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Among the Impostors. The Shadow Children, Book #2. American Bookseller Pick of the Lists, ; A YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. Continuing the story of Luke Garner, a third child born under a futuristic government that only allows two children per family, this sequel to Among the Hidden p. Visit Scholastic, the world's largest children's book publisher. Whether you need a classic kids book or classroom-proven teaching materials, discover it at.

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Start by marking “Among the Impostors (Shadow Children, #2)” as Want to Read: (Shadow Children #2) Margaret Peterson Haddix grew up on a farm near Washington Court House, Ohio. Among the Impostors (Shadow Children Book 2) and millions of other books are available for . Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Among the Impostors is a book by Margaret Peterson Haddix, about a time in which drastic measures have been taken to quell overpopulation. It is the.

This sequel to Among the Hidden picks up with Luke finally out of hiding and going to boarding school under an assumed identity. Copyright Reed Business Information, Inc. She lives with her family in Columbus, Ohio. Visit her at HaddixBooks. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Where they told in the morning by someone? Maybe by Mr. Was it something that the whole school knew about, or did they still have to pick out the shadow children from the one's who had mental illnesses or issues? I think there are too many gaps in the book that leave out important or interesting information. Overall, the book was pretty good. If you take out the gaps in it, the book would be great. Feb 09, Daniel rated it it was amazing.

It was a very good book with many twists and turns. I would recommend it to everyone in the galaxy if I could!! VERY ambiguous story! I love it because it is super duper coooooooooooooool: Stay pragmatic!

This book is okay, it's really not that intense as the first book. But I read it any way I'm not gonna read the whole series because I'm focusing on the new series I'm reading, so yeah. This book is about an illegal third child name Luke Garner and Jen's Dad is trying to help him and he goes to this school for boys and he is really scared of blowing his cover of being an illegal third child.

I think this book is okay because I like how Luke finally experienced the world. The first book is more in This book is okay, it's really not that intense as the first book. The first book is more intense. Feb 18, Jack rated it it was amazing. In a crumbling world, the third child in any family is meant to be cast away due to a government that can't sustain the population. His whole life has been spent running and hiding from the Population Police, and now in "Among The Impostors" by Margaret Paterson Haddix, he takes the importance of his family to full lengths by changing his name.

Change in Luke's life came when he walked into Hendricks School for Boys as a new person. Talbot, who watched over Luke, got him into this school for invisibility against the Population Police. The school's not what he expected, as he's tormented at night by memories of his past life and a jackal-like bully. The hallways and classes are grotesque, and Luke's sucked into a black hole of confusion.

The school doesn't even have windows Talbot had given Luke a note in the headmaster's office while Luke was inducted into the school. Seeing this as an aide, Luke drives himself crazy as he tries to find just one little place to read it. Finally, a door leads him outside the school and into the woods.

The note is revealed, and only bears two words; "Blend in". This enrages Luke, his mind spins with life altering decisions. Should he go back to the cruel minefield of a school, or risk his life and the life of his family to go back to his family farm?

Luke's always made tremendous sacrifices for his family, and with thought of their love, he decides to do back into the Hendricks School for Boys. Luke's obviously confused with himself, and lets the people in his life affect his physical and mental decisions. The school hasn't helped; as a child he hardly saw the outside world, much as there are no windows in this dark school. There seems to be a trend going on The death of his friend Jen has haunted him, but confounds him because she had an aggressive attitude against everything.

It's an attitude that Luke wishes he could have. So, he doesn't know to go against or with Mr. Talbot, seeing that he's her father. As you've read, Luke's character is confusing to himself and to anyone else who's reading. I guess you'll have to read on to really understand this character.

He begins a garden, in the woods. For once at the wretched school, he's happy. The more he goes outside to his garden, the more he thinks of the school as a chess game. He's just a pawn, sacrificing himself for something bigger than he is. Luke comprehends the fact that the hall monitors are always looking at the door to the outside world, and decides to follow the monitors and their allies outside in the cold night.

Through out the conversation that Luke overhears while a group of students meet, he realizes that they too are third children. Courage arises, and Luke steps out from behind the tree to be seen. As he's inducted into the group of third girls and boys, he spins stories of the days when he talked and hung out with Jen. Apparently, this was awe inspiring to the others. He told the story of the Third-Child rally in front of the White House, and how every living soul was murdered.

Luke still hasn't come to terms with how the school works, and still hasn't come to terms with the absence of his family, and Jen. Maybe this new group will help him, maybe they'll drive him crazy. Who knows, you'll just have to read on! Jason Jackal boy plans to lead a resistance against the overpowering tyrant government.

One night, everything changes. With Luke hard pressed to study for school finals, he makes the decision of skipping the meeting to study.

In the midst of the night, Jason leaves the bedroom, Luke follows. Before long, Luke has no idea where Jason has gone, but hears faint mumbling. The mumbling was coming from Jason's mouth Luke walked down the stairs to where Jason was with a whisper of the foot, so not to be seen. Jason is giving the real names of his own allies, and ends the cell-phone discussion with the words, "They don't know I'm part of the Population Police. Talbot, and it pays off.

The following day, Jason was taken in custody by the population police, and the other third children were safe. All of this happened thanks to Mr. In the past fifty pages, Luke has been guilty for his actions, as well as confused of what he should do.

