or fields enter equipped! Have you ever tried bodyweight overhead squats? So if you just add a bit of weight, lbs kgs to accomplish this, it actually becomes easier!

And your technique improves! If not a barbell, a light girl. With the added weight overhead in this example, my rear leg is smooshed into the floor. This increases my support because more of my leg is in contact with the ground, and so there is more surface area to increase my balance.

Now I have. Now you know: Grab a lb kg object and hold it somehow, probably overhead, while you train your split. You can just hang out at the bottom of a few reps some- time during your training session. Perhaps the dumbbell chest press? Feeling tight? So here we go. Like pressing. Develop chest flexibility only if you need it for something. Stretching at the top of lat pulldown reps. See the stretching pain face? I like him a lot.

Set the machine arms on a chest fly machine so they are all the way back and stretch you every rep. Bigger muscles! I began getting stretch marks on my chest. I had to get on a chest fly machine at the gym and have that sucker wing my arms back to the point of wackiness… Then my chest started growing like crazy.

I believe they do this because it works. So now ask yourself this: And boy.. It will increase flexibility in the movements better than anything else. I trained it with super stretching like those bodybuilders I observed. The only thing I changed at all was how I trained my chest. When I started training my chest with huge stretches. I kept my diet. You can elevate your- self right until the top of your foot is in near contact with the bar. Try narrowing your stance in a stiff leg deadlift.

Just kick a flat plate under the bar and give it a go. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility How about the power lifts? Do you need more range of motion in your deadlift?

Maybe your hamstrings are tight. You can also do stiff leg deadlifts with this narrow stance on a platform for an even greater stretch response. Pause at the bottom to get a good end stretch and do some reps. Keep the weight lower and focus on the range of motion.

I can attest. If you need more flexibility in your hammies. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Does this not remind you of a familiar and popular stretching exercise? The above classic stretch is fine and all. There is no move- ment. But there is another benefit here: In itself. Use the barbell to pull yourself deeper into the sitting stance. Keep your back upright! Key steps to Legendary Flexibility How about sumo deadlifts? The traditional non-stiff leg sumo deadlift demands a lot of groin and hip flexibility.

Push your knees out with your elbows for a greater groin stretch. If you want more flexibility in the sumo deadlift itself. Not only because it stretches you. And hey.

Jujimufu - Legendary Flexibility

The external element pushes your hips further back into a seated position an increased range of motion. It also stretches your upper back as you fight to stay upright. I could do sets of pause squats with tons of weight. The sitting stance is a fantastic stance to hold for developing your side split. It looks a bit like the positioning of a back squat too.

Different goals. Just keep the bar as close to your body as possible. They squat for strength. Focus on increasing range of motion first and foremost and then weight second. Or stretch lifts? Or lift stretches?! And as a side note. So if powerlifters are so strong on all these movements. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Also. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility One more example. Anything that follows the 4 rules! Use the 4 rules to judge any stretch you might have a mind to choose.

Check out the wrist stretch. The front squat. But wait. The weight pushes you into positions with higher range of motion potential. Start fishing! But like a fisherman who needs to get equipped to catch. You need to use these rules. RULE 2. You need to wipe out the laundry list of lazy. With these 4 rules. They feel good. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility So rethink what a flexibility exercise is for a moment. RULE 3. So for functional and effective flexibility development.

Prioritize exercises that involve structure or make use of equipment. Time to buy stuff! Then use it not only for flexibility. Think about what causes a stretch to happen for a moment. Support you up to your maximum range of motion effort. How about the splits on the floor? A mat is essential. Mats are inviting and encourag- ing for the kind of flexibility work where you will be all over the ground. The thing is. Probably not even for carpeted household flooring have you thought this. There is almost no flexibility exercise in existence that cannot be improved by using structure.

A stretch always happens when you lengthen against something immovable: A mat does not help you get into positions you cannot by yourself. Also think about this.

Help you move beyond those ranges into even deeper ranges of motion.. And neither are you alone. Build your flexibility toolkit To attain the highest ranges of flexibility for your goal. This means more reps because of less stress. When you picture in your mind flexibility training. So if you want to dominate your flexibility goals. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Get the thought of stretching in big. I did the same for flexibility training.

We humans have a powerful in- stinct to create and collect equipment to reach our goals. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility I got all sorts of useful and fun tools for strength training. So what would you need in your own tool kit? This is my flexibility training bag: I do like to have this as a module for traveling circumstances.

Humans are humans because of this instinct: These pants were engineered for hardcore flexibility. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility First.


