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A Night Like This book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Anne Wynter might not be who she says she is But she's man. Aug 14, When I read the first Smythe-Smith book, Just Like Heaven, I wrote in my review: I read this book looking for a warm and happy escape into. (smythe-smith quartet #2) is a romance novel by julia quinn.a night like this system in englandee download or read online a night like this pdf (epub).

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Editorial Reviews. Review. Romantic, funny and heart melting, the second book in Quinn's A Night Like This - Kindle edition by Julia Quinn. Romance Kindle. A Night Like This [Julia Quinn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Nora Roberts calls Julia Quinn's novels, “Delightful.” The #1 New York. May 29, Written, of course, by Harriet Pleinsworth. It's in His Kiss takes place one year after A Night Like This, so I had a lot of fun setting up the pieces of.

But Anne Wynter is managing quite well as a governess to three highborn young ladies. Her job can be a challenge— in a single week she finds herself hiding in a closet full of tubas, playing an evil queen in a play that might be a tragedy or might be a comedy— no one is sure , and tending to the wounds of the oh-so-dashing Earl of Winstead. But Daniel has an enemy, one who has vowed to see him dead. And when Anne is thrown into peril, he will stop at nothing to ensure their happy ending…. Daniel Smythe-Smith blinked. He was a little bit drunk, but he thought someone had just accused him of cheating at cards. Oh, right.

But a few laugh out loud moments couldn't prevent the frustration I got from having to read plenty of confessions about how beautiful Anne is to Daniel, how often he thinks of her, how she can't be with him, and how kind he is to her. Is that all? No, of course there are more.

How they enjoy to spend time together just talking about the colors variation of their eyes also each of their parents's eyes, and the rest of their family , the wonderful scenery and fine weather, the difference between his luxurious gloves and her mended gloves, and do you have any idea how amazing the postal system is?

After the first half of the book, I was in the verge of losing all the interest I had left when some things were starting to surprise me. Sadly, not a good kind of surprises. Anne refuses. She runs away.

An incident happens. She comes back to him. And she makes an offer to be his mistress. But no. I'm not done yet. She confesses she's not a virgin. He still loves her. He proposes again. She accepts. They are about to make love when Anne says: With you.

It's just.. I completely disagreed with Anne. Whether a virginity is taken by force or given with willingness, it is a part of us as a woman. No matter how pleasant or unpleasant it is, it will always be remembered. I didn't think Anne could say it doesn't count just because she doesn't want it to be. It meant either she was lying, or she didn't think it was a part of her.

The fact that she had given her first time willingly and she later said it doesn't count made me think she only had so little respect and appreciation for herself. I realized this was probably just a matter of misunderstanding of the words.

Still, she shouldn't have said it. Everything didn't work for me. Anne is having a walk somewhere in the middle of town and guess what? She sees the bad man she's been running from for years.

She enters the nearest shop to hide and guess what? Daniel is there. There are more like those, too much coincidences to go unnoticed. I'm getting to my last rant of the day. The villain. He had foolish motive, he made reckless plans, and while he was executing one of his oh-so-grand plan he did some utterly ridiculous things. To sum it up in two words: Now, the very last rant.

Daniel's mother, Lady Winstead. What could be my problem with her? It is said that his mother has not batted so much as an eyelash when he announces that he plans to marry Miss Wynter, the governess. Very relieving, indeed. Sense and sensibility may rest in peace.

I think Lady Winstead might need to consult with Dowager Lady Bridgerton about how to give a more sensible reaction, along with some useful motherly advice and warnings about how the aristocracy might respond if your son wants to marry a woman outside the elites society.

I'm done. Terribly disappointed. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has never read JQ's before. As for her fans, hope you all enjoy the book and get everything that I missed. View all 29 comments.

Jan 23, Phrynne rated it really liked it Shelves: Pure entertainment! I stayed up late to finish this one because I was enjoying it so much. I have probably said this before but Julia Quinn writes excellent dialogue which is often laugh aloud funny. Her characters are just like Georgette Heyer 's but racier. In A Night Like This our main characters fall in love at first sight but the obstacle between them is Ann's position in society - just a governess and not appropriate in the eyes of Society to be the wife of a Lord.

