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Current Affairs PDF for all bank, ssc & other govt. exams. Read Bankers Adda Current Affairs PDFs & GK Capsules for IBPS SBI PO Exam Hindu GK Review (August ) · Hindu GK Review in Hindi (August ). Current Affairs August | GK Power Capsule PDF (The Hindu Must Do Current Affairs For SBI & Other Banking Exams: April Capsules IBPS Clerk Mains GA Power Capsule | Download PDF G.K Power Capsule for IBPS Clerk Mains · GK Power Capsule Must Do Current Affairs For SBI & Other Banking Exams: April · GK Power.

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Check GK Capsule based on Monthly Current Affair Updates from The GK Review (August ) · Hindu GK Review in Hindi (August ). The Hindu Review for the month of August is here now. You all can download it and read it for the current affairs section in all the. GK Power Capsule (The Hindu Review): July August 01, Comments. Dear Readers,. The Hindu Review for the month of July is here now.

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Shakeel Ahmed. PO Exam. News related to RBI: The Reserve Bank has signed a pact with Central Bank of Kenya for exchange of information and supervisory cooperation.

RBI issued two new categories of banks—Small and Payments which can improve financial inclusion. Important Points: The idea of small and payments banks was first proposed by the Nachiket Mor committee on financial inclusion. The minimum paid-up capital requirement of both small banks and payments banks is Rs. The payments bank will have to invest in government securities with a maturity of up to one year. Small banks will offer both deposits as well as loan products. Payments banks will be used only for transaction and deposits purposes.

Hence, payments banks will offer only a limited range of products such as acceptance of demand deposits and remittance of funds. Those eligible to set up a small bank include resident individuals with 10 years of experience in banking and finance, companies and societies, NBFCs, microfinance institutions and local area banks.

Of the minimum capital, the guidelines said, the promoters' initial minimum contribution will be at least 40 per cent, to be locked in for a period of 5 years. Bharat Bill Payment System is intended for the implementation of a unified bill payment system across the country. This integrated bill payment system will comprise of two entities: It will be carrying out the operations in adherence to the standards fixed by BBPS.

Authorised entities such as agents, banks, service providers, payment gateways would be the participants at the Bharat Bill Payment System.

With a view to achieve financial inclusion, the Reserve Bank of India has allowed Non-Banking Finance Companies to operate as Business Correspondents BCs of banks, permitting them to offer limited services.

The government should cut its holding in public sector banks to under 50 per cent. The in-principle approval will be valid for a period of 18 months during which the applicants have to comply with the requirements under the guidelines and fulfil the other conditions as may be stipulated by the RBI.

CMD of Bandhan financial services Dr. Rajiv B. Reserve Bank of India RBI issued the guidelines to allow the minors of age above 10 years to independently open and operate savings bank accounts and use other facilities like ATM and cheque books.

Bank Rate: The interest rate at which at central bank lends money to commercial banks. Often these loans are very short in duration.

Managing the bank rate is a preferred method by which central banks can regulate the level of economic activity. Lower bank rates can help to expand the economy, when unemployment is high, by lowering the cost of funds for borrowers. Conversely, higher bank rates help to reign in the economy, when inflation is higher than desired. Liquidity adjustment facility LAF is a monetary policy tool which allows banks to borrow money through repurchase agreements.

LAF is used to aid banks in adjusting the day to day mismatches in liquidity. LAF consists of repo and reverse repo operations. Repo Rate: Whenever the banks have any shortage of funds they can borrow it form RBI.

Repo rate is the rate at which commercial banks borrows rupees from RBI. A reduction in the repo rate will help banks to get money at cheaper rate.

When the repo rate increases borrowing form RBI becomes more expensive. Reverse Repo Rate: Reverse Repo rate is the rate at which RBI borrows money from commercial banks. Banks are always happy to lend money to RBI since their money is in the safe hands with a good interest. An increase in reverse repo rate can cause the banks to transfer more funds to RBI due to this attractive interest rates.

