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Well, FWIW, I paid full price for the hard copy, and if I had to parse my RPG collection down to a dozen books, Ultimate Toolbox would be. [ / 99]. KiB, 1x1, Dawn of View Same .. cittadelmonte.infoire. com/download/qp9i8fp8xbby/ Amazon just listed Ultimate Toolbox as available for pre-order. Looks like the price has come down on as well. It's $ right now.

Ultimate Toolbox Pdf

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ALDERAC ENTERTAINMENT GROUPPRESENTS ULTIMATE TOOLBOX or printed PDF floor plans, or you scribble on a mat with markers, you want room. Ultimate Toolbox - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. PDF. $ $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (9 ratings). Based on the award- winning RPG book Toolbox, the Ultimate Toolbox starts off.

Ultimate Toolbox PDF. Sell me on it. I have dice that are older than you are. I think that BOTH are overpriced here. You have to ask yourself, are you actually going to use it, or is more likely to sit on you shelf? If you are not too fussy, consider the original Toolbox as they can be gotten for less. Hell, even I'm selling a copy of the original Toolbox book.

This book continues in that tradition and a song title or lyric. Inspiration was everywhere and is even more valuable to both players and GMs like once again I was a sponge, soaking up the data that would be used for great adventures.

Ultimate Toolbox

Here then in development for nearly five years is Ultimate Toolbox. At game conventions, email chats and online message boards, weve seen the original Toolbox appear again and again on favorite book lists and folks always asked if more lists were coming.

Here is that work. This book is a culmination of years of not just gaming, but the inspiration for that gaming both my side of the table as well as Jeffs and Dawns. This book is packed with stuff.

I wish there was more, to be honest. As I write this, I cant help but imagine that we left out a chart about how to cook a wyvern or where to dispose of a mummy hmm hey Jeff!

Generic lists are everywhere. Some give you 2, species of parrots; some provide 3, kinds of trees. You get the idea. And while we appreciate levels of detail, this book offers a wider variety of subjects we felt were more vital at the game table itself or in preparation for running a game, not preparing a lecture on biology or botany. This book doesnt pretend to be anything more than an adventure and persona builder, GMs tabletop companion and writers-block buster.

Some folks like to read Toolbox before a game. While waiting for players to arrive, they enjoy just flipping through, making mental notes, or jotting down some ideas that strike their fancy to include in the session.

Sometimes reading through a section is enough to get your creative juices flowing and allows you to feel better prepared for improvisational narrative. If you know the party is coming to a city, or about to explore a forest or take a sea journey, turning to the pertinent sections and perusing the entries gives you tons of ideas to add flavor and detail.

Better yet, an unexpected twist or confrontation to the story. When creating a new character or bit part for a roleplaying game, there is plenty here from naming it, to determining personality, background, quirks, and appearance, either randomly or by picking your favorite entry. Last but not least, with a healthy dose of sticky tabs and easy access to this tomes index, this book suddenly becomes vital when the players either go off the beaten path or do something unexpected.

By letting your eye catch an entry or with a simple roll of a sided die, you can determine what they see, hear, smell, encounter and what other possibilities present themselves. Its not always obvious where a table might appear in this book. Some chapters have vague sweeping themes and it may not make immediate sense that Black Market for instance is in the Maritime chapter, but once you realize that smugglers and pirates are, well Weve tried to be logical and still make the book useful.

On the next two pages, you can find an overview of each chapter, with some hint as to what you might find inside. And of course, at the end of the book, theres an index to cross-reference all the meaty bits. Chapter one Here we can help you visualize your game persona.

A good character needs a name actually these are in the appendix , a motivation, a good memorable quirk or two, and the details that make it stand out among the crowd. This chapter helps with all those things, and more; not just naming a character, but giving it a reason to adventure, helping flesh out a fear, and idiosyncratic details that make it come to life even familiars, mounts, and pets. Keep an eye and marker here.

Many times in different chapters the need for a name will arise, from a location, NPC or another special character from the past.

These are just as useful for helping a GM prepare characters the players will meet as it is for players crafting memorable heroes. Chapter Three This chapter follows a distinct flow that may not readily be apparent.

First, are tables that help a GM view and build a city.

It answers the basic questions how big is it, what is the population like, who rules and who really rules. Next are descriptive tables that help the GM visualize and describe a city from a characters point of view, almost like a tour. This is a basic city description perhaps as seen from a distance and lore they may have heard, followed by the city gates and the initial architecture.

There are sights, sounds and smells to help set the mood. Finally, the chapter delves into the different places the characters will explore and interact with merchants, guilds, inns, taverns, and the like and the various interests that naturally attract adventurers.

Chapter Two This chapter helps you create worlds and flesh out campaign details.

While it doesnt draw the map for you, it should trigger plenty of ideas and offer inspiration. If anything, it helps you realize some of the more overlooked features world builders sometimes leave behind. If you are about to cross over a mountain range to an unexplored area of your own home game or build a world from scratch, there are some valuable tools here to help in this endeavor.

Draw out an area shape on graph or hex paper using information in whatever game master book youre using. Dont forget the borders of nations. Name them, decide on their governments, and then fill them in with loads of choices from the various map features charts.

Give each realm a personality based on some of the more flavorful entries of the campaign hooks, astrology, cataclysms, and years of importance, tailoring each decision to the realm to give it its own feel and history. Chapter FOUR This chapter collects all the information youll need when the characters set sail for the high seas.

The first part details various ports of call and dockside encounters and descriptions. This section is best used in conjunction with the cities chapter to build ports. The rest of the chapter delves into ships, maritime missions and interesting information and encounters while sailing. Its a grab-bag of nautical information, slang, treasure, and adventure hooks.

Here you can name your ship, determine the wind and weather, use terms to liven up your role-playing and gather loads of lore to inspire seagoing PCs. We realize the sea sometimes offers limited choices for characters and the types of encounters you can have. We also recognize that many game masters wish to inject something different or detailed in such a journey other than you travel the high seas for three days and reach your destination.

This chapters helps you explore the many game possibilities of high seas travel with a healthy dose of pirates. Chapter FIVE More than any other chapter, these entries may come in most handy for fleshing out an unprepared section of a dungeon. When the impassable passage suddenly becomes clear, or the characters wander down a corridor the text reveals as please extrapolate on your own, we ran out of room here, youre all set.