Of course events lead to t Pure entertainment!

Of course events lead to the happiest of conclusions. I really enjoy a book like this after a period of reading blood soaked murder mysteries and grimdark fantasies.

Something light and fluffy for a complete change goes down well. View all 3 comments.

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Honour dictates that they face each other, but having sobered up and wised up, both realise they need to aim wide. Though Hugh's shot hits Daniel accidentally, it is superficial. But Daniel slips and his shot sees Hugh badly injured, nearly crippled.

Threatened with death by Hugh's father, the Marquess of Ramsgate, Daniel escapes to the Continent, in fear of his life for the nex 3. Threatened with death by Hugh's father, the Marquess of Ramsgate, Daniel escapes to the Continent, in fear of his life for the next three years. Until eventually Hugh tracks him down. He has extracted a promise from his father that he would not harm Daniel upon his return to England. Anne Wynter has been haunted as well for the past eight years.

Governess to Daniel's cousins, the beautiful Anne catches Daniel's eye. When Daniel is attacked, who is responsible, as both Daniel and Anne have enemies from the past. Though there's nothing new here, and this story runs its expected course, it is a pleasant way to while away the hours.

Sometimes sweet is just want you need and want. Julia Quinn writes at the lighter end of historical romances, and her stories, her protagonists are always likable. This one is no exception. With the emphasis on the romance and rounded out with the usual band of wonderful secondary characters, A Night Like This is a sweet romance, full of humour, and with a light mystery. View all 16 comments. Oct 30, Shawna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The musicale scene in the first chapter had me laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my face and that part alone was worth 5 stars.

Another enchanting, romantic winner from the incomparable Ms. View all 8 comments. Almost all of them, really. And despite those years of frivolous happiness, I swore off Quinn books after the first in the Smythe-Smith series, Just Like Heaven , was pointlessly dumb enough to make me rethink what I was doing with my life.

Did I really want to read the same banter and self-gratifying me so clever "comedy" for the rest of my life? No, I said. So I put away my Quinn books and summed this up to a "phase" never to be revisited again. On the bright side, A Night Like This isn't nearly as mind-numbingly frivolous as the prior book in this series. There's a plot, there's more romance, the scenes didn't make me want to take a meat mallet to the next face that said something stupid.

I was pleasantly surprised. Look at that. That's, like, 3 billion stars in Avon ratings. The story isn't particularly complicated. It's the standard regency fare, except that Quinn can write, so the tropes aren't quite as annoying.

A Night Like This goes thus: Oh noz! I have accidentally attended a duel and accidentally shot my friend in the leg. These things happen! I will KEEL you! I must flee to the continent to avoid a sure death!

It's funny because the girls suck at playing instruments. But they play every year anyway. It's funny. No, really. Who is this fair maiden I have never met sitting at the piano playing poorly. She is not my relative. I am thine fair maiden, but you cannot eye-fuck me like that because I am a governess. You are beautiful! I really can't I must have you! Seriously, not a good idea. I still think you're hot, but Oh, what the hell? My feminine loins are quivering or whatever. But no!

Julia Quinn

We can't do this because I have issues. I don't care. I have issues, and fooling around with you will get me fired and thrown out on the street with nowhere to go. This is fucking or whatever. They'll make me be a prostitute probably, and then I'll die.

Julia Quinn A Night Like This PDF Free Download

That's an excellent point. Nonetheless, I will have you still. Don't you listen? I'm, like, damaged and stuff. You have secrets. Let me help you. They're too shameful! I will kill everybody because I was a dickbag a long time ago and ended up paying for it. I'm in mortal danger! But I'm still in mortal danger! OMG, I love you so much. OMG, I love you, too. Marry me. Marry me! I'm evil and bonkers. Time to kill Anne! Oh, no you don't! Now we have to read the next book. The characters are too NICE.

