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Jude Watson is the author of four The 39 Clues books, Beyond the Grave, In Too In Unstoppable: Nowhere to Run, Dan and Amy are charged with protecting a students to attack problems using the following steps: 1. Identify the goal. 2. The 39 Clues: Unstoppable has 12 entries in the series. Nowhere to Run. The 39 Clues: Unstoppable (Series). Book 1. Jude Watson Author David Pittu. where can i get this book as a free pdf online???/ · 1 like I received a copy of The 39 Clues: Unstoppable Book One: Nowhere to Run from NetGalley and the.

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The 39 Clues Unstoppable Book 3 Countdown The only reason she had formed an organization 39 Clues. The 39 Clues 1 - Maze of Bones. The 39 Clues Unstoppable 01 - Jude Watson - Nowhere to Run - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The 39 Clues. Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6. Chapter 7 . be close to dusk there, and he'd be putting away his books and starting to .. Two years ago, after the hunt for the 39 Clues, Amy had unfurled a grand plan to.

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A gust of wind shook the wire mesh cage. Her voice echoed and bounced from one concrete pillar to another.

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The cage rose up. The reporters clustered together nervously. They filed out into a space similar to the ground floor. Amy shivered. Wires hung down from the grid of the ceiling.

Now follow me to the sixty-fifth floor! The reporters filed inside. Arabella Kessler stood behind the podium and spoke into the microphone. At one end a podium had been set up.

Some of the reporters turned green. Even though they were nowhere near the edge. The wind blew through the open space. A room had been framed out with metal columns. Everyone felt exposed. Apparently applause was called for. He looked glowing and healthy and ready to take on the world.

The reporter standing next to them overheard and chuckled. Rutherford Pierce himself. The innovative design of Founders Media headquarters will include a one-squareblock complex with three separate buildings. Ladies and gentlemen. I give you J. After a short press conference during which you can ask your preapproved questions. The lights bounced off his burnished skin.

The buildings will offer offices. A tall man with silver hair and a movie-star smile strode through the curtains. How are we going to get to talk to him? Pierce blinked once.

His eyes cut to Arabella Kessler. He raised his hand. The red-haired reporter turned and frantically motioned at Dan to shut up. Was she paid off? Amy saw him square his shoulders. He swiveled toward Arabella Kessler. Pierce must leave us. Just behind a concrete column.

He hates me. And then a second. Amy saw something flicker across his face when he saw her: Maneuvering around pails and tools and rolls of insulation.

She moved forward quickly as Pierce disappeared behind the red curtain. They could see that he was heading toward elevators on the east side of the building. He knows who we are. Amy and Dan quickly moved forward and stepped behind the curtain. I suggest you contact our press office.

Especially with the two Cahill daredevils! Construction sites are hazardous places. It will make its way to the right person. She could tell by the frown of irritation on his face.

From this position Amy could also see what Pierce could not — the crowd of reporters hurrying toward him. While Pierce backed up. He was a businessman. They emerged from the drywall corridor. Pierce barked at the security goons. Dan dipped his hand into the plastic bucket next to him and then shoved it in his pocket. Could he be threatening them? It happened in a flash. Arabella scurrying behind them. A major media celebrity. They were being corralled toward the far end of the building.

Amy blinked as Pierce grabbed a nearby hanging rope. Amy looked at him. He stood stabbing the elevator button repeatedly. Amy and Dan had to back up. He quickly walked over it. Construction equipment surrounded them. There was no drywall at all. The guards pushed them past a curtain of thick plastic sheeting. If you jump far enough.

If you walk out on the girders. What was that? Did the man just drop ten feet. Girders stretched out into empty air. A piece of yellow tape acted as a flimsy barrier between them and open air. Guess we made a mistake. Both of them crashed to the floor. They pushed through the thick plastic sheet and took off.

There would. She could see tiny people moving below. He shuddered. Amy followed without question. His hand came out of his pocket and he threw ball bearings on the floor between them. They heard the curses of the guards as they windmilled their arms. They were close to the edge now. She knew what Dan was planning without one word being spoken. Amy and Dan knew they had only seconds before the guards were after them again. She and Dan ran in the opposite direction from the wildly rolling balls.

