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Description. This FREE 16 page eBook (5, words) assists singles and couples to create healthy, harmonious and passionate relationships. Contents of . Passive Income Article #2 — Selling eBooks on Amazon. Go to the . me” section. Sample Amazon Book Description | Source: The Perfect Couple . Leave a comment or message me if you have any questions. If you liked. But the year isn't — it's , and the ebook market is about to go into . But for most people, a pocket device isn't something that you'd curl up with for a couple of hours, the .. Six critical questions for book publishers.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Vikram Chandiramani is the editor of, Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Politics & Social Sciences. 'Tell Me Honey Questions for Couples' is a best-selling book that has a large list It's available as an instant download ebook as well as in paperback on. week army ranger special forces workout program,tell me honey questions for couples,tennessee biology eoc practice test answers,tell no one harlan.

This post was originally posted on his blog , and his reproduced with permission. There are at least six ebook reader devices on the market or in preparation. A major business magazine predicts that up to seven million of these devices will be sold next year. A major consulting firm says ebook sales will account for ten percent of the publishing market in five years. And an executive at the leading computing firm predicts that 90 percent of all publishing will switch to electronic form in just 20 years. But the year isn't — it's , and the ebook market is about to go into hibernation for a decade.

At its core, the thing that makes a magazine or newspaper valuable to readers is its editorial staff — a group of writers, editors, and artists who work in synergy to produce a unified product. Rather than asking how to make a magazine electronic, we need to ask what must be built around an editorial staff to make it viable in the electronic world.

I don't know what the result will be, but I'm pretty sure it won't look like a print magazine scanned and transferred to a screen. Although publishers today are focusing on what ebooks do to their distribution channels, the real threat to them, in my opinion, is the likelihood that in the future authors will publish their books directly to the public, bypassing the entire publishing value chain.

To understand this challenge, it's necessary to look at the current value chain for books…. The rest of the revenue is consumed by the distribution channel — the publisher's overhead, the cost of printing and shipping books, the expenses of the bookseller, etc.

This is not to say that publishers and booksellers are getting rich. Typically a small number of bestselling books generate the revenue that covers the losses a publisher takes on everything else it publishes. Something similar happens to bookstores. The reality is that the whole publishing value chain is grossly inefficient — it absorbs a lot of cash, and almost no one gets rich from it.

This distribution chain was stable only when it was the sole way to get a book to a customer. It's already under attack by Amazon, which avoids the overhead of a physical bookstore; and by discount retailers who skim off the best-selling books, absorbing the revenue that formerly supported local bookstores.

But that's only a prelude to what's coming. Because authors get such a small percentage of the sales price of a book today, any system that let them capture more of the revenue from a book sale will be very attractive to them, even if it sells a lot fewer books.

The chart below illustrates my point. The red and blue bars show the author's revenue as ebook readers reach various levels of penetration in the book-buying population.

So the business is stable for the moment. In fact, it's probably a little more stable than a lot of publishers believe.

We're likely to have a latency period of at least several years while the e-reader installed base gradually grows. During this time nothing terribly dramatic will happen to publishers, and they may think they have the situation under control. But then we'll reach a tipping point, and suddenly established authors will have a financial incentive to go direct rather than bothering with paper publication of their books.

Once that happens, the all book buyers will have a very strong incentive to get e-readers — some books by bestselling authors simply won't be available in paper form, or will be available first electronically. This will drive more rapid sales of e-readers, which will give authors even more incentive to bypass the publishers. Every time ebook prices go up, that creates more incentive for an author to go electronic. Those authors are also often the most profitable for a publisher. That means the impact of the switch may be even greater than what I laid out here.

This bypasses the chicken and egg situation that killed e-readers in Every time Apple convinces someone to buy an iPad to do browsing or watch videos, that's another potential book-buyer who's ready for ebooks. Six critical questions for book publishers. Are publishers doomed? Not necessarily. I think we're going to end up with a range of situations in which some authors sell direct on their own, some use selected services to help them self-publish, and some partner with publishers for services similar to the things they do today.