How do they get in, what are the walls like, whats in the room, on the walls, in the chambers and how is it lit? What do they see hear and smell? How about the secret doors you know are there somewhere? Its all here. We have already said that many treat Ultimate Toolbox as a cure for common writers block. If thats the case, we hope this chapter will become vital in developing your own adventures, or better yet, tailoring premade adventures to your game group.

There are literally thousands of ideas, sparks, and premade plots to steal from and make your own. We have tables allowing you to take a simple plot and diabolically twist it in new, surprising ways.

Trying to avoid stereotypes and typical adventure fare when we can, we hope to liven up your stories with evocative locations, interesting encounters Alternatively, if you are preparing for an adventure in and developing and naming villains and henchmen.

Chapter six Have plenty of feudal knights and wily rogues but need some mysterious magic to shake up the campaign and keep it fantastic? This is the chapter to use.

Helping expand your horizons and imagination when it comes to magic in your game, this chapter provides different magical power sources, loads of evocative names for magic items and devices, and various rituals and the like. Magic item creation flavor helps explore the interesting side of forging enchanted items and we provide you with magical mishaps, command words for items, spell component ideas and magical concoctions made from alchemy and nature.

Finally, this chapter delves a bit into extraplanar travel and the possibilities of devising your campaigns cosmos. From the portals, keys and hazards needed to travel the planes, to folk you might encounter there and the communities they live in, we try exploring a number of options for your design including alternative planes and planar factions. Appendix At last we reach the extra GM goodies. Names, mostly, but weve thrown in a few random charts to flesh out places in the book where theme was more powerful than editing.

And we put over 20 pages of names together real and fantastic , all in one place. And after that, theres an extremely useful index as well. Hows that for door to door service? Finally, we want to say thank you to some of the fans out there who loved Toolbox so much that you recommended new tables for this one. Your love of charts almost makes this worth it. But really, we do it for the millions of dollars and not the fame like so many people assume.

Family Composition 1 Both parents alive, 1 sibling 2 Both parents alive, 2 siblings 3 Both parents alive, 2d4 siblings 4 Both parents alive, 3 siblings 5 Both parents alive, 4 siblings 6 Both parents alive, no siblings 7 Neither parent alive, 1 sibling 8 Neither parent alive, 2 siblings 9 Neither parent alive, 2d8 siblings 10 Neither parent alive, 3 siblings 11 Neither parent alive, 4 siblings 12 Neither parent alive, no siblings 13 One parent alive, 1 sibling 14 One parent alive, 2 siblings 15 One parent alive, 2d6 siblings 16 One parent alive, 3 siblings 17 One parent alive, 4 siblings 18 One parent alive, no siblings 19 Orphaned 20 Unknown family and background.

Table Famous Ancestry 1 Artisan of amazing skill and precision 2 Created a potent magical weapon 3 Deeds were legendary but never proven 4 Discovered and named a great place 5 Exiled for crimes against the realm 6 Failed merchant or guild leader 7 Famous poet or entertainer 8 Fell in a titanic battle as the leader 9 Founded a cult to oppose local church 10 Founded a town or community 11 Great hero of the realm 12 Highly successful merchant or guild leader 13 Liar and cheat who died a pauper 14 Lost during a dangerous pilgrimage 15 Magical bloodline produced a powerful sorcerer 16 No ancestor of note 17 Political leader of note in city 18 Powerful cleric of a strange faith 19 Settled here from far away 20 Wizard who formed an academy.

You may notice that there are twenty items in every chart in this book. This makes using the Ultimate Toolbox that much easier.

You can choose, roll, or blindly flip through the book and steal what you need from the hundreds and hundreds of ideas throughout. Along the way, youll find sidebars like this one, giving helpful advice for alternative uses for even the most mundane charts.

Just because its a pickpocket chart doent mean its not also a for sale chart or a list of items in a dead mans pockets. Dont let the titles of the charts dissuade you from years of happy gaming and writing inspiration. Were going to say this a lot, but there is no wrong way to use this book. You are addicted to drugs, alcohol, adrenaline, tobacco, or some combination. Your body lacks pigmentation; this can affect hair, skin, and eyes or just your eyes.

You are allergic to some form of creature, dust, mold, plant oils or even perfumes. You have a soft spot for strays and often feed them or leave food behind. You have a great love of the sea; you swim or sail whenever possible. You make a spectacle of yourself with theatrical speeches, grand entrances, or odd behavior.

Youve been betrayed by a specific race member, never trusting a word any of them say. Your family members are all pillars of society, except you. You are fascinated by bladed weapons of all sizes and shapes. You get irritable if too long a time passes between battles.

You feel protective of another member of the group, whether youre paid to be or not. You believe your childhood was completely uninteresting, changing facts to liven it up. You cant wait to gain power and show the bullies back home who is boss. You find your way into both public and private parties whenever possible. You adore children, hoping someday to have a family of your own. You just have to buy new clothes; some of them you only wear once.

You cant see the difference between red and green or blue and yellow. You eat and drink only the very best beverages and foods, no trail rations for you. You are handy and can make just about anything; pass the time while traveling with crafts 20 Demigod. You believe divine blood runs in your veins.

You believe agents of evil seek you out for an unknown purpose. Your family expected much from you, but you have your own plans. You have the youthful drive to be famous and follow any chance to do so. You are fascinated by a particular form of creature, studying and tracking it. Someone or something owes you a favor. You never order less than one of everything on the menu, the beverage list or both. You are never happy with a choice and often change your taste at whim.

You are hiding from your friends and family, who insist on an arranged marriage. You have a desire to fly and once these means are acquired, you will use them all the time. You carry a divining tool tarot cards, rune stones, rune sticks, bones, etc. You cant resist the lure of games of chancewhich doesnt mean youre good at them. You see the spirits of people who have not passed on yet. You believe agents of good seek you out for an unknown purpose.

You always make meals out of whatever is available, encouraging others to try some. You believe you are to blame for the death of someone close to you.

You suspect there is unusual blood running in your veins 18 Hatred. There is someone in your past whom you despise, whether or not that person is aware. You love them and leave them, its just your way. Someone in your family is a hero; you are on a personal quest to outdo their exploits. You have a love of antiquities; history and ancient lore fascinate you.