For low motion style stretch- es like splits. Then you need to dress correctly for flexibility training. They are not something I simply put my branding on. The best pants to train flexibility in are my very own Jujimufu pants.

Step 1: Live the Flexibility Lifestyle. As discussed in Part I. They are available at www. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Even my Acrobolix logo is based on me wearing them while doing a sideswipe. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility The predecessors and prototypes of these pants are what you see me wear in all my viral chair split stunt videos.

But if you are serious about your flexibility. So you need something soft. Practicing certain stretches on hard floor is suicide: I do not recommend a yoga mat.

This may sound trivial. Hard is for performing. If you bought two of these. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Your skin. Let me show you my budget recommendation: This is an Everlast mat. What if I told you that. So no shoes. No seriously. Get socks and low friction pants. I make a note that you should train flexibility in stimulating. In Train flexibility in great places with great people in Part II.

Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Well. Is this nutty? To do that. Flexibility Training Programs has a specific workout for relaxed splits practice. And in order to maximize relaxed stretching results. It will. So remember: I wish I had purchased my giant mat years ago. So if your knees and ankles are getting bashed by hard floors. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility I know I have demanded you to accept that flexibility is primarily about controlling the stretched position with greater levels of strength and coordination.

A big. So get a mat. The truth is. For support or to push yourself deeper into a stretch. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility So after pants and a mat. Here is a non-comprehensive.

A chair for support. It may have value in rehab. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Or several chairs. Fixed beams. Pull yourself down into a stretch. A barbell can easily be adjusted up and down on a power rack.

Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Pulling myself down into a groin stretch with a loaded barbell. When balance is challenged. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Here are a pair of yoga blocks: Blocks can be used for increasing elevation or challenging balance in stretched positions.

Flexibility Training Pro- grams for more discussion on gymnastics rings for flexibility development. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility A pair of rings. Rings can also be used for advanced lower body flexibility development. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Weights. Step 4: Choose the right supplemen- tary flexibility exercises. Here a barbell is stretching my groin in a squat. This is called a bent press. Look at my band collection on my wall.

Bands are one of the cheapest and most effective upper body stretching tools. I like to stretch with constant motion when I use bands. Get creative. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Bands are super for the chest and shoulders. Here the elasticity of the band lends itself poorly to getting my left shoulder stretched. Especially for shoulder stretches.

Key steps to Legendary Flexibility You should also try attaching the band to structures. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility So in this case. And an oblique stretch. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility If you like sticks. Good for kids too! The best stick for upper body stretching. This is a FlexFixx strap. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Straps are also good for many of the same stretches that bands and sticks facilitate.

Key steps to Legendary Flexibility The loops in this strap can be used for lower body stretches. For optimizing flexibility training you should keep track of rest pe- riods to make sure you are resting enough between sets.

Key steps to Legendary Flexibility A stopwatch. Flexibility training is no exception. Collection 2: Tracking we go into more details about using a stopwatch for flexibility training.

Later in this book. A stopwatch is one of the best training tools around. These are Strong Sleeves from www. And they protect your knees from getting beat up when you do things like… splits on hard- wood floor with a lb 91kg strongman log overhead. Especially when I trick. I wear them every time I train now. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility I just slip the knee sleeves under my pants.

One of my little trade secrets. Jamie acro69 let me stand on his legs for this butterfly stretch. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility A human. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Please watch the following video for some more discussion about flexibility equipment.

Reflecting back on the theme of this chapter.

You have to enter the full split while already holding the barbell overhead. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility Second. This is why I always use old-school. I loved that comment haha!

Guys that do weighted chair splits need to be just as picky about their chairs and the surface they practice on. My favorite is from a person who told me I should get sponsored by a company who makes them.

I got my dad to build me a special platform for the stunt when I train outside of my apartment. Now here is your take away point: Down to details like these! Down to knowing which chair slides better for each leg in a chair split! Lifters are picky about their straps. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility This level of obsessed attention to detail in your equipment investments for flexibility can really make your flexibility story come to life and all your dreams come true!

So when you equip yourself properly with quality. Own your flexibility training. They had their heads in this game for sure!

So you too can follow in their foot- steps here. So your goal is to determine the shape or position you need more flexi- bility in. Get into the nitty gritty details. How important is flexibility to you? How can you adapt and optimize them for maximum flexibility development? Find more objects and keep thinking. Begin by looking at the world around you. They attached themselves to straps. Find 3 varied objects and figure out how you can use them to move toward your flexibility goal. Key steps to Legendary Flexibility [Become legendary challenge] Create your own flexibility tools?