One factor which encourages an organisation to enter into reverse repo is that it earns some extra income on its otherwise idle cash. SLR is the amount a commercial banks needs to maintain in the form of cash, or gold, or govt. Need of SLR: It is also helpful to control the expansion of the Bank credits.

Main use of SLR: SLR is used to control inflation and propel growth. Through SLR rate the money supply in the system can be controlled effectively. Commercial Paper: Commercial Paper CP is an unsecured money market instrument issued in the form of a promissory note. Maturity period: CP can be issued in denominations of Rs. Treasury Bills: Treasury bills T-bills offer short-term investment opportunities, generally up to one year.

They are thus useful in managing short-term liquidity. At present, the Government of India issues three types of treasury bills through auctions, namely, day, day and day. There are no treasury bills issued by State Governments. Treasury bills are available for a minimum amount of Rs. Treasury bills are issued at a discount and are redeemed at par. Certificates of Deposit CD: Certificate of Deposit CD is a negotiable money market instrument and issued in dematerialised form or as a Usance Promissory Note against funds deposited at a bank or other eligible financial institution for a specified time period.

The maturity period of CDs issued by banks should not be less than 7 days and not more than one year, from the date of issue. Fiscal Deficit: A deficit in the government budget of a country and represents the excess of expenditure over income. So this is the amount of borrowed funds require by the government to meet its expenditures completely. Direct Tax: A direct tax is that which is paid directly by someone to taxing authority.

Income tax and property tax are an examples of direct tax. They are not shifted to somebody else.

Indirect Tax: This type of tax is not paid by someone to the authorities and it is actually passed on to the other in the form of increased cost. They are levied on goods and services produced or purchased. A Nostro account is maintained by an Indian Bank in the foreign countries. A Vostro account is maintained by a foreign bank in India with their corresponding bank.

The value of SDR is based on the portfolio of widely used countries and they are maintained as accounting entries and not as hard currency or physical assets like Gold. Cheque is a negotiable which can be transferred to another person in exchange of money instrument drawn on a specified banker ordering the banker to pay a certain sum of money to the drawer of cheque or another person. Cheque is always payable on demand. Types of Cheque: Ante Dated Cheque: A cheque bearing a date prior to actual date of signing the cheque or opening of an account is called an ante dated cheque which is valid and can be paid till it become stale.

Stale Cheque: If the validity of the cheque has already expired it is called stale cheque which cannot be paid.

The normal maximum validity of cheque is 3 months earlier it was 6 months. Post Dated Cheque: The cheque which bears a date subsequent to the date on which it is drawn. For ex.

A cheque drawn on 10th January, bears the date of 12th January, Crossing of Cheque: Crossings refers to drawing two parallel lines across the face of the cheque.

A crossed cheque cannot be paid in cash across the counter, and is to be paid through a bank either by transfer, collection or clearing. A general crossing means that cheque can be paid through any bank and a special crossing means where the name of the Bank is indicated on the cheque can be paid only through the named bank. Dishonour of Cheque: Non — payment of cheque by the paying banker with a return memo giving reasons for the non — payment.

Demand Draft: Demand draft is defined as an order to pay money drawn by one office of a bank upon another office of the same bank for a sum of money payable to order on demand. Cheque and Demand draft both are used for transfer of money. A cheque can be bounce but D. D cannot be bounce as it is already paid. Current account: Current account with a bank can be opened generally for business purpose. There are no restrictions on withdrawals in this type of account. No interest is paid in this type of account.

The transfer is not direct and RBI acts as the service provider to transfer the money from one account to another. You can transfer any amount through NEFT, even a rupee.

RTGS Real time gross settlement: RTGS system is funds transfer systems where transfer of money or securities takes place from one bank to another on a "real time" and on "gross" basis. Settlement in "real time" means payment transaction is not subjected to any waiting period. The transactions are settled as soon as they are processed. Publicly traded ling term debt securities issued by corporations and governments, whereby the issuer agrees to pay a fixed amount of interest over a specified period of time and to repay a fixed amount of principal maturity.

