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I have a site with 's of pdf's for download and I would like to track Is there anyway I can do this in Google Analytics using one piece of code, thanks. url with the pdf was downloaded, also awstats which usually comes. the file is a PDF and there isn't a "PDF" category in the file listing AWStats – Monitor top file downloads The following example will allow you. Is there no way to save the AWSTATS graphics as a PDF? You must target='_ blank'>Google Analytics to track data about your website.

Awstats Track Pdf S

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AWStats is powerful log analyzer which creates advanced web, ftp, mail and streaming Track Downloads such as PDFs, compressed files and others. * Search. AWStats is powerful log analyzer which creates advanced web, ftp, mail and streaming server Track Downloads such as PDFs, compressed files and others. I am looking for a replacement to webtrends to track specific information about the pdfs that are being downloaded from our site - every month I.

AWstats is a free, popular log analyzer, released under the GPL. It can generate advanced graphical statistics from web, streaming, ftp or mail server log files. This document is not intended to be a review, but rather a quick installation and configuration guide for a specific web site, in order to have as accurate statistical data as possible for use in your traffic analysis reports. AWstats is actually a Perl script awstats. It also comes with some other helper Perl scripts to make this task even easier. Actually, only the last one is a necessity , as awstats can be configured to generate statistics even from heavily customized log formats. For this article we will use an apache log file in the " combined " format.


I have some desktop client agents that download the file in one go and I can see these in the webalizer logs as a single GET request. But all browser requests are byte served in parts.

But the PDF's are linking in many other locations, pages and other sites such that a large number of successful hits will not appear in the XOOPS downloads count. Google Urchin, does not do binaries So, bottom line: Per haps you can use the extra section in AwStats?

The second link, a java script "ping counter" does not cut it The java script will not be touched.

Awstats extras appears interesting, from what I read I don't see an obvious way to analyze X number get requests as comprising the download of a single PDF. Or possibly simply over my head For all the code required to make that extras thing work I would write my own analyzer in RevTalk.

Export AWSTATS as PDF | InMotion Hosting

But, I'm looking for an already "professional" method, as I find it hard to believe I need to reinvent this wheel. Can anyone help shed some light on this?

I would have thought it would come up under the 'pages' section. I get swf and rar files showing in there so can't see any reason why it wouldn't show pdf files. While you can modify the configuration file be aware if changes are made to the servers newer version released your changes may be lost or AWStats may not run. Bruce, in what directory would I create the Awstats.

Accurate Stats for Binary Downloads (.pdf .exe. .zip etc)

I just looked through all of my directories and cannot find an existing one. Also, permissions?

You have lots of Extras in your. Yes, you need to add that to the config file.

I don't do this anymore because an update caused the stats to stop running and I didn't feel like re-adding the code. You can post now and register later.

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