He still aspires to act like Jen, the rebel. He has some personal gratification as Jason is taken away to be killed, by the Population Police that he himself had worked for. He personally speaks with Mr. Talbot, and the schools namesake, Mr. It turns out that the person he trusted, Jason, was either bribed by the Population Police to do their dirty work, or he was fighting for a cause that he believed in.

Hendricks and Mr. Talbot mutually proposed the idea of Luke moving to another school. Although it seemed like a logical decision, Luke chose to stay at the school. He would keep masking himself for the sake of the other third children. In the woods, Luke and the other children planted a garden of peas. Trey, who wouldn't open his eyes to the outside world, finally opened them as he planted a new seedling into the ground.

Is there betrayal? When is he going to die? What's wrong with the school? Those questions and foreshadowing of character, and plot brought me to the conclusion that "Among The Impostors" gets 4. It was just one of those books that you can hardly put down, not for the cliche reasons though.

The most common question that came up when reading this book was, "Could this ever really happen in the world's future?

Ultimately, anyone can read this book. The idea and plot aren't very difficult to grasp. Although that's true, the prospect of this really happening could be a potential scare to children younger than ten, whilst a ten year old can comprehend what's going on and realize it'll never happen.

Among the Imposters

Jan 24, WyattQ rated it really liked it. In this series, each family can only have two kids. Luke Garner, is a thirteen-year old illegal third child with a false identity. Talbot gave him a note, and Luke found a door that led him outside to read the note.

As the story goes on, Luke goes to the woods almost every day during some classes, and he tried to make a garden with raw potatoes but they got trampled on. He finds out that during the night, some Shadow Children leave the building at night to meet up, along with some girls for Harlow School for Girls. Jason betrayed four Shadow Children and he was working for the Population Police.

Luke knocked him out because he called the Population Police on four Shadow Children, and the next morning only Jason got arrested by the Population Police because they believed that he was lying about the Fake I. Luke goes to a meeting later that day with his history teacher, the headmaster of the school, and Mr.

Talbot and they told Luke that this was mainly the first school that Shadow Children go to out of hiding but Luke decides to stay at the school to help other Shadow Children. In my opinion, this story is dark because Luke is in a school of unhelpful teachers and mean students.

Also, Luke gets called rude names in this story, and someone gets knocked out. Jan 17, Kendall Crowell added it.


I thought the book was great because they finally got a secret I. Apr 03, Jorge rated it really liked it.

It has lots of unexpected twists in the plot and it keeps readers hooked. Luke Garner is an illegal third child who lives in a time where parents are allowed only two children due to famines. Because he is an illegal third child, Luke gets a fake I. On his first day of school, Luke already finds himself in a tough position. He doesn't know the classes, the students, or the dorms. Luckily, he survives his first few weeks at Hendricks.

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He gets lost one day and finds a wooden door that leads outside to some woods. He waits until a hall monitor turns his back and then rushes towards the door.

He does this a couple more times and decides to build his own garden because of all the open space outside and because the food at Hendricks has no taste. On day, Luke goes to the woods again only to discover that the vegetables that he planted had been destroyed.

He goes to the woods later on in order to find the culprits. Luke discovers that night that the students who go out to the woods are third children with fake I. The problem is: I would give "Among the Imposters" 4 stars because Haddix really knows how to use literature to make her stories sound real.

Nov 09, Zac rated it really liked it.

It is by Margaret Peterson Haddix. There are many different characters. There is Luke, Mr. Talbot, Jackal boy, and Mr. They each play a key role in the book. They all help Luke along the way through Hendricks School for Boys. They made Luke realize a way to help shadow children everywhere. Only, I didn't know how. But now I do. It takes place at a school called Hendricks School for Boys. The setting has a great role in Luke's progression through the book.

It gives him a different perspective of the world. Instead of hiding twenty four seven. He comes straight out of hiding and is expected to blend in with the boys. The note only had two words: View Full Version of PW. More By and About This Author. Buy this book. Apple Books. Reviewed on: Paperback - pages - Show other formats.

Among the Impostors (Shadow Children): Margaret Peterson Haddix: Books

Luke then calls Mr. Talbot, who works for the Population Police, but sabotages them whenever he can, and tries to tell him what is happening but Mr. Talbot seems not to understand and hangs up on him. The next morning at breakfast, a Population Police officer comes into the dining hall and announces that he has a warrant for the arrest of illegal third children, but before he can read the names on his list Mr. Talbot arrives with Jason following behind him, in chains. Jason says that he can identify a number of illegal children, but Mr.

Talbot convinces the officer that he is lying and Jason is taken away to Population Police headquarters. That evening Luke is taken to the Headmaster's cottage where he talks with Josiah Hendricks, the founder of the Hendricks and Harlow schools, and Mr. Luke learns that the schools have been set up as a first stop for shadow children after they come out of hiding and start living with fake IDs, and have been designed as a place where they can overcome the emotional disorders that have resulted from their having spent their entire lives in hiding.

Once they have dealt with their fears and can fit in with others, they are sent on to the next school. Both Mr. Hendricks and Mr. Talbot believe that Luke is ready to move on, but Luke asks to stay so that he can help those boys like Trey who are afraid of the outdoors overcome their fear by teaching them how to tend a garden. Hendricks agrees and Luke starts helping other shadow children. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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