Call Money: Notice Money: Term Money: Capital to risk weighted assets ratio is arrived at by dividing the capital of the bank with aggregated risk weighted assets for credit risk, market risk and operational risk. An asset, including a leased asset, becomes non performing when it ceases to generate income for the bank. When the general price level rises, each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services.

Consequently, inflation reflects a reduction in the purchasing power per unit of money — a loss of real value in the medium of exchange and unit of account within the economy. This is an 11 digit code with the first 4 alpha characters representing the bank, The 5th character is 0 zero. For ex: About MICR: MICR code consists of 9 digits e. First 3 digits represent the city ii.

Next 3 digits represent the bank iii. Last 3 digits represent the branch Note: About Cheque Truncation: Truncation is the process of stopping the flow of the physical cheque issued by a drawer at some point with the presenting bank en-route to the drawee bank branch.

In its place an electronic image of the cheque is transmitted to the drawee branch by the clearing house, along with relevant information like data on the MICR band, date of presentation, presenting bank, etc. Cheque Truncation speeds up the process of collection of cheques resulting in better service to customers, reduces the scope for clearing-related frauds or loss of instruments in transit, lowers the cost of collection of cheques, and removes reconciliation-related and logistics-related problems, thus benefitting the system as a whole.

The sale of insurance and other similar products through a bank. This can help the consumer in some situations; for example, when a bank requires life insurance for those receiving a mortgage loan the consumer could purchase the insurance directly from the bank.

About Banking Ombudsman Scheme The Banking Ombudsman Scheme enables an expeditious and inexpensive forum to bank customers for resolution of complaints relating to certain services rendered by banks. The Banking Ombudsman is a senior official appointed by the Reserve Bank of India to redress customer complaints against deficiency in certain banking services. Other Important Points: The amount, if any, to be paid by the bank to the complainant by way of compensation for any loss suffered by the complainant is limited to the amount arising directly out of the act or omission of the bank or Rs 10 lakhs, whichever is lower.

The Banking Ombudsman may award compensation not exceeding Rs 1 lakh to the complainant only in the case of complaints relating to credit card operations for mental agony and harassment. If a complaint is not settled by an agreement within a period of one month, the Banking Ombudsman proceeds further to pass an award.

Before passing an award, the Banking Ombudsman provides reasonable opportunity to the complainant and the bank, to present their case. If one is aggrieved by the decision, one may, within 30 days of the date of receipt of the award, appeal against the award before the appellate authority. Under the guidelines issued on August 10, by RBI: Any individual, including poor or those from weaker section of the society, can open zero balance account in any bank.

BSBDA guidelines are applicable to "all scheduled commercial banks in India, including foreign banks having branches in India". Total credits in such accounts should not exceed 1 lakh rupees in a year. Maximum balance in the account should not exceed 50, Rs at any time iv. The total of debits by way of cash withdrawals and transfers will not exceed 10, rupees in a month v.

Foreign remittances cannot be credited to Small Accounts without completing normal KYC formalities v. Small accounts are valid for a period of 12 months initially which may be extended by another 12 months if the person provides proof of having applied for an Officially Valid Document.

Banks and Their Tag Lines - 1. State Bank of Hyderabad — You can always bank on us. State Bank of Mysore - Working for a better tomorrow 4. Allahabad Bank - A Tradition of Trust 7. Andhra Bank — Where India Banks 8.

Bank of India - Relationship beyond banking Bhartiya Mahila Bank — Empowering Women Bank of Maharashtra - One family one bank Canara Bank — Together We Can Dena Bank - Trusted Family Bank We cover the risks Indian Overseas Bank — Good people to grow with Punjab National Bank - The name you can bank upon Oriental Bank of Commerce — Where every individual is committed Vijaya Bank - A friend you can bank on Axis Bank — Badhti Ka naam Zindagi Yes Bank — Experience our Expertise SBI Mumbai 2.