The guards would be on them at any moment. The chilly wind threatened to blow them off the top of the cage. Dan landed next to her. Amy looked down through the wire cage. They only had seconds now. Arabella Kessler screamed. They heard the rustle of the plastic screen.

Get them! Amy felt the cage rattle as she landed. They burst out of the corridor just in time to see the top half of the reporters in the elevator as it descended past the floor. Then Amy heard the whirr of the elevator. Dan had already spurted toward the sound. And I never met him before. Did you see the way he looked at you? Are you both insane? They were trying to kill us! One is supposed to ride in the inside of an elevator. He dug into his pocket. Amy dropped her head in her hands. Nellie gunned the motor as the gates swung open and zoomed inside.

They were grimacing from the effort of holding on. There was a picture on the Exploiter website of Dan and Amy balancing on top of the elevator cage. As soon as they were out of sight. Amy and Dan popped up again. This guy popped up out of nowhere. Dan held out his phone to Amy with a groan. Pony is fast. When they turned the computers on.

But all the information on the hard drives would be wiped and replaced — names of Cahill contacts. The system was designed to shut down and reboot. At the same time they heard the sound of running feet and Nellie burst into the room. Dan and Amy headed up the back stairs to the communications center. But you need a lawyer. Smood cleared his throat. I get your point. Smood sound so unnerved.

And innocent people never go to jail. You have to let them in. We have nothing to hide. They have a search warrant. Dan ran to the window.

Not one. It appears that you are under federal investigation for embezzlement. From up here. She looked inquisitively at Dan. They swarmed over the house. They unplugged and carried everything out. Smood showed up and sat with Dan and Amy at the kitchen table while the agents carried files and computers out of the house. Chapter 6 The agents were polite but efficient. No one could eat. They had dared to climb over the stone wall and were set up on the lawn.

It was clear that they were both impressed with and suspicious of the complexity of the computer system. A cold. Amy picked at a roll. His hair was pulled back in a stringy ponytail. This is Amy and Dan. The federal agents got into their cars and drove away.

Soon even the die-hard paparazzi gave up and hurried to their cars. Someone beat a rhythmic three knocks on the back door.

Nowhere to Run

One by one. He held out his arms like Frankenstein. Without their computers. Nellie opened it. A boy of about nineteen stumbled in. They barely heard it over the rain. He looked like a cross between a drowned badger and the Loch Ness monster. Smood left. She polished them on her shirt.

Along with. These are already encrypted. And apparently. Mega wattage. As he wiped himself down. His long. Your lossage is off the charts. Amy pushed the plate toward him. Let me see the system. In my line of work. He tromped to the door. Are you going to eat your roll? Pony stood with the roll halfway out of his mouth. Federal agents just took it out an hour ago. Dan stared after Pony. I might — might. He dumped them in his inside pocket. Then he dumped the rest of the rolls into his outside pocket and stood.

That narrows it down to maybe ten people on the planet. Information flashed. I think he did it. Connections clicked. One impossible connection after another.

Amy sat. The terrible truth was staring her in the face. A serum that could make one person all-powerful. Can stop him. The thought that the serum could be out there was too terrifying. Someone with no scruples at all. Chapter 7 What happens when your worst nightmare has just come true? A Lucian. Nellie — remember what we said — that his rise to fame just defied any sense of logic? He fails at one thing after another.

The 39 Clues: Unstoppable

Four separate sets of abilities. She had to make them see.

The branch. He shook his head. It was such an unexpected gesture that Dan and Nellie both jumped. How does a middle-aged guy do that? What did it remind you of? Like a Janus! And now Pony tells us that our absolutely impenetrable fortress of a computer system is breached. There are four branches of the Cahills besides Madrigals. He leveraged all these buyouts and gobbled up all these companies so fast.

And the only one who knows the formula is Dan. When Isabel Kabra took it. Anywhere in the world. Because who would listen to us if we tried to expose him? Or kill us. She was sort of. But there were no lights on. Did you notice how his skin was sort of golden? She saw panic in his eyes. And if it is true. I think they were serious. If he was responsible for the serum getting out. Dan collapsed on the floor. She could see the telltale spots of red on his cheeks that meant he was getting upset.