She needs to rough them up a bit, give them something to fight about. Back in the day, she wrote a few intriguing jackholes. Daniel and Anne are wholly inoffensive. They never even offend each other.

I think my husband and I piss each other off more in one day than they did in the entire book, and my marriage is incredibly civil.

Also, the secondary characters can be all kinds of distracting and annoying.

Stop setting me up for sequels, writers. I don't bleed money. View all 4 comments. Mar 04, Geo Marcovici rated it really liked it. If you're looking for a sweet historical romance, this is the book for you It's entertaining, funny and witty, it has a great romance with characters you'll love and who love each other like crazy I just have one problem with this, it somehow gets too sweet for me in the second half of the book I know, I know, what's wrong with sweet?

Nothing, but I personally don't like those sugary endings. Maybe sometimes I love them, but most of the times not. This was in the most of the times category B If you're looking for a sweet historical romance, this is the book for you It's entertaining, funny and witty, it has a great romance with characters you'll love and who love each other like crazy I just have one problem with this, it somehow gets too sweet for me in the second half of the book I know, I know, what's wrong with sweet?

This was in the most of the times category BUT - as I said, this is just me, if you like lovely and sweet romances, then this is right up your alley: Anne is a governess with many secrets, always looking over her shoulder in fear of being recognized.

Daniel has just returned from his exile and the first person he sees is Anne of course at the dreadful Smythe-Smith musicale And that was that. Daniel did a lot of scheming, but somehow managed to convince his aunt to come to his estate and bring with her her daughters, and of course, the governess.

They fight the attraction, well Daniel doesn't actually but Anne makes him do it. And aside from their feelings, Anne's past finally comes out on the open, and brings their lives in mortal danger Yes, it does sound rather omnious Loved both main characters: They were strong and fought for their love even though I kind of don't like the unrealistic matches, yeah it's all good to read about, but it would never happen, ever.

Anne's story was quite sad and I felt bad for her. Daniel also had a tough time, running for his life for three years. They were a good mach: BTW, Hugh appeared in this one He sounds so intriguing, and a possible excellent character Can't wait to read his book View all 22 comments. Is this really the same author I enjoyed reading all of her 28 books in a month after her Bridgerton series?

She introduced me to the world of Historical romance and I didn't find a more witty author till date. But what went wrong with this one? So, was the book funny? Were the characters endearing? No with the exception of Frances and Harriet Were there solid supporting characters? All that thing about Hugh making the gentlemanly! Was the heroine gutsy, bright and enchanting??

I have not seen!! Was the hero smart, witty, funny n strong?? Well, may be! But strong?

Was there a past that had a great bearing on the story? Was there an evil villain?? I don't think so And what was that about the great revelation she had about him not consummating his marriage???? Where did that come from and what did it lead to?? The book in short can claim to be a dish which has all the ingredients mentioned in a recipe JQ has the gift of being a great pick me up storyteller, her stories are always smart and alot of fun. The focus on the Smythe-Smith and their crazy family and well known ear bleeding musicals bring a smile to anyone's face if they'll read JQ's books.

A Night Like This follows in the same vein as the book before it Just Like Heaven with it's at times very simple plot. At the sane time reminded me of an older novel On the Way to the Wedding, but lacked the spark I found in On the Way to the We JQ has the gift of being a great pick me up storyteller, her stories are always smart and alot of fun.

Daniel Smythe-Smith was a charming hero, but sometimes really lacked the common sense that he seem to have lost by being on the run for three years once he lays eyes on Anne.

Anne seem to show alot of common sense from her own troubles from her past and knew their stations would hinder anything between them. Daniel seem to turn a blind eye to this even when he knew the dangers. JQ is known from her wicked batter between characters, but it felt dragged out and very stilled.

It only seem to brighten when another character would join the fray. Still the ending did pick up the pace and gained a extra star in my overall rating. Plus the character Hugh Prentice made me curious about his own story. JQ's books are like a cozy blanket, familiar and fun to snuggle up with and to just pass the time away with. June will just take forever to come around: Thoughts after reading: Daniel Smythe-Smith returns home to England after a 3 year exile at the continent on the night of a Smythe-Smith musicale.