State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur -- Jaipur 3. State Bank of Travancore -- Thiruvananthapuram 4. State Bank of Mysore Bangalore 5. State Bank of Patiala Patiala 6.

State Bank of Hyderabad Hyderabad 7. Union Bank of India Mumbai www. Bank of India Mumbai 9. Central Bank of India Mumbai Dena Bank Mumbai Allahabad Bank Kolkata UCO Bank Kolkata United Bank of India Kolkata Punjab National Bank New Delhi Oriental Bank of Commerce New Delhi Punjab and Sind Bank New Delhi Bhartiya Mahila Bank New Delhi Canara Bank Bangalore Vijaya Bank Bangalore Indian Bank Chennai Indian Overseas Bank Chennai Bank of Baroda Vadodara Syndicate Bank Manipal Karnataka Corporation Bank Mangalore Andhra Bank Hyderabad Bank of Maharashtra Pune Note: At present there are 23 Private Banks functioning in India iii.

Tokyo Stock Exhange Japan - Nikkei 6. Fiscal deficit target retained at 4. Fiscal deficit target 3. Revenue Deficit seen at 2. Aim to achieve per cent economic growth rate in next years 6. Minimum pension of Rs.

Exemption limit on income tax from Rs. For senior citizens, the exemption on income has been raised to Rs. Tax-free cap on home loan interest from Rs. Budget Allocate for Rural housing national housing banking programme - Rs crore Budget Allocate to set up virtual classrooms - Rs crores Budget Allocate for SC development - Rs 50, cr Budget Allocate for credit scheme for start-ups by those from scheduled castes and tribes - Rs crores Budget Allocate for creating Smart cities - Rs.

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Budget Allocate for price stabilization fund - Rs. Budget Allocate for modernization of Madrasas - Rs. Budget allocated for Startup village to promote entrepreneurship among rural youth - Rs crore Budget allocated to set up six textiles cluster - Rs crore Currency note with Braille-like signs.

Bharat Swach Yojna proposed for hygiene and cleanliness. Skill India scheme to make youth employable and create more entrepreneurs. Assam and Jharkhand to get Centre of Excellence on farming. Horticulture University in Haryana, Telangana; Rs.

Crisis Management Centre for women at Delhi Budget allocates for Internet connectivity in villages - Rs cr Budget Allocate for development of 'smart cities Rs 7, crores Note: Singapore to help India in smart cities project www. Pension 49 3. Print Media 26 5. Civil Aviation 49 6. Public Sec. Banks 20 7. Private Sec.

Banks 74 8. Multi Brand 51 9. Single Brand Political empowerment sub index — 15 Iceland top the list, US ranked 20 3. Global Hunger Index Report Human Development Index — Norway top followed by Australia.

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World Press Freedom Index - in the list of countries 9. World's best countries for doing business — Global Peace Index — Iceland top the list while Syria the most violent place Global Innovation Index - 76 World Prosperity Index — Global Corruption Index — 94 Denmark least corrupt country. Global Competitiveness Index Switzerland is the most competitive economy, followed by Singapore. India is among the worst- ranked countries when it comes to taxation and inflation burden on economy.

India ranks rd in terms of inflation, th for taxes and st for starting a business. Switzerland has retained its top slot. World Economic Outlook is published by: Global Hunger Index is issued by: International Food Policy Research Institute 3.

Global Peace Index is issued by: Institute for Economics and Peace www. Global Corruption Index is issued by: Transparency International 5. Global Competitiveness Index is issued by: World Economic Forum 6. Human Development Report is issued by: Gender Inequality Index is issued by: SBI launches mPassBook facility on its smartphone application anywhere' mobile application, for its retail banking users.

India set to become USD 2 trillion economy this year: IMF Note: Foreign direct investment in the services sector dipped by 9 per cent to USD 1. KayPay is a bank agnostic payment product for Facebook users to send money to each other. Users have to register their bank accounts once to start using the service. The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Nabard will commence direct lending to food processing industries in mega food parks and designated food parks by end of October.