But the publishers will be dealing with new competitors and new economics, and they'll need to rethink who their customers are, and what unique value they can add from the perspective of those people.

The time to do that thinking is now, before e-readers reach the tipping point. Here are the questions to ask:. Who is my customer, the author or the book-buyer? Most publishers today would say "both," and might add the bookstore to that list as well. But that reflects the print publishing channel structure. In the electronic world, those audiences do not have to be bundled together.

There may be some publishers who partner primarily with authors, and are more or less invisible to readers. There may be other publishers that play a very prominent role in the eyes of readers examples below.

The point is to understand which type of publisher you are, and adjust your business accordingly. How much value do my editing services add from the reader's point of view? I've seen quotes from publishers saying that ebook consumers will want to pay more for ebooks that are properly edited. If you believe this, I invite you to re-read the discussion of CDs vs. MP3s above.

If a book is poorly edited, people will just blame the author. That means editing is actually a service for authors, not readers. Which brings us to the next question…. How much value do my editing services add from the author's point of view? Many authors acknowledge that their editors add tremendous value to their books; others hate their editors.

But the key question is, could they hire a freelancer to do the same thing? Question for a publisher: What if some of the people you just laid off form an editing cooperative and then contact your authors with a cut-rate offer?

How much demand generation do we really do? This is a place where the perspectives of authors and publishers often differ. Publishers tell me that they do a lot to create demand for books. Authors typically say the publishers just shovel books onto the market and wait to see which ones sell themselves. If the publisher doesn't generate demand, then an author might as well self-publish electronically as soon as it pays more money.

Which brand are the readers buying? This varies tremendously from publisher to publisher. In fiction, the author's name is generally the brand that readers respond to. No reader cares who published Steven King's latest book; they just buy Steven King. But in other fields, especially nonfiction, it's more common for a publisher to control the brand.

I think e-publishing may make those brands even more powerful. A traditional publisher can help a paper book sell well by working behind the scenes to get bookstores to promote it — put it on the table out front, place it on an endcap, and so on.

Most of that promotional opportunity doesn't exist in an online store. Instead, your product is just tossed out there in a sea of other products, and it has to succeed or fail on its own.

In that world, a recognized brand naturally floats to the top. What sort of book am I selling? Books that have form get some value from the physical book itself — maybe it's the arrangement of text and images that creates a certain impression, or maybe it's the need for something physical think of a coffee table book or a gift book.

Those books are not going to be cannibalized easily by electronic publishing. On the other hand, formless books those that don't get any special value from the physical form of the book are ripe for the picking. Think paperbacks and general-consumption fiction and nonfiction.

When we're confronted by all the downsides of change, it's important to remember that change also brings progress. If publishing gets a lot more efficient, we should see greater diversity of new sorts of publications, as well as the rebirth of a lot of old books and stories that we can't get to today. That's a future to look forward to — as long as you can figure out how to keep your job during the transition. Profile icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile.

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Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Michael Mace. Facebook Icon The letter F. Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url.

Email icon An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. Twitter icon A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. LinkedIn icon The word "in". Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. It's a great time for ebooks. Thank you for the info. What matters is what topic you have chosen and who your target audience is.

Thank you for this! I really like your stance of making sure it includes actual content. As a guy who loves the format of ebooks I am pretty green it is shocking how many crappy ebooks there are. Not everyone should be a writer but be able to find a good book with content and value. Thanks for the post, I have implemented so many ideas I have got from you. Great tips Brian, I am currently developing an informational product, and was debating what is the best format for selling. I tried to get the free info on beyond e-books but I guess the site is closed?

Any way I can get that beyond e-book though? I was curious as to where they got their data from? Excellent article on creating e-books……. This is great article.

How to Write Ebooks That Sell

I would appreciate if you can throw some light on the best format for the eBook. Buy an eBook…. Buy a screencast, audio, or video product….. More Likely! I was searching about writing ebooks and I found this entry through google. Thanks for the discussion. Basically, people who buy eBooks are the people who buy online. I think ebooks are great for quick access, but I find I always print them out first and then read them.