And I had heard about our cousin Sammy Mourad — some sort of genius biochemist postdoctoral student at Columbia University. I-I contacted him and asked him to. Amy got down on the floor next to Dan. I fabricated the serum secretly about six months ago. But if the impossible happened — if the serum formula got out somehow — we have to figure out how. Amy took a deep breath.

There could be some random Cahill out there who found it. You did everything right. Only the stuff that had to be done in a lab. But I took the dose with me! There was a tiny bit left over. I gave Sammy some of the ingredients. Sammy has to be the key. We need help on this. Nellie swallowed. The three of them looked at each other. Then I took my own vial and mixed the final version myself. Sammy found out the formula. There is no way anybody could have figured out the formula!

Not even Sammy. Nellie slid off her chair and landed on the floor next to them. But better safe than sorry. She went into the pantry. Their backpacks were already packed with the essentials. If he had all the power in the world. Pierce was willing to kill them to get what he wanted. If ever they felt in real danger. And what is that? Amy wondered. Grab your gear. In person. Everything they feared. She brought the packs and belts back and handed them over.

This was the worst. If we leave the house. First we have to talk to Sammy. Satellite-equipped phones. The dust swirled around three men as they walked from a military helicopter to the first building.

Emergency generators. And a box of thermonuclear devices. Inside the flexible skin stretched over aluminum rods were rudimentary sleeping quarters but state-of-theart technology. One of them wore sunglasses and a shoulder holster with an automatic weapon. The other was tall. The heat was a blunt force. Chapter 8 Somewhere in the Australian outback The prefab housing was designed to be taken down within minutes. The short. The plan was working! Back in his office in Boston. Especially when it comes to thermonuclear devices.

Seismic activity log. The silver-haired man with the Hollywood good looks was already on the screen. Pierce concealed his exhilaration. Atlas was a former mercenary.

As president. And then. The thing was. And when invasion seemed to threaten and the grateful people looked to him to save them. Started mobilizing. History had taught him that. Plant some evidence. He was almost there. The last piece was in place. The world would beg him to take absolute power. It just took strategy and enough nerve to order several simultaneous nuclear explosions in key cities around the globe. Years of planning came down to this.

Her hair was the reddish brown of an autumn leaf. The girl not only looked like her. Seeing her had made him want to smash something. No one could know about the serum. Now the public thought they were silly socialites. The worthy ones. Using his media empire to set them up had been a brilliant stroke.

A few headlines.

Piercers would be the powerful. No more. He thought back to seeing the girl up close. When he saw her in person. She had the same curve to her upper lip. A ghost in a nightmare of shame. Only one problem remained. Just remembering Hope Cahill made his blood rise. No one could find out the source of his power. Irresponsible daredevils. With every mile. My fault. Dan sat in the back. If Sammy Mourad had sold the formula.

The 39 Clues Unstoppable 01 - Jude Watson - Nowhere to Run

If the serum was loose on the world. He was staring down a tunnel of horror. The windshield wipers marked their progress with a steady whish. If Pierce really had the serum. His longish.

Even Amy was staring. Sammy was waiting outside the chemistry building on the Columbia University campus. Dan had texted Sammy from the car to ask if he was working late and if Dan could bring him a pizza. You are the man!

Bringing a snack to a starving grad student counts for. You did not say he was a work of art. The returning text was only one word: Dan thought. Sammy came forward. He had a straight nose. He stood leaning against a stone wall. A pyramid of orange soda cans had been connected with purple duct tape and sat on a wide windowsill. My parents are Egyptian.

She really taught me. Then he reached inside a file drawer and came out with paper plates. Sammy pushed some wheeled stools toward them and swept aside the folders to plop the pizza on the lab table. I started out with Egyptian food. He quickly introduced Nellie and Amy. Now that I live on my own. I just took a Vietnamese cooking class. But for pizza. Vietnamese is my. What do you like to cook? It was neat and orderly. Sammy swiped them into the building with his ID card.