The Bank has set up a fund with a corpus of Rs 2, crore for this purpose, a top bank official said. Asia Index launches new indices — announced the launch of two more indices for investors in Indian market. Retail inflation drops to 6. Railways revenue earnings have gone up by over 12 per cent during first six months of this fiscal. The upcoming Bandhan Bank has appointed FIS International, one of the largest banking and payments technology solutions provider globally, to develop its core banking software solutions.

Every individual who opens a bank account will become eligible to receive an accident insurance cover of up-to Rs. An additional Rs. Rs 5, overdraft facility for Aadhar-linked accounts, Ru Pay Debit Card with and minimum monthly remuneration of Rs 5, to business correspondents who will provide the last link between the account holders and the bank. Arvind Mayaram Committee Report — Govt. Foreign investment of 10 per cent or more in a listed company will now be treated as foreign direct investment FDI ii.

If the stake is not raised to 10 per cent or above, then the investment can be treated as portfolio investment. Food inflation remains flat at 9. Moody Note: In the report it revealed that 11 Indian public sector banks PSBs need to raise 26 to 37 billion US dollar in external capital in the financial year in order to meet the Basel-III capital adequacy norms by financial year Late last year Doha Bank had secured licence from the Reserve Bank of India RBI to commence banking operations in India and has been permitted to open a branch in Mumbai to provide full—scale banking services.

State Bank of India SBI tie-up with MasterCard launched its first multi-currency international debit card to allow consumers to use a single card to pay in multiple currencies. At present, the card can be issued at an annual fee of Rs. IndusInd Bank launched a new customer service called Video Branch to enable customers to do a video conference with the bank staff at convenience. This is the fourth time that Axis Bank has been featured and is amongst the only two banks in this renowned list.

The FAB 50 comprises of the best of Asia-Pacific's biggest publicly traded companies, chosen from a pool of 1, companies in the region that have at least USD 3 billion in market cap or annual revenue. In January this year, Axis Bank became India's first private sector bank to open a branch in China Indian economy to grow at 5. Moody's Analytics released a report titled India outlook: Prospects Brighten Note:. In the report, it stated that India's growth prospects brightened with growth rate expected to accelerate to 5.

The above forecast came following the GDP growth touching a level of 5. Government notified minimum monthly pension of 1, rupees and a higher wage upper limit improvement to15, from 6, rupees for social security schemes run by retirement fund manager Employees Provident Fund Organisation. WPI-based Inflation declined to 5-year low of 3. Supreme Court quashed allocation of out of coal blocks which were allotted to various companies since and in which it was claimed that around Rs 2 lakh crores were invested.

India's export growth slips to 2. Import duty of sugar hiked from 15 to 25 per cent ICICI bank is the first in the country to introduce this facility, Inflation at 5-month low of 5. According to a UN report Indian economy expected to grow by 5.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India, SEBI has imposed a penalty of 13 crore rupees on Reliance Industries Limited for alleged irregularities in issuance of warrants by the company to its promoters. Exim Bank has extended USD 46 million line of credit to Mauritius for financing goods and defence related vehicles purchases. World Bank has signed an agreement with the government to provide a loan assistance of USD 1, Important Committees in News: Pratyush Sinha committee: The former Union Minister Jairam Ramesh designated as the head of Future Earth Engagement Committee, a global research platform panel on sustainable development.

Vishwanathan committee: The committee will prepare a report on corporate bankruptcy framework for SMEs by February Justice Prabha Sridevan committee: Kamath panel: Gopalakrishna Committee: G N Bajpai Committee: Scientist Raghunath Anant Mashelkar panel: T S R Subramanian Committee: H R Khan Committee: H Devaraj Committee: Sivaramakrishnan Committee: The purpose of setting up the commission is to cut-off the spending and review government expenditure to get maximum output.