You cant tell a believable liewhich could be at odds with your ambitions. You love to be terrified; the spookier and scarier things are the better you like it. Youve been hurt by members of the opposite sex and now you distrust them.

You see to the groups mounts needs even more carefully than to your own. You often make your companions wait while you freshen up at all hours of the day. You are the bastard child of someone of importance.

You have a very delicate stomach and must eat the blandest of foods or suffer greatly. You are either suffering from a form of insanity or you pretend to be afflicted. You like to play practical jokes on your companions. You keep a detailed log of all your endeavors. You just cant resist putting trinkets and baubles into your pockets. You cant seem to tell the truthwhich could make life difficult if you intend to be honest.

You have no tolerance for alcohol of any type; even the smallest sip will affect you. You have a mental link to a villain; in your dreams you see his crimes being committed. You abstain from physical contact and "interaction. You carry a charm, going to extreme measures to avoid losing it. You find death of great interest, often watching for departing spirits of those recently slain.

You are either happily or unhappily married, with or without children. You once belonged to the Kings men, local militia, or a regimented mercenary company. You find it very difficult to spend money; youd much rather save it.

You have bonded with a mount; this creature is your best friend. You cant or wont speak; you may know some form of sign language. You sleep half the day, spending the night awake. You are often plagued by bad dreams that you can barely remember. You are somehow from noble blood and prefer the company of aristocracy. You look for meaning in everything, sometimes even in trivial matters. You have dreams that you believe foretell the future. You believe you are nothing special. Your kin are a mystery.

You either search for them or prefer to remain in the dark. You were raised by a race different from your own. You wear odd clothes and often unknowingly dress in clashing colors. You respect and admire the local government. You dont like seditious speech. You are a people person and never forget a name, a face or both.

You are not a priest, but you are a devout follower of a deity, perhaps even fanatic. You are married to more than one person. They may or may not know about each other. You pretend to be a member of the opposite sex. You are of another class, but have some wizard spells available to you.

You believe that either you or someone you know will fulfill a prophecy, for good or ill. You are pursuedcrime, mistaken identitywhich threatens your independence. You build bonfires instead of campfires. You enjoy tending a fire, making sure it stays lit. You are always hungry, often eating in the saddle and sometimes even during battle. Someone who looks like you makes your life difficult, generally ruining your reputation.

You have a rival of the same class and general level; you are always trying to outdo each other. You size up people quickly and work with others to earn their confidence for your own ends. You have children being raised by family members while you adventure. Someone works to ruin your reputation, coloring your exploits with unflattering lies. You walk in your sleep and often find yourself in strange places when you awake. You never sleep enough. Once in a city you can spend the entire day and night in bed.

You are always on the watch for omens; you see portents in the simplest of events. You love sweet foods and drinks, and sometimes make a meal of sweets. You cant get enough of them; you either pay someone or you do your own.

You quote words of wisdom, story morals, or sayings intended to provoke introspection. You collect trophies, either from foes or animals. You favor the downtrodden and will often take their views and goals as your own. You are fascinated by villains or folks with bad reputations. You hear voices that dont seem to come from the people around you.

Your family members are all unsavory types; you are the only one who isnt. Youve witnessed a crime and the culprits are looking for you. You find yourself exclusively interested in a race you werent born into. Character motivation 1 1 Access another dimension 2 Alleviate feelings of guilt 3 Amass an army 4 Assume anothers identity 5 Attend an event 6 Attract a following 7 Attract another 8 Avoid responsibilities 9 Become a martyr 10 Become famous 11 Become happy 12 Become immortal 13 Become infamous 14 Become normal 15 Become sane 16 Become wealthy 17 Befriend another 18 Chronicle history 19 Complete a mission 20 Conquer a nation Table Character motivation 2 1 Continue a legacy 2 Cure a disease 3 Damage anothers reputation 4 Delay a wedding 5 Deliver a message 6 Destroy a relationship 7 Destroy an enemy 8 Discover the truth 9 Do good 10 Dominate a nation 11 Dominate the world 12 Earn money 13 Eliminate a pest 14 Eliminate a populace 15 Eliminate a race 16 Eliminate a threat 17 Eliminate a weakness 18 Enact revenge 19 End a relationship 20 End a rivalry Table Character motivation 3 1 End a war 2 End own life 3 End suffering 4 Enforce the law 5 Entertain 6 Escape someones homeland 7 Escape punishment 8 Establish a new identity 9 Establish a relationship 10 Exile someone 11 Explore new territories 12 Find a lost treasure 13 Find a missing object 14 Find a missing person 15 Find an antidote 16 Find someone 17 Find spiritual enlightenment 18 Frame someone 19 Frighten 20 Gain a reward Table Character motivation 4 1 Gain an award 2 Gain approval 3 Gain attention 4 Gain power 5 Gain protection 6 Gain ransom monies 7 Gain trust 8 Hide a secret 9 Hide someones identity 10 Hide someones past 11 Imprison another 12 Improve someones social status 13 Improve someones quality of life 14 Increase a collection 15 Inspire emulation 16 Inspire rebellion 17 Investigate 18 Lead others 19 Learn someones future 20 Limit someones actions.