Soon enough he takes notice of the beautiful stranger amidst his sisters and cousins and suffers an instant pang of attraction which may only lead to 5. Soon enough he takes notice of the beautiful stranger amidst his sisters and cousins and suffers an instant pang of attraction which may only lead to love in future.

Similarly, Anne, the beautiful governess with a secret and a past of her own, suddenly finds herself in very much attention of the very elusive and handsome Earl of Winstead. But there are secrets to reveal, enemies to overcome, fear to defeat, hope to arise and love to bloom to get a story begin only to reach an eventual happy ending.

Daniel in my eyes: This one is another winner of JQ. This one was no different. A Night Like This , which have one Daniel Smythe-Smith as a wonderful protagonist accompanying one brilliant compatible heroine linked with one marvelous storyline alongside some contagious humor with loveable secondaries, is definitely another keeper!

View all 20 comments. Oct 29, Sharon rated it liked it Shelves: Some of my thoughts in no particular order: And hearing her story about how she lost everything and was shunned by her family made me feel for her. She really did well for herself by maturing and finding jobs to survive after that.

The romance is sweet and slow-going. I was skeptical at first because it s Some of my thoughts in no particular order: I was skeptical at first because it seemed like it would be a shallow relationship but by midpoint, I can appreciate the way Anne and Daniel interact with each other. I always appreciate strong family theme.

It is a solid read. Not the best, but enjoyable. Angst level? When Daniel bump into Anne in town and takes her to his carriage. When Anne and Daniel are in town again, but when Daniel is purposely trying to spend time with her. Explicit details on sex. Mentions of sexual assault. View 2 comments.

Feb 24, Jess the Romanceaholic rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a Quickie Review. For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic. Expected Release Date: May 29, Publisher: HarperCollins Imprint: Edelweiss Part of a Series: Worked well as a standalone Steam Level: It was lighthearted without This is a Quickie Review. It was lighthearted without being frivolous, full of chemistry and heat without being smutty, exciting without being overwhelming, and most importantly, incredibly romantic without being sappy.

I loved the back and forth between Anne and Daniel, and how both characters grew over the course of the novel. View all 5 comments. Oct 02, Sha Mslvoe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Love love love the cover art.

Bright blue dress and sweet pink heels. I love the way Julia Quinn makes me laugh, cry and sigh with satisfaction. It was so good to finally wrapped with a good romance. The epilogue make me continue my reading till evening. I was glued and I can't take my eyes of this wonderful story. I wasn't supposed to finish it today, but I guess it was inevitable. There was no way I was going to be able to read it in small chunks over a period of a week, especially when I wasn't planning to anything especially exciting today.

We already sorta met Daniel and Anne in book 1. Daniel had just returned from his exile while the beautiful Anne seems to be serving her own exile as the governess for 3 of the Symthe-Smith girls. This book starts with some details about how Daniel got kicked o Oops.

This book starts with some details about how Daniel got kicked out of England and his return back to civilization. Daniel sorta attends the Smythe-Smith musicale and manages to see Anne Wynter playing the piano as the replacement Smythe-Smith.

Immediately intrigued, he tries to pursue her. Lucky for him, Anne likes him back. Trouble is, she's already made a mistake of loving above her station once and she's not planning to make it again.

A Night Like This

Daniel pursues, Anne kindly tries to dissuade him and herself , but of course, they have great chemistry so it's no surprise that they're meant for each other.

Unfortunately, Anne's past still exist and it's trying to kill her, so if she can trust Daniel with that truth and allow him to save her, they can finally get their Happily Ever After.

Anne is a great HR heroine. She made a mistake when she was younger sleeping with a man she believed loved her and would marry her and has been paying for it for 8 years. She's tough, but not unnaturally so she still knows her limitations. She's just all around awesome. Daniel was also a treat. He's a total cutie and more socially adept than his BFF, Marcus.