His pizza stayed in the air. But this book was awesome!! The plot was excellent because of all the action and surprising revelations. I found myself holding my breath at some suspenseful parts. The writing was also excellent, a step up from Day of Doom.

I loved the new characters! Jude introduced them spectacularly, especially the hacker! The climax and ending were certainly a mystery; I wonder who helped them and if it will be revealed in the future… Puzzle answers below!

Helmet Front Cover: What do you guys think? Apr 17, Bookworm marked it as to-read. Sep 08, Harrison Schwartz rated it really liked it.

I have been reading books from the 39 Clues franchise for a long time. A LONG time. Since 1st grade actually. Then there was the Cahills vs. Vespers extension. Now a new series in the franchise is going to begin; the Unstoppable series. The franchise has lasted for years. Just when you think that Amy and Dan, the main characters in the series are going to have a normal life an I have been reading books from the 39 Clues franchise for a long time. Just when you think that Amy and Dan, the main characters in the series are going to have a normal life and the series is over, the authors release another extension.

I have stuck with the series for as long as it has been out. And with good reason, because the books are really cool. I feel the authors of the series have been using the same formula each book, except each book has its own little twist.

Just like all the other books in the franchise, in Nowhere to Run the Cahills are at a disadvantage of some sort and there are about three life threatening situations that Dan and Amy are in that they barely make out of alive.

Also, there is some anonymous person you have never met yet who helps them defeat the villain. But, what is new about this book is that the life threatening situations are different than the others. Also, they are in situations that are not just somebody shooting them with a gun.

I find that cool because all the drama is unique. Around the book, there are a lot of clues about what is going to happen later in the book, so by the end I have a picture of what is going to happen.

I mostly knew what was going to happen, but it was still interesting. I rate this book 8 out of The reason is because I wish the authors could change the formula. Besides the formula, the book is awesome. If you liked the previous books, you will probably like this one. Even though I have been reading these books since 1st grade, I will probably still read the rest. Mar 02, Nandini rated it it was amazing Shelves: It just felt SO good to be back in the 39 clues world!

There has been so much character development in all the characters since the 1st and original series. Amy was initially so shy and scared of everything and now she's become badass and takes initiative, and she's the leader of the Cahill family! A lot of people think that it's stupid that Amy is still scared of Pierce after experiencing so many villains already but I don't think that's true. Just because something terrible has happened so many times, you don't get used to it. She's still just 16 years old and has the responsibility of the most powerful family in the world; of course she's ought to be scared.

The informational part of this book was as strong as ever and I learned quite a lot about Leonardo Da Vinci. There were times when I was laughing at Dan's jokes which just never get old and at Ian's brattiness, which, I hate to say, but has decreased quite a bit. He's still awesome af though. Also, Jake.

Also, I really missed Nellie. I don't care if this book is considered childish, or too stretched out now, or some other weird-ass crap, I still love it. Yes, I'm 15 and yes, these are supposed to be Children's books, but I've been reading this since I was in 4th grade and I can't stop!

They're just that good! And even though this is the 3rd companion series and each series has like 10 parts and there's a 4th series about to come out, I'm going to continue reading woooo!

So I'll read this as soon as I can but at least it's there on my shelf now. But first, exams. View 2 comments. Jan 23, Jill rated it it was ok Shelves: Well, what can I say. More unbelievable adventures for the Cahill kids. This time they're up against somebody unstoppable--someone who has taken the serum from the original 39 clues. Things are really getting even more unbelievable in this 3rd series--like how someone was able to figure out the ingredients from a miniscule amount left in the trap of a sink where Dan mixed it in the last series.

I just wish these writers would leave poor Dan and Amy alone, let them go off into the sunset and live Well, what can I say. I just wish these writers would leave poor Dan and Amy alone, let them go off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

I mean, how many times do they have to save the world? I really enjoyed the first series--I loved all the historical references that you could look up and find out if they were true or not. This series doesn't even have that to recommend it.