You upload your document in Word format, and then we convert your book into about ten DRM-free ebook formats. We offer a bunch of free tools to help authors promote and sell their books. I think of the think and grow rich book phenomenon and the idea that some books, once created are really timeless. Now in ebook form this book is free and millions have in on their hard drives. Uhm, do you latest commentators realize this post is about 2 years old? Well, I for one do, and yet I am still commenting now arent I?

Since Aaron Wall mentioned 2 years ago that ebooks are on the way out, I have wondered if it is worth the effort to write another one my first was in a small niche that is unpopular in this economy. And I have about 3 niches that cater to exactly that, with ebooks in the planning phase.

My fear is that, even in desperate markets, those numbers may not be reachable. On the other hand, taking those same topics and using a multi-media training membership site approach as suggested above, with user community and blog, might in fact be exactly right.

But there again, although I want to try it, I find that idea daunting in terms of time, skills, web development and design, etc. Why would anyone want to give an ebook away for free? To use the free ebook to promote a larger quality ebook, and possibly several other ebooks, that you are selling. This gives the potential buyer a good idea of the quality of my ebook, similar to brousing through a book before you buy it.

I have in the past looked into selling e-books. I have bought some really good ones in the past and I definitely agree that the market for e-books is still in its infancy.

The only downside I personally feel with e-books and when they are mentioned. So many people just try and sell you any old crap in them, especially on eBay that is where all the cons are to be found.

Nice — glad to see you championing ebook creation as profitable. It definitely can be. My own on ebook writing and sales copywriting sells better than I expected. Interestingly, I lowered the price when the recession hit and experienced a decline in sales.

About four people have written saying they would have paid more for what they got. People need what we can offer, so why not to try it…. Great post. Hi Brian. I think this is the 8th article I have read this morning. Thanks to you and your other writers for all the great advice! I am quite dubious of the amount of money that people make with online products and e-books. Mike Pedersen is quite an opener. And, Mike, thanks you for honesty.

I think the e-books that sell the best are the ones that tell you how to make money easily and with no effort! Yet, the internet is filled with e-books telling you how to make loads of money selling e-books. I think real publishers want to stay away from his topic.

It would probable discredit them. It is easy to fake the images that these books supposedly show as proof of all the money they make. I can make a graphic of an invoice in about a few hours. Offering free ebooks on my websites is the absolute best way to build a following and your email list for future marketing. I agree. And if you include some affiliate links in the free book that a double win! Thanks for the solid primer. BTW, E-junkie has done an excellent job on my little niche website.

Zero complaints — and their website is quite informative — even for non-techies like me. I am going to try selling ebooks but the whole procedure seems a bit complicated. It would be nice if there was a free ebook maker i could use.

That is what I used to create my jewelry photography ebook. People on Macs and PCs can read it. When you have your document ready to put into PDF format, make into an ebook, all you have to do is click on the red PDF button in the menu bar and that will create a PDF file and you will then have a ebook. Create a one paragraph document in Writer, or simply copy and paste this message and save it in Writer and then click on the PDF file button in the menu bar and see what happens.

A good post on ebook. Subjects,topics,pages and marketing is good. But what about the sales process in itself? Is there any other service apart from ejunkie? If an ebook resolves a problem then it can easily be sold online. The trick is to meet the right audience at the right time.

Ebooks are and will be a popular product for a long time to come. As long as you give useful information that will solve the readers problem as you said, your bound to sell ebookd. I have written a few ebooks myself and I know they sell if your topic is interesting and if you know how to reach your market.

Ebooks sell and sell well, it is all a matter of knowing your market. However as referenced over and over in this thread, there are some people who want a book, well a lot of people want a book.

Which I now have one on Amazon, I think if you are going to write an ebook, know there is a need and people will buy it before you write it. Marketing is everything, typically it takes people a minute to warm up to you. I started marketing this book long before it was done.

Keep your ebook short! My book is pages and it is a lot to print out. But they were happy with the product which is the most important thing.