I liked that he pursued Anne, but was respected her ability to say 'No'. It was refreshing to have a nicely balanced hero. Daniel's other friend, the one he accidentally shot, Hugh, looks to be the next hero.

I wonder who he's going to fall for. So far, I like him. D Anyway, it was a great read. I could have done without the madman plot, but considering there was a generous amount of humor and family in the mix, I can forgive. Anne dares to go out with only her cloak on over her nightgown. Excellent narration by the always versatile and elegant Rosalyn Landor , who certainly kicked this up a notch. I will admit that I had to increase the speed from 1X to 1.

Landor manages to keep them all sounding differe Anne dares to go out with only her cloak on over her nightgown. Landor manages to keep them all sounding different. Still, I gobbled up this second in the Smythe-Smith Quartet in one sitting. How can I miss with Ms. Landor delivering Ms. When does the next one come out? View all 6 comments. Oh be Yemin ediyorum, oh be, yani.

O ne Oh be Seni yerim. Mar 28, ilknur a. Bu, kendini koruma. Her gece. Daniel Smythe-Smith, the Earl of Winstead, returns from his three year absence from England, arriving home on the evening of the yearly Smythe-Smith musicale.

He looked down at his shoulder, now oozing with blood. It was just a muscle wound, but good God, it hurt. And it was his shooting arm.

Marcus was already running over, as was the surgeon. There was blood everywhere, so much of it Daniel could see it seeping through the grass, even from across the clearing. His gun slipped from his fingers and he stepped forward, trancelike. What was he supposed to do? Daniel listened. Hugh was dying, right there on the grass, and he had done it. Marcus sat in a nearby chair, staring out the window, which shone with the midday sun. It was wet. Not if Hugh died.

Bloody hell, they were friends. That was the most asinine part of it all. They were friends, he and Hugh. Daniel swallowed. No matter what happened, he would be a pariah, and it would rub off on his family. His older sisters were married, but Honoria had just made her debut. Who would have her now?

He swung his legs over the side and had almost touched down by the time Marcus reached him. He would finish. There were some things that had to be said. He turned to Marcus with flashing eyes. It did not take long for Daniel to ascertain that he was not welcome. Daniel held himself very still.

Ramsgate had a right to be angry. He was in shock. He was grieving. You think an apology is going to save you from the gallows if my son is dead?

He aimed wide. Why would you do that? For a moment Ramsgate did nothing but stare. That is your explanation? Daniel said nothing. It sounded weak to his own ears, as well. But it was the truth. And it was awful. He looked to Marcus, hoping for some sort of silent advice, something to indicate what to say, how to proceed.

A Night Like This - PDF Free Download

Again, if he avoids infection. But he will limp, and he may very well be lame. The bone was splintered. The doctor drew back in shock, and then in self-preservation as Ramsgate stalked across the room.

You have ruined my son. Even if he lives, he will be ruined, with a ruined leg, and a ruined life. He knew Ramsgate was upset; he had every right to be. But something more was at work here. The marquess looked unbalanced, possessed. You will die. Do you understand me? He put his arm between the two men and carefully widened the space between them.

He wanted to make this right. He needed to try. There is no place you will be able to hide. Ramsgate looked at Marcus as if he were an idiot. The price of a life is low indeed. So you will never see them coming. Those were the words that haunted Daniel for the next three years. He heard them in his sleep, in the rustle of the trees, and in every footfall that came from behind. He learned to keep his back to walls, to trust no one, not even the women with whom he occasionally took his pleasure.

And he accepted the fact that he would never again step foot on English soil, or see his family, until one day, to his great surprise, Hugh Prentice came limping toward him in a small village in Italy. He knew that Hugh had lived.

He received the occasional letter from home. For a lady who had spent the last eight years trying not to be noticed, Anne Wynter was in an awkward position.

That she would be sharing the stage with three other young women was some consolation. The other musicians—members of the infamous Smythe-Smith quartet— all played stringed instruments and would have to face the audience.

