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This reading list is a collection of the books that have had a significant, lasting impact on my Plus the Army Chief of Staff's Reading List. U.S. Army Leadership Handbook: Skills, Tactics, and Techniques Situation (US Army Survival) (): Department of the Army: Books. Army Doctrine Publication ADP Army Leadership August (): United States Government US Army: Books.

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Books shelved as military-leadership: For Country and Corps: The Life of General Oliver P. Smith by Gail The Armed Forces Officer: Edition (Paperback). 'Leaders are readers'. Learn from others' experiences and theories by getting your head into some good leadership books. Below are leadership books we have. These aren't all books about leadership – they are also about war, strategy and determination. They aren't all new books, either. But they all offer some personal .

What does it take to lead an army into a battle? Capable leaders with good character are crucial for the Army to meet the challenges in the complex and dangerous security environment that we face today. The U. It defines leadership doctrine and basic principles for all officers, Army civilians across all components, and noncommissioned officers. To be successful, Army leaders must be agile, multi-skilled athletes who have keen intellect, a wide range of knowledge, and strong moral character. Both military and civilian leaders will benefit from this Army field manual.

His last combat tour was as the Deputy Commanding General of the 25, strong Allied and Joint Task Force in Afghanistan, overseeing a vast array of combat and logistical operations. He is the author of several books, most recently, Foreign and Domestic. Trending Now Sponsored Links by Taboola. Sign up for free access to 1 article per month and weekly email updates from expert policy analysts.

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Christmas Leadership Book List - The Army Leader

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Army Ranger School, he commanded combat infantry units in the 25th Infantry and 4th Infantry Divisions, 82nd and st Airborne Divisions, and the 10th Mountain Division. By Thomas E.

The Military Leader Reading List

Ricks April 2, , McManus… a review of strategic to tactical decision making and being prepared, or not, for opportunity on the battlefield. Today's Army must adapt quickly to differing cultures, and soldiers can find themselves responding to multiple crises.

Understanding globalization is crucial to operating in the current environment, and this book does an outstanding job of providing that understanding. Lincoln assumed the presidency and a little over a month later found his nation embroiled in a Civil War. Relatively inexperienced in military matters before being elected, Lincoln developed from a novice into a military strategist.

One of the biggest challenges facing Lincoln was the search for effective leadership. The Army Professional Reading list notes that even though "Lincoln and His Generals" was first published in , it "remains one of the definitive accounts of President Abraham Lincoln's wartime leadership.

The two authors of "The Endgame" first teamed up to write the critically-acclaimed book "Cobra II," which analyzed how the strategic choices made by American leaders during the Iraq War lead to the insurgency that quickly developed.

Popular Military Leadership Books

This follow-up book is a tour de force covering all aspects and players involved in the Iraq War, from Shia to Sunni to the U. War is much more complex than mere fighting between groups, and this book attempts to provide a complete picture of the U. The Army recommends the book as "an essential work for any Army leader who wishes to grasp the complex character of any war in the contemporary age.

Returning from war can be one of the hardest challenges that servicemembers face. The length of our current war and the amount of time soldiers spend deployed takes a psychological effect on the men and women in uniform. This is compounded by a sense of alienation many soldiers feel upon redeployment. Bouvard captures the consequences of these issues in "Invisible Wounds of War.

The book also provides insight for civilians looking to understand the challenges that veterans face, and is an important work for helping to bridge the civilian and military divide. The Army's Professional Reading List describes Keegan's work as "one of the classics of modern military history," and the description is accurate. There are few modern works that capture the experience of combat in its totality like "The Face of Battle. The book puts the reader in the driver's seat of three famous battles, developing the setting along with the sensory details that immerses people in the scene.

Through this, Keegan explores the human element to war. Keegan's choice of three major battles in history allows him to develop the things that have changed about war and the many things that have stayed the same. However, victory against Japan was won by the Army, Navy and Marines fighting together. This book details the struggles of combining the Marines and Army into an effective fighting force in the middle of a war. Lacey accomplishes this feat by examining the famous invasions of Guadalcanal, Tarawa, the Marshalls, Saipan, and Okinawa.

America's most recent conflicts have required a great deal of working across branches, and this book provides an historical look of how this cooperation can lead to success. As its title suggests, McPherson's work covers the most turbulent time in America's history.

The book delves into all aspects of the war from the build-up and the causes leading to war to the surrender at Appomattox, and it accomplishes all of this in only one volume.

If war is truly "politics by other means," then this book captures that idea and provides a well-rounded view into "the noblest and least avoidable of all the great mass conflicts of which till then there was record. The Seven Years' War, commonly referred to in America as the French and Indian War was a global conflict among great powers that took place before the birth of the U.

During the war, nations would switch sides to gain the advantage and attempt to use various groups to obtain the upper hand. Military and commercial interests both had profound effects on how the war was waged and the strategies between various military and non-military groups. These are the books that have shaped me and imprinted lessons that directly reflect in my daily leadership life. These are the books that I reference and quote from, and I think you might benefit from reading.

In The Challenge of Command , Roger Nye explores the varying personas that commanders and leaders must develop to be successful, including serving as moral guide, tactical expert, and intellectual leader. The book also serves as a book reference guide for learning about military history, leadership, and command.

The audiobook is also a good listen. Closing with the Enemy is a great addition to any tactical unit reading list. Nineteen Stars: You get a glimpse of how their personalities worked for them, and at times against them. The leadership lessons pour out of this book and show the incredible talent that our military produced at a key moment in history. Blink introduced me to meta-knowledge that is, being aware of the quality of your own thinking.

It also set me off on a personal research effort to better understand how the brain responds to stress as in combat and what leaders can do to remain emotionally stable in combat. As part of that research effort, I read On Combat: It draws from law enforcement and military scenarios and research to give Soldiers a glimpse into what combat will do to them.

A must-read for new Soldiers and officers. Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why.

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