Justice CS Dharmadhikari Committee: Ramanujam Committee - to review, identify and recommend amendment in obsolete laws to further smoothen and simplify the governance.

Singh Committee: Hari Gautam Committee: Padmanabhan Committee: Nachiket Mor committee: Nachiket Mor Committee: Deepak Mohanty Committee: PJ Nayak: M P Bezbaruah: Panel recommended that customers should not be required to visit the bank branch for mobile number registration.

Urjit Patel Committee - to examine the current monetary policy framework Mukul Mudgal member panel to probe IPL spot-fixing Nachiket Mor - committee on comprehensive financial services for small businesses and low-income households. Parthasarathi Shome. Arvind Mayaram Panel: PIO card holders staying for a long term will not have to report at the local police station Note: Currently PIO cards, given to those who themselves, their parents or grandparents or their spouse, were one- time Indian citizens, allow for visa-free travel to and from India.

However, a PIO card is only valid for 15 years. Chris Christie, a popular Republican politician and a presidential election aspirant.

India and the US have agreed to cooperate on future explorations of Mars planet. Visa-on-arrival to US nationals in European Union leaders struck a deal on a new target to cut carbon emissions out to In the meeting held in Brussels EU leaders agreed for the nation bloc to cut its emissions of carbon in by at least 40 percent from levels in the benchmark year of An existing goal of a percent cut by has already been nearly met.

Black money case: The Centre has filed an affidavit before the Supreme Court in the black money case, naming three prominent businessmen. Pradip Burman, former Director of Dabur group. The European Union has nearly doubled its assistance to combat the raging Ebola virus in West Africa to 1 billion euros. With Stamp on Sri lankan Buddhist monk Anagarika Dharmapala released 9. WHO declares Nigeria free of Ebola. According to WHO - Pakistan, along with Afghanistan and Nigeria, are the only three countries in the world where polio remains endemic.

Chabahar port is located in the Sistan-Baluchistan Province on south-eastern coast of Iran, which lies outside the Persian Gulf and it is easily accessed from western coast of India. Along with Lithuania, the non-permanent members that will remain on the Council until the end of are Chad, Chile, Jordan, and Nigeria.

Powerful typhoon Vongfong struck Japan Hurricane Gonzalo struck Bermuda The United Nations owes India USD million, the second highest outstanding payment to any country, for costs relating to peacekeeping operations and troops.

Japan is expected to cover about a quarter of the construction costs. India ranks 18th on list of most desirable places to work. The US has been ranked on the top, followed by the UK, Canada, Germany and Switzerland, making them the five most desirable countries to work on the list compiled by the Boston Consulting Group, total jobs. Cipla Medpro signed collaboration pact with Teva for selling drugs in South Africa Nokia to shut down its Chennai factory from Nov.

India likely to have million broadband users by Ericsson Sebi bars DLF and its chief KP Singh from securities market for 3 years after finding the company guilty of "active and deliberate suppression" of material information at the time of its public offer.

Google closed the social networking site Orkut permanently on 30 September Orkut started in was named after its creator, Orkut Buyukkokten, a Google employee. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos visited India. Microsoft is the first foreign company to enter China after the govt lifted a year ban: US technology giant Microsoft launched its Xbox One game console in China, the first foreign company to enter the potentially massive market after the government lifted a year ban.

Union Government declared 25 September as Antyodya Diwas. Antyodya diwas was observed to mark the 98th birth anniversary of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay. Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba Note: World population will reach 11 billion by and it was highly unlikely that global population will stabilize by the end of according to UN report.

The other two countries within Asia that receive maximum medical tourists are Thailand and Singapore. ONGC to contribute Rs. Auto Portal Cardekho acquired Gaadi. Volcano Mount Ontake in Japan erupted killing more than 30 people and injuring as many people. Sri Lanka won the backing of 22 nations in its battle against the UN's war crimes probe into the country's human rights record during its brutal civil war.