Did the super flexible martial arts masters of yesteryear do that? Some ex- amples to start with: So ultimately. So add it into your existing training routines. And the best time to train anything and everything is when you are fresh. So integrate extra flexibility work tactically into all your training sessions merely as a means to warm up to the maximum ranges of motion in your primary movements!

Repeating what I just said: Flexibility Training Programs of this book. You want blood flowing. Start doing this by allocating more time for your warm up.

You eventually will. After that. This time is shortened slightly for upper body type training. This means if you ever want a respectable level of flexibility. How long for a warm up? So in the morning. Invent stretches. Choose the right supplementary flexibility exercises of this book.

Just move around and feel your body. And at the end of your session: But it all starts with the warm up. This is really more intuitive than you think. While we are here. What was I doing in that warm up? Getting my ranges of motion primed and heightened. Just explore deep move- ments that loosen you up and reawaken your desired movement patterns. I want to eliminate an old thought you might have had… Have you ever have the idea you could just stretch in the morning to increase flexibility?

Ditch that idea. Flexibility training strategies Warm up aside. If you want a little boost in the morning from exercise. This morning prescription for squats will also get your blood flowing. Flexibility Training Programs for more informa- tion on how to improve squat flexibility.

Squats have tons of benefits beyond flexibility development too. Your body will naturally and automatically become more receptive to flexibility training as you wake up. Pause at the bottom and let that stretch you.

Flexibility training strategies start your day and allow hydration to happen. Go deep. Enjoy it. Sweat a little. I think stretching in the morning is a waste of time unless you train for real in the morning too. Than in your bedroom. Yes I just did that twice with the same picture. Flexibility training strategies So training flexibility in your kitchen or bedroom like I was doing here is not the best way to go about maximizing flexibility development.

Yes that was me back in stretching in my kitchen and cluttered bedroom. But just as important as these things. Because having a home setup for weight training is expensive and requires space. Over the years.

And turning some tricks requires tons and tons of space! There is no option to train acrobatics at home: Most people manage to get them- selves to a gym to lift some weights or turn some tricks. Any- way. I pretty much had no life. I was stretching all the time!!! I had NOTHING else to do except freak out every night trying to get the splits and write unnecessarily lengthy training log entries about my bedroom stretching sessions. There are more humane and better ways than this: And I was doing that too!

I was also training Taekwondo 5 nights a week at my dojo. But I was an absolute freak about it. Yes I got the splits doing this. I had only one friend. I really had nothing better to do than go apeshit bananas and stretch to the point of insane discomfort 2 hours every night while watching anime on VHS tapes until I passed out. This sounds like some inspirational story and may grant me bragging rights.

Flexibility training strategies Now. And in general. Socialization is an overlooked aspect of flexibility development. They did everything right: An- other benefit of this is that you already have access to equipment for flexibility training in these social arenas: There is no way Jamie could achieve this range of motion without our help.

Choose the right supplementary flexibility exercises. We are the equipment. And training partners of course. Flexibility training strategies Make extra time after a strength training or tricking session for some social stretching.. Remember Rule 4 in Part I. In this case. We drank beers. People skewed heavily on either one side usually have social problems that need addressed. Here Tanner Hodge and I burned 2 hours stretch- ing one evening while my wife was out of town. But as I grew into an adult.

He seemed pretty interested in the book he brought. The very best trainers in the world probably adopt something like a Stretch with other people!

You loners out there. As of writing this book. Flexibility training strategies Yet another option you have is group stretching. An everyday option would just be participating in a yoga class. Here I am leading a group stretching ses- sion at a tricking event. Pee squat drink. The only way to break it down is prolonged annihilation: This is especially important for tricking. Let me quote one of my favorite writings on my website acrobolix. Movement patterns. How feasible is it for me to do a lb kg deadlift rep here and there throughout the day?

To get this work done. The key word here is: Read this in the context of flexibility: Why have a training session at all? Why not just spread your work evenly throughout the day. I need to get warmed up. You get flexibility stimulation throughout the day in little bits here and there by living a flexibility lifestyle. For me that would be around lbs kgs. The only option I have is an hour of deadlifting.

Par- ticularly for the latter. That will do a great trick. You must add in the intense stretches that are very uncomfortable to build the control and pain tolerance needed for those ranges of motion. Get in. You need sessions. That means: You need to integrate flexibility training into the training you do now so that there is an unbro- ken allotment of time given to it. So you will need to get into the zone and attack it for a prolonged period of time to go beyond average. Daily sessions.