But, I will probably listen to the rest of this series because I have a burning need to know what happened. Or maybe I'll find someone else whose read it and ask them. Just posted this review on my blog http: I liked the book at first but as it went on, there were some unnecessary details. I mean, if you have read the previous Just posted this review on my blog http: I mean, if you have read the previous books, you might find that this book isn't quite up to the standard.

The book though, has another one of the trademark 39 clue's cliffhangers. Dan figures out that the serum was not completely destroyed and blames himself while Nellie discovers that a hacker is trying to access secure Cahill files. The book ends with a mysterious observation by Amy and she sends Jake and Atticus home. The book is a perfect combination of the previous series and I hope to see more coming. Oct 10, Shazzer rated it really liked it Shelves: Now we're getting back on track.

After the abysmal finale that was Day of Doom , Jude Watson has begun this cycle of "The 39 Clues" with a bang and left us catching our breath. Of course there's a new danger out to take over the world, and of course Amy and Dan Cahill are our front line of defense. But these kids have changed over the past few years. They're both tougher and more fragile, knowing just how much they have to lose.

And this new villain is unlike anyone they've faced before: Congratulations "39 Clues". You're officially back in my good graces. Jul 10, Isaiah the Ox rated it liked it Shelves: An enjoyable read.

An improvement from the last 39 Clues book, but it wasn't the best book ever. The first scene with Jake is him all upset over Ian talking to Amy. I really didn't feel the suspense of each time Amy and Dan were followed or almost died- maybe because the series has been going on for too long. I think it was the 7th book of the first 39 Clues series that they claimed they ran ou An enjoyable read. I think it was the 7th book of the first 39 Clues series that they claimed they ran out of "luck.

Having said all that, I am still excited for the next book and hope for more adventures with Dan and Amy! Jan 16, Mere rated it it was ok. Read this in the hope that the Holts would have lead roles.

Also, curious. Starts to get good at chapter Not bad overall. Mar 30, Jessica rated it it was amazing. May 31, Well, after reading the first 40 or so pages on the 39 Clues Website aka reading the preview after my little brother finished the mission I can safely say that there are a lot of new developments.

That said, do NOT read until you've read the preview, or else, be prepared for spoilers. Nothing major though: Okay, so let's see Opens with some unknown family whose children are amazing and pushed to do a bunch of activities 2. Amy and Dan attend the funerals May 31, Amy and Dan attend the funerals of their relatives who were killed of by Baldacci in the previous book 3.

They almost get buried alive in a grave 4. They try and figure out who tried to kill them 5. Find somebody and decide to investigate obviously somebody who is a part of that unknown family 6. Preview ends with a cliffhanger they just landed on top of a moving elevator at a construction site if you're wondering What I think: There are new villains who seem to have perfect prodigy children probably because the Vesper Council was No family members except for Amy, Dan, and Aunt Beatrice remember her?

And here I thought that the whole family unity thing was starting the work out. Overall, I'm intrigued. It's an improvement from Day of Doom no character butchering An old bit of Amy is back YES! We'll see: Okay so I've finally read all of it! I'm still trying to gather my thoughts on it at this point, but it's a definite improvement from Day of Doom. So much emotion! My only problem is that it ended with a cliffhanger To all of you who read Day of Doom and hated it like I did, you will be shocked at how much better this one is.

Jude Watson really did a wonderful job trying to fix the mistakes from Day of Doom and account for the consequences of that failure like character deaths and such. Character analysis first! I like how Jude Watson makes Amy take a step back from romance because that displays her logical side and her tendency to over analyze things.

Plus it gives us a break from, as Dan might say, mushy-gushy nonsense and lets us focus on the action. Despite that, Amy is definitely making a huge comeback: Her little notes and hints always make me shake my head. George the Goldfish haha: P Dan: When he cracks a joke 11 pages in, I definitely let out a sigh of relief.

I feel so bad for him though, especially after the scene on the bridge. Raving about exotic foods? Talking in as if stuck in her own world? Being completely awesome, risk-taking and a completely crazy driver? Check, check and check. Or you can look the other way for exactly five minutes. Eh and romance between Nellie and Sammy? Not sure if I approve yet. I feel bad for him. Once upon a time, he fled the Cahill scene, traveling with the blessing of Grace.

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