Mukesh Ambani; 2. Dilip Shanghvi; 3. Azim Premji; 4. Pallonji Mistry; 5. Lakshmi Mittal; 6. Hinduja brothers; 7. Shiv Nadar; 8. Godrej family; 9. Kumar Birla; Sunil Mittal Note: Mukesh Ambani topped the list for the eighth consecutive year with a net worth of Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair named "gay icons" in recognition of his work for gay rights.

Emami biotech acquired Vanaspati brand Rasoi. The deal is estimated to be worth around 20 crore rupees. This is Emami's second acquisition in three months and with this deal Emami makes entry into vanaspati segment.

US to pay million US dollar in compensation to Native American Navajo tribe ending decades-old disputes over use of their land, Note: The Navajo reservation, straddling the western states of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, is the largest in the United States, covering around 70, square miles , square kilometers. The Navajos are the largest indigenous tribe in the United States with more than , members.

India is the largest producer of milk in the world India and China agreed to establish a Joint Working Group to promote facilitation in the film sector. Scotland has rejected independence and decided to stay with United Kingdom. In a referendum that threatened to break up years union between them, 55 percent Scottish people polled NO vote and 45 percent yes vote to a simple , Should Scotland be an independent country?

World's first water-based nuclear battery developed in Missouri Note: The battery uses a radioactive isotope called strontium that boosts electro-chemical energy in a water-based solution. The acquisition is aimed at boosting the healthcare business of Cognizant. Microsoft Corp acquired the Swedish video game company Mojang for 2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology has emerged as the leading varsity in the world Chinese President Xi Jinping launched the construction of the 1. Doordarshan celebrates 55 years of existence: Doordarshan made a modest beginning in India on 15th September , when the first experimental centre at Delhi with a small transmitter was inaugurated by the then President Rajendra Prasad.

India may become fifth largest exporter by HSBC report Note: The report says, UAE is likely to remain top export destination for India till , and China is forecast to emerge as the second largest export market, displacing the US by Supreme Court ruled 3 percent quota for disabled persons in all government jobs International Olympic Committee IOC and Interpol International Police agency have increased their collaboration to combat match-fixing and illegal betting.

Tata Nano to be revamped and launched as a 'Smart City Car' next year. Wilful Default: Asia's first Ballistic Research Centre to open in Gujarat: India will have Asia's first Ballistic Research Centre which will help it in achieving self-reliance in testing of armored vehicles. Textiles Ministry, Flipkart join hands for handloom weavers an initiative to boost the handloom sector, empower the weavers and uplift manufacturing in the country.

HDFC Bank accorded most valued brand: Airtel occupy 2nd post. Bhutan stands at 16th position and Nepal at 76th position. Bangladesh is ahead of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan in terms of 'state of peace'. While Bangladesh occupied 98th position, India was rated at , Pakistan , and Afghanistan at Iceland, Denmark and Austria were ranked first, second and third respectively. Important News - States 1.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Rs. Madhya Pradesh will celebrate as Tourism Year 3. The elections were held for seats 4. BJP by securing 47 seats emerged as the largest party, with clear majority. The elections were held for total 90 seats 5. Gujarat government set up a Special Purpose Vehicle SPV to promote Vadodara as the state's cultural capital and encourage tourism in the city. Cyclonic Storm Hudhud was the strongest tropical cyclone of hit in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh www. Cyclone Nilofar bring heavy rainfall in Kutch region 9.

West Bengal government constituted task force to probe into Burdwan blast. The second-best performing State is Madhya Pradesh, which grew at 9. Delhi is third with a growth rate of 9. All major industrial States lag behind Bihar. Growing at 7. Rajasthan becomes first state to start olive refinery. The refinery will be set up with a cost of Rs.

Delhi Metro has been ranked second among 18 international Metro systems in terms of overall customer satisfaction in an online customer survey.

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The centre has been set up under the Livelihood Skill Project. The marine fossils of sea shells were discovered on rocks on the bank of Hasdeo river near Manendragarh in Koriya district a couple of years back. The food park is an initiative of Future Group chief Kishore Biyani.