You can then begin entering the newer. Have training sessions. Flexibility training strategies merely using the muscle you have. This is partic- ularly true for the kind of flexibility that has the highest amounts of tension weighted splits. Those same preworkout supplements we take to get revved up to hit the gym. Painkillers are awesome for flexibility work. So yes. Performance enhancing drugs for flexibility training.

The short list of preworkout supplement stack ingredients include things like: I pre- fer my coffee. You can buy these in bulk powder form and just take them straight.

Click here to see if you can get some. Flexibility training strategies Because remember. So as for performance enhancers for flexibility training. For L-Tyrosine.

Since you might already be using all these things for training to boost strength. I take grams prior to training: I have my own coffee product thanks to my friends at Kimera Koffee. Now for realtalk: I only had to get my ass kicked training several times to stock up. I train dangerously. I will also make it known that I have found some use for a low dose of the anti-anxiolytic compound Phenibut mg before very re- laxed stretching see The splits routine in Part III.

For many of my injuries. In the US. I think it is more wise to first optimize your diet for flexibility. If Phenibut frightens you after you do a little reading on the internet about it and you should. You may have a different preference of painkiller. Flexibility training strategies I like a low dose of ephedrine for the strength boost 6 mg.

I got injured! Broken fingers. But how? I took half an adult dose or a whole dose an hour before performing. I also like a mg dose of the mild painkiller Ibuprofen.

Believe me. I remember that day. Let me tell you how much I drink a day: I drink 2 to 3 gallons of water a day. I hope my baselines give you an approximation to measure for yourself how woefully pathetic your own intake could be. Sets and reps of water drinking. You will have to take rest periods to continue drinking more.

You need to drink an unintuitive amount of water to reach the point where it begins to enhance performance. Lots of kale and spinach. Other than water. Flexibility training strategies keep it topped off by drinking consistently. Arrs ard Cres 1Z 55 6. Adduc ors 8 10Z. Aoduc ors Z J. LoWer Ca ves ard Acr es 8 L.

How to Stretch for Martial Arts - The Ultimate Flexibility Guide PDF ...

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E0 - 8tand ng Rotat ona h p 8tretch: Thon sIowIy Iowor your body. SIf wIfh you Iogs crossod nnd your knoos ouf, fhon gonfIy ronch forwnrd. E08 - 8 tt ng Feet-together Reach Forward 8tretch: SIf wIfh fho soIos of your foof fogofhor nnd your knoos ouf, fhon gonfIy ronch forwnrd.

E10 - 8 tt ng Foot-to-chest uttocks 8tretch: E12 - 8 tt ng Leg Rest ng uttocks 8tretch: Io on your bnck nnd sIIghfIy bond ono Iog. Thon ronch forwnrd, hoIdIng onfo your knoo nnd uII fownrds you. If you hnvo n knoo Injury or suffor from knoo nIn, fnko oxfrn cnro whon orformIng fhoso sfrofchos or nvoId fhom nIfogofhor.

KnooI on ono foof nnd fho ofhor knoo. If noodod, hoId on fo somofhIng fo koo your bnInnco nnd fhon ush your hIs forwnrd. F02 - 8tand ng 0uad 8tretch: HoId on fo somofhIng for bnInnco If noodod. Sfnnd urIghf nnd fnko ono smnII sfo forwnrd. F04 - Ly ng 0uad 8tretch: Io fnco down, ronch bnck wIfh ono hnnd nnd uII ono foof u bohInd your buffocks. Koo your knoos fogofhor nnd ush your hIs forwnrd. F0 - 8 ng e Lean-back 0uad 8tretch: SIf on fho ground, bond ono knoo nnd Inco fhnf foof noxf fo your buffocks.

Thon sIowIy Ionn bnckwnrds. SIf on fho ground, bond bofh knoos nnd Inco your foof noxf fo your buffocks. Thoy orIgInnfo from fho boffom of fho hI bono nnd oxfond fo boIow fho knoo. S02 - 8tand ng Toe-down hamstr ng 8tretch: Sfnnd wIfh ono knoo bonf nnd fho ofhor Iog sfrnIghf ouf In fronf. IoInf your foos fownrds fho ground nnd Ionn forwnrd. Koo your bnck sfrnIghf nnd rosf your hnnds on your bonf knoo. IoInf your foos uwnrds nnd Ionn forwnrd.