Character motivation 5 1 Live vicariously 2 Make a sacrifice 3 Make someone angry 4 Make someone envious 5 Make someone fail 6 Make someone happy 7 Make someone ill 8 Make someone jealous 9 Make someone laugh 10 Make someone sad 11 Make someone succeed 12 Obtain weapons 13 Overcome a weakness 14 Overturn a decision 15 Pass an initiation 16 Pay a debt 17 Perform a religious ceremony 18 Predict the future 19 Prolong a war 20 Promote peace Table Character motivation 6 1 Protect a reputation 2 Prove self 3 Prove someones innocence 4 Reanimate the dead 5 Reclaim property 6 Regain control 7 Regain fame 8 Regain humanity 9 Regain someones affections 10 Regain power 11 Regain wealth 12 Regain youth 13 Relieve boredom 14 Renew interest in something 15 Repair damage 16 Rescue someone 17 Research a project 18 Return home 19 Right a wrong 20 Ruin an event Table Character motivation 7 1 Satisfy a desire or need 2 Satisfy an obligation 3 Satisfy a curiosity 4 Save another 5 Save face 6 Secure payment 7 Set an example 8 Silence someone 9 Solve a mystery 10 Spy on another 11 Start a castle 12 Start a family 13 Start a nation 14 Start a war 15 Subdue 16 Test someones limits 17 Travel 18 Usurp someones power 19 Win a bet 20 Worship a deity Table Character Quirks 1 1 Allergic to an animal or plant 2 Always adjusts clothes, weapons, belts 3 Always injects a laugh into conversation 4 Always keeps a shaved head 5 Cannot hear very well 6 Challenged fashion sense 7 Enjoys a unique hobby or pastime 8 Enjoys practicing a favorite skill, continually 9 Failing eyesight 10 Frequently enjoys alcohol 11 Frequently has trouble sleeping well 12 Frequently rubs holy symbol around neck 13 Gets along easily with animals and beasts 14 Inattentive to personal appearance 15 Insatiable flirt with the opposite sex 16 Keeps hair in a strange or exotic way 17 Known to be a casual liar 18 Name-dropper 19 Nervous habit shows itself at strange times 20 Never learned to read or write maybe both Table Character Quirks 2 1 Never without a favored item 2 Never eats meat or animal byproducts 3 No musical taste or ear and a terrible singer 4 Obsessive about certain foods 5 Old wound causes a slight limp in gait 6 Opinionated about any conversation or topic 7 Overweight from indulgence 8 Personal appearance is very important 9 Practices a favorite musical instrument 10 Recurring facial tick during stress 11 Smokes pipeweed or tobacco frequently 12 Speaks with a strange accent 13 Subscribes to a number of local superstitions 14 Suffers from long-term illness symptoms 15 Suffers from a phobia gained long ago 16 Thinks quite highly of oneself 17 Trouble seeing different colors 18 Wanderlust 19 Weak stomach for messy violence 20 Yearns for the outdoors Table Insanities 1 Amnesia.

Loss of memory. Lack of emotion 3 Catatonia. Fall into a stupor. Believe things that arent true. Need for alcohol. See things that arent there. Need to kill others. Need to steal. Feeling of superiority. Repetitive behavior.

Fear that everyones out to get you. Need to lie about everything. Aggressive or amoral behavior. Need to perform deeds for an irrationally romantic ideal of duty or honor. Need to harm others. Paranoia, incoherent speech, delusions, emotional detachment, etc. Antisocial behavior. Need to kill oneself. Phobias 1 Acrophobia. Open places. Being alone. Deep places. Confined spaces. Crossing bridges. Being touched. Dead things. Shadows 16 Scotophobia. Religion or god. Hobbies 1 Animal study 2 Athletic competition 3 Brewing alcohol 4 Collecting items 5 Cooking unique dishes 6 Creative writing 7 Dart contests 8 Games of chance 9 Gardening 10 Glassblowing 11 Miniatures 12 Model building 13 Outdoor recreation 14 Painting scenes or portraits 15 Performing at theater 16 Performing with an instrument 17 Pottery making 18 Reading and literature 19 Sewing clothes 20 Woodworking or whittling Table Birthmarks 1 Beast magical or otherwise 2 Black circles around both eyes 3 Charging horse 4 Claw of an eagle 5 Comet 6 Crossed swords 7 Crude map 8 Falcon 9 Five words in Draconic 10 Gold dragon with its wings spread 11 Holy symbol 12 Image of an avatar of a god 13 Moon and three stars 14 Sigil of a wizard who lived 1, years ago 15 Skull 16 Spell written in an ancient language 17 Starburst 18 Symbol of a death cult 19 Symbol of a plague carrier 20 Tower or important location Table Tattoos Common Details 1 1 Anchor with rope 2 Arcane symbol or shape 3 Axe or crossed axes 4 Banner bearing the colors red and purple 5 Bow with a flaming arrow 6 Castle tower 7 Celtic knot 8 Charging bull 9 Crossed swords 10 Demon claws 11 Dragon crouching, flying, or otherwise 12 Flock of birds 13 Flying or hanging bat 14 Fox chased by a large dog 15 Giant fist 16 Growling grizzly bear head 17 Hammer and anvil 18 Heart with a dagger through it 19 Holy symbol of a god 20 Human or orc skull Table Tattoos Common Details 2 1 Human or orc skull 2 Laid stones forming a wall 3 Letter J 4 Maul surrounded by dwarven braid 5 Musical instrument 6 Noose 7 Ornate rapier 8 Owl with three arrows clutched in its claw 9 Robed figure carrying a scythe 10 Rune draconic, dwarven, or other 11 Sailing ship 12 Shattered sword 13 Shield with a bird of prey in the middle 14 Ship on water 15 Skull and crossbones 16 Starburst 17 Sun with a hawk flying out of it 18 Swimming shark 19 Sword and circular shield 20 Three daggers with the points touching Table Barbarian Rites of Passage 1 Bring a relic back from a sunken ruin 2 Bring back the egg of a great flying creature 3 Bring back the head of a magical beast 4 Bring back the live young of a totem animal 5 Bring back the scalp of an enemy tribesman or animal totem 6 Craft a personal talisman baptized in blood 7 Craft weapon and armor from scratch 8 Drink the blood of the first solo kill 9 Find your way home from a place in the wild 10 Harvest a rare herb, useful to the tribe 11 Kill a totem animal or beast unarmed 12 Paddle a canoe up rapids 13 Perform a tribal self-scarring ceremony 14 Produce offspring with a chosen mate 15 Receive a vision quest after meditating in a medicine lodge 16 Steal from an enemy encampment 17 Survive for one week alone in the wilderness 18 Swim across a great river 19 Touch, with painted hand, a live totem animal 20 Track enemy tribe for two weeks, undetected.

Bard Performances 1 Back of a traveling cart 2 Before a marching army 3 Celebration, impromptu or annual 4 Ceremony, impromptu or regional 5 Deck of a ferryboat 6 Honoring someone of merit or esteem 7 In front of a fire 8 Outside a business 9 Part of a parade 10 Part of a traveling act 11 Platform stage at an inn 12 Raised stage at a tavern 13 Royal ball 14 Sitting in a tree 15 Sitting on the roof of a local business 16 Standing on a barrel 17 Store front on a street corner 18 Surrounded by a street crowd 19 While mounted 20 While strolling down a street.