Moreover, Food Processing Ministry will approve 17 such food parks across the country over the next few months Tamil Nadu government announced Price Stabilization fund for green tea leaf with a corpus of 12 crore rupees Andhra Pradesh Govt. Google India will work with the AP government to get women and small and medium businesses online and help them gain from the internet economy.

The Bombay High Court directed the Union Government to strictly implement the ban on manufacture of national flags made from plastic Punjab, tops in CPSE investments: Punjab, Maharashtra, Bihar and Odisha are the only four states amid top 20 major states in India that have seen a surge in employment generated by the Central Public Sector Enterprises CPSEs while rest of the states have recorded a fall ranging between per cent Note: Gujarat has rank 12th recorded a decline of over 14 per cent in employment generated by the Central Public Sector Enterprises CPSEs between and The Uttar Pradesh government decided to open Nirbhaya Centers in all districts of the state.

These Nirbhaya Centers will provide prompt help to the victims of crime against women and also facilitate lodging of FIRs. Delhi Police to launch its first e-police station to deal with vehicle thefts West Bengal cabinet cleared farmer-friendly project Sech-Bandhu Prakalpa to boost irrigation Bihar government recognised transgender as third gender Uttarakhand Government declared 9 September as Himalaya Diwas Arunachal Pradesh has the highest proportion of hired workers among all Arunachal Pradesh The proposal entails an estimated cost of over Rs 5, crore.

Andhra gets new capital, to be located in Vijayawada region. Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated to create a new state of Telangana earlier this year in June. Hyderabad will serve as the shared capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for another 10 years until After that, Hyderabad will belong to the new state of Telangana. The country's first First kisan mandi outside is to set up at Alipur in north Delhi.

Karnataka became first state in India to launch Health Adalat. It was launched to address health issues at the grassroots level and ensure that all health facilities extended by the government reached all sections of society. Centre allocates over Rs. First private wildlife corridor to come up in Madhya Pradesh: New Appointment in India 1. He succeeded Mrinal Pande 2. Devendra Fadnavis: New Chief Minister of Maharashtra 3.

Manohar Lal Khattar: New Chief Minister of Haryana Note: Khattar won the Assembly polls from Karnal seat. Arvind Subramanian appointed new Chief Economic Advisor. Rajiv Mehrishi appointed new finance secretary. He replace Arvind Mayaram 6. Atul Kumar Jain: New Chief of staff for Southern Naval Command 7. Narinder Batra elected President of the Hockey India. Murali Lanka: Kaushal Srivastava: He replace Tariq A.

Karim www. He replace Pradeep Kumar He replace J. Jayalalithaa Note: He is 28th Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Justice HL Dattu: He replace replaced Wei Wei P Sathasivam appointed new Governor of Kerala. He replace Sheila Dikshit She replaces Mamta Sharma. Paul, Governor of Meghalya take additional charge of Manipur, Mizoram BJP veteran L. Advani appointed as the chairman of the prestigious Ethics Committee of Lok Sabha.

Amit Mathew elected as chairman of Audit Bureau of Circulations The G annual summit will be held in Brisbane from 15 November to 16 November Sherpa is a senior official responsible for preparing the agenda for leaders to consider during the summit. Intelligence Committee is a body tasked to assess intelligence gathered by various intelligence agencies including IB and RAW.

New governors appointed 1. Kalyan Singh — new Governor of Rajasthan 2. Vajubhai Rudabhai Vala - new Governor of Karnataka 3.

Chennamaneni Vidyasagar Rao - new Governor of Maharashtra 4. Mridula Sinha - new Governor of Goa 5. Ram Naik: He replaces B.

Joshi 6. Balramji Dass Tandon: Keshari Nath Tripathi: Prepare for Maharashtra State Level exams in Marathi medium. Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Releases. Add to Wishlist. Why OnlineTyari is No. You can select by month and topic as per your need.

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