S04 - 8tand ng Leg-up hamstr ng 8tretch: Sfnnd urIghf nnd rnIso ono Iog on fo nn objocf. Koo fhnf Iog sfrnIghf nnd oInf your foos uwnrds. Koo your bnck sfrnIghf nnd Ionn your uor body forwnrd. S0 - 8 tt ng 8 ng e Leg hamstr ng 8tretch: IrIng your ofhor foof fownrds your knoo nnd ronch fownrds your foos wIfh bofh hnnds. Io on your bnck nnd koo bofh Iogs sfrnIghf. Hnvo n nrfnor rnIso ono of your Iogs off fho ground nnd ns fnr bnck ns Is comforfnbIo. Mnko suro your foos nro oInfIng dIrocfIy bnckwnrds.

S08 - Ly ng ent Knee hamstr ng 8tretch: Io on your bnck nnd bond ono Iog sIIghfIy. Io on your bnck nnd koo your Iogs sfrnIghf. S10 - Knee ng Toe-up hamstr ng 8tretch: Koo your bnck sfrnIghf nnd oInf your foos uwnrds. Cross your ofhor Iog ovor nnd rosf your foof on your fhIgh.

S12 - 8tand ng Leg-up ent Knee hamstr ng 8tretch: Sfnnd wIfh ono foof rnIsod onfo n chnIr or nn objocf. Iond your knoo nnd Iof your hooI dro off fho odgo of fho objocf.

Koo your bnck sfrnIghf nnd movo your chosf fownrds your rnIsod knoo. Sfnnd wIfh ono foof rnIsod onfo n fnbIo. Koo your Iog bonf nnd Ionn your chosf Info your bonf knoo.

S14 - 8 tt ng ent Knee Toe-pu hamstr ng 8tretch: HoId onfo your foos wIfh your hnnds nnd uII your foos fownrds your body. Koo your bnck sfrnIghf nnd Ionn forwnrd. Iond forwnrd nnd ronch fownrds fho ground. HoId onfo your nnkIos nnd ush your knoos fownrd fho ground wIfh your oIbows. Koo your bnck sfrnIghf. Sfnnd wIfh your foof wIdo nnrf nnd your foos oInfIng dIngonnIIy oufwnrds, fhon bond your knoos, Ionn forwnrd nnd uso your hnnds fo ush your knoos oufwnrds.

Koo your foos fncIng forwnrd nnd sIowIy movo your ofhor Iog nwny from fho objocf. Sfnnd wIfh your foof wIdo nnrf.

How to Stretch for Martial Arts - The Ultimate Flexibility Guide PDF

KnooI fnco down wIfh your knoos nnd foos fncIng ouf. Thon Ionn forwnrd nnd ronch fownrds fho ground. Sfnnd urIghf nnd cross ono foof bohInd fho ofhor. Koo your foof fogofhor, nnd Ionn your hIs nwny from fho oIo. Cross ono foof bohInd fho ofhor nnd sIIdo fhnf foof fo fho sIdo. Iush your body u wIfh your nrm nnd koo your hI on fho ground. IrIng your fo Iog u fo your ofhor knoo nnd ush your hI fownrds fho ground.

Koo your Iog sfrnIghf nnd Ionn fownrds your foos. J02 - 8tand ng Toe Ra sed 6a f 8tretch: Sfnnd on n rnIsod objocf or sfo. Iuf fho bnII of ono foof on fho odgo of fho sfo nnd koo your Iog sfrnIghf. J04 - 0oub e hee -drop 6a f 8tretch: Iuf fho bnIIs of bofh foof on fho odgo of fho sfo nnd koo your Iogs sfrnIghf. Sfnnd urIghf nnd fnko ono bIg sfo bnckwnrds. J0 - Lean ng hee -back 6a f 8tretch: Mnko suro fhnf bofh foos nro oInfIng forwnrd nnd your hooI Is on fho ground.

Sfnnd urIghf nnd Inco ono foof In fronf of fho ofhor. Iond your fronf Iog nnd koo your bnck Iog sfrnIghf. Iush your hooI fo fho ground nnd Ionn forwnrd.

IInco your hnnds on fho ground In fronf of you. J08 - 8 tt ng Toe-pu 6a f 8tretch: Iond your knoo nnd Ionn forwnrd. K02 - 8 ng e hee -drop Ach es 8tretch: Sfnnd on n rnIsod objocf or sfo nnd Inco fho bnII of ono of your foof on fho odgo of fho sfo. Sfnnd urIghf nnd fnko ono sfo bnckwnrds. Iond your bnck knoo nnd ush your hooI fownrds fho ground. K04 - Lean ng hee -back Ach es 8tretch: Mnko suro fhnf bofh foos nro oInfIng forwnrd nnd your hooIs nro on fho ground.

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