Divine Path 1 Become part of something worldly 2 Born to a holy monastery 3 Draw out and smite heathens 4 Following in parents footsteps 5 Forced to save face 6 Found a holy symbol in the wild 7 Got a calling to the religion during prayer 8 Heard the calling during a traumatic event 9 Left as an orphan to the church 10 Needed to shephard a "lost" community 11 Needed to show others gods glory 12 Oppose a god that battles your beliefs 13 Pacifist who wishes to help others 14 Received a vision while working the fields 15 Seek true enlightenment and inner peace 16 Serve a higher, immortal purpose 17 Someone who wishes to heal others 18 Spiritually advise a ruling family 19 Wanted a proper education 20 Wanted to learn to stop an undead plague Table Ceremonies 1 Ambassadors greeting 2 Awarding a hero a medal 3 Being inducted into a church or religion 4 Birth of a prince or princess 5 Coming of age 6 Consecrating a new temple 7 Crowning of a king or queen 8 Death of a hero 9 Death of royalty 10 Graduating from a school or university 11 Launching of a ship 12 Marriage, peasants or nobles 13 Opening of a bridge 14 Opening of a building 15 Receiving knighthood 16 Return of an important group 17 Season change 18 Someone taking sacred vows 19 Victory of a great battle 20 Weekly holy day.

Cleric Quests 1 Act as ambassador to a neighboring church 2 Be considered worthy of promotion 3 Bring hope to a community touched by war 4 Build personal strength 5 Claim riches for the church 6 Cure a neighboring community of disease 7 Defeat a champion of an enemy church 8 Defeat infidels 9 Deliver a place from the undead 10 Deliver scriptures to a neighboring church 11 Discover your true name 12 Gain a holy weapon for use against foes 13 Protect the faithful on a pilgrimage 14 Quell a heretic before a community turns 15 Receive a vision 16 Reclaim a holy relic 17 Retrieve a book of holy script 18 Return an item used to craft a holy weapon 19 Search for a lost holy castle 20 See an exotic landmark for oneself Table Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year and occurs around June 22nd.

This day marks when the tilt of the Earths axis is most orientated toward the sun. Midsummers Day is usually June 24th, about three days after the solstice itself. Similarly December 25th is the day the sun begins to return to the northern hemisphere. The Winter Solstice sun is positioned directly over the Earths equator on the shortest day of the year. The Fall equinox is September 23rd. Criminal Path 1 Apprenticed to a locksmith 2 Apprenticed to a master rogue 3 Born into a gang or guild of criminals 4 Discovered knack for sleight of hand, etc.

Theres much more for rogue characters in the city chapter where we delve into pick pocketing, hidden or improvised weapons, crime, punishment, bribes, and more. Now you dont have to guess whats in those picked pockets. See tables through to help flesh out your rogue character with some minor details about his craft. There are also contacts and guilds in the same chapter, helping to flesh out a wellrounded urban thief character or NPC.

Its always a good idea to know who a rogue can trust and who he can lean on for favors. Battle Cries 1 1 Bring it on! Battle Cries 2 1 I am your doom! Here we have young master Elshyn, whos never without his favored item, a long-sleeved cloak. He wears it because hes trying to keep his own identity secret, which is not easy because of the tell-tale birthmark on his arm. If people knew he was the one who inherited a book shop with tomes of how to find a lost treasure, his life could be at an end.

This makes him nervous about being casually touched. He spends his time pouring through the old tomes to find the clues and assemble a team to track down the treasure. If you are about to cross over a mountain range to an unexplored area of your own home game or building a world from scratch there are some valuable tools here to help in this endeavor.

Name them, decide on their government, and then fill them in with loads of choices from the various map features charts.

Give each realm a personality based on some of the more flavorful entries of the campaign hooks, astrology, cataclysms and years of importance, tailoring each decision to the realm to give it its own feel and history. Places of Note 1 Acdama: Fields of Blood 2 Bithron: The Broken Place 3 Cor-Ashan: The Smoking Furnace 4 Dan-Ylan: The Woodland Springs 5 Dishan: Wood of Rage 6 Dothan: Of the Two Wells 7 Ebonah: Mountain of Plenty 8 Elim: Land of Wolves 9 Ephedam: Borderland of Blood 10 Gehazi: Valley of Visions 11 Harhaiah: Domain of Shadows 12 Hasemunah: Hold of the Hated 13 Hodesh: Hold the New Moon 14 Hormah: The Wasteland 15 Jogli: The Blasted Plain 16 Kitron: The Burning River 17 Maroth: Land of Bitter Wine 18 Nekeb: Caverns of darkness 19 Shemesh: House of the Sun 20 Tiria: Fortress of Cold Fear Table Road Type 1 Clay and packed earth 2 Cobblestone pathway 3 Druid-tended road 4 Granite blocks 5 Heavily packed dirt 6 Incomplete and in progress 7 Laid bricks 8 Loose earthen trail 9 Loose rock covering 10 Muddy and overgrown 11 Patrolled by nearby noble lord 12 Poorly maintained with potholes 13 Riddled with weed growth 14 Rife with wildlife 15 Shaded by trees 16 Skulls and bones 17 Tended by permanent unseen servant 18 Thick stone tablets 19 Well tended 20 Wooden planks Table National Renown 1 Amazing foods and sauces 2 Ancient elven ruins still stand 3 Annual competitions of strength and speed 4 Art and education praised above military 5 Canny merchants with exceptional goods 6 Capital is connected islands 7 Colossal ancient dwarven bridge 8 Disciplined armed forces 9 Equal mixture of all races 10 Exotic fashions and fantastic wines 11 Huge tower built atop a mountain 12 Land unfettered by civilization 13 Libraries and museums form cultural nexus 14 Monotheistic church 15 Outstanding theatrical performances 16 Strongest navy in the world 17 Superior weapons and armor 18 Towered cathedral of the all-gods 19 Weather controlled by elemental magi 20 Wild celebrations of holidays Table National Social Traits 1 Adaptable to nearly any inhospitable climate 2 Afternoon naps part of their culture 3 Athletic and very competitive 4 Dancers of great renown 5 Diplomatic and peaceful 6 Excellent food inventive chefs 7 Fine brewers and vintners 8 Excellent stamina when imbibing alcohol 9 Extremely prejudicial and stubborn 10 Great farmers, but short citizens all-around 11 Known for their short tempers 12 Known for their very large families 13 Masterful entertainers, illusionists, storytellers 14 Overly proud and haughty 15 Patriotic citizens more militia than farmers 16 Powerful merchant houses 17 Religious and extremely pious 18 Strangers are welcome, but carefully watched 19 Stubborn and unmoving on principles 20 Very tall and muscular Table Rumors and Stories 1 Armys true might is magical 2 Circus always leaves death in its wake 3 Crops grow by strength of druids 4 Deep dwarves cause mine disasters 5 Deitys avatar walks among us 6 Dragon is power behind ruler 7 Future savior awaits trigger 8 Guild leaders are in league with hell 9 King is old and about to die 10 Mountaintop leads to heavens 11 One city wants to defect 12 Rangers push sovereign to war 13 River is filled with godtears 14 Ruler is a vampire lord 15 Ruler s encourage heavy drug trade 16 Ruling family are shapechangers 17 Sorcerers keep a secret history 18 Storms come from a trio of hags 19 Thief's guild lead by gnoll lord 20 Wererats in all city sewers.