Anne, at least, could focus on the ivory keys and keep her head bowed. With any luck, the audience would be too focused on how horrific the music was to pay any attention to the dark-haired woman who had been forced to step in at the last minute to take the place of the pianist, who had as her mother declared to anyone who would listen taken dreadfully— nay, catastrophically— ill. But Lady Sarah had convinced her mother, who had decided that the show must go forth.

It did not seem to matter that Anne had not played the piece in question in over eight years, or that she had never played it in its entirety. Indeed, her only aim for the evening was that she not be noticeable. To be noticed. For any number of reasons. Who did realize. We are a family. You have truly saved the day. She rather liked Lady Honoria. Unlike Daisy, she did realize how dreadful they were, but unlike Iris, she still wished to perform. It was all about family, Honoria insisted.

Family and tradition. Seventeen sets of Smythe-Smith cousins had gone before them, and if Honoria had her way, seventeen more would follow. Honoria jabbed her cousin lightly with her violin bow.

She was hopping from foot to foot like a frenetic magpie, and Anne had already backed up twice, just to preserve her toes. Honoria, who was closer to the spot from which they would make their entrance, nodded. Or wonder aloud if the concerts were always this dreadful or if this year was particularly bad. And one definitely did not ask— If the concerts are always so horrific, why do people keep coming? Just then fourteen-year-old Harriet Pleinsworth came skidding in through a side door.

Anne turned away so no one would see her roll her eyes. Those two had never gotten along. Daisy took herself too seriously, and Harriet took nothing seriously. Dear God, she had never worked so hard in her life. Her fingers raced across the keys, trying desperately to keep up with Daisy, who played the violin as if in a footrace.

This is ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous, Anne singsonged in her mind. It was the strangest thing, but the only way to get through it was to keep talking to herself. It was an impossibly difficult piece of music, even for accomplished players. Ridiculous ridiculous— Ack! Anne flung out her right pinkie finger and hit the key just in time.

Which was to say, two seconds later than it should have been. And on she played, half wondering if she should just make up her part. Daisy was flying through her section, her volume modulating between loud and extremely loud; Honoria was plodding on, each note like a determined footfall; and Iris—.

Anne took a breath, stretching her fingers during a brief pause in the piano part. Then it was back to the keys and—. Anne struck the first chord, then realized that Iris and Honoria were already two bars ahead. Daisy was— well, good gracious, she had no idea where Daisy was. Anne skipped ahead to where she hoped the rest of them were.

She froze. Someone was watching them from the back room. It burst through her, compressing her lungs, firing her skin. She knew this feeling. She made herself breathe. She was in the home of the dowager Countess of Winstead. She was as safe as safe could be. What she needed to do was—. Anne scanned the notes on the page as fast as she could, her eyes jumping quickly from bar to bar.

Anne flipped the page, took her best guess, and brought her fingers down into G minor. For the rest of the performance she kept her head down. She banged through the notes with as much finesse as the rest of the Smythe-Smiths, and when they were done, she stood and curtsied with her head still bowed, murmured something to Harriet about needing to tend to herself, and fled.

Especially with the cacophony. The audience would probably have thanked him, but the last thing he wanted was to greet his family in front of a crowd of lords and ladies, most of whom probably thought he should have remained in exile. He smiled. There was Honoria, smiling that big smile of hers as she attacked her violin with her bow. His other sisters had been the same.

But he loved them for trying. At the other violin was—good heavens, was that Daisy? No, he supposed she must be sixteen by now, not yet out in society, but no longer a young girl. He paused. Who the devil was that at the piano? He leaned a little closer. Well, now, this was a mystery.

He knew for a fact because his mother had told him so, many times that the Smythe-Smith quartet was comprised of unmarried Smythe-Smith young ladies, and no one else. When one married, there was always another waiting to take her place. They had never needed an outsider to step in.

One of his cousins must have taken ill. That could be the only explanation. He tried to remember who ought to be at the piano.

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