Give a lot of good information away , yes it can be painful but your target market is not going to trust you otherwise. But I think they are way too many ebook scammers these days and their only intention is to make quick cash, they are not a writer and they are not an expert in the field.

You expect 2http. Read the article was really useful and informative. Existence of such a blog and blog articles that had interested me. I will try to be your constant reader, thank you. There will always be a market for ebooks, but the actual media will be evolving form text to flash, video and interactivity.

So essentially instead of just having to be an expert on dating, I also have to be an expert on SEO, haha. I find it interesting that this discussion — whether ebooks are dead or not — has spanned about two years.

Good information, good writing, and good content is never dead. Sure, the presentation and medium factor in, but I would never go so far as to say format A is better than B. People will pay for what they will pay for. A format might be dead in an over-used situation marketers selling to other marketers on how to market , but there is a world outside the bubble.

Take a look at sites like Scribd, Docstoc, Yudu etc and you will understand what I am talking about. As your article arrives at the conclusion that e-books are still powerful, I think it will continue to evolve — just consider PLR. I think e-books are a great tool for adding value to existing products. I plan to create a number of small e-books as a complentary product to help out my customers that buy stuff from my boat parts site e.

I already have a four part course on boat building as a complementary product to boat plans. I have been wondering about the question of selling the ebook or just giving it away.

Thank you very much. Reason being, as you said yourself, it all comes down to how you market and position your book. One of my most successful eBooks has thousands of competitors, but my sales page still converts at an amazing clip.

Sometimes I get depressed that the entire world comes down to marketing, but it is pretty true. I used to write a lot of eBooks on random internet marketing subjects, but I learned that for the most part there is a pretty short life to each eBook you write. Unless you go all out and write a thorough book that has a long lasting power, you will have to constantly write new books to keep a consistent income.

In my opinion, creating the eBook is the easy part. If you have the traffic generating website and mailing list, you can swap the product you are selling out, at will. Focus on building traffic, and your site will always be worth something, regardless of the topic of your eBook has gone stale.

You just made up my mind for me. Desperate my readers probably are not. Okay … I bit. I will be reviewing it on one of my blogs.

If I feel, after having read it, that it truly IS a good investment in e-book writing and marketing, I might even dip my toe in the affiliate pool as well. We have a booked based publisher in services and we would like to authors e-book and audiobook services, what is the best way to go about doing this, and what protection does the e-book offer in order to sell the novel over the internet.

So you are right: Serve them an e-book that helps solving problems and they will buy it. Without spending a single penny on publishing you can make a bunch of money — that is because you can write about very specific questions that drive people mad. I am writing an ebook right now i want to sell on digital point to make some extra money.

I am going to use this guide to help me on my ebook, right now its half way dont but in about 1 month i should have it finished. I have been told that one-page websites very rarely get ranked high enough to appear on the first page of search results.

Is this true about one-page websites? And if so, how do ebook sellers get enough traffic to their sites if they are not highly ranked? Do I need to use an affiliate program like Clickbank? I know that not to be true! One of my competitors who has an ebook has a one page website and it is on the first page of google! I have a page blog and he still ranks higher than me!

I think it is a matter of content that drives your whole project! Hi Glendon, thanks. So do you recommend that I do this direct and not through something like Clickbank? Do you know anyone who would be willing to give me a bit of advice? I have read so many different opinions on selling ebooks that I am confused!!! Before you launch you website, run a trial through a blog first to gauge the demand of your ebook.

If you researched it properly you should sell well. I just have a blog and my ebooks do very well, sold 4 last night at Clickbank can be good and bad, there is a lot of crap on clickbank. If you ebook is not about making money,dating, weight lost then clickbank would be a waste of time and money. I agree to there is almost too much information online to digest. However you can not get away from normal business practices. How many times have you bought an eBook from a single page website with no other content?

Content brings in the traffic and it creates credibility, too. Thank you very much….. I just finished my ebook and the website is ready to go and will be up and running in a few days. If you target the right audiance you can definately make money writing ebooks. Here are 50 Reasons the Ebook is Better. Are E-Books a good way to market a website? Nice post though, very informative! In Internet Marketing circles, they teach and practice the use of giving a gift in exchange for getting your email address.

Since we are dealing with digital things on the Internet, an ebook is quite often what is offered as the gift. I could write an ebook or even a series of ebooks about sub-topics within my website and offer the ebook gift to prospective clients.

I would much rather buy en eBook than a paper back. There usually cheaper, and so easy to store. I have hundreds on a little flashdrive. E-books are a great way to deliver information to many readers, fast. However, I would imagine there is much satisfaction when holding in your hands, the real deal.

But I personally love ebooks for selling and for myself. Do you think the combination of an e-book and a self-published book with the e-book at a discounted price is a good strategy?

Plus people are getting more and more used to buying electronic books. More e-books sold than paperbacks recently though that includes kindle etc. Nobody has ever complained to me about printing out one of my ebooks. I as experiment I have been offering my ebooks without immediate download capability and I have not had any problems or complaints.

I have been doing this about 4 or 5 months now and it saves me money. I do offer immediate download but at a higher price. The people that have bought my 3 ebooks have probably never purchased an ebook before so they are not familiar with immediate download.

This first book will be short but informational and useful. Reason I ask is that I have wrote 2 fairly long ebooks but am having some trouble getting people to find them online. Those that have love the books and say they offer some of the best information which they have ever read. Any help would be great since some of you may be experts in this area.

Such a useful advice. Your own ideas could be associated with excellent help. Many thanks with regard to sharing this kind of ideas. Looking forward to seeing the updated article. I have read most of the comments here and everybody seems to be well-informed in this topic.

successful relationships for singles & couples eBook

So, any advice is more then welcomed. Thanks guys! I find the light gray text on a white background very difficult to read. You only have 5 to 15 seconds to make a good first impression on your website visitors. I also think that your first Buy Now button is too high up on the web page.

I would recommend moving the first buy now button further down on the web page. Navish, take a look at our series on landing pages for lots of ideas about how to make your page more effective.

I am definently going to adopt your suggestions this weekend. Really appreciate the time and effort you have given towards my problem. Any more advise is MORE then welcome. Thanks for the homework. I will come back after I made the changes, wish me luck. Great share! Ebook writing is a daunting task but after reading this i hope to write the ebook which can grab attention of readers.

I have gone through all the advice and options both of you gave me and made lots of changes to my website. Most of the changes were related to both of your suggestions.

Once again, thank you for the assistance and advice. If you get a chance, have a look at the website: At the moment, I am busy building on more copy to add to the website. As you already know, the more relevant information you add to a website around your keywords, the better your website ranking.

These books are only about 20 pages and simple to create. I find books that are selling well, check out their tables of contents, look at the negative reviews to see what they missed, and then do a little research on the web. I create a 20 chapter outline, filling each chapter with bullet points about main ideas, angles to explore, and specific things to mention. It only took a few months to master the self-help market, so at this point I just make what I know my audience will buy.

By the way, when most self-published authors brag that they are a best-seller, it technically means that they have reached the 1 spot in any category, no matter how small. And they are usually tiny categories, and only for a couple of hours. You can sell, or even just give away, 50 books and BAM — best-seller. Thank you Fiverr. The key to creating a cover is bold lettering, strong contrasting colors, and a sexy image. Amazon is the platform for impulse buys. After publishing a book, Amazon gives you the option of giving it away for free for up to 5 days.

This is when I used to send the book to 20 friends to review. This worked well, but it was also a pain in the ass, so I recently started paying someone to find reviewers for me. I found my fake reviewer on Craigslist after I posting an ad looking for a content writer. However, there are tons of sites that do this.

Do I directly pay for positive reviews? The reviews just always happen to be positive. So I guess that helps. Thousand of authors have tried to do what I have, and failed miserably. Here are the results. Part 1: Here's exactly how he does it. BY Sidd Finch. July 13, Note 1: To prove just how easy it is to game Amazon, we spent a week using the tactics learned in this interview to create our own best selling Kindle book.

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