National Dress and Fashion 1 Arm bands and leather shoes 2 Arm piercing and silk shirt 3 Bejeweled jacket and hairpin 4 Buttoned jacket and pantaloon 5 Cape and high boots 6 Cloak and monocle 7 Ear ornamentation and leggings 8 Felt cap and cane, gold and black 9 Flowing skirt and bare midriffs 10 Huge belts and facial piercing 11 Leather boots and helmet 12 Leather codpiece and rope belt 13 Leather headband and chain shirt 14 Leather jacket and scarf 15 Shoulder armor and heavy boots 16 Shoulder spikes and blade-boots 17 Silk sash and iron headband 18 Smock or apron and gloves 19 Spiked gauntlets and studded collar 20 Wool pants and ritual scarring Table Pagan gods 1 Angus, god of youth 2 Aningan of the moon 3 Brigit, goddess of healing and craftsmanship 4 Caridwen, of the bards 5 Cernunnos, god of virility 6 Dagda, earth and father god.

Cult Lords 1 Abraekhan, ice queen of final winter 2 Aegecca, blind god of idiocy and plagues 3 Annur, many-armed devil of madness 4 Bane, invisible god of nothing 5 Cenos, demon prince of hooks and misery 6 The Cloaked One, unholy god of whispers 7 Dagonor, dread lord of space and time 8 Gog, harbinger of the final days 9 Iron, dark dwarven demigod of shackles 10 Inuz, gnoll demon of the final moon 11 Krazul, unholy liche king of unmaking 12 Lucretia, witch-queen of sacrifice and ennui 13 M'gog, demon king of misery and despair 14 Murder, fallen angel of mourning 15 Nadir, elven devil queen of suicide 16 Roaug, miserly harvester of souls 17 Tyriis, personification of natural disasters 18 Uonnus, tortured goddess of destruction 19 Y'Gos, demon queen of gluttony 20 Yren, devil lord of the fading moon Table It comes as no surprise that religion is the cornerstone of nearly every fantasy gaming world.

Metaphysics teaches us that mankind is hardwired to create stories of his origins. Certainly the fantasy worlds our characters inhabit would have the same principles, developing numerous and complicated mythologies about the world they live in, explaining away the unexplainable.

In the Ultimate Toolbox, religion has its place in nearly every chapter of this book. It is inescapeable. We could not envision a character chapter or a world chapter without it. Nonetheless, some of these charts have cross-purposes and the Domains listed could be just as useful to a fledgling adventurer as any world-building GM. Realms of the Dead 1 Banquet Hall: Eternal banquet set out for dwarves for the clever and resourceful 2 Cavern of Gold: Place where dead dragons find every gold piece and gem they ever lost 3 Cumulus: Cloud city afterlife of the winged creatures and others that fly 4 Dagran: Endless library of all wisdom recorded by every arcanist, alchemist, and wise man 5 Forge: Place where dwarven souls burn to fuel of the fires of the forge 6 Gallery of Bright Souls: Stellar home of homes transformed into the stars of the night sky 7 Garden Valley: Good elves become the caretakers of the plants, evil elves become the plants 8 Hades: Torture hall of evil men waiting to be sent to their final punishment 9 Hall of Heroes: Dwarven drinking hall where the brave drink their fill and tell tales 10 Ice Palace: Northern home of the great winter survivors and the wise that help others survive 11 Isle of Mist: Island home of great warriors and brave men who will return someday healed 12 Kastall: Endless fighting pit where orcs go to fight others, achieve glory and test strength 13 Milania: Hall where music performers, dancers and entertainers can perform to eternal audience 14 Olympus: Great mountain reaching above the clouds where those that ascend to godhood live 15 Pleasure Island: City island across the sea where every pirates pleasure can be found 16 Rayvull: Dark dungeon where cruel greedy men are stripped of all their worldly possessions 17 Sea of Storms: Endless sea where dishonorable pirates are tossed about and never find land 18 Shangri-la: Hidden mountain home of ninjas unable to be found by anyone but the dead 19 Siverrylle: Druidic paradise of flowery meadows, babbling brooks and tranquil animals 20 Wasteland: Land of constant war and brutality where not even death is an escape.

Forest Descriptions 1 Apple trees dot the forest, bringing pockets of red to an otherwise drab landscape. Marsh Descriptions 1 Abandoned campground made in the hollows of logs and a group of small canoes remains.

Mountain Descriptions 1 Barren slab of rock steadfastly standing in defiance of the wind and snow that beats upon its face. In this chapter we attempt to help you create a world, and with that we will cover many but not all possibilities. More then the rest of the book, it's a piecemeal selection.

You might not be using them all at once in fact, you may not want to , but just glance over them and select the parts you need to flesh out what you already had in mind. In other words, it's possible you already have the basic ideas of a nation written down, and you just need to fill in the blanks, especially if the players begin asking questions. Keep in mind, however, that you will still have to breathe background into your work, deciding on a timeline to explain how the realm or nation became the way it is today.

If you were creating a campaign book chapter by chapter, however, when you come to the different nations and their quirks, you will find a true wealth of detail in here to bring each one to colorful life. In no time, you can have a complete game world for adventuring, story-telling, and monsterbashing. You cross the mountains and see a border before you to the elven nation.

Tell us more! They just won their freedom from gnoll overlords in the past decade, thanks to their great leaders.

Because of that, they may fear your presence, so it would be wise to tread cautiously. If you can befriend them, you will find their dances, exotic fashions and wines worthy of the effort.

Still, rumor has it their old king is on his deathbed. And while travel is difficult, other elven nations journey to pay their respects. Continue down the shaded roadway locals call River Road. You'll recognize it by the green spruce and apple trees lining both sides of the roads.

A scout waits with his pegasus mount, wielding a metal-tipped quarterstaff. He greets you with a stern nod. City First Impressions 1 Aging and outdated architecture 2 Bustling transportation of carts and canals 3 Busy and colorful 4 Chaotic and wild society 5 Crowded and unkempt 6 Foul-smelling and smoky 7 Heavily guarded and well armed 8 Heavily taxed but kept up 9 Heavy beggar population 10 Lawful and controlled society 11 Many large manors with nobles 12 Pride of citizens shows everywhere 13 Private and withdrawn 14 Quiet and sleepy in general 15 Racially diversified everywhere 16 Racially separated neighborhoods 17 Shame of citizens can be seen 18 Strong with industry of various sorts 19 Well patrolled neighborhoods 20 Wide streets with vendors.

This chapter's distinct flow may not readily be apparent. First, there are tables that help GMs view and build cities. They answer the basic questionshow big is it, what is the population like, who rules and who really rules. Next, descriptive tables help GMs visualize and describe a city from a characters point of view, almost like a tour.

This is a basic city description perhaps as seen from a distance and lore they may have heard, followed by the city gates and initial architecture. Then there are sights, sounds, and smells to help set a mood. Third, the chapter delves into the different places for characters to explore and interact with merchants, guilds, inns, taverns, and the like and the various interests that naturally attract adventurers. City Gatehouses 1 Ancient stonework, with stone doors each with a lion head bas relief.

Foreboding gargoyle statues on each side. Banners hang from the ramparts. The sigils carved on the stone are elemental in nature. The marks of a stone giant clan betray its origin. Stone golem gate doors. Blast marks show it has resisted battle sorcery. Some portions are worked with druid magic. Flies flags of the citys emblem. City Location Background 1 Built around a very wealthy noble estate 2 Built around prominent fortress 3 Built over ancient ruins 4 Built over tribal burial cairns 5 Built to conquer a river mouth 6 City was taken by current inhabitants from other people 7 Constructed near woodlands for foresting 8 Constructed to bring local towns together 9 Crafted around a set of ancient monoliths 10 Crafted on the site of a prosperous academy 11 Gradually built around a consortium of guilds 12 Location chosen to watch enemy lands 13 Once acted as a meeting locale for neighboring villages 14 One the sight of a great battle 15 Rebuilt completely after a terrible fire 16 Site chosen for its excellent defensible position 17 Site of a prosperous trading post 18 Site of an ancient peace treaty between warring neighbors 19 To help secure a border with a nearby nation 20 Was funded by wealthy adventurers where they chose to settle Table City History, Detailed 1 years ago an outcast dwarf clan set up a roadside smithy and business in this valley, used by transients from the surrounding human lands as a shortcut, chosen for its many hilly streams rumored to be rife with gold.

This initial greed and spreading of rumors built up the community around the location, and while the gold has never made anyone rich, it still draws new prospects to its good location. Once the nation reclaimed the border, the graves were marked and warded by a wall and monument.

A settlement grew around the new trade and the city grew from the necropolis. Soon, clerics of the paladins faith flocked to visit and bless the site, and the same security and beauty that drew the paladins had many visitors relocate here permanently.

Defeat did not come easily for the creature, and the monks had to settle for encasing it in a great rune in the earth forged by magic of obsidian.

They built their monastery on the spot to guard it eternally, and soon drew curious support from surrounding lands to the spot. Bards and magi agree there are no curses or hauntings to be found, and declared that to be so, which began a boon of movers soon after discovery. While inert, scholars and bards agree its runes speak of a prophecy of protection.

Now the towering figure of an ancient hero stands silently among a field of buildings and roadways all depending on it in a time of need. The ability of the clay to be molded to replicate ivory and other materials keeps explorers of the mazelike tunnels around and beneath the city occupied. Numerous trade routes flow through the city, as well, increasing traffic. Sages eventually figured out the runes to command the trapped spirits, and a community built up around what has become a workhouse of industry and craft for the nation.

A prince of an aging king of a nearby metropolis took his fortune and family and created a principality of the land, investing heavily in leading guilds here and creating a haven for trade caravans. An alliance between elves of the wood and men built a protective city at a natural harbor from which to launch patrol ships to keep the coast free of invasion. Human engineers and their dwarf stone-guild allies spent a princely sum to complete a great stone bridge stone bridge connecting two interested but separated lands.

The consortium collected large fees from anyone wishing to build at the new point of interest either on a cliff bank or on the nearly foot-wide bridge itself , and it grew very quickly thereafter.

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Obsidian Crest was a growing trade town until the nearby volcano believed to be dormant erupted. Because of the stone architecture used and the nearby gullys leading to the lake, many of the structures survived. When rebuilding began, the city planners encouraged wizards to build towers and accompanying wards to protect the city below. Once a countrywide, sprawling noble estate, eventually five children inherited the land, divided it into districts, and attracted parties interested in their whims to their lands, slowly filling in the community and populating the fields.

Old farmland slowly spread outward from the central city, which today is run by great-grandchildren of the founding nobles. Originally the site of a military border keep where patrols from the central land flocked in droves to ensure security, the site grew and expanded as guards families and supply businesses natural migrated to the area.

More than a few brutal conflicts have been fought there in years past. Now the city thrives, still basing most of its income on military spending. Over years ago the great hero Galston Magus led a small army against the forces of a neighboring nation that had been bolstered with demonic warriors. When the hero and his team finally won the day, a camp was erected from across the blasted battlefield. As support came for the troops and the border was determined, permanent buildings were finally set in place and Galston was named mayor.

Religious pilgrims, persecuted for their multi-pantheon faith, fled their homeland until they came to an ancient spiraled tower.

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It was abandoned, but contained runes of many gods. The faithful settled here and the curiosity slowly drew others. Buildings grew around and near the spire, which slowly grew to the city-state it is today. Scholars came for years to study towering, monolithic standing stones until one university sponsored a field trip with its best decipherers. While still very little progress was made, the college built an outpost and soon a community to support it was built within the great ring.

A team of explorers discovered a portal beneath the surface in the darklands leading to other worlds. The last magical communication with their families before they vanished kicked off a decade of researchers, wizards, and rescuers studying the ancient device.

Support soon formed a community and before long a city. Upland communities finally had enough of the longship raiding from the lands northern barbaric neighbors.

They gathered church and royal sponsors and built a protective wall to guard the mouth of the river and build up the nations best ship manufacturer. City Description, Detailed 1 Amoeboid in shape, this irregular city straddles a fork in a great river. An irregular wall of many small towers tightly surrounds the community. A series of bridges and docks are found on the waterfronts. The quarters are castle, noble, commons and gold.

The gold quarter is dominated by large mining and smithy businesses and guilds. From top to bottom, the city has castle, nobility, market, and residential quarters. Large buildings are not in vogue; instead a small, simple dwelling or design is favored by all. Towering stair sections lead up to the many districts in the cliffside itself, including guard and jail, red-light, guild, residential, and magic.

Below on the ground the city is divided temple, keep, noble, and warehouse quarters. In the smaller district are the market, warehouse, and caravan districts intermixed with slums. In the larger are the keep, guild, and wealthy residential districts. The outside docks sprawl with wooden buildings and act as another third of the city. One large bridge dominates the center of town and is part of the castle. Smaller docks can be found irregularly along the river.

There is a park of considerable size in one quarter with a small lake. The districts are guard, market, military, slums, and aristocrat. Docks line the entire open end, and the keep is in the northeast quadrant in the government quarter. Others quarters are residential, market, and warehouse which is mostly in the dock quarter. Below the city is divided into remaining quarters business, residential, and temple by extra wide, well-patrolled roads.

A keep acts as a gatehouse leading to the central section of town, where the castle and government buildings lie. The central city is used for market, taverns and inns, ship repair and warehouses. Two sections divided from the central city by low walls at opposite ends house the wealthy residents in one and the common folk in the other. A careful gully system filled with wooden traps surrounds the city in a natural way difficult to spot for invaders.

In only three places does a large, natural-looking giant tree bridge span these defenses. The wide roads divide the city into temple, market, inn, embassy, and noble districts respectively.

Building styles are extra strong.

The many small districts include embassy, tavern, noble, residential, guildhall, and marketplace. Octagonal walls surround a high hill where the castle is situated, looking down on the city. Government buildings are nestled tightly around the hill. The tavern, guard, caravan, warehouse, wealthy, and common residential districts span out from the government buildings to the walls.

Oval in shape, this city straddles the north bank of a mighty river. Two levels of hill surround the community, each topped by a reinforced wooden wall with watchtowers. The keep is by the riverside, surrounded by the dock ward, marketplace, commons, red light district, and guild quarter. Oval-shaped city with few but high towers dividing the wall. One edge of the city sits aside a great cliff face, with a natural caravan road leading down to the lowlands below.

Two gatehouses lead visitors to the west and north from the city. The castle sits in the center, surrounded by the residential, guild, market, and caravan quarters. A perfectly rectangular city built with double walls in many places was built ambitiously, for there are still open fields between the central community and the walls which 50 years have not yet filled.

There are east and west gates only, as the city straddles a great trade route. Vegetation is plentiful in and around the buildings.

The quarters are trade, residential, military, and market. A sprawling city in a giant clearing uses the thick, oppressive jungle surrounding it as a defense, patrolled from many small watchtowers and guardhouses. A fourth side is a small natural harbor. A castle with a moat sits toward the center, surrounded by the inn, dock, guild, residential, noble, and ambassadors quarters.

Small streams divide the quarters, with patrolled bridges to access each. A sprawling metropolis built at the mouth of a river, no wall surrounds this community built in and among the various tributaries of the river. Bridges and spans cross the waterways, and docks and ferries are plentiful. The districts include dock, warehouse, market, wealthy and average residential, and castle containing a number of fortress-like holds of the government. A three-sectioned wall cuts off the entrance to this mountain community originally founded by dwarves who remain the dominant population.

Squat, stone buildings dominate the area outside and within the cavern, with residential areas on the cave walls. The keep and military quarter are outside, while the market, guild, and then noble quarters follow more deeply within the cave.

Triangular in shape, this small city is surrounded by wall and moat alike. A grand keep sits at the center, where a highway of three adjoining roads each with its own towering wooden covered bridge converge from outside the city. The crowded districts include caravan, inn and tavern, military, market, slum, residential, and temple.

The walls of the city square it off around a major crossroads between lands. The market district dominates the center of town at the crossroads, where the keep is also located. Surrounding it are the districts for guards, residential, slums, military, and theater. City Description, Basic 1 1 Alabaster and cobalt stone buildings present a beautiful facade, hiding the decayed city center. No outer walls. No wall. Patrolled by paladins. Lanterns flicker at each doorway.

Central main tower complex. Sprawls to the surrounding territory. Old dwarf fortress at top. Wealthier citizens live at the top.

Single, towering government building. Government buildings at the wall perimeter. Tall houses cluster together. Elaborate guild manors, businesses, and workshops. Sprawling trade center. The city lacks cohesion or planning. A castle sits at the apex. Simple wooden palisade wall. Bushes, trees, gardens, and lawns integrate perfectly with buildings. City Description, Basic 2 1 Maze of walls intersect the city, combined with ancient monolithic walls of another age.

Defensive walls and numerous well-guarded gate towers. Castle flies many flags. Archers walk the walls. Buildings are sometimes set in the cliff. Walls crumble. No civic pride is evident.

Brickwork lacks mortar. New and old neighborhoods. Variety of clothing styles and market goods. The pass rests between nations. Tall outer walls. Castle on a southern hill. A grand university building at its center. Strong buildings and a dark, towering castle. Well-maintained roads and patrols. Numerous fishing outlets. Bustling dockside. Borrows heavily from nearby elf nation for influence in design and structure.

Legendary Heroes 1 Carthon. A famous bard whose exploits include calming a riot with his voice. A knight who traveled the land with his warhorse, wielding a powerful magic lance to protect others on the road. There are tales of him in nearly every country. An elf wizard who specialized in air magic, she stopped tornadoes created by an irate elder elemental from destroying a town that had offended it.

An elf ranger who tracked a corrupted druid and his fiendish dire bear companion across leagues to avenge the destruction of a large forest town. The high priestess of a small city was attacked by a demon